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Day 4 of Book Week: A symphony of young voices filled the air as early years students enchanted us with their poetry recitations. Each elocution was a beautiful blend of precision in pronunciation and melody in tune. Congratulations to our talented winners who received well-deserved certificates, turning this literary celebration into a harmonious success! 📚🎤


Book Week: Day 4 at the Junior Section was an absolute blast!📚

Grade 5's brought their A-game in a thrilling relay race, tackling crossword puzzles at lightning speed. The challenge added an extra layer of excitement as they raced to decode words. Meanwhile, Grades 3 and 4 embarked on a Nature Walk adventure, armed with a handful of letters. Their mission? To explore and unearth as many words as possible, transforming the great outdoors into a living word puzzle. The air buzzed with creativity as young minds eagerly scribbled down their nature-inspired vocabulary. Laughter echoed through the school grounds, making it a day not just of learning, but of pure, unbridled fun! 🌟

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Day 3 of Book Week at the Junior Section: Library Meets Art! 🎨📚

Our classrooms transformed into an art studio as students got creative with colorful bookmarks! 🐠🦋 They brought their artistic flair to life, crafting vibrant designs featuring fish, butterflies, and more. 🌈✨
The classrooms buzzed with excitement as these little masterpieces took shape. It's amazing how a touch of creativity can turn a simple bookmark into a work of art! 🧑‍🎨
The excitement doubled as students not only unleashed their creativity but also got the chance to explore a treasure trove of books on wheels. It was like a mini book fair right at our school!
Stay tuned for the next two days' activities.

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*Activity 1*:📚🎉 Exciting times in the Grade 11's library! 🏛️📖 Our creative minds have turned Jenga into a literary adventure. 📚🖋️ Each block is a gateway to a different author's world - from novelists to poets. 📝🕊️ Who knew learning could be this fun? Let the balancing act begin! 📚📌

*Activity 2* : "📚🔍 Exploring the Power of Words! 🧠🌟 Grade 9 and 10 students dove into a Vocabulary Hunt activity, unraveling the magic of language. Starting with one big word, they crafted a symphony of new words, expanding their word wizardry! 📖🌈

*Activity 3* : ⭐ Grade 9 students immersed in a library activity, joyfully exchanging cherished quotations and dialogues from their favorite books. 🎉 The air filled with literary enthusiasm as sticky notes adorned with profound words transformed the library into a treasure trove of shared wisdom. A simple yet powerful way to celebrate the beauty of words and the joy of reading. 📚

*Activity 4* : "📚✨ What a fantastic time during our DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) activity today! 📖 Students embraced the magic of literature as they paused everything else to dive into the enchanting world of books. 🌟📚 A moment of collective focus and joy – fostering a love for reading! 📌


🌟Book Week Celebrations 📚 in the Prep Section! 📖✨

🌟 Our bookworms have been on an exciting literary journey during Book Week, and we can't wait to share the highlights with you! 🎉📚

🌈 From imaginative costumes to enchanting story sessions and fun filled activities, our students dove into the magical world of books with enthusiasm and creativity. 🚀📖


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Book Week 2023 culminates with the teachers transforming into enchanting characters for a magical roleplay featuring Snow White, Aladdin, Genie, Elves, Fairy godmother, Abu the mischievous monkey, and even a prehistoric twist with a dinosaur! 🌟📚


Dive into a realm of literary wonder on Day 5: 'It's a Book Theme Carnival' – where every page turns into an adventure with different activities. 📚🎡

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📚✨ Embarking on a literary journey at our school library! 🌈 On the third day, Prep Section delved into the enchanting realm of stories with our 'Tale with a Twist' activity. 📖✏️ Students creatively rewrote their cherished tales, weaving magic into characters, plots, beginnings, endings, and beyond. 🚀🔮 Imagination soared as they crafted summaries of their modified masterpieces, fostering a love for creativity. 🌟📚

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✨ Step into the enchanting world of our Prep section as young minds transformed into their favorite book characters for the annual Character Parade! From whimsical wizards to daring adventurers, each costume told a tale of literary love.
These pint-sized storytellers not only dazzled with their creative outfits but also took the stage, sharing captivating snippets about their chosen characters. 🧑‍🎤🧛👷🧑‍🌾
The school buzzed with excitement as they paraded through corridors, weaving a magical atmosphere. Kudos to our Prep stars for turning our school into a vibrant tapestry of imagination and literature! 🌟🎭📖

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✨On the second day of Book Week 2023📚, the young minds in the Prep Section unfurled a tapestry of enchanting moments, weaving together the threads of their boundless creativity. Their task: to breathe life into book covers for their cherished literary companions.
🎨As the canvas of imagination stretched before them, some embraced the familiar embrace of the original concept, while others danced on the edges of innovation. A palpable fervor filled the air as their artistic expressions blossomed, adorning their creations with a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.🌈✨

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✨Convincing content, enigmatic voices, and sheer passion was observed at the Prep section as it conducted its Public Speaking Contest for the Book Week 2023-2024.🎤📚

It was an inter-house competition with four students per grade level, representing different houses. The speakers captivated the audience with their remarkable speeches delivered with enthusiasm.🌟

We look forward to such passionate events that enhance the skills of our students and learners.

Photos from The City School PAF Chapter's post 16/11/2023

🌟 Bright Beginnings: Introducing Our CPC Program 🌟

This past Saturday, the 11th of November, marked a momentous occasion for our school community as we launched our inaugural meeting for the Class Parent Coordinators. It was a gathering ignited by the shared vision of "Inspiring a brighter future" through our robust CPC program.
At the heart of this initiative is the unwavering involvement of parents, which we celebrate as the cornerstone of success. Our CPC program is designed to not only empower parents but to also enrich our community, nurturing the potential of every child. Together, we are guided by a clear sense of purpose and a commitment to collaboration, innovation, and shared responsibility.
During the session, we unfolded the program overview and communicated the expectations from our Class Parent Coordinators. As a bridge between the classroom and the home, CPCs play a pivotal role..
We look forward to this journey with enthusiasm and hope, as we work hand-in-hand to craft an inspiring future for our children. To our CPCs, thank you for stepping forward into these integral roles. Together, let's turn aspirations into reality!

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School-based professional development plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness and satisfaction of teachers. This is particularly relevant when considering the recent training session held in the Prep Section, which focused on Differentiated Instruction and the "Success for All" philosophy.

The core objective of this training was to equip teachers with the latest research and methodologies in education, specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of students. Differentiated Instruction, at its heart, is about recognizing and addressing the varied backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities of students. By training teachers in this approach, the session aimed to foster an inclusive and effective learning environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed.
We are thankful to our teachers for their amazing response and active participation that had led to the insightful learning.

Photos from The City School PAF Chapter's post 16/11/2023

Marching into a world of wonder and imagination during Book Week - where characters come to life in the Early Years Parade!

Photos from The City School PAF Chapter's post 15/11/2023

D.E.A.R. at the Junior section...


Day 2 of Book Week: Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) 📚

Guess what we did today? We dropped everything and read! 📖✨ But here's the twist – everyone brought along their stuffed buddies as reading pals! 🧸📚
Our classrooms and corridors turned into cozy reading corners as students snuggled up with their furry friends, exploring the world of books together. The joy of reading was contagious, and the stuffed buddies added an extra touch of comfort to our reading adventure. 🤗📖
It was heartwarming to see the variety of stuffed companions, from teddy bears to pikachu, joining the literary fun.

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Book Week: Day 1

Book Week has officially started in the Junior Section and we had a blast with a cool activity called Story Web. 🕸️📖
Our students got super creative, making up stories with their friends. It was awesome to see everyone's imagination running wild as they collaborated together to weave narratives.
From funny adventures to mysterious stuff, each story was unique. It was so cool to see everyone working together and having fun. 👫💡
We're keeping the Book Week spirits going strong, so stay tuned for more bookish fun!


We are thrilled to share some fantastic news with you – two of our esteemed educators from the Senior Section, Talha Saleem and Talha Adeel Khan, have been selected as session leads for the Microsoft Empowerment Summit 2023!

Session Title: Gamifying Assessment for Learning: Empowering Educators with Microsoft Tools

This is a remarkable achievement, and we are proud to showcase the outstanding practices that are taking place at the PAF Chapter on a global stage.

Event Details:

Date: November 16, 2023
Day: Thursday
Time: 9:20 PM – 9:55 PM (PST)
Session Link:

During the session, they will be addressing the innovative and impactful strategies employed at our school, emphasizing how gamification can enhance assessment practices and student engagement using Microsoft Tools.

Join them at the WW Empowerment Summit 2023!

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Today at the Prep Section, we launched Book Week with a captivating event – ethical debates inspired by fiction tales. The goal was to foster ethical understanding and cultivate an appreciation for the profound messages embedded in stories.

The students were organized into groups of four and engaged in spirited discussions about iconic books like THE BFG, HARRY POTTER, THE HOBBIT, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and MATILDA. Ethical questions sparked animated debates, prompting participants to either defend or challenge the actions of key characters.

Immersed in the characters' perspectives, students artfully justified their stances, creating a tapestry of diverse opinions within each group. This interactive activity not only explored ethics but also celebrated the richness of storytelling and its nuanced impact.


🚀 Junior Explorers Unleash the Magic at TDF MagnifiScience! 🌈

Our young scholars embarked on an extraordinary educational odyssey to TDF MagnifiScience, and oh boy, did they dive into the wonders of learning with boundless enthusiasm! 🎉 Teachers, the unsung heroes, joined the adventure, turning the trip into an epic quest for knowledge and discovery.
From mind-boggling experiments to interactive exhibits, our junior section seized the day, exploring the realms of science like never before. Laughter echoed through the halls as students engaged in hands-on activities, unlocking the secrets of the universe. 🚀💡


Uncover the exciting happenings set for the students of the Prep Section in Book Week 2023. Get ready for enthralling stories, interactive activities, and a day brimming with enjoyment that students will relish.


📚 Get ready for an epic literary adventure! 🚀

Book Week is approaching, and we're turning the page to a celebration like never before! 🌟 📖Students, buckle up for a thrilling journey through the realms of literature! From captivating tales to untold adventures, let's make this Book Week an unforgettable chapter in our love for books. 🌈📚 Get ready to unleash your creativity, share your favourite stories, and embark on a literary escapade like never before! 🚀📚


"Get ready for a magical journey! 📚✨
Book Week is coming, and we're set to explore exciting activities. Pack your imagination and join us for an adventure in every page.
Let's celebrate the joy of reading and learning together!

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Our First Session with Class Parent Coordinators - CPC AY 23-24


The City School PAF Chapter Prep section is all ready for an exhilarating and thrilling surprise – get your child geared up for a fun-filled week! 🌟🌟🌟


In a heartwarming Throwback Thursday post, we revisit the memorable Charity Day celebrated by the students of class 5N in the Junior section.
This special day was dedicated to emphasizing the significance of charity and inspiring acts of kindness within the community. The young minds didn't just talk the talk; they walked the walk by discussing various ways to give back to the community.
One of the highlights of the day was an exciting inter-house quiz. The students were put to the test, not only on their knowledge of philanthropy but also on the lives and contributions of remarkable figures like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ruth Pfau etc., who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. It was a day of learning, inspiration, and a reminder that even the smallest acts of charity can have a profound impact on our society.

Photos from The City School PAF Chapter's post 09/11/2023

پی اے ایف چیپٹر کے سینئر سیکشن میں منعقدہ مباحثے کا ایک شاندار نتیجہ!

مباحثے کی قرارداد تھی کہ *اقبال کا خواب پاکستان، کہیں کھو گیا* ، لیکن آج ہم نے اس خواب کو ایک بار پھر زندگی دی!
قائدِ اعوان، سر طلحہ سلیم، اور قائدِ حزبِ اختلاف، ام ارم مہر کے حواریوں کی طرف سے مباحثے کا تنظیم ہونا سب کے لئے قابلِ دید تھا۔

مباحثے کے شرکاء نے اپنی حمایت اور مخالفت کی دلائل پیش کیں اور آخر کار، صدر مباحثہ محترمہ صائمہ انور اور محترمہ عفت بصرئ نے ایوان کی رائے لے کر فیصلہ سُنایا۔

ہمارے مباحثے کے جیتنے والے شرکاء مبارکباد کے حقدار ہیں.

1st - M. Mudassir، 9E
2nd - Aliza Sheikh، 10T
3rd - M Ahmed، 11O

آپ سب کی عظیم کامیابی پر مبارکباد! 🎉👏


Remembering the visionary poet who inspired a nation with his words. His wisdom continues to ignite our souls with passion and purpose!

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It gives us immense pleasure to announce the outstanding achievements of our young mathematicians. A shout out to all the students who have outperformed at ICATs Mathematics Contest 2023.

MUHAMMAD SHAFFAY MEMON - National Topper for Grade 8s (currently in Grade 9)
ABDULLAH BIN SAAD SIDDIQUI - Provincial Topper Grade 10 (currently in Grade 11)
SYED MOHAMMAD MOHSIN SALMAN - Provincial Topper Grade 8 (currently in Grade 9)
MUHAMMAD MUDASIR MEMON - Provincial Topper Grade 8 (currently in Grade 9) HAMZA NAEEM - Provincial Topper Grade 9 (currently in Grade 10)

We are proud of you!


"Drop Everything And Read" (DEAR) activity 📖📚

Students from the Junior section participates enthusiastically, taking a break from their regular schedule to dive into the wonderful world of books every Tuesday.
🙌 What made it even more special this Tuesday was the support from the reading buddies, our incredible A-Level student volunteers. Their presence and encouragement added to the excitement of the event, showcasing the unity of our school community.
Let's continue to foster the joy of reading and learning together, because together we can and together we will!


Thanks for being a top engager and making it on to our weekly engagement list! 🎉

Urooj Khatri, Muhammad Javed, Maliha Butt, Saira Imran, Aqeela Arif, Sanober Sheikh, Shahnaz Ilyas, Sadia Shahid, Fawwad Akhtar Malik, Yasir Zehri

Photos from The City School PAF Chapter's post 06/11/2023

Let's celebrate the power of music and the incredible talent within our school community. 🎶🎉
Class 11R - Senior Section arranged an Inter House Singing Competition today.
It was a fun filled musical morning as two competitors from each House (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green) displayed their vocal skills in order to decide the winners.

Nashwa Amer 10P and Fareena Batool 10R from the green house were declared as winners,while the runner up position was bagged by Mahrukh 11-N and Fizza Fawad from 11R.
Here are the highlights 🎤🎶🎶

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Welcome to The City School PAF Chapter

Our name – The City School – embodies our core mission of instilling a uniform set of values in our students from all over Pakistan. Your child may attend The City School in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa or Kashmir but our mission will be the same: encourage regional pride alongside a national consciousness that unifies the diverse areas of Pakistan.

Our philosophy of tolerance and diversity not only enables our students to integrate into their home communities within Pakistan but also prepares them for the many international educational and career opportunities that our students avail. Maintaining a balance between the best practices of South Asia and the West, our curriculum gives your children the tools to succeed in the modern world. Students are prepared for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) of the University of Cambridge at the GCE Ordinary, IGCSE, Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced levels.

The Cambridge International Examinations enable our students to assess their achievements against their peers worldwide. We are proud of the fact that, according to Cambridge University’s annual statistics, our students regularly achieve ‘world best’, ‘country best’ and ‘city best’ results.

The on-going expansion of our school network in Pakistan is complemented by a growing international presence with schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Poetry Recitation
Book Week: Day 4 at the Junior Section was an absolute blast!📚 Grade 5's brought their A-game in a thrilling relay race,...
🌟Book Week Celebrations 📚 in the Prep Section! 📖✨🌟 Our  bookworms have been on an exciting literary journey during Book ...
Day 2 of Book Week: Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) 📚Guess what we did today? We dropped everything and read! 📖✨ But her...
In a heartwarming Throwback Thursday post, we revisit the memorable Charity Day celebrated by the students of class 5N i...
"Drop Everything And Read" (DEAR) activity 📖📚Students from the Junior section participates enthusiastically, taking a br...
Rose Petal ActivityHad a fantastic day when the Rose Petal team visited our Junior section! They shared valuable lessons...






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