St. Dominic's International School, Portugal

St. Dominic's International School, Portugal


Hello, I would like to return to School tomorrow if possible. Given my academic publications are an asset even for parents, and that my students were used to my teaching and even general well-being guidance, I feel bad for having left them in the middle of the year. I am happy to post publicly only in the School page. I think my students will be missing me by now. I regret having subjected everyone to personal information about myself and I apologise, but I was a bit desperate trying to solve an international family dispute. I'm happy to go back to my classes even tomorrow, I can do a revision lesson first with all my classes, but for that I need to have access to the School online platform, all the information, etc so I would have to be reappointed, which I hope can happen. I've been doing other things because like everyone else I cannot afford to live without an income, so I didn't wait one day even before I started to consider alternative paths, that's why I left so much information about myself in public, also trying to counter unfair claims I had suffered outside School that needed to be addressed. If I am allowed to return, I am happy to restrict my public contributions to topics approved by the School, apart from academic contributions that will be peer reviewed, which are most of them too advanced for my students to consider reading and which can be seen as an asset for the School. Thank you.
I hope all students and parents stay healthy and calm and that everyone takes the chance to spend fruitful time learning from home. I look forward to seeing the school crowded again as soon as that is safe for us all, hopefully within the next few weeks. In the interim, please: (1) ensure that your child/children attend their usual lesson times, virtually (online) (2) support them in their learning as you can (3) encourage them to read offline as well as online that the routine for the next few weeks is implemented smoothly. You can trust that we teaching team are working even harder than usual and I am impressed with the attitude to learning my keen students showed today. I hope my Portuguese students enjoyed analysing (and doing research on) Miguel Torga’s poetry and that my English B students enjoyed the virtual visit to the Courtauld Institute in London and this piece of music: And I hope that they now know how to structure an essay. They now have a question to answer and they do owe me an essay for next lesson! :)
I am the father of a student at SDIS (7th grade) and I have an appartment T2 nearby Carcavelos and the beach to rent for 1500€. If you know someone, let me know. School Bus Transport
Mike Bus School Bus, affordable and reliable.

St. Dominic’s International School (SDIS) is a highly respected and well known international school, and is the only school in Portugal authorised to offer all three programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

A 43 year old, IB Continuum School with over 850 students from several different nationalities.

The educational programme and learning at SDIS is inspired by, and constructed from, the twin influences of the International Baccalaureate Organisation and its IB Learner Profile, and the Dominican motto of "Veritas" held by the founders of the school which value the commitment to learning through inquiry and on-going search for truth.

Missão: Developing International Citizens

Junior School Classrooms

In this album, there are some examples of Junior School (PYP) classrooms.

In this album, there are some examples of Junior School (PYP) classrooms.

Stay Home
Stay Connected
Stay Safe

[04/01/20]   SDIS entered a number of Toddle planners to Toddle's Planathon--an iniative by Toddle to invite PYP teachers to share their planners, to be reviewed by a panel of experienced PYP educators

A total of 564 units were submitted by 136 schools from all over the world - out of which 41 units were finally selected by the panel.
St. Dominic's has the highest number of units featuring in the final list by any school! Six of our units were selected!
At least one from every grade level who submitted.

1. How the World Works - Energy for Grade 4
2. How we Organise Ourselves - Grade 1
3. We can Influence others with our creativity - Grade 3
4. Trade - Grade 2
5. Body Systems - Grade 5
6. How we Express Ourselves - Grade 1

Toddle - Your Teaching Partner

[03/19/20]   Message from the Principal

We have always believed that on-line teaching and learning was going to play a wider role in education – but we never expected that the experience would land so quickly on our doorstep.

In line with many schools, we have implemented our programmes across the School from Nursery to Grade 12. There were a few hiccups on the first day, but teachers, parents and students are now getting familiar with this different way of teaching – and it’s working well, to judge by the messages we have received from parents. At the personal level, I have been immensely impressed by both the creativity of teachers and the enthusiasm and engagement of the students.

So the future of education really is now!

Richard Tangye
March 2020

The Book Week is well under way 🤩

Saint Dominic's International School, Portugal Saint Dominic's International School, Portugal is profiled on

Grade 6 Design Exhibition. Display of stitching techniques from Grade 6 students as they bring to "life" the drawings of some PYP students 🤩🤩 @ Saint Dominic's International School

Grade 7 Design Exhibition. Important messages in these bags 🤩🤩 @ Saint Dominic's International School

Some of our Grade 7 students collaborated with some Junior School students to create Christmas cards for an institution that cares for homeless people. These are some examples.

Happy Holidays!

Today, our Nursery students received a visit of Bruno Sangareau and Ricardo Anastácio to help them with the unit, How we express ourselves.
This time, through the language of music 🎶🎶

Nothing but Victories 🏆🏆💪💪🏐🏐
GO SDIS!! #stdominicspt

Nothing but Victories 🏆🏆💪💪🏐🏐
GO SDIS!! #stdominicspt

Grade 8 students playing Street Racket as part of PHE classes. 🎾🎾 #stdominicspt #peclassesrock @ Saint Dominic's International School

Today, the Junior School students are playing some Portuguese Traditional games! 🤩🤩

From today until Saturday, SDIS is hosting the ISSA Girls Football Tournament at INATEL Estádio 1º Maio, with the participation of International School of London, Deutsche Schule London, American School of Madrid, Marymount International School, ACS Egham International School, Southbank International School, Europa International School of Barcelona, International School of Aberdeen and Bilkent Laboratory International School.

A Big Thanks to all participants, to INATEL and especially to the SDIS PTA for setting up such a well-stocked bar.
GO SDIS!! 💪💪⚽️⚽️

SDIS Senior School is celebrating the Hispanidad.
This yearly celebration first started with Christopher Columbus, back in 1492.
This is currently celebrated by 23 spanish speaking nations, worldwide.

First Open Evening of 2019/2020.
Great attendance from SDIS families 🤩👏🤩👏

Thank You to all the SDIS Community 👏👏👏

Nearly ready to welcome all students for 2019/2020. 👏👏👏
Utopia graffiti

Wrapping up the finishing touches 🤩🤩

This year's renovations are well under way.
These include complete renovations for all toilets in the Junior and in the Senior buildings, complete renovation of the changing rooms (next to Old Gym), a new building and playground for Nursery and also an update to the school refectory.

We are really looking forward to the start of the new academic year to see the reactions from you, the SDIS Community. 🤩🤩🤩

And another academic year comes to a close, marked by the staff End of Year Lunch.

A Big Thank You to all students, teachers, parents and staff for this 2018/2019 academic year. 🤩🤩

See you in September!!

[06/12/19]   Dear SDIS Community, a gentle reminder that tomorrow, Thursday, 13th June is a local holiday and the school will be closed.
Classes will resume as normal on Friday, 14th June.

Thank you.

On behalf of Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro and The Terry Fox Foundation, we would like to thank the entire school community for supporting these organisations.
With your help, we were able to raise 782 Euros to help cancer research.

During the Exams season, please keep the noise level low, when near the gym. Thank you 🙏 #stdominicspt

Aerial view

Earth Day 2019 👏👏 #stdominicspt

Congratulations to our students for their performance in the Spring Sports Festival @ St. Julian's School.
Go SDIS!!!

Dear SDIS community, Thank You for your donations to Mozambique 🇲🇿🇲🇿

The Rock of Ages set is ready and waiting for you, for the Opening Nigh today at 19:00.

Tomorrow's performances at 14:30 and 19:00.

For Tickets and Info, contact the Arts Dpt.

See you then!

Happy Holidays 2018

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Thank you all.

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SDIS Christmas Fair is just around the corner 🎄🎁🎄

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A IDF é uma escola especializada no ensino de Dança onde uma equipa de Profissionais credenciados reconhecidos internacionalmente por entidades competentes se dedica ao estudo, desenvolvimento e divulgação da Dança através do ensino qualificado

Rua Cesário Verde, Nº 26 Urbanização Do Buzano
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Fundada no ano letivo de 1977/78, a EDAM leciona, desde então, as disciplinas de Dança Clássica, Dança Moderna, Expressão Criativa, Música e Sapateado, a crianças e jovens de ambos os sexos.

M.C. Centro de Estudos M.C. Centro de Estudos
Rua Principal Do Cabeço Do Mouro, Lote-7
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Aulas / Explicações -Individuais ou em grupo. Inglês- francês-Português-Castelhano. Apoio escolar a todas as disciplinas desde o 4º ano ate ao 12º ano.

PIEF São Domingos de Rana PIEF São Domingos de Rana
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