Pinetrees Riding

Horse Riding in the Algarve

Horse Riding in the Algarve

Janeth of Bordadosborld supplies our polos and jackets. Many thanks to you and your husband Joaquim. Happy Christmas

Pinetrees Reitzentrum

[12/16/19]   Many thanks for so many lovely greetings on my birthday from so many friends.

The horses say thanks and happy Christmas to our farrier, Paul Clark. New shoes done today for Count and Suan, ridden here by Karolina and Charlotte.

Congratulations to Charlotte Richardette, Ornella Caruso, and Karolina Bialek for gaining their Sela 3 exam, trained by Pedro Ferro. We are very proud of their achievement.

Eclipse shows his apreciation to Paulo Afonso for bringing him the delicious Intercol feed. Happy Christmas to our suppliers!

Gail's surprise party for her birthday was held at Restaurant Gamboa in Almancil. A fun evening was had by all, including singing and a dance show by Gail and Eddie.

A before and after image .a student riding Count.

Special Olympics Equitation in Bensafrim
Life is full of new experiences and October 18th was certainly a special day for 18 year old Vini, by taking part in his first Special Olympics Equitation competition, held in Bensafrim and organised by the Associação de Equitação Adaptado Barlavento (AEAB).
Vini represented APPC (the Faro Cerebral Palsy Association) and Pinetrees Riding Centre and rode a lovely horse, Romeo, loaned by Jinny Harman´s QPA Riding Centre, Bensafrim.
The AEAB Volunteers were out in force to see everything ran smoothly under the Leadership of Sue Wilson and Angela Mesquita.
Special Olympics offers adapted sport designed for those who have learning difficulties however many of the riders present also have physical impairment. To take part in the equitation It is important that they are seen to try and influence their horse, so they need to have reached a suitable level of prowess.
Vini started his equestrian experience as a very small child doing Hippotherapy with APPC Physiotherapist Cristina. Due to her intervention, his improvement was such that he eventually left behind the use of a wheelchair and began walking with a frame. He was upgraded to the therapeutic riding group and this year Pinetrees trainer Bev Gibbons felt he should take the next step and try joining the competitive riders in Special Olympics. The experience of participating in the Bensafrim event will boost him in many ways.
The thrill of taking part and standing on the podium to receive medals, beautiful rosettes and a bag of presents from Lagos Câmara, whilst much applause was made gave these special needs youngsters a great experience and their happy smiles of achievement made it all worthwhile for the many supporters who made it possible.

First session of the new scholastic year. APPC Faro pupils Vini has grown a lot in the last few months. New pupil Alina is very enthusiastic.

Welcome to our new staff member from Brazil. Edilson (Eddie) has lots of experience in farm management.

Finally August has come to an end - hot, dusty and many people in the Algarve.
Lots os lovely clients for us but only possible to give a good service and equestrian experience with a great team of staff and voluntary helpers. Here, dinner at the Restaurant Juncalinho, Almancil, together with our special supporters. Many thanks to Karolina Bialek, Charlotte Richardet and Ornella Caruso for all their help.

Nurturing young riders is what we do. Many go on to greater things and there are many out there competing or working with horses who have developed their skills through Pinetrees. Here is one talented young rider to watch out for in Ireland. Well done Tom.

Congratulations to Tom Sweeney from Ireland for progress in his riding and horse knowledge. Here young Tom receives a special Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) rosette. Pinetrees is a member of this International organisation for proprietors of riding schools.
Tom has spent the summer holidays in the Algarve with much of the time spent at Pinetrees, training with Pedro and Bev, and riding a variety of horses. This talented young rider is seen here with the wonderful Suan.

Almancil International Rotary Club invites you for a fun evening of Country Music and a BBQ whilst helping to fund raise for their local children in need projects.
Mosey on down to the Pinetrees Riding Centre, Almancil, complete with your cowboy look, for a little line dancing with music by J.J. Johns, on Saturday, 3rd August. There will also be games and a Raffle.
Almancil Wine & Co will keep the wine flowing.
Places must be booked through Uschi Kuhn on email: [email protected] (Tel: 916 357 718). Tickets cost €20 but children up to 10 are free.
The event starts off with a Pinetrees Birthday (34th) riding event at 16.00 and flows on to the BBQ event at around 18.00. For more information on this event contact Pinetrees on email: [email protected] or see Pinetrees Riding on Facebook.

Pinetrees Pony Club is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 15.00 - 19.00. Suitable for mature children from 8 years old and able to trot off the lead. Saturdays for older and more experienced children.

Lecturette, supervised practical with the ponies and an hour riding lesson, followed off with a quiz.

Seen here, Pedro Ferro, a FEP level 3 trained Instructor, captivates the attention. Dutch University student Chanti in assistance. In the background Paul Clark working away at shoeing Secco.

Another lovely afternoon of fun and progression in the Algarve.

When you ride in your lesson you want to get the best out of your precious time on horseback. Sadly, many riders have huge gaps in their equestrian knowledge and so time is often lost on the horse dealing with theory.
Learning from the ground is, I find, so valuable. Here is a snippet from the other day....

[06/05/19]   Sunset and Full moon ride – an unforgettable experience Dates:

Monday 17 June

Tuesday 16 July

Thursday 15 August

Book in now for our Sunset and Full moon ride

Cost €100

[06/03/19]   Girls started stable work early in the cool weather and rode at 09.00 . Students from Germany - Carina and Sarah, Holland - Dominique and holiday rider Isabella Derry. Fran riding her Alter Real mare Mya

Great pupils today riding to Bert Kaempfert´s " Swinging Safari"

Photos from Pinetrees Riding's post

Time to say thank you and Adieu to our lovely student from Germany Lara Nauss (on the right of pic).
Lara has taken a working break for three months from University, where she is studying social work, and has had the opportunity to get to know a little about Portugal and how we work in Pinetrees. She has met many wonderful people from around the world and had a positive experience here.
On dropping her off at Faro airport today I asked what impressed her most about Portugal. Her reply? “That the Portuguese people are very friendly”. Well, we all know that!

A sunny and happy day for Mauro, Vinny, and Clinton from APPC Faro, out in nature and learning about Cork trees. Bev, Judy Williams, Liz Holloway, and Laura Nauss in the picture as well. Many thanks to the Sponsors who made this possible: Quinta Properties, Grasshopper Greens, Helping Hands of São Brás, Anna and Marius, and Management Works.

Pinetrees has friends and riders from throughout the world! Far and Ride rider Helen Curtis riding on Pushkin in rear file. All riders making good progress in the Algarve spring sunshine.

Next Sunday afternoon we must go to Vilamoura to see the international show jumping as it is Grand Prix on Sundays. See online for Vilamoura Atlantic Tour at Vilamoura Equestrian Centre.

Happy Valentines Day !!!

This is Suan loose schooling. A lovely Lusitano gelding.

Sadly, our darling Goya had to be put to sleep last night after a painful colic.
We reached the goal of 30 years old and there are not many horses that get to this age and are still in working order! This wonderful horse will be remembered by many for his kind and honest nature, whether it was from a delightful ride out in the woods, or from galloping around a jumping course. Goya always met his fences right and never stopped or ran out unless there was a very valid reason.
In jumping he was enthusiastic and powerful, but when working with those with learning difficulties or physical impairment he looked after them so well. He was a real pro.
He will be missed by many friends, both two legged and four. May he enjoy the green fields and jumps to be found in horsey heaven. Photo with Carol taken last week.

Friday is the best day of the week for Clinton, a client of APPC Faro. Seen here at Riding Therapy session riding Pushkin and with sponsor Quinta Properties.

Back to work !!!

Wednesday, 26th December, 09.00. Beach Ride. Are you joining?

Vale de Lobo beach with Tartan and Benji, and house guest Phillipa who has come to us from Far and Ride, the Equestrian Holiday agency.

Christmas day on the beach in the Algarve.

Horses having a nice time on Christmas day. Hope you are too.

Special Riders from APPC, Faro, thank sponsors

A fun and sunny day at the end of term Christmas ride for APPC Special Riders Programme, supported by friends from Helping Hands, São Brás.

The riders presented their sponsors with a present of a paperweight painted by themselves as a big thank you.

well done Mauro!

Riding therapy brings many benefits and it is fun, as demonstrated by Mauro, a Special Rider from APPC Faro. Mauro enjoys a Christmas game with Judy williams , Lubi and sponsor Nicole Remus of Management Works

Our horses say a special thank you to Paulo Afonso from Casa das Rações, Messines, who supply us with INTERCOL feed.

A happy Christmas, and we hope you and your family enjoy the Vinho de Porto from Wine and Co.

Golegã Horse Fair with sister Amanda Champion and Far & Ride house guest Jo from Indonesia.

Recente trip to Golegã Horse Fair with a small group including Far and Ride guest Jo from Indonesia. Saw some very nice horses and riding. It is so hard to describe the experience. Certainly Health and Safety has bypassed this event!
Met and saw many friends from around the world: Lynette Crossley, Heather Moffat, Jenny Almeida, Kathryn Watson, João Moura, Mário Pimentel, Luis Cabral, Amanda Champion, Dominique Barbier, Marian and Christopher Hackman ....

Possibility of beach rides on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November

Bird lake track changes

Many thanks to Infralobo

Lovely surprise riding by the bird lake at Dunas Douradas. The area has been cleaned and cleared making a lovely riding track, better view of Herons, Spoonbills, gallinules....

Spent 3 days at Golegã horse fair and saw, in some cases, some wonderful horses and quality riding.

The guy in this video was a prime candidate for the prize of worst rider to abuse his horse: constant sawing hands bruising his horse's mouth.

Some people travel far for riding at Pinetrees!

Heather came all the way from the island of Skye in Scotland for her lessons in October half term.
Here seen with an ABRS special rosette for being a demonstrator during the recent visit by ABRS members.

Why so far? Could it be the image created by the Pinetrees Web site designers Great Crew, or your lovely comments on TripAdvisor or Facebook? Or was it the wonderful Lusitano Suan ?
What do you think? Your opinions please!

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Special Riders from APPC, Faro, thank sponsors
well done Mauro!



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