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A tua verdadeira Essencia... é intocável. Não a podes perder, ninguém te a pode tirar. Aquilo que na essência és, aquilo que em essência já descobriste ser através da experiencia nesta vida e quem sabe de outras, está em ti para sempre. Os taoístas chamam-lhe Jing e é a tua assinatura intrinseca neste universo de forma e energia. O que podes perder ou ganhar é força ou energia (física e psiquica)

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Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros e Surf House - Bed & Breakfasts for Rent in Aroeira Bed & Breakfast in Aroeira, Portugal. 6 beds in a beautiful Surf House 5min from Fonte da Telha beach and 20min from lisbon, located at Aroeira, Charneca da Caparica. All 3 rooms are very sunny with beautiful view to the forest. Guests can also use a living room with fireplace, ther...


CONSCIOUS NUTRITION! Ayurvedic perspective
To this beautiful portuguese summer, milk free Ice cream! banana+cashew nut+ginger
topping: agave+cacau powder+cacau nibs+cinnamon
to end up the day saying: I deserve it! :)

NUTRIÇÃO CONSCIENTE! Perspectiva Ayurvédica
Para este lindo verão de Portugal, gelado milk-free!
banana+castanha de caju+gengibre
topping: agave+cacau em pó+cacau nibs+canela
pra acabar o dia dizendo: eu mereço! :)



R.Ivone Silva n.10. Aroeira. Charneca da Caparica.
924 243 812 / 925 753 822

Uma das minhas plantas preferidas, de tantos benefícios e tanto poder....segue o melhor artigo que já encontrei sobre ela, por Flavio Passos! Namaste! EnJOY


8am at Casa da Aroeira
YOGA- listening and sensitivity~
Asanas~ Pranayamas~Meditation
Welcome everybody. First "class" for free.

8am na Casa da Aroeira
YOGA- Escuta e sensibilidade~
Asanas~ Pranayamas~Meditações
Sejam todos bem vindos. Primeira 'aula' gratuita.



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Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros's cover photo 22/05/2016

Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros e Surf House - Bed & Breakfasts for Rent in Aroeira Bed & Breakfast in Aroeira, Portugal. 6 beds in a beautiful Surf House 5min from Fonte da Telha beach and 20min from lisbon, located at Aroeira, Charneca da Caparica. All 3 rooms are very sunny with beautiful view to the forest. Guests can also use a living room with fireplace, ther...


Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros's cover photo


Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros's cover photo

[02/12/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 12 Fevereiro 2014

Illusion is the path to Self realization.

Now consider this:

There is no path, walk it within Love, Truth and Respect and you can't miss It.


[02/07/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 7 Fevereiro 2014

I can not find a trace of judgement in Nature. Good pointer towards true nature of ego and Being.


[02/03/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 3 Fevereiro 2014

We live in a Bi Polar Planet. Take a hint from Earth when you get confused about yourself and specially within human inter-relationships. Relax and keep breathing :-P

~ Arko

[01/22/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 22 Janeiro 2014

Every disciple of Zen deserves 3 hard ZenStickSLAPS for forgetting who he really Is. After that if he still insists on sleeping, he should walk his path and leave the temple, as a sign of respect towards the master.

He can return for 3 more when he becomes a sincere disciple of Zen.



Zen Story: Taoist Past, Present and Future

Eat the berry ;-)

Live in the Now

[01/09/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 8 Janeiro 2014

Have you ever been in the place where mind makes you believe you have to choose between being inside a cage in heaven or be free in hell?

Yeaph that's a good one, maya ;-P

As a great Master once said, 'then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'...from both cage and hell.

Only what Is real remain, if you are so bold to expose your deeply felt Truth.

You are Free and you have never left Home, my dear

[01/07/14]   Aulas de Wudang ChunYang na Casa da Aroeira- Centro de Retiros 2014

[01/07/14]   Outwardly go along with the flow, while inwardly keeping your true nature. Then your eyes and ears will not be dazzled, and your thoughts will not be confused, while the spirit within you will expand greatly to roam in the realm of the absolute purity.

~Daoist text "Huainanzi"


Wudang Gong Fu

Senior Disciple Lindsey Wei

Lindsey Wei, 24th Generation Chun Yang Sect Practitioner, trains old style of Ba Gua known as Ba Bu (eight step), Wudang sword, and Chun Yang Da Gong in fron...


Senior Disciple Catharina Constanzo


Final Exams on Terapeutical Qigong, 5 Year Teacher Trainning at ESMTC Lisbon

Final Exams on Terapeutical Qigong, 5 Year Teacher Trainning at ESMTC Lisbon. School Year 2012/2013. Exam Juri Prof. Dra. Deolinda Fernandes, Prof. Mestre Ju...

[01/07/14]   The fundamental difference between Neidan and Qigong is that the usual methods of Qigong can work with usual kinds of energy, heal the body, balance the circulation of Qi [energy] and achieve control over your feelings and emotions, whereas Inner Alchemy methods allow you to work not only with usual Qi [energy] and ordinary consciousness, but with the original Qi [energy] and original spirit (the divine nature), which significantly improves the efficiency of all energy practices for the development of body and mind.

~ Vitalii Lishchyna, disciple of Grandmaster Lu Shi Yang.


O Espaço

[01/01/14]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 1 Janeiro 2014

Direct personal experience randoms faith obsolete.
Allow the death of the outer seeker, expose the Seer within.

~ Arko

[12/25/13]   Faro, 25 Dezembro 2013
Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros

Here are examples of Sources of Light:
-Wood Fire;
- Firefly;

Give one example of a Source of darkness or shadow.

Shadow exist as a manifestation of Light, whenever a obstacle or resistance is put between Source of Light and subject.

Shadow can not exist without Light and an obstacle, as fear can not exist without Love and resistance. Still, Light exists without shadow as Love exist without fear.

Bring out fear from behind the obstacle, bring whatever is hiding from Light to Its presence, it will reveal itself as Love. Truth, Honesty, Purity and Stillness will unveil Love.

There is only Light, There is only One Love. Duality comes into the play whenever resistance is brought forward from conditioning of the mind trying to escape the inescapable, Being in the now.

Light is All there Is, shadow or fear, merely specific dual manifestations of Love. Can you see it?

Allow Light and shadow dance within, in the presence of Love. The dance itself will reveal the obstacle, and seeing can not be unseen.

Love is All there Is.
Only Light exists.
See It!

~ Arko

[12/25/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 23 Dezembro 2013

Q. What can a person do to remain centered in the Present moment?
A.That's a to it and wait for the next.
What is it?


Stay there!
And breath...

Q.There are moments like that, then the head comes again.
No words, no ideas, simply noticing, flowing with the Heart.

A.That's a to it and wait for the next.
What is it?

Thoughts come and go. What you are remain untouched by them. Find out what does NOT come and go in you, breath That, and smile whenever the mind finds out a new smart ass answer. :-P


[12/19/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 19 Dezembro 2013

Though Grace I abides empty in the moment before the begging and after the end.

Be quiet then, men talk, Goddesses Love.

~ Arko

[12/19/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 18 Dezembro 2013

Silence never betrays words. Be quiet, pure and still Inside...then fell the freedom, to speak up outwards.

~ Arko

[12/16/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 15 Dezembro 2013

Once seen, can not be unseen.

There is no coming back to the old, there is no visiting what has not yet to come. Moving towards the within, happens in the treasure chamber of the Body, the Present moment of Now.

Although past can be kept in the body as it was the treasure, this can only bring less or more resistance to the free flow of energy and blood of what Is Real. Past can not harm what Is real, because what Is, can not ever be threaten. How could it be...If it IS?

Past and future, the two veils, can only delay and slowdown the realization of Being in the present. The Now Is un-threaten by them, while exposing their veiled illusory nature.

Unleash the Sacred Golden Dragons of Purity and Stillness, let them dance, make Love and merge together, seeking out in the body where past and future hide from the Present. It is the Their gift of Love to us, to eat all veils of conditioning, and burping them into the present as nothingness.

The Body will then, follow the natural Way, reclaiming Vitality, Energy and Self Realization.

~ Arko

[12/16/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros Praia da Adraga 9 Dezembro 2013

All is impermanent in you, except That wich Is from the Nature of Being.
Recognize That which does not change in you, breath there by fully accepting the now.

A different flavor of the dream, will sprout and blossom from within...un-threaten by people, things or events.

This new Scent around you is whispering...welcome Home.


[12/06/13]   Self-realization is NOT a luxury.

[12/06/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 6 Dezembro 2013

Promover Saúde e Consciência desperta no mundo das coisas, eventos e pessoas, através do cultivo da Vitalidade , Energia e Espírito numa visão holistica de quem Sou e da interdependencia com a rede de fenómenos naturais que me rodeiam.

Que mais me consegue tirar da cama ás 6:30h da manhã, em Dezembro?

Paz e bençãos e tenham um dia Lindo :-D 06/12/2013

Alan Watts - Philosophies of Asia - Taoist Way

[12/05/13]   Casa da Aroeira - Centro de Retiros 28 Novembro 2013

Qi is movement within, fractal representation of all outside dynamic appearances. It is the bridge between That witch is formless and un-manifested and the world of form. The Body Is the Treasure, it is the most elegant, smart, kind, and important mechanism for cultivating Vitality and Energie, allowing the experience of Life's mysteries, the dance between Heaven and Earth, in first hand.

'I am not the body' and 'I am my body' based belief systems, usually bring resistance to the recognition of One's true nature, delaying liberation and realization of Being.

Bring your awareness to this Body, fell it from within and see it for what it Is, a sensitive healthy thinking Sea of Energy. Allow any boundary between that witch is being felt and the one who is felling it, to dissolve. Breath and stay there, fully present in the Body for as long as it is natural and comfortable.

Resetting awareness into this intrinsic Life giving or****ic womb default primal Breath, tunes the Body with the flow of Nature. Boundaries and resistance to what Is, soften, the door of perception becomes translucent, allowing the light of insight, with no detailed individual form, to pass through.

~ Arko Ordens Miguel

[12/05/13]   Casa da Aroeira, 27 Novembro 2013

Unleash the wild horses from mind right after their birth, they can stand by themselves right from that first moment. Wild and restless is their nature, they come and go as clouds on the Sky. Moved by winds of beliefs and conditioning, they do not want to be kept locked in a Stable, build from past or future.

Let them go as their come, while their are very young, there is no need to tame them, like waves in an Ocean, they are wild are free, they belong to noOne. That is their Gift to you.

Stay in the moment, taste the Beauty of presence...There is nowhere I abides except here, in the now. Remain on Heaven and follow Earth. Accept what Is fully, passionately and set no condition for Life to unfold.

~ Arko Ordens Miguel

O Espaço 05/12/2013

O Espaço

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Rua Ivone Silva
Outra Formação em Almada (mostrar todos)
Atelier de Joalharia de Paulo Ventura Atelier de Joalharia de Paulo Ventura
Rua Do Registo Civil, 6
Almada, 2800-192

O Atelier de Joalharia foi criado em Janeiro de 2003, em Almada. Têm como objectivo a formação de joalharia e a criação de jóias originais.

Aulas de Bateria com Marte Ciro Aulas de Bateria com Marte Ciro
Almada, 2800

Vários níveis de formação. Aulas em forma de curso ( 1 aula de 50 minutos por semana) Masterclas

Completamente - Saúde & Educação Completamente - Saúde & Educação
Praça José Afonso, Nº 5
Almada, 2810-236

Existimos desde 2013 e contamos com uma equipa multidisciplinar bastante experiente. Intervimos nas áreas da Psicologia Clínica e Educacional, Psicomotricidade, Terapia da Fala, Terapia de Casal, Terapia Familiar e Orientação Vocacional.

CapacidadeLógica Formação E-Learning CapacidadeLógica Formação E-Learning
Almada, 2810-109 FEIJÓ

New Generation New Generation
Almada, 2855-233

New Generation -Apoio escolar 1º/2º /3º ciclo e secundário - Explicações

Oficina Divagar Oficina Divagar
Rua Serpa Pinto, 4 1ºdrt
Almada, 2800

Oficina Divagar é um coletivo em Almada que surgiu em 2013 da necessidade de ter um espaço de trabalho criativo. Pintura, Escultura, Fotografia...

Jortec Eletro Jortec Eletro
Campus FCT-UNL Ed. Eng. Eletrotécnica E De Computadores
Almada, 2800-022

Aqui vais poder obter todas as informações relativamente à JorTec de Eletro! Visita também a nossa página

100 Dúvida 100 Dúvida
R. Dr. Pires De Castro, Nº 28
Almada, 2810-269

Centro de Explicações e Apoio Psicopedagógico Explicações do 1º ao 12º ano, de todas as disciplinas.

Seminário de S. Paulo de Almada Seminário de S. Paulo de Almada
Rua D. Álvaro Abranches Câmara, 1
Almada, 2800-016

No Seminário de S. Paulo de Almada formam-se os padres da Diocese de Setúbal.

Centro Educacional KBee Centro Educacional KBee

Ações de formação e sensibilização em Segurança Informática. Configuração de máquinas e anulação das suas vulnerabilidades. Workshops para jovens e adultos. Porque o elemento mais valioso são as pessoas!

Open Smile, Instituto Médico e de Formação Open Smile, Instituto Médico e de Formação
Praceta Ferreira De Mira Nº1C, Quinta Nova
Almada, 2820-273 CHARNECA CAPARICA

Sanisa Cosmetics Sanisa Cosmetics
Rua António Gedeão Nº4
Almada, 2825

Formações De Estética Certificadas Courses Of Beauty Certified and Beauty Services.