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How to fast stroke like a pro - by World Champ racer Michael BOOTH


Paddling in bumpy water is inevitable and can be challenging even for the more seasoned paddlers ~ Michael BOOTH powered by BOOTH Training gives us these super handy tips on how to paddle in choppy conditions.


ⓘ Planning a SUP trip??? Here's a quick checklist before you go!

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4 simple paddle surfing tips to improve your wave riding by World Champion rider Benoit Carpentier.

What's your best tip for someone new to paddle surfing?

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ⓘ Tips to adjust a fixed shaft length/ height 🤓

Last week we showed you how to set the correct paddle height, but what if your paddle shaft is not adjustable?

Don't sweat it, follow this guide from our expert paddle product manager, Film, to get the best result when cutting & adjusting your fixed paddle shaft length!

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Wondering what the ideal length to set your paddle height is at? Dream Team rider Connor Baxter gives us these handy tips to easily set up that perfect paddle length!

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Starboard SUP

It's time to get on board and GO! Here's 4 easy steps for getting on your board for beginners.


Starboard SUP

When out on the water it's always safety first, which means wearing a leash.

Knowing what the different types of leashes are and when to use them can be super critical and can mean all the difference in an unforeseen situation.

Make sure to always wear your leash, and please share this infographic with your paddling buddies so they too, can SUP safely!

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Starboard SUP

Here's your next instalment of #tikisuptips; "Paddling Tips by Connor Baxter".

These are just a few of the basic but very critical pointers to remember when you head out for your next paddle! Enjoy 😎

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Starboard SUP

These two quick tips for getting your 'basic paddle grip' correct are fundamental in achieving the correct paddle stroke so you can better enjoy your time on the water.

Know a friend that is just getting started & needs this quick tip? Don't forget to tag them in the comments below 😉 and #livethetikilife with us.

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Starboard SUP

About to catch that wave? Before you start paddling in, make sure you are standing with your feet in the correct position - the Parallel Surf Stance. Give it a go and let us know how it went in the comments below!

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Starboard SUP

It's back to basics! Before you start to paddle away, you should know the best and safest ways to get onto your SUP. This can prevent injuries and damaging your equipment in the *likely* event of falling whilst getting up & riding.

Have any comments or questions? Let us know below!

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Starboard SUP

4 quick SUP tips by World Champ Connor Baxter to remember to get your Basic Paddle Stroke correct.


Starboard SUP

Follow these 3 easy steps for a great paddle stroke. Whether you're just getting started or have been paddling a while, these are the fundamental basics to having a good paddle stroke. Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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Starboard SUP

Looking at buying a new paddle board?

Not everyone is the same and what type of paddling we do can vary greatly. Starboard SUP has the widest SUP range on the market which means we have a board for every paddler in all conditions.

Here are the 10 questions you should answer before purchasing a new SUP. Then head over to our board selector tool to find the board that's right for you:

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5 Mistakes Beginner Paddle Boarders Should Avoid | We all make mistakes, especially as a beginner in anything new that we try. Stand up paddle boarding is no different and as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, there are tons of newbies that are participating in the sport on a daily basis. To help these newbies from committing the same m... 06/05/2016

Como escolher o remo para o SUP Race? Aspectos como o tamanho da pá são determinantes na escolha do melhor remo para as remadas de race.


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