We have started recruitment for our fully-funded long-term creative industry placements in & commencing in April 2022! Explore or for 90 days while working in a beautiful location - what’s not to like?! 🇵🇹🇪🇸

✨ Our Placements ✨
🇪🇸 Workshop Assistant (Jewellery)
🇪🇸 Workshop Assistant (Glass)
🇪🇸 5 x Architecture Assistant
🇪🇸 Copywriter
🇪🇸 General Fashion Assistant
🇪🇸 Communications Assistant
🇵🇹 3 x Architecture Assistant

🌐 To apply please visit our website at:

For updates please keep an eye on our socials, we have 3-month placements in coming soon! 🇨🇿

We are an equal opportunities employer and particularly encourage applications from those from disadvantaged backgrounds! 👀

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Yes, I know: You always make New Year’s resolutions, but you only actually stick with them until February. So what’s the point?

Well, it turns out that even though many of the people that make resolutions end up not keeping them, one study suggests that almost 50% do continue to keep their resolution after 6 months.

If your New Year Resolution is to learn a new language, we have the answer! We have created a fantastic new handbook, which provides participants with a range of ideas, guidelines, and suggestions so that they can conduct their discussions independently and gain the greatest linguistic, cultural, and personal benefit from them.

Download yours for FREE today at

Synopsis Practice Dsc Regen Capacity London materahub
You want to chat with native speakers but don’t know how?
This is the handbook for you.

Learn a foreign language with an Intercambio Partner! You will engage in hands-on activities and practices with native speakers. We offer free language exchange handbooks to help you with grammar and practice with native speakers.

Language exchanges are informal ways for people to use or improve their language skills, whether they are newly acquired or older. In addition to fostering interrelations between people of different nationalities, such exchanges broaden the participants' perspective of the world.

The guide provides participants with a range of ideas, guidelines, and suggestions so that they can conduct their discussions independently and gain the greatest linguistic, cultural, and personal benefit from them.

Download yours for FREE today at today!

Synopsis Practice DSC Regen
Capacity London materahub Third Sector International
Meet Adeola! She’s a Digital Marketing Assistant at Portugal Homes. Through Synopsis Practice we've been able to meet some pretty ambitious young people, willing to both explore our beautiful country while developing and enhancing their professional skills. 🤓🚋

"Living in Portugal for the past few months has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much about Portuguese culture, seen some of the amazing sights the country has to offer, eaten so many delicious delicacies, and even picked up the language too. At Portugal Homes I work with the Digital Marketing team writing articles, curating brochures, working on the different social media channels and so much more. Both Catarina and Anjali have really welcomed me onboard the team and let me try out some of the different tasks they handle which have given me a lot of experience. I am really enjoying the placement and feel supported and appreciated here. I'm confident that working with Portugal Homes will help me move closer to my future goals."
Meet Tavia! She’s a Digital Marketing Assistant at Portugal Homes. Through Synopsis Practice we've been able to meet some pretty ambitious young people, willing to both explore our beautiful country while developing and enhancing their professional skills 🤓🚋

"I have really enjoyed my time as an intern at Portugal Homes, all the staff there have made me feel more than welcome and have been so friendly! I have learnt a lot to do with digital marketing thanks to the marketing team, and they have supported me throughout my internship with anything I needed! I have had so much fun exploring Lisbon and meeting new people!" - Tavia
è un nuovo progetto europeo per supportare gli studenti stranieri nel migliorare la loro esperienza in un altro paese dove imparano una lingua straniera e una nuova cultura.
Capacity Ireland Third Sector International B3st - Brighton Third Sector Training Synopsis Practice

Training & Research Centre which specialises in European Mobility Projects

Funcionando normalmente


Goodbye Lisbon 👋🇵🇹❤️

After 70 days, it’s time to say goodbye to our Autumn interns 😢It feels like yesterday they were taking their tour at the Santa Justa lift!

