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Do you have children aged 3-15 ready to have some fun and get paid USD 35? We are studying the speech particularities of Portuguese (Portugal) children and we have a task just for them!

The task is estimated to take 30 minutes up to 1 hour and it can be done from home on an Android device or a computer with Chrome browser.

The participants need to read and record sentences in Portuguese (Portugal). Your help will improve speech recognition technology for Portuguese!

SIGN UP NOW! For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Lisbon Montessori School bases its education practice on Maria Montessori's philosophy and method. W Lisbon Montessori School’s mission is to:

“Provide authentic Montessori education to children and families in our community."

We are an alternative school. We base our actions on the philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. We have preschool and elementary school programs for children ages 2 ½ to 12. Montessori believed that the child has a natural learning potential and that true education should give the child freedom and the right conditions to explore this potential. Children learn through experience in the prep

Funcionando normalmente 07/04/2022

Lisbon Montessori School video presentation

Lisbon Montessori School – For the love of learning. 03/03/2022

Lisbon Montessori School – For the love of learning.

Wanted: General Assistant
Position offered – permanent – starting in September 2022

Lisbon Montessori School
Rua de Santana 1696, Alto do Cobre
2750-833 Cascais

About Lisbon Montessori School

We are an independent, international, English-based Montessori school in the Lisbon area uniting Portuguese and international communities of students and their families. As a community of educators, we are driven by a desire to bring about widespread change in education through Montessori while meeting the needs of our students. Our goal is to cultivate minds for lives of wonder, work, and love. We work together to challenge all students to think for themselves, pursue their ideas and become lifelong learners for today and tomorrow’s world. Learn more about us on our website:

Job Description

Lisbon Montessori School is seeking a unique candidate who can serve as a General Assistant while being able to speak both, English (advanced) and Portuguese (proficient/native).

· Substitute teachers who are absent by stepping into the classroom
· Prepare daily morning and afternoon snack for each classroom according to the simple weekly pre-planned menu
· Keep the kitchen clean
· Help prepare simple foods / salads for staff before lunch in the school kitchen
· Search and buy various supplies as instructed by the administration
· Place and complete orders with food providers
· Handle and submit to the Office Manager invoices for orders
· Support lunch breaks schedule of other members of staff
· Make materials: print, cut, laminate
· Make materials using school computer under teacher’s instructions
· Attend level-specific and all-school meetings and events including, but not limited to, open houses, workshops, educational presentations and community events
· Help to create and support a kind and respectful community of students
· Help maintain an effective and safe Montessori environment to include the classroom, playground, corridor and other common areas. Write down and inform the administration immediately when any unsafe physical places are found on the school grounds
· Perform students’ management duties; enforce rules governing the conduct of students and procedure for conflict resolution
· Observe individual children and the group as a whole
· Support students in the bathroom during the morning work cycle while supporting their independence
· Help plan the Summer Camp activities
· Help run the Summer Camp

Qualifications and Traits
· Experience working with children, preferably in an educational or related setting
· Demonstrated ability to provide initiative-based support and assistance
· Ability to build rapport with students with a warm and firm demeanor
· Effective communicator, verbal and written, with children and adults
· Some classroom management skills
· Has the ability to adapt to a variety of settings and environments
· Basic understanding of a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development
· Fluent in both Portuguese and English
· Shows flexibility, initiative, and personal responsibility to work in fast-paced, new learning environment
· Work collaboratively, give and receive feedback, with a growth mindset

Applicants must have an ability to relate sensitively to children, a good degree of emotional maturity and stability, and good judgment to handle a crisis should it occur. Montessori training is not required, but a passion for Montessori philosophy and methods and a strong desire to learn about the Montessori approach to education are preferred.

