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Aliona Akbike on Instagram: "Salad "Оливье" ("Olivier") 6 potatoes, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 1 carrot, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 4 whole eggs, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 6 large pickles, cut into cubes 1 (15 ounce) can pea 30/12/2022

If you like the Russian salad

Aliona Akbike on Instagram: "Salad "Оливье" ("Olivier") 6 potatoes, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 1 carrot, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 4 whole eggs, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 6 large pickles, cut into cubes 1 (15 ounce) can pea Aliona Akbike shared a post on Instagram: "Salad "Оливье" ("Olivier") 6 potatoes, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 1 carrot, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 4 whole eggs, boiled, peeled, cut into cubes 6 large pickles, cut into cubes 1 (15 ounce) can peas, drained ½ cup cubed fully cook...


WORLD CUP 2022 - Чемпионат мира 2022

National team - сборная (команда)
Captain - капитан
Forward - нападающий
Defender - защитник
Half-back - полузащитник
Centre-back - центральный защитник
Goalkeeper - вратарь

Football match - футбольный матч
To win - победить, выиграть
To lose - проиграть
To play in a draw - сыграть вничью

Football field - футбольное поле
Goal - ворота
Post - штанга

Player - игрок
Coach - тренер
Referee- судья
Yellow card - жёлтая карточка
Red card - красная карточка

Advantage - преимущество
Throw-in - вбрасывание
In play - в игре
Out of play - вне игры
Goal - гол
Own goal - автогол
Extra time - дополнительное время
Penalty - пенальти
Final whistle - финальный свисток

Draw - жеребьёвка
Qualifiers - квалификация
Quarter-final - четвертьфинал
Semi-final - полуфинал
Final - финал

Champion - чемпион
Awards ceremony - церемония награждения

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There are a lot of similar words in Russian that even native speakers can confuse.
One of the students confused the words "надоело"(to be annoyed, to be fed up) and "одеяло" (a blanket).
She said:
"Мне это всё одеяло!" (I am a blanket with this)
instead of
"Мне это всё надоело!" (I am fed up with this).

Are there any words in Russian or another language that you hot wrong?

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Do you know that...


I've come to Turkey to escape from Russian snow, but it looks like it's got me here.
The snow season in my hometown in the Volga region lasts from October till April. Winters there are long, freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. The temperature typically varies in winter from -5°C (23°F) to -25°C (-13°F).
Stay safe and warm!


Countries speaking.

Russian is a part of Indo-european language family which makes it related to such languages as English, German, Italian, Greek, Albania, German, Italian, Spanish, Armenian, Sanskrit, Swedish and others.



The thing Scots and Russians have in common


Another superstition in Russia


Russia is a country full of superstitions. Some of them might seem quite weird to you.

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Don't leave your shoes on!

Russians walk a lot through dusty streets, instead of just stepping from the car directly into the home. For these reasons, and also because this tradition has gone on for centuries, Russians take off their street shoes when they enter their home.

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Bring a gift.

When visiting someone’s home in Russia, it’s important not to show up empty-handed. The host has likely prepared a sumptuous meal and spent money to keep you comfortable at their home. As such, it’s polite to bring the host a gift. You don’t have to bring a gift for everyone, just the hosts. If the host is a woman, flowers, chocolate, or wine is much appreciated. If the host is a man, bring some beer if he drinks or ask beforehand what he would like you to add to the party. But if you are absolutely clueless about what to bring, fancy chocolate will please everyone.

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Don't smile in Russia.
That doesn't mean that you shouldn't smile at all. Just don't smile at strangers when you travel or go shopping.


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С Рождеством!

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For some reason the Chinese zodiac is quite popular in Russia.
The chinese zodiac is represented by 12 zodiac animals. In order,  they are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.
Each year in the repeating zodiac cycle of 12 years is represented by a zodiac animal, each with its own reputed attributes.

Rat: quick-witted, smart, charming, and persuasive

Ox: patient, kind, stubborn, and conservative

Tiger: authoritative, emotional, courageous, and intense

Rabbit: popular, compassionate, and sincere

Dragon: energetic, fearless, warm-hearted, and charismatic

Snake: charming, gregarious, introverted, generous, and smart

Horse: energetic, independent, impatient, and enjoy traveling

Goat: mild-mannered, shy, kind, and peace-loving

Monkey: fun, energetic, and active

Rooster: independent, practical, hard-working, and observant

Dog: patient, diligent, generous, faithful, and kind

Pig: loving, tolerant, honest, and appreciative of luxury


60% of Russians are Orthodox Christians.

The difference between Orthodox and Catholic Christmas is simply an issue about dates. Therefore, while the West celebrates the birth of Christ on the 25th December (according to the Gregorian calendar), the Orthodox Church, in accordance with the Julian calendar, celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January.
In the days of the Soviet Union, Christmas was not celebrated very much. New Year was made into the important time. Following the revolution in 1917, Christmas was banned as a religious holiday in 1929 and Christmas trees were banned until 1935 when they turned into 'New Year' trees.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, people were free to celebrate Christmas again. But it's still a quieter and smaller holiday in Russia after the big New Year celebrations.
The main way of celebrating Orthodox Christmas is just visiting (or inviting) relatives with symbolic gifts.
In Russia, there are 10 days holidays in January, and it's customary to spend these days meeting loved ones.


Do you still think that Russians are rude?

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The day is not after Monday and not before Thursday. It won't be Sunday tomorrow and it was not Sunday yesterday. The day after tomorrow is not Saturday and the day before yesterday was not Wednesday. What is the day?

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