We hope they have had an amazing time in Lisbon and have had the best experiences both personally and through their placements through Twin Employment & Training✨Hopefully we’ll see them again very soon when they come back to visit Lisbon, and we wish them all the best for the future ❤️🇵🇹


Our interns have now reached the last week of their placements! 😢 Today we’re showing one of the last sight seeing trips they went on during their last moments in Lisbon, and the beautiful shots they took of Parque Eduardo 📸🌿



Our interns took a wonder over to Belem, some of their highlights include

🍮Pastel de Belem
🌅sunset over Belem
🏛Jerónimos Monastery



Check out our blog at to hear about interns Zoran and Hannah’s experiences working at Corkia Tasting 🍷 through Capacity Ireland


Today we’re sad to say goodbye to our interns who have joined us through xcentriksolutions 👋 Our interns have joined us for 2 weeks and have been enjoying Lisbon whilst completing a project in IT 💻

We hope they’ve had an amazing time in Lisbon and wish them all the best for their future projects 🙌🇵🇹


Intern Adventure!

Sintra 💛

What a magical place! Our interns took a trip to Peña Palace and Quinta da Regaleira! 🏰

The weather matched perfectly, the misty weather at Quinta da Regaleira added to the gothic architecture🌫

The intense sunset at Peña Palace matched perfectly with the yellow and orange exterior! 🌅


The beautiful beaches of Lisbon! 🌊🏖🐚

Here’s an appreciation post for our gorgeous coast, our interns have certainly made the most of the sunny days🌞, now that the weather has taken a turn 🌧

Our beach recommendations so far are:

Praia de Carcavelos- plenty of activities to get stuck into like surfing and volleyball! 🏄🏽‍♀️🏐

Praia da Costa da Caprica- stunning stretch of beach, with very peaceful vibes 🌅

Praia da Conceição- a popular beach close to Cascais station, a lovely area to explore!

Photos from Synopsis's post 14/11/2022


Meet Wilson, interning in Business Administration at ANNEA through Twin Employment & Training

Wilson shared his experience interning, as well as his favourite parts about living in Lisbon!

🗣”In my work placement, I've developed my critical thinking abilities and teamwork skills 🤝
Some of my favourite things to do in Lisboa are to take long walks on the beach and eat Portuguese food!” 🏖


Happy St Martin’s Day!! 🌰🎉

Head to our website to check out our blog talking about the history of St Martin’s Day and how it’s celebrated today!



Laoise, interning as Multilingual Graphic Designer at Lenguacom through Capacity Ireland speaks about her experience!

🗣”My experience has been fantastic. My employer is really helpful and takes time out of meetings to teach me new things.”

We really value our interns to get the most out of their work experience in Lisbon by ensuring that they are given the roles and responsibilities at work that allow them to fully expand on their current skillset.👩‍💻📈

With this in mind, Laoise is able to take part in a wide range of tasks at her internship. These tasks include translation work, graphic design, poster design and working with Lenguacom’s clients.


Meet Gracjan (far left) from Capacity UK working at Darq2 as an architecture assistant. A key highlight of his role is designing architectural models.✍️

We caught up to see how he’s finding his internship!

Here’s what he had to say 🗣

“It’s nice to be involved in project that’s fully mine
I will really benefit from having this experience as part of my portfolio as an extension from the work I did at uni. The whole team is really helpful.” 🏠

Photos from Synopsis's post 28/10/2022


Parque Florestal de Monsanto🏞🌳

Our Travel and Tourism Interns- Molly and Sophie from , took these lovely photos on their trip! You can definitely tell that these interns have a keen eye for photography! 📸

Here’s what they had to say 🗣

“Covered in beautiful trails and many adventures, with an old out door theatre and many other places to enjoy…taking one bus journey you pass amazing views of the river which leaves you right by the entrance of the park, definitely a Lisbon gem!”