Additional Information

LMS offers a competitive salary, additional paid holidays, professional development opportunities, free school tuition to the children of our staff, beautiful working environments, and the opportunity to work with a passionate community of educators who are dedicated to nourishing children’s natural love of learning. Full-time employment to start ideally in September 2022.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Lisbon Montessori School – For the love of learning. “I do not believe there is a method better than the Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Noble Prize winner for Literature


Please apply to: [email protected]


The Lisbon Montessori School wishes everyone a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year 😊
A Lisbon Montessori School deseja a todos um Santo Natal e um Feliz Ano Novo 😊

Photos from Lisbon Montessori School's post 04/09/2021

In all our days and plays, in all our tasks and learnings, energized or tired, joyfull or blue, we look forward to be with you. Lisbon Montessori School is keen to welcome all children and families on Monday, Sep 6th. Happy new academic year to all!

Em todos os nossos dias e brincadeiras, em todas as nossas tarefas e aprendizagens, enérgicos ou cansados, alegres ou melancólicos, esperamos estar convosco. A Lisbon Montessori School mal pode esperar por dar as boas-vindas a todas as crianças e famílias na segunda feira, dia 6 de Setembro. Feliz novo ano letivo a todos!


Welcome to LMS, Maria!
Maria is a kindergarten teacher. She developed her research in “The Importance of Developing Autonomy in Pre-School Education”. Before studying pedagogy she studied theater for seven years, and was always in contact with children - having the concern that children feel capable and confident about themselves, progressing as responsible and independent human beings. Maria looks forward to grow as a Montessorian and hopes to be able to support the children when they need it, so they can achieve what they want in life and learn what really matters to them. Maria, we bet you will!

Bem-vinda à LMS, Maria!
A Maria é educadora de infância. Debruçou a sua tese sobre "A Importância de Desenvolver Autonomia na Educação Pré-Escolar". Antes de estudar pedagogia, estudou teatro durante sete anos, e esteve sempre em contacto com crianças - tendo a preocupação que as crianças se sentissem capazes e confiantes de si próprias, progredindo como seres humanos responsáveis e independentes. A Maria quer crescer como técnica Montessori e espera ser capaz de dar apoio quando necessário, para que estas crianças alcancem o que desejam na vida e o que realmente lhes importa. Maria, apostamos que serás capaz!



Welcome to LMS, Ana Vanessa!
For many years, Ana Vanessa worked with children and young people, social intervention and informal education. In this context, she had the opportunity to travel and learn in countries such Tanzania, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Poland and Armenia. After a degree in “African Studies – History and Development” and having two children, she decided to specialize in Auxiliary Educational Technique and she chose Lisbon Montessori School to put her learnings into practice. Ana Vanessa likes to be by the sea watching magnificent sunsets. Now she is keen to testify children rise to magnificent, capable and independent beings!

Bem-vinda à LMS, Ana Vanessa!
Durante muitos anos, a Ana Vanessa trabalhou com crianças, jovens, intervenção social e educação informal. Neste contexto, teve oportunidade de viajar e aprender em países como a Tanzânia, Turquia, Roménia, Itália, Polónia e Arménia. Depois de uma licenciatura em "Estudos Africanos - História e Desenvolvimento" e de ter dois filhos, decidiu especializar-se em Técnica Auxiliar de Educação e escolheu a Lisbon Montessori School para pôr as suas aprendizagens em prática. A Ana Vanessa adora estar perto do mar a ver magníficos pores do sol. Agora está ansiosa para assistir a crianças tornarem-se seres magníficos, capazes e independentes!



Welcome to LMS, Isabel!
Isabel always wanted to be an actress. She studied drama, teached drama to children, and with children she fell in love with co-creating dreams because it is in childhood that we find the magical world of creation. Working as a teacher in East Timor she learned about Montessori and realized that "play" isnt´t confined to theatre, but should be everywhere in child learning. Here is Isabel, ready to play with us!

Bem-vinda à LMS, Isabel!
A Isabel sempre quis ser atriz. Estudou teatro, ensinou teatro a crianças, e foi com as crianças que se apaixonou pela co-criação de sonhos, porque é na infância que encontramos o mundo mágico da criação. Ao trabalhar como professora em Timor Leste aprendeu sobre o método Montessori e percebeu que "brincar" não se limita ao teatro, mas deve estar em todo o lado na aprendizagem da criança. Aqui está a Isabel, pronta para brincar connosco!


