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Operating as usual

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 05/10/2016

Happy Birthday IK

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 24/08/2016

Chairman Imran Khan arrives at Jhelum Stadium

Timeline photos 14/08/2016

Today on 14 August I am praying that before our 70th birthday, we conquer corruption and terrorism to pave the way for Naya Pakistan

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Happy independence day

Timeline photos 09/07/2016

Really regret not being able to say final farewell to Edhi Sahab. He was my role model when I started SKMT & gave first major donation.
Imran khan

Timeline photos 22/06/2016

Another day in Pakistan, another fallen soul in the fight for a peaceful nation. Every time we get coaxed by a false sense of peace and security something happens to bring it all crashing down.

Today, we lost a legend in yet another reminder that our country needs serious saving!

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

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کچھ تو اﷲ سے خوف کرو ، کچھ تو اﷲ سے ڈرو۔ اسلام کے نام پر سیاست کرنی اور لوگوں کے ضمیر خریدنے ۔ عمران خان پشاور میں خطاب لائیو

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 08/05/2016

Imran Khan in Makkah

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 01/05/2016

I will never back off. And the response I wanted from our public, I can see it today

عمران خان کبھی پیچھے نہیں ہٹے گا

Timeline photos 25/04/2016

"I thank my people of Pakistan; you have never disappointed me. Whenever I have asked you to come out, you have given me respect and stepped out with me. I thank you from my heart."- Imran Khan

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 10/04/2016

Imran Khan addressing the Nation

Timeline photos 23/03/2016

23rd March
Live Long

Timeline photos 21/02/2016

200ارب اورنج ٹرین پرضائع کیے،کے پی میں گیس پرخرچ کرتےتوملک خودکفیل ہوتا

Timeline photos 17/02/2016

ka aizaz haasil karny waly shaheed mein peda hoye. gharany kay chashm-o-chiraagh thy aur khandaan kay beshumaar afraad Pakistan ki baari behri aur fizai afwaaj mein aala ohdon per faaiz thy. Inho ney bhi apna ideal fauji zindagi ko bnaya.

Timeline photos 20/01/2016

Strongly condemn cowardly terrorist attack on Bacha Khan Uni Charsadda today. The nation stands united & resolute against terrorism.

Timeline photos 25/12/2015

Happy birthday

Timeline photos 24/12/2015

جشنِ عید میلادالنبی ﷺ مبارک

Timeline photos 24/12/2015

Our struggle of two years is finally bearing fruit. We have stayed true to our course, continuously fought the battle for free and fair elections in Pakistan and yesterday's win in Lodhran proves our stance
Amad Ud Din

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 23/12/2015

[ at NA154 ]

A struggle that has lasted more than two years, from the assemblies to the streets, stands validated today. The deeply entrenched status quo stands shaken; they have tried every tactic to rig and coerce, used all state machinery at their disposal. But they do not realise they are now dealing with a changed Pakistan. A massive congratulations to Jahangir Tareen for sticking to his stance, soldiering on. Allah Al Haque hai, jeet hamari hai.

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 23/12/2015

Imran Khan at lunch with labourers at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre today; the building of the hospital on time has all been a result of their hard work, and their work is being celebrated today as we approach the opening date for the hospital. They deserve all the respect for laying the foundations for this institution.

Timeline photos 19/12/2015

Chairman Imran Khan says that Pakistan should stay away from any alliances that would spark sectarianism in the country; Speaking on the topic of the 34 nation Saudi led alliance, Chairman has said that the debate should be conducted in detail in parliament, and it should be in the best interest of Pakistan. Pakistan has already suffered massively due to sectarian violence.

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 16/12/2015

Chairman Imran Khan with the brave children of APS after the tribute ceremony in Peshawar today; one year on their smiles and high spirits are heartening and the biggest answer to defeat the narrative of terrorists.

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 16/12/2015

shall Never forget

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 15/12/2015

Imran Khan will address the jalsa in Lodhran for the by election campaign in NA-154

Fo more updates -----> PTI South Punjab - Official

Timeline photos 08/12/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 08/12/2015

"I want to make PTI into an institution, so that I am not needed and it can persist after me" Imran Khan

Timeline photos 03/12/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 01/12/2015

Chairman applauds and appreciates the efforts of Asad Umar and the teams which worked for Islamabad Local Bodies Elections.

Photos from Amad Ud Din PTI's post 30/11/2015

Celebrations underway in UC-40, Islamabad after winning all the seats of UC.
Via IK Today

Timeline photos 30/11/2015

Positive news coming from our polling agents on ground. PTI in a strong position in Islamabad. This is a culmination of your struggle, your 126 days of protest. This is you showing the power of your ballot.

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