✨It’s October 24th and we want to wish everyone a very happy Diwali today! 🪔🎆


Photos from Synopsis's post 21/10/2022

Lisbon’s best hotspots are right at your fingertips ♥️🇵🇹

We love college student Molly’s pictures taken from her adventures around Lisbon📸

1) Praça do Comércio
2) Café A Brasileira
3) Bairro Alto
4) Elevador Da Gloria

Head to our blog at to hear about Molly’s must see attractions✍️


To celebrate our interns from put their chef's hats 👩🏾‍🍳🧑🏼‍🍳on and cooked up a traditional Portuguese dish Leek a Bras 😋… here’s how they got on!

Looks like they did a great job to me! 👏🏽

Cooking and eating something new together was a lovely way to spend the evening and I’m sure they did the Portuguese chefs proud! 🇵🇹



🌊 One of the best and most unique parts about Lisbon is that the seafront is right in middle of the city centre 🏖 It’s super easy to get boat trips to sightsee around different cities near Lisbon. College students Molly and Sophie who study at Chichester College spoke about their experience getting a boat trip to Cristo Rei 🛳

Cristo Rei has views that span across the whole of Lisbon, even including the bridge Ponte 25 de Abril, which lights up at night 🌉✨In this photo, you can see a shot that the students took of the famous Christ statue at Cristo Rei.

Visiting Lisbon as part of our program with colleges is the perfect way to practice photography and social media content creation in a completely different culture. Molly says: “When I finish my college course I want to go to university to study Media studies (Film, Photography). I would also like to see how different cultures approach The Media and learn how about it.”

Photos from Synopsis's post 17/10/2022

We want to introduce ourselves👋🏽

🗣Hi, I’m Uma working as a Digital Marketing Intern here at Synopsis.

“I am really enjoying my role, it allows me to capture the journey of our interns in Lisbon and learn more about the culture of the city, while making fun and exciting content!”💛

🗣Hi I’m Helena, I’m also working as digital marketer for Synopsis.

“I applied for this internship through Twin Employment & Training because I wanted the opportunity to gain independence through working abroad and create social media content that highlights the best parts about a city 🇵🇹🏙.Being able to explore Lisbon as part of my role working at Synopsis has been a dream. It’s rare to have a role in social media content creation that gives this much freedom to be creative.”💜

Photos from Synopsis's post 17/10/2022

Check out our blog post for NATIONAL DESSERT DAY🥮🍰🧁🇵🇹 which our interns celebrated on Friday!

We have to show some appreciation for our famous and delicious Pastel De Natas!

Here are some of our Digital Marketing Interns enjoying a sweet treat! Head to our website to read our blog about Lisbon’s famous delicious cakes and pastries💛



Lisboa Walking Tour!🤩

We introduced our new interns from Twin Employment & Training to our beautiful city. Here are some of the highlights of their trip!

🖌learning about the history of Lisbons ceramic tiles
🌁embracing the scenic views from the Santa Justa lift
🍰 a visit to try some delicious traditional pastries
☕️ enjoying a coffee at some of Lisbon’s most popular coffee and pastry shops, such as Confeitaria Nacional
🇵🇹exploring the historical architecture, such as the beautiful Church of St. Dominic


👉We caught up with Laura and Callum who have completed their first week with Twin Employment & Training for their hospitality role at Chillout Hostel.
Here’s what Laura’s enjoying about her internship:
🔈”I love it because I get to meet loads of interesting people from different countries every day”

Our internships really encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone and feel like they’re pushing themselves to the best of their ability.
With this in mind, Callum says:
🔈”Having worked in hospitality before, it’s exciting to work in an environment where it’s not my first language, adding an extra layer of challenge to work.”