Photos from Lisbon Montessori School's post 24/07/2021

A year full of joy and construction, followed by a great summer camp: check! Now we enjoy the holidays, looking forward for a fresh start.
(*summer camp seaside version)

Um ano cheio de alegria e construção, seguido de um ótimo campo de férias: feito! Agora aproveitamos as férias, esperando um regresso em grande.
(*campo de férias versão praia)

Photos from Lisbon Montessori School's post 24/07/2021

A year full of joy and construction, followed by a great summer camp: check! Now we enjoy the holidays, looking forward for a fresh start.
(*summer camp countryside version)

Um ano cheio de alegria e construção, seguido de um ótimo campo de férias: feito! Agora aproveitamos as férias, esperando um regresso em grande.
(*campo de férias versão campo)

Photos from Lisbon Montessori School's post 27/04/2021

Sunny days brought abundance to our garden and we can't resist to explore. We need to touch everything to understand life!

Os dias de sol trouxeram abundância ao nosso jardim e não conseguimos resistir a explorar. Precisamos de tocar em tudo para perceber a vida!


Storytelling isn't just books. It takes trees, birds singing and enthusiastic guides.

Contar histórias não é só livros. São precisas árvores, pássaros a cantar e guias entusiasmados.


Welcome back dear students!
You arrive just in time for spring!

Bem-vindos de volta queridos estudantes!
Chegam mesmo a tempo da primavera!


Map picture: using Storytelling Alphabet and World Map puzzle to explore making our own world map.
What do we want our world to look like in 2021? This is another year of challenges - let´s turn them into opportunities!

Map picture: usando o Storytelling Alphabet e o World Map puzzle para construir o nosso próprio mapa mundo.
Como queremos seja o nosso mundo em 2021? Este será mais um ano de desafios - vamos transformá-los em oportunidades!


Lisbon Montessori School's cover photo


Wishing all our children, families and community a very happy Christmas and joyful holidays!
Desejamos a todas as nossas crianças, famílias e comunidade um Natal muito feliz e umas férias cheias de alegria!


Friday we learnt how to bake "bolo rei" and took home for Christmas this delicious smell and flavour! Thank you Fun Languages Oeiras team, Alexandre and Mariana, and baker chef Francisca.
Na sexta feira aprendemos a fazer bolo rei e levámos para o Natal o delicioso cheiro e sabor deste bolo! Obrigado à equipa da Fun Languages Oeiras, Alexandre e Mariana, e à chefe pasteleira Francisca.


Some little explorers found a "maria café" in the garden. This arthropod is also known as the portuguese miliped, as it is native to the southern Iberian Peninsula. These fellow invertebrates are most commonly found in the cooler, damper and darker places within their environment. Millipedes inhabit areas under rocks, in the leaf litter, in rotting logs and occasionally in burrows which are known as micro-habitats. Hedgehogs are one of their main predators... So let's be alert, as we might make more exciting discoveries these days!

Catching and gently handling small animals is an important part of exploring the outdoors. Let's go out!

Alguns pequenos exploradores encontraram uma "maria café" no jardim. Este artrópode é também conhecido como milípede português, por ser nativo do sul da Península Ibérica. Estes amigos invertebrados são mais comumente encontrados nos lugares frios, húmidos e escuros. Os milípedes vivem debaixo de pedras, nas folhas em decomposição, em troncos apodrecidos e ocasionalmente em pequenas tocas, conhecidos como micro-habitats. Os ouriços caixeiros são um dos seus principais predadores... Vamos estar atentos, pois podemos ter mais descobertas excitantes em breve!

Capturar e manusear pequenos bicharocos com cuidado é uma parte importante da exploração ao ar livre. Vamos lá para fora!

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Montessori is preparing children for the present. Children feel happy, capable and proud of themselves when they can per...
Montessori is preparing for the present. Children feel happy and proud of themselves when they can perform challenging t...



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Rua De Santana, 1696

Horário de Funcionamento

Segunda-feira 08:30 - 16:00
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Quarta-feira 08:30 - 16:00
Quinta-feira 08:30 - 16:00
Sexta-feira 08:30 - 16:00

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