Students of Siddeeq

For all the past present and future students of Siddeque Public School

Siddeeq Public School, a name that stands for quality education, is renowned for its teaching methods and extensive testing of students which bear excellent results. Education has always been a problematic factor for Pakistan as most of its population is illiterate, SPS looks to solve this problem by providing not only mass education but also quality education. Most schools only focus on what the

Operating as usual


Students of Siddeeq

Students of Siddeeq


Congrats you nerds 😆 !

گزشتہ کئی برس کی روایت بر قرار رکھتے ہوئے صدیق پبلک سکول نے اس مرتبہ بھی یونیورسٹی أف سائنس اینڈ ٹیکنالوجی میں چیمپئین بن کر ثابت کر دیا کہ محنت اور اعزاز صدیقینز کی خوئے ثانیہ بن چکی ہے ۔۔۔۔


Wo pochna tha ke konse Einsteins hamara aur baqi schools bana rahe hen jiski waja se 3 sal ke bache ka interview aur assessment leni parti he ?
Where are those nobel prize winners ?


Siddeeq's Toilets still haunt me in my dreams.
I hope they are much cleaner now than they were a thousand years ago back when I was a kid.


Be glad you are not in America everybody because soon teachers will be carrying guns. Imagine that, a SPS teacher carrying a gun..😆☠️.


Guess who is going to watch Spiderman this Sunday ? Me, that's right. :D Just a perk of being an adult.


Here is a fun fact:
Everybody from my batch is now getting married..EVERY ONE !


Never thought WSW would be on Zoom calls but here we are!


Zamurrad Khan, CEO Pakistan Sweet Home visits Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College along with Rashid Cheema, Founder Siddique public school. He has an appeal for all those students who would like to join Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College.

Last date to register for Cadet College test: 2nd September 2021.


We regret to inform you that Mam Sohaila Anjum, a senior English teacher is no more with us. May she be granted the highest rewards in Jannat. Please spare a moment to say a prayer.
inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.


Eid Mubarak Guys !


Seems like the government is playing ping pong with educational institutes.
Open, Closed, Open, Closed, OPEN, CLOSED !


So....does anybody actually miss school ?..


In Chamber of Secrets Dumbledore passed everybody without any examinations..I'd say battling the corona is about on parr with Tom Riddle's diary and that giant snake !


Oooh..i just realized.. Friday to already off hota he Siddeeq me..!. Too bad, we'll get em next time !


Here is a funny story:
A friend of mine got admission in Siddeeq. After just 1 day she felt so suffocated that she never returned..!..


Let's start a Moments of Siddeeq thread.. mainly cause i am share your best moments..or not..i got Netflix..¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Well boys get ready to be drafted. Don't worry though, WW3 will be less scary than a usual day at Siddeeq..:D


Nothing like waking up and not going to school !..xD


it is to announce with great sorrow that Sir Ubaid is no more with us


Oh my God, you nerds..get a life ! xD

As always your Space Champs♥️


Well boys looks like we do have a position !


Not a single topper from SPS this time ? Damn..!


Office life is significantly less stressful than school life...and you get paid !


In case you are wondering why i changed the name; I did it so people would stop asking us about vacancies. A lot of people mistook this as an official page for the school..which admittedly is my fault but in my defense the about section does mention that this is not the official page.


At 14 I barely got enough money to buy noodles let alone go to fancy cowboy themed fast food place on a date.


Saw a 13-14 year old couple at Ranchers the other day. Lost all my faith in humanity instantly. What is wrong with kids today ?


Nothing beats the satisfaction of waking up to the news of school being cancelled. Nothing !


Here is a tip for all the teachers. If you have facebook or instagram or twitter profiles you might want to tighten up your privacy and make your photos invisible to the public. Your students can and will take those embarrassing pictures of you and share them on their groups and make fun of them. This will happen and most likely is happening..!..Just a heads up..:D


The news you all been waiting for :D


My life changes but Siddeeq, Siddeeq remains the same. The same uniform, the same buildings, the same teachers..just the same !


The person who tags the "yawning boy" gets a reward !


Those damn curtains, they just won't change em !


You do know that the whole Space Week charade is a giant marketing ploy for IST right ?.


PSA: Don't read Reham Khan's book. Its really not for kids. That's all !


Guys I know your parents have zero chill when it comes to you failing assessments. I also know the teachers have no chill either but regardless of their beatings and good old chitrol, it doesn't matter. School is an insignificant part of your life in the grand scheme of it all. So chill, relax, have fun and don't beat yourself up for failing at assessments (let the teachers do it for you lol).

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Zamurrad Khan, CEO Pakistan Sweet Home  visits Pakistan Sweet Home Cadet College along with Rashid Cheema, Founder Siddi...
Omg this guy is just Amazing. What he did infront of live audience is simply wow #undead
perody of sir naeem~~undead
perody of sir amir~~undead
on the request of our member here is the perody of sir ali akbar and currenter~~undead
guys jo jo sir mazhar ko jantay haen unki perody today :P~~undead






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