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How to write introduction in current affairs?

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Who is going to attempt the special CSS exams next month?
We are going to post videos in which questions of maths portion (GSA papers) will be solved, and their techniques will be shared.


MPT registration dates
Start : 28-8-2023
Last date: 12-9-2023


Extension in the last date for special CSS written application as well as hardcopy submission.


According to FPSC, in CSS 2023, out of 28024 registered candidates, only 13007 candidates appeared in written exam. The appearance ratio of candidates stood at 46% only.


CSS 2022 result is predicted to be announced today. Wish you best of luck!


CSS special exam
Upper age 32 years
Registration 10 to 26 DEC
MPT 31st January
Online application Feb 19 to March 5
Exams 4th May.


paper 04-10-2022


The FPSC is going to upload admission slips for CSS 2023 Screening Test .
Given the low passing criteria, screening test becomes mere formality. Don't take stress. Relax and make preparations for written portion.


The will become fully functional very soon.


We had found this letter on social media pages and shared. It is said to be fake, as there is no such letter uploaded on website.
We apologize.
Keep preparing for the exams.


Aspirants please raise voice for our fellow aspirants.
Fpsc should increase the date for MPT2023 application.




FPSC should increase the date for the MPT application. Many cities are under the threat of flood, banking and internet systems have been dysfunctional. Share this post as much as possible.


The banking system across the country has been dysfunctional due to the incessant periods of rain. Most of the candidates may be facing difficulty in submitting MPT challan..

Photos from Study Circle For CSS's post 10/08/2022

This is how to apply for the


On CSS screening test (MPT).
Should you make preparation for it or not..?

Education, in Pakistan,in general, has become a kind of business. Academies, book publishers and teams of mentors are now in a race to exploit aspirants' fear of failure. Hardly we find a mentor who is a dedicated and passionate teacher, and who strongly cares about his/her students' success and learning.

When something new happens, say a new advertisement for government jobs is published, every publisher starts publishing its preparatory books by just changing the cover of their previous books or making some changes to their old books.

Similar trend was observed when the Federal Public Service Commission announced the conduct of the screening prior to the written exams. Different publishers started publishing their old books by changing just the front covers, placing the words 'CSS Screening Test' in big letters on the fronts of the books. They created an illusion that passing screening test is as hard as passing the written as exams. Aspirants, out of their fear of failure, started purchasing books, wasting their money and precious time. This trend to exploit aspirants still continues.

Apart from these book publishers, academies and mentors in exploiting poor aspirants did not leg behind. They were the ones who created, among candidates, the fear of failure.
They did not leave any stone unturned to woo the aspirants in order to keep their business running.

Academies started conducting special classes for the preparation of the screening test in which a candidate was required to obtain only 66 out of 200 marks. The screening test was not from subjects other than those the candidates already learn for the written exams in coaching classes. By doing this, academies wasted candidates' money as well as precious time.

If a candidate needs to take special classes for just getting 66 marks in a test from his learnt subjects, doesn't it mean that he/she lacks the basic understanding of those subjects?. Should he/she need to sit the written exams then? What is your answer?

So, the gist of this discussion is if you have completed your course for the written exams from a mentor or in an academy and still that academy or mentor insists you to join their preparatory classes for the screening test then there are two possibilities; either they haven't taught you rightly or they want to exploit your fear and earn from it.

What do you, the candidates, say about this?
You may agree or disagree with us, we always respect your opinions.

CSS اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ (MPT) پر۔ اس کی تیاری کرنی چاہیے یا نہیں؟ پاکستان میں تعلیم عام طور پر ایک قسم کا کاروبار بن چکی ہے۔ اکیڈمیاں، بک پبلشرز اور سرپرستوں کی ٹیمیں اب امیدواروں کے ناکامی کے خوف سے فائدہ اٹھانے کی دوڑ میں ہیں۔ ہمیں شاید ہی کوئی ایسا سرپرست ملتا ہو جو ایک وقف اور پرجوش استاد ہو، اور جو اپنے طلباء کی کامیابی اور سیکھنے کا سخت خیال رکھتا ہو۔ جب کچھ نیا ہوتا ہے تو کہہ لیجیے کہ سرکاری ملازمتوں کا نیا اشتہار شائع ہوتا ہے، ہر پبلشر اپنی پچھلی کتابوں کے سرورق کو تبدیل کرکے یا اپنی پرانی کتابوں میں کچھ تبدیلیاں کرکے اپنی تیاری کی کتابیں شائع کرنا شروع کردیتا ہے۔ ایسا ہی رجحان اس وقت دیکھنے میں آیا جب فیڈرل پبلک سروس کمیشن نے تحریری امتحانات سے قبل اسکریننگ کے انعقاد کا اعلان کیا۔ مختلف پبلشرز نے اپنی پرانی کتابوں کو کتابوں کے فرنٹ پر بڑے حروف میں 'سی ایس ایس اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ' کے الفاظ رکھ کر صرف سامنے کے سرورق کو تبدیل کر کے شائع کرنا شروع کر دیا۔ انہوں نے یہ وہم پیدا کیا کہ اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ پاس کرنا اتنا ہی مشکل ہے جتنا کہ تحریری امتحان پاس کرنا۔ خواہشمندوں نے اپنی ناکامی کے خوف سے کتابیں خریدنا شروع کر دیں، اپنا پیسہ اور قیمتی وقت ضائع کر دیا۔ خواہشمندوں کا استحصال کرنے کا یہ رجحان اب بھی جاری ہے۔ ان کتابوں کے پبلشرز کے علاوہ غریب خواہشمندوں کا استحصال کرنے میں اکیڈمیاں اور سرپرست بھی پیچھے نہیں رہے۔ یہ وہی تھے جنہوں نے امیدواروں میں ناکامی کا خوف پیدا کیا۔ انہوں نے اپنے کاروبار کو جاری رکھنے کے لیے خواہشمندوں کو منانے میں کوئی کسر نہیں چھوڑی۔ اکیڈمیوں نے اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ کی تیاری کے لیے خصوصی کلاسز کا انعقاد شروع کیا جس میں امیدوار کو 200 میں سے صرف 66 نمبر حاصل کرنے کی ضرورت تھی۔ اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ ان مضامین کے علاوہ نہیں تھا جو امیدوار پہلے ہی کوچنگ کلاسز میں تحریری امتحانات کے لیے سیکھتے ہیں۔ ایسا کرنے سے اکیڈمیز امیدواروں کے پیسے کے ساتھ ساتھ قیمتی وقت بھی ضائع کرتی ہیں۔ اگر کسی امیدوار کو اپنے سیکھے ہوئے مضامین سے ٹیسٹ میں صرف 66 نمبر حاصل کرنے کے لیے خصوصی کلاسز لینے کی ضرورت ہے، تو کیا اس کا یہ مطلب نہیں کہ وہ ان مضامین کی بنیادی سمجھ نہیں رکھتا؟ کیا پھر اسے تحریری امتحان میں بیٹھنے کی ضرورت ہے؟ آپ کا کیا جواب ہے؟ لہذا، اس بحث کا خلاصہ یہ ہے کہ اگر آپ نے تحریری امتحانات کے لیے اپنا کورس کسی استاد یا کسی اکیڈمی سے مکمل کیا ہے اور پھر بھی وہ اکیڈمی یا سرپرست آپ کو اسکریننگ ٹیسٹ کے لیے ان کی تیاری کی کلاسوں میں شامل ہونے کے لیے اصرار کرتا ہے تو اس کے دو امکانات ہیں۔ یا تو انہوں نے آپ کو صحیح طریقے سے نہیں سکھایا یا وہ آپ کے خوف کا فائدہ اٹھا کر اس سے کمانا چاہتے ہیں۔ آپ امیدواروں کا اس بارے میں کیا کہنا ہے؟ آپ ہم سے اتفاق یا اختلاف کر سکتے ہیں، ہم ہمیشہ آپ کی رائے کا احترام کرتے ہیں۔


Apply well before August 22, 2022.
The test will be in Oct
Written exams to commence from 1st of February 2023.


Reportedly, PMS KP is going to be postponed till November 2022.


Photos from Study Circle For CSS's post 23/06/2022

English ( Précis, Comprehension and Translation) 23-6-2022


Join our WhatsApp group to improve your writing skills.
Comment for the link of the group.


The link of one of our WhatsApp groups has been shared in comments of our earlier posts.
Those who didn't get the link can comment here


The third WhatsApp group will be for advanced aspirants. For those who have writing skills but need a platform for practice. This group will also include those who have experience of taking exams.


The second WhatsApp group will be for those aspirants who know basics of writing skills but feel difficulties in writing a paragraph or two. This group will also be for those who aspire to take CSS exams in 2023 and/or 2024.


We are going to form 3 WhatsApp groups.
One for the beginners who aspire to take CSS exams in future and want to learn writing skills from basics.


Currently, no one knows whether the exam will be held in February or May next year. Hence, aspirants are advised to make their plans of study by expecting exams in February.


Aspirants may have faced difficulty in choosing a single topic...


CSS 2022: Essay paper


Best of luck CSS 2022 aspirants...


*Most important Essay topics for CSS and PCS-2022*

1. Islamophobia
2. Fifth Generation Warfare
3. Single National Curriculum
4. National Security Policy of Pakistan
5. Ethics and in Politics
6. Parliamentary form of Government versus Presidential form of Government
7. Artificial Intelligence
8. Global Warming
9. Pluralistic Vision of Islam
10. FATF

*Ainuddin Kibzai*


Punjab announced.
Last date: 28 March, 2022


Get ready!
We are going to make our WhatsApp group(s).


'National Security Policy' this topic will get a place in almost every upcoming exam (except CCE-2021) . This will be a part of question papers of Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, International Relations, and etc.


In the journey of CSS, almost every aspirant faces criticism, pessimism, humiliation. One, who overcomes these hurdles, achieves success.

Study Circle For CSS



Currently, Pakistan produces 64% of its electricity from fossil fuels, with another 27% from hydropower, 5% from nuclear power and just 4% from renewables such as solar and wind.



CSS exam demands excellent writing skills.
The writing skills do not improve easily. It requires you to keep writing regularly and consistently on variety of topics to create a writer inside you. Take a piece of writing, read it, understand it and write it in your own words. Or, start writing on your daily routines, events etc. Never stop writing, not even for a single day.

Who wants to improve writing skills with us?

Regards: Study Circle For CSS


Why are we failing to control climate change? Enlist reason(s). And, if possible, define them.


Unity in a paragraph

By unity in a paragraph means the paragraph must contain only one idea, point, aspect, or angle. Two ideas discussed in a single paragraph break the unity of paragraph.


The export of Pakistan has declined due to the Covid-19. Pakistan's already-shrinking export has further been hit adversely by the emergence of covid-19. According to the data shared by the World Bank, Pakistan's export to its nine regional country plunged over 5.7 per cent in the nine months of the fiscal year 2021. This is because, the incessant periods of sharp Lockdown forced the export industry of the country to remain shut, reducing the already low export of the country.

Here, only a single idea (impact of Covid-19 on export of Pakistan) is discussed. No other angle has been mentioned.

For further tips, keep visiting our page.


CSS examination merits academic writing.
Academic writing demands formal writing.

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PMS Islamic studies solved paper. Video created by fb page 'CSS-PCS past MCQs'.





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