Stayed tuned to hear what our other interns have been getting up to…😃


📣🎉 Our new interns have arrived! 🥳

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of and give a warm welcome to 10 new interns from Twin Employment & Training! Our interns arrived in Lisbon last Sunday, and have already had the chance to explore the beautiful city with our tour guide. Here they are enjoying the stunning views of our city from the top of Elevador de Sante Justa📍🇵🇹

Enjoying Lisbon right through the Summery weather until Christmas time, we’re looking after our interns from now until the beginning of December when they’ll head back to the UK. The interns are currently settling into their placements, specalising in the sectors Digital Marketing and Hospitality.

Stay tuned to hear more about their experiences in Lisbon 🇵🇹♥️


👉👉We are back with another interns profile we recently caught up with Nicola who is From doing her internship as Social media Assistant at Boost.

🗣🗣This is what she had to say about her experience so far “ i have really loved my stay in Lisbon this is an unforgettable city I have made so many beautiful memories that will stay with me for a lifetime i really recommend future interns to truly immerse themselves in everything the city has to offer as this is a Once In a lifetime opportunity that you have to really make the most of”

👨‍💻👨‍💻To see more content like that and what our previous interns have been getting up to head over to our website in our bio

Photos from Synopsis's post 15/08/2022

👉👉Welcome back to another addition of our interns adventures this week two interns did a camping trip to Praia Da Adraga 🏖 ⛺️, where they stayed two nights and watched some amazing sunsets 🌅 got to to experience what it was like camping on a natrual beach.

🗣🗣 Nicola who was on the camping trip said “ this was probably my favourite experience from these past three months , it was so peaceful and meditative the sunsets were so special I loved every second”

📍Praia da Adraga is a North Atlantic beach near to the town of Almoçageme and a 15 minute drive from the beautiful town of Sintra be sure to check it out during your stay in Portugal.


👉👉This week we take a look at the workplace of our new interns Laura from capacity London who works at Eritage gallery as an assistant we caught up with her to speak about her time and highlights

👋👋 For the full interview which can be found on our website Laura also offers advice to future interns and as an added bonus the owner of the gallery Johnny was kind of to also talk to us about what interns can expect working at the gallery and in return what he expects from them. All this and a showcase of the gallery itself! For all this and more click the following link and head over to our website

Enjoy the video‼️

Photos from Synopsis's post 06/07/2022

🆕 I would like to welcome our new Interns from who will be doing their one month internship in the beautiful city of Lisbon the fields they will be working in range from architecture and web development. Here is them on a insightful walking tour of Lisbon discovering the town centre and the history behind it.

🤞We hope they have a lovely stay and gain precious experience and soak in what the city has to offer‼️

Photos from Synopsis's post 25/06/2022

❣️❣️Meet our new intern Nicole, who recently made a solo trip for two days to Porto on her days off. 48 hours is a good amount to explore Porto and discover the amazing and wonderful sites this beautiful city has to offer.

🍂The Livraria Lello bookshop, the Luís I Bridge as well as the Miradoura Da Vitória (viewing point) are highly recommended if not a must, when taking a trip to Porto 🕍🌉.

Any questions on how to get there, recommendations or general information, please feel free to ask below!


🚨🚨Meet our new interns from College of Haringey in Enfield North East London from Erasmus+ they will be doing a special two week internship in the travel and Tourism and Hospitality sector.

❣️❣️We would like to wish the best of luck ok this new endeavour and hope they have an amazing stay and make long lasting memories‼️

Photos from Synopsis's post 14/06/2022

June is the month of celebrations and festivities for the Popular Saints throughout the country on the nights of St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter.

The reason they are celebrated is because Santo António (Saint Anthony) is one of the Lisbon's patrons and also the patron of all of those who look for a significant other to get married. São João (Saint John) is Oporto´s saint of devotion. Saint Peter – the patron saint of fishermen – is the saint with the most modest celebrations. Because all the feasts are linked to the summer solstice and ancient fertility rites.

During this time the streets of Lisbon are filled with colours and decorations there are BBQ’s,folk music, live performances, and dances. celebrations take place all over the city but mainly downtown and in typical neighbourhoods like Alfama, Mouraria, Bica and Graça.

If you are lucky to be in Lisbon in the month of June be sure to join in and take advantage of this great time.


Portuguese language course: 👩🏽‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓👨🏿‍🎓 Episode 9❗️Birthday song! Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putting what he learnt in his eight Portuguese lesson into practice! 🧑‍🏫🇵🇹 # languagelesson

Photos from Synopsis's post 21/05/2022

Happy World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development! In these images, you can see street art in the village of Marvila. This artwork opens up conversation about different cultures and how everyone can be represented. There are different types of art work all over this town- it is definitely a place worth visiting!

Photos from Synopsis's post 19/05/2022

Meet Juliette and Sofia from Twin Internships, working at Nowhere art gallery! 🎨

“My favourite part of my time at NowHere has been hosting the events and opening nights of exhibitions!” says Juliette, while Sofia described it as a creative atmosphere, with a real community artist feel in the experimental art environment!

To read more about our interns and their time at Nowhere, click the link below to get to our blog on our website! 👇

Photos from Synopsis's post 17/05/2022


📍 Cabo da Roca and Praia da Ursa 🏝🏔

Interns Damian, Juliette, Sofia and Nicole from Twin Internships made their way to the westernmost point of Europe and enjoy the incredible hike and beautiful beach! 🥾🌊🧗‍♀️

To find out more about this, click the link below to head over to our blog on our website!


Lisbon is hot, cover your head! 🌞🤠

There is a place in Lisbon where you can buy the highest quality headgear! 🕵🏻‍♂️👸🏽🎅🏻🧙🏿‍♂️👩‍🎨

Azevedo Rua, founded in 1886 by Aquino Azevedo Rua.

This family business is still open up to the present day, having had five generations of hatters produce highest quality hats of prestigious reputation 😼 and 🌎 international recognition. This is Lisbon 🥰


Portuguese language course: 👩🏽‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓👨🏿‍🎓 Episode 8❗️Another thing about distances! Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putting what he learnt in his eight Portuguese lesson into practice! 🧑‍🏫🇵🇹 # languagelesson

Synopsis Intern Profile: Isla Neil — Synopsis 09/05/2022

Synopsis Intern Profile: Isla Neil — Synopsis

Meet Isla, our newest Capacity Ireland social media assistant who is now in charge of running our blog! ✍️
Isla was previously part of an Erasmus+ scheme in Lisbon and loved it so much she decided to come back. Click the link to read all about her first experience in Lisbon and why she has decided to return. ☀️❤️ Read more here

Synopsis Intern Profile: Isla Neil — Synopsis As it has been a year since I first arrived in Lisbon as an intern through Red Ochre, I feel as if now is a great time to truly look back and reflect on my experience so far. When I first arrived in the country I had so many different feelings to consider, having never been to the country before I w


Portuguese language course: Episode 7 🥳 What is this/that?
Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putting what he learnt in his seventh Portuguese lesson into practice! 🧑‍🏫🇵🇹

Photos from Synopsis's post 05/05/2022

Dance school 7UFree 💃🏻🕺🏽 is our new internship place.

This unique space combines dance academy, holistic spa, fitness and an incredible water room! 🩰💦

What would be your role?
- Client reception
- Preparation of the work area
- Or maybe you’re a dance expert or a massage

7UFREE 🇵🇹💃🏽

Photos from Synopsis's post 03/05/2022


One of the most beautiful beaches in Grande Lisboa agglomeration! A place where interns can enjoy the lovely sunshine and swim in the Atlantic Ocean ☀️🌊🇵🇹

Quer que o seu escola/colégio seja a primeira Escola/colégio em Lisbon?

Clique aqui para solicitar o seu anúncio patrocinado.

Vídeos (mostrar todos)

👉👉This week we take a look at the workplace of our new interns Laura from capacity London who works at Eritage gallery a...
Portuguese language course: 👩🏽‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓👨🏿‍🎓 Episode 9❗️Birthday song! Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gam...
Portuguese language course: 👩🏽‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓👨🏿‍🎓 Episode 8❗️Another thing about distances! Our Synopsis Practice intern, profess...
Portuguese language course: Episode 7 🥳 What is this/that?Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putt...
Portuguese language course: Episode 6!  😍 Frutas 🍎🍐🍌🥭🥥🍇🍒 Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putti...
Portuguese language course: Episode 5! 👀 How to say I'm sorry 😔Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅,...
Portuguese language course: Episode 4!  🤩 SER & ESTAR ☀️💙🌤Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putt...
Portuguese language course: Episode 3! 🐈🐱🙈‼ Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😻, putting what he le...
Portuguese language course: Episode 2! 🤩1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣...‼Our Synopsis Practice intern, professor Damian da Gama 😅, putting w...
Meet Alise, a digital marketing intern working for Boost Portugal! 💪🏁 “My time at Boost has been great so far, I’ve been...
Portuguese language course: Episode 1! 🌟🌟🌟Our intern from Twin Employment & Training , professor Damian da Gama, putting...



Entre em contato com a escola/colégio



Rua Palmira, 66, 3E

Horário de Funcionamento

Segunda-feira 10:00 - 18:00
Terça-feira 10:00 - 17:00
Quarta-feira 10:00 - 17:00
Quinta-feira 10:00 - 17:00
Sexta-feira 10:00 - 17:00
Outra Formação em Lisbon (mostrar todos)

We offer transformational experiences and retreats to inspire you to live your life to the fullest a

Act-Escola de Actores Act-Escola de Actores
Rua Rio Cávado 3
Lisbon, 1600-702

A Act é uma escola de formação de actores fundamentalmente dirigida para Cinema e Televisão e oferece um Curso de Formação Profissional com duração de três anos e vários workshops ao longo do ano.

APG - Associação Portuguesa de Gestão das Pessoas APG - Associação Portuguesa de Gestão das Pessoas
Avenida Engenheiro Arantes E Oliveira, Nº3/r/c
Lisbon, 1900-221

APG - O Melhor do Mundo está nas Pessoas.

CNE Agrupamento 57 Benfica CNE Agrupamento 57 Benfica
EStrada De Benfica 662B
Lisbon, 1500

O 57 Benfica é um Agrupamento do CNE, fundado no ano de 1935, que conta com mais de 120 elementos!

Nova Etapa Nova Etapa
Rua Tobis Portuguesa, Nº 8, Escritório 5
Lisbon, 1750-292

A Nova Etapa é uma empresa acreditada pela DGERT, certificada pela ACT e com cursos homologados pel

Centro de Bridge de Lisboa Centro de Bridge de Lisboa
Avenida António Augusto Aguiar 163 4º Esq
Lisbon, 1050-014

Está interessado em aprender? Contacte-nos para [email protected] Ou visite o nosso

Carlos Vilas Fotógrafos Carlos Vilas Fotógrafos
Rua Emília Das Neves 4 A
Lisbon, 1500-260

Fotógrafo de casamento, fotografo empresas, fotografo formador, formação, cursos

Pensamento Vivo Pensamento Vivo
Lisbon, 1100-376

Numa forma integrada, desenvolvemos trabalho com crianças e jovens, assim como com os seus cuidador

Avenida 5 De Outubro, 142, R/C Esq

A Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados tem como objecto social promover o fim da guerra civil

Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês
Rua Drive Joaquim Manso, 1A
Lisbon, 1500-240

The Portuguese English Language Teachers' Association Headquarters: Lisbon

Bread of Life Bread of Life
1260 Fulton Avenue
Lisbon, 95825

Cultivating practices that transform lives, organizations and communities.

Ciling - Centro Internacional de Línguas Ciling - Centro Internacional de Línguas
Avenida Guerra Junqueiro 28C
Lisbon, 1000-167

Organização e Promoção de Cursos de Línguas no Estrangeiro