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Your Sleeping Position Says All the Truth About You 27/09/2021

Amazing! It's said that your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your true personality, habits, and relationship!! This video may help you learn more about yourself through your sleeping poses.

Your Sleeping Position Says All the Truth About You Scientists Prove: Your Sleeping Position Can Say a Lot About Your True Personality, Habits, and Relationship. What is your favorite sleeping position? Today,...


Each woman may have different expectation for their breast size. Have you ever tried anything to change the size of yours?

8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water 23/09/2021

Water is necessary for our life! When you feel thirsty, you need to drink some water. However, there are also more benefits from drinking water.

8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water There are many health benefits from drinking water. Weight loss is an important one for many people. So is clearer skin. But there are many more. ...

Comparison: Average Women Breast-size by Country 22/09/2021

This video is about average women breast-size by country, have you reached the standard in your country?

Comparison: Average Women Breast-size by Country This probability comparison / comparison video is made based on community discussions and relevant sources, numbers and facts listed might not be up to date,...


If given a chance, what would you change about your body?

Smooth skin, beautiful face, slim figure or full breasts??🧐


Is it normal if one breast bigger than the other? Do you have this problem? How will you feel if your breast size is not similar?...
Don't worry about it! Dr. Krista is expert at that! She has already helped lots of people solve their breasts problem. Could you imagine that both your breasts will be enhanced one day? Yes, this really happened in them. It is important for you to grasp this very chance, try it!


Are you satisfied with your breasts now? What breast size do you most wanna own?


Why do some women at the same age look more attractive? This is because breasts are the second face of a woman. Well-maintained breasts can also make you look younger.


Breast is another important characteristic feature in physiology of a lady that will make her really very different from that of a male personality. A beautiful breast will make woman more attractive. Therefore, it's really necessary for every woman to have a well shaped breast.

How To Look Younger | 10 Tips 16/09/2021

Have you ever noticed the selection of your clothes? Do you know that it can not only changes your proportions but also make you look younger (or older). Therefore, you need to consider some details when putting the outfit together, then they'll help you look younger.

How To Look Younger | 10 Tips Your clothes selection not only changes your proportions but also can make you look younger (or older). Some details to consider when putting the outfit toge...


Could you believe this is the same people? Losing weight will change you a lot! It's like a magic!!


What will you think about when you see this? Weighing scale... Yeah, you need to lose weight now lol 💪

WELCOME TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | flying for the FIRST time in a year! | VLOG 2021 13/09/2021

Missing the beautiful sea so much when I watched this amazing vlog. This video can make you feel happy! At this moment, I really wanna wear my bikini and then walk on the beach enjoying the sun.

WELCOME TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | flying for the FIRST time in a year! | VLOG 2021 WELCOME TO SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA | flying for the first time in a year! | VLOG 2021 YAY Sydney vlogs are here!! In this video, I take you along with me on the ma...


Dr.Catherine is really professional and responsible!! Lots of people including me have successfully lost weight under her help, this is the reason why I keep sharing with more people. I really don't wanna anyone who needs help miss Dr.Catherine and the opportunity to get rid of obesity.


Develop the bad habit of having a big belly:
1. Watching TV/Playing with mobile phones while eating. Watching TV or playing with mobile phones while eating will distract you, unknowingly overeating, and gradually accumulate into fat, and your belly will become larger.
2. Sit/sleep after eating. I believe everyone knows that this is the cause of obesity. "Put the dead body" immediately after eating, it will reduce the digestive function, and the food will stay in the body for a long time, accumulating fat and forming Belly.
3. Long-term lack of sleep. Sleeping too little will affect the normal functioning of the body and increase the content of visceral fat, which then accumulates in the abdomen. In addition, lack of sleep will increase the secretion of "obesity hormone", which makes people feel hungry and eat constantly.


It’s natural for anyone trying to lose weight to want to lose it very quickly. But people who lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) are more successful at keeping weight off. Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It’s an ongoing lifestyle.


There is a kind of fat belly called "wet belly" which not only has a big belly, but also has the following symptoms:
1. Bad breath and bad body smell: the body is hot and humid, the fungus is rotten, and the odor leaks up and down.
2. Obesity and big belly: the belly can't be reduced, and it rebounds after reduction, moisture enters the subcutaneous, affecting fat burning, if moisture is not removed, fat can not be lost.
3. Stools are thin, sticky and smelly, and can not be pulled out: Excessive moisture will cause "moist sticky intestines", the number of stools will increase, and there will be a feeling of uncleanness.
4. Tiredness and laziness: People with heavy moisture are not energetic, always feel that they don't sleep enough, and they don't have the energy to do anything. Laziness is easy to get tired.


What is the harm of a big belly and too much fat?
Abdominal obesity affects more than beauty!
Obesity is one of the important factors that cause chronic inflammation and is also related to most diseases, including:
Cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases and intellectual changes, such as "old age syndrome".


Drink plenty of water during weight loss:
Getting up early with a cup of warm water can speed up intestinal peristalsis.
Drinking 300 ml of water half an hour before meals can save about 200 calories a day!


Look! Everyone succeeded in losing weight with the help of Dr. Catherine. Whether it was them or me, they were all lucky ones, because we could meet Dr. Catherine to lose weight successfully with her help.


A message for all girls
KFC will not close its doors, and potato chips will not stop production.
There will still be milk tea shops,
But in his twenties
Your good figure, your youth only once
So, we must live the most beautiful at the most beautiful age!


What does it feel like to be thin?
It means that no matter where you go, others will praise you for your good looks!
You wrapped in fat are humorous
You are attractive when you are wrapped in a figure. It is the season to show your figure and start losing weight quickly!


Wake up your metabolism with this free drink. Hit "like" if you accept the challenge!


Don't eat too much salt during weight loss, try to eat lighter, salt is rich in sodium, sodium will hinder the body to excrete excess water, eating too much salt will naturally make you prone to edema, making it difficult to lose weight and consume excessive salt The harm it brings is not only edema, but also increases the burden on the heart and makes it easy to panic during weight loss.


Weight loss tips
❶ During the weight loss period, you must not be constipated. Defecation may not cause you to lose weight, but constipation will definitely affect the effect and is not healthy.
❷ Eat on time every day
❸Slim down, don’t stop immediately, but consolidate
❹Remove bad eating habits
❺Lean down, don’t overeating, you can keep in shape


✅Natural ingredients 【No side effects】
✅ Enjoy Proper Meals 【No need to skip meals/dieting】
✅No Tiring Exercises


🌟You don't need a personal trainer with this program
🌟Create the body you dream of
🌟No Exercise, No Diet, You Can A Perfect Body At Home

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🔥【Burn excess fat】Take a cup every night before going to bed and easily lose weight at home
🔥The strongest natural fat burning drink 【Lose weight for the last time in life】✅
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