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Best no-stress Spanish School & Hostel for learning Spanish & having a good time. Run by people with Master degree in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Virtual Spanish Course - Spanish at Locations We use: SKYPE, WHATSAPP or GOOGLE HANGOUTS. We are also sharing tasks on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. We receive payments on Paypal. 24/7 available. Contact us on WhatsApp: +507 6931 1214 or [email protected]

¡Gracias a esta familia por estudiar en nuestra escuela! 🙏✨🤩

While visiting Boquete we can organize many adventures including this exciting tour of a coffee farm

A nearby trail offers an amazing experience.

Our location has been described as ¨a serious crossroad on the Granola Head Trail¨ and serves as a forum for travelers, adventurers, artists and scholars to share ideas and culