Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School is the story behind the story Every story has its charm, every story has it’s beginning and end, and nothing changes. Over and over again. Each story comes with its own fragrance and its own time. Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School brings you the story behind the most fascinating story ever told on the face of the earth. Vampire’s story. There is something that you can’t say about many other stories, as loved as much as this one, the fascinating world of vampires comes from a story that took place in idyllic places, that drank the same amount of blood, a story born in a world not in a utopian world at all. Here you will learn how to deal with this original “vampire”, the first. How did he came to drink, see, move, succeeding to literally feed hundreds of thousands of people and to feed the imagination of more than other several billions. Where does his story beging> How many thousands or millions of years ago? Who created it? A writer with a bloody hand, a handful of people scared of things still unexplained by science? Where and when sailed in the symbolism? What is Vlad the Impaler Dracula part in all this story? You’ll find out who are these beings and how they came to conquer the whole world with their fragrance and bloody mystery. Moreover, Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School will walk you through all the places that are supposed to have formed the basis of this myth. Teachers who have studied every bit of this myth from history to literature, to the symbolism and mythology, will explain you and you will learn all the secrets so necessary for the existence of these creatures of the night. This is what you’ll learn at Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School, when you’ll graduate you’ll know where to put the line between myth and reality, you will be able to sustain high and hard that you have walked and touched and felt the places where the first vampire began to bite. It is very important to know that we will not learn how to be vampires. We will not sit you down with a vampire and we have not hidden in a cellar binned in silver chains another one. But that does not mean that you will not sit on the stones from torture rooms in castles that have participated to the birth of his story. We will not feed you on blood, but we will give you bloody, some Romanian sausage made of pork blood. And the surprises will be held in chains. Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School is a school of knowledge, a school that will enrich you both historical and culinary, that will teach you that the good beautiful stories are coming from kind and warm hearted people.

three simple things: cross, garlic and wood.

[10/12/12]   since it has been a long time, quite long, that we haven't said anything, here, and since, here in romania, it's almost midnight, i wanted to ask: why are you so... mesmerized by vampires?

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School – Not Dracula’s Castle The first documentary attestation of Bran Castle is the letter written in 1377 by the Hungarian Ludovic I D’Anjou, giving the inhabitants of Brasov some privileges.

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School's cover photo

[02/27/12]   A MOROI - is a small baby that died unbaptized, or a baby killed or buried alive, or a body that hasn’t started to decay and hadn’t had a religious bury ceremony. It is believed that moroi are crying in the cemetery asking for their forgiveness. Also it is believed that during the night some morois are appearing as ghosts and are harming the living relatives. In some parts of Transylvania, the moroi are believed to be the vampires, because it is believed that they suck the blood and the milk of cows.

Bram Strokers Dracula INTRO

Introduction to Bram Strokers Dracula

Nouvelle Vague~ Bela Lugosi's Dead

Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó (20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956), commonly known as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian actor of stage and screen.[2] He was best known for having played Count Dracula in the Broadway play and subsequent film version, as well as having starred in several of Ed Wood's low budget films in the last years of his career.


Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School – Programs

The Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School courses will be on a 10 days period. Each cycle will consist of 25 persons. The first period will start mid june.

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School – Courses History – a course that will explain you how did the vampires appear. Who is Vlad The Impaler and what is his connection between him and vampires.

[02/04/12]   and when the blood begins to fall, the night is spilled over the fall

[02/03/12]   How can you find the grave of a vampire: a virgin boy or a virgin stallion is to be driven through a graveyard until a hole in the ground appears in front of him, there is the grave of a vampire.

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School – Vlad II – DRACUL Vlad II Dracul was the father of Vlad the Impaler. He was a voivode of Wallachia, he reigned from 1436 to 1442, and again from 1443 to 1447. Vlad II received the surname Dracul ”the Devil” in 1431, after being inducted into the Order of the Dragon.

Poenari Castle

Poenari Castle

Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School – Poenari Castle In the 15th century, realizing the potential for a castle perched high on a steep precipice of rock, Vlad III the Impaler moved his headquarters in Poenari Castle.

"Impale forest" - it referred to an incident that took place at the foot of Tampa Hill in Brasov. When the Saxon merchants refused to pay taxes for trading throughout Wallachia, in 1459 Vlad Tepes led an assault on Brasov, burned an entire suburb and impales numerous captives. The numbers vary from hundreds to 40, according to which source you consult.

[01/27/12]   Courses
History – a course that will explain you how did the vampires appear. Who is Vlad The Impaler and what is his connection between him and vampires.

Symbolism – a course that will help you to recognize and identify the symbols used in vampire stories. Why and how are linked the werewolves and sorcerers with the vampires.

Films – will explain how did the directors and screenwriters saw the first vampire and how we got the nice and handsome vampire that we see and like on the big screens today.

Books – what were the first books about the vampires, and how did the myth grew between the fingers of the writers in time, up until today.

Mythology – where is and what is the link between myth and reality.

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