Pearson Space in Russia

Pearson Space in Russia


i need this book in pdf please

Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future, High School
Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to attend and participate the XVI NATE-Russia Convention and English Language Expo that takes place on June 25-27, 2020 in the city of Kazan!
Good job! Teacher Development Programme at Pearson Learning Studio in Rudomino Academy in Inostranka was very useful for me! I've really enjoyed the sessions. Relevant content, uptodate teaching technologies and trainers' proficiency and charm have done the best for our development and inspiraton. Thanks a lot to Zhanna Klyshko and Tatiana Sokolova. It was pleasure to meet you and to spend all that time with you!
Скажите, пожалуйста, с кем можно связаться, чтобы решить вопрос работы системы MEL после последнего апдейта? Вроде бы еще рабочие часы, а в офисе трубку никто не берет. Система стала безобразно работать, жалуются все - и родители моих учеников, и у меня у самого проблемы. С компьютерами дружу давно и серьезно. Как-то проблему надо решать все же. Либо закрывать плохо работающую систему, простите за откровенность.
Feedback on the work of Pearson Lab in Moscow and
PTE Academic in Istanbul

I had to take an English test to get the Chevening scholarship, funded by the FCO. As I was short of time, I went to, found the information about the accepted tests and decided to take PTE Academic as its results are ready within five working days (by the way, I received them the next day!) - unlike IELTS, the results of which are usually ready only a month later. Besides, its costs have recently become more expensive. In addition, the results of PTE Academic are recognized by both the scholarship jury and the university I entered. Therefore, without much hesitation, I registered on the PTE website and booked my place to take the exam in Istanbul (it is not possible to take the test now in Russia). There was only one more problem – I had to prepare for the exam somehow. Employees of the American Cultural Center in the All-Russia Library for Foreign Literature suggested a specialized space for learning - English Pearson Lab - that has been recently created in the Library. Pearson Lab VGBIL represented by incredibly responsive and highly professional staff helped me prepare for the test during a short period of time and made a significant contribution to the result that I aimed at. I want to note the remarkable equipment of Pearson Lab, its uninterrupted work on the training of specialists in the English language of a wide profile with an emphasis on the interactive multimedia component and the atmosphere that fosters love for knowledge. Having received the coveted scholarship, I can now embark on a study of a master’s in creative and cultural entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London, and there's no doubt that someday I will be able to make my dreams come true. Pearson helped me take a step towards them. Pearson Lab rules!

Many thanks,

Alexander Martya
Summer School 2017
My name is Lesya Bezbakh. Sch.549.
It was an inspiring conference with really useful sessions and a lot of excitement! Thanks a lot!
Sono contento!Tthanks to Marek,now I know a little bit Italian.
It was an inspiring conference, thanks a lot for really useful information and excitement!
Pearson summer school in Saint-Petersburg! Thank you very much!

Pearson, крупнейшая образовательная компания в мире, обеспечивает организации, учителей и учащихся комплексными инновационными решениями.

Operating as usual


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🔸 Challenge 3! 🔸 Choose a page of a story with plenty of action. 🚀 Read, pausing after each sentence. Challenge your child to do a mime for each sentence that you read out. 🎭

This activity builds listening skills and movement (Total Physical Response). Use the audiobook to vary the exercise. 🎵

Formula | Exam Prep | Catalogue | Pearson English 18/02/2022

Formula | Exam Prep | Catalogue | Pearson English

Quick exam preparation course? 🏃‍♀️ Or taking it easy with no rush? 🧘‍♂️
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What do Australians mean when they ask you to BAP (bring a plate) or BYOB (bring your own bottle) to a party you’re invited to? 🍽 It literally means to bring a dish of food to share with others, and your own alcoholic beverages. 🥘 In the United States, the sharing of food at communal gatherings is known as a Potluck party or meal, where people serve food to each other that they have prepared. 🥗

Do you know any other English expressions like these ones? 👇


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Jay Blades' journey of learning to read | Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51

Did you know that over 8 million adults in the UK struggle to read? 📖 Reading is something most of us take for granted, but some students with dyslexia struggle with reading throughout their time at school, into adulthood. 🏫 Watch this video from our partner BBC 📺 to learn the remarkable and inspiring story of Jay Blades, who learned to read at 51.

Do you have any classroom experience with students who have dyslexia? 📚 If so, what has been the most challenging or rewarding part of working with them. Share in the comments. 👇 14/02/2022

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🔸 Challenge 2! 🔸 Begin reading at the top of a page, and then stop suddenly.

Say “Where am I?” 🗯 Challenge your child to point at the word where you stopped reading. Do this several times.
Encourage your child to fill in the stamp card whenever you do a challenge together: 11/02/2022

Valentine's Day is not here yet, but we’re already giving gifts! 💝 Starting today, in the Resources Bank you’ll find 💥the latest Pearson material 💥 to be used in class... 💕 and some of this is Valentine's Day material - which will be perfect for classes on Monday.

GSE 10/02/2022


Imagine you can...
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✔ and successfully use it in class
With GSE Text Analyzer it's not only possible, but also quick and easy!

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Where can you skate to school in the winter? ⛸ The Rideau Canal Skateway, in Ottawa, Canada! 🇨🇦 It’s the world’s largest skating rink and for over 50 years the Skateway’s convenient 8 km route through the centre of Canada’s capital has been used by Ottawa residents to skate to school and work. 🏫 A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Skateway is open for skating 24 hours a day, freezing over from January to March most years.

❄️ How do you get to school in the winter? 🛷 Have you or your students ever used an unusual mode of transportation to get to school? Share in the comments. 👇

Webinars 08/02/2022


Our February webinar series on the future of English certification continues. 👩‍💻 The next session, on the pedagogy behind Pearson English International Certificate, is happening this Thursday.
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Webinars 07/02/2022

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🤔 Why should we encourage students to develop a reading habit?
It broadens their knowledge and helps them do better at school. 💡 Developing a reading habit with Disney Kids Readers will also improve their language skills!

✨ Join our series of reading challenges to help the youngest develop their passion for reading! 👇

🔸 Challenge 1! 🔸 Challenge your child to find things in a story by looking at the illustrations.
Say “Find a picture of a (tree)!” Set a time limit by counting to 10 as they search. Do this several times.

More info here:


English phrases that have different meanings in other countries - QI

Did you know that English words and phrases can have very different meanings in other countries? 🤓 For example S-O-C-K-S spelt out actually means something totally different in Spanish. 🧦 It's Friday, so why not watch this comedy video from our partner BBC 📺 to have a laugh and find out more! 😆

What English words or phrases do you know that might have other meanings in other languages? 🌏 Share in the comments. 👇

Speakout 2nd Edition | General English | Catalogue | Pearson English 03/02/2022

Speakout 2nd Edition | General English | Catalogue | Pearson English

🗣️ Talkative students? Speakout will help employ this energy. 🤫 Not that eager to speak? Speakout will deal with that, too!

💥 Discover Speakout 2nd edition - a trusted, communicative 8-level adult course with a focus on real English and an impressive digital package. 📂📖 Download sample materials -

Speakout 2nd Edition | General English | Catalogue | Pearson English Speakout 2nd Edition is an English language course that includes video content from the BBC to engage students and make teaching easier. It follows a balanced approach to topics, language development and skills work, across eight levels.


Have you heard of Groundhog Day? It’s one of the more unusual celebrations in the USA and Canada. 🗓

Every February 2nd, people across North America await the news of whether an American groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, or not. 🇺🇸 The tradition is if he sees his shadow, it is believed there will be six more weeks of winter. ❄️ Canada has a number of its own famous groundhogs who predict when spring will arrive. One of them is named Wiarton Willie. 🇨🇦

📽 Have you seen the much loved cult classic film 'Groundhog Day', from 1993, starring Bill Murray? 🎞 If so, what is your favourite scene in the film? Share in the comments. 👇


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The ancient secrets revealed by deciphered tablets

Writing is something we all do and take for granted, but what are its roots? 📝 Did you know that the earliest known form of writing is called Cuneiform? Technological progress means that different forms of writing have become obsolete very quickly. Watch this video from our partner BBC 📺 to learn about the incredible history of 5000 year old writing on clay tablets that was finally deciphered in Victorian England. ✍️

Do you and your students prefer online technology to do your writing, or the more traditional form of paper with pen or pencil? ✒️ Share in the comments. 👇

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Do the Reading Together Challenge! 24/01/2022

Do the Reading Together Challenge!

How can you encourage parents to get involved with their children’s reading at home? 🏡 For a good start to the week read the 'Do the Reading Together Challenge!' blog post. Rachel Wilson, series editor of the Disney Kids Readers program, explains how 'enthusiastic parents = motivated students + happy teachers!' 📖

Learn more about the Reading Together Challenge and how you can get parents to encourage their children to read!

What has your experience been with parents helping their children to read at home? 📚 Share in the comments. 👇

Do the Reading Together Challenge! Disney Kids Readers Series Editor, Rachel Wilson shares weeks 1-5 of the Reading Together Challenge, get ready and join us for 10 weeks of reading fun!

NEW Pearson Resource Bank 21/01/2022

NEW Pearson Resource Bank

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4 British Sland Words - English in a Minute

How much British slang do your students know? 🇬🇧 It’s an important part of language and understanding English culture. Watch this video from our partner BBC 📺 to get some ideas of informal words that might be useful to discuss in your classroom.

What’s your favourite British slang word? 👇


Raheem Sterling surprises pupils at his former school

The sky is the limit! Watch this video from our partner BBC 📺 to see Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling surprising pupils at his former primary school in London. 🏃🏾‍♂️

How do you motivate your students to give their best and aim for the stars? Share in the comments. 👇


Wishing you all the very best of the season! 🎄 May you enjoy this special time of year, with close family and friends. 🌟 Happy Holidays to all of you who are celebrating!


Miranda's New Year's Resolutions

Should we make New Year’s resolutions? 🗓 Perhaps you already have a long list of them? Watch this comedy video from our partner BBC 📺 to see why some people think we should give up the idea of New Year’s resolutions altogether. 😆


Do you know what Twelfth Night is? 🗓 It’s today, and it's the night in 1601 when Shakespeare's play by the same name was first performed. 🎭 In England for centuries January 5th has been when many people celebrate just before Epiphany. This is known as Epiphany Eve or Twelfth Night. 🍻 Among the traditions of that celebration have been the singing of songs at social gatherings, the serving of hot and spicy food, such as spiced ale, as well as a very rich English fruitcake known as Twelfth Cake. 🍰 There’s an amusing tradition connected with this cake. At Twelfth Night parties often a pea and a bean are hidden within the Twelfth Cake. The woman at the party who finds the pea becomes the Queen of that party for a night, and the man who finds the bean becomes the King for a night. 👑

Have you ever taken part in Twelfth Night festivities? Share in the comments. 👇

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Video content at a business course? 👩🏻‍💻 Absolutely! 🎥 The clips included in Business Partner, including authentic conte...
💥 Pearson Educational Forum 2022 Spring edition is back by popular demand. This time we'll help you take your teaching t...
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Smolenskaya Square, 3

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
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Other Education in Moscow (show all)
Среди своих Среди своих
Ulitsa L'va Tolstogo, 14
Moscow, 119021

Образовательный центр, синагога и сообщество, где каждый может стать своим среди своих

Rusça Rusça

EF Россия - обучение за рубежом EF Россия - обучение за рубежом
Нижний Сусальный переулок 5, стр. 4
Moscow, 105064

EF предлагает языковые программы для подростков, молодежи и взрослых. Заведи новых друзей до начала путешествия!

Scream School Scream School
105120, Москва, ул. Нижняя Сыромятническая, 10, с
Moscow, 105120

Scream School — школа игровой разработки, одна из школ униве?

ArtTour ArtTour

Masterpieces of World Museums in the streets of the City.

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
14, Bldg. 5A, Bersenevskaya Embankment
Moscow, 119072

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

Skolkovo School of Management Skolkovo School of Management
Новая улица, 100
Moscow, 143026

Календарь мероприятий Школы управления СКОЛКОВО

Яхтенная школа Капитан Поло Яхтенная школа Капитан Поло
ул. Шаболовка 34, стр. 3
Moscow, 115419

Яхтенная школа Капитан Поло проводит профессиональну?

Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow
Смоленская набережная, 10
Moscow, 109189

The Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow delivers programmes designed by the British Council.

Peoplemind Peoplemind

Russia and the Global Cezanne Effect Russia and the Global Cezanne Effect
12 Krasnopresnenskaya Nab.
Moscow, 123610

International academic conference devoted to the global influence of Paul Cezanne Boris Yelsyn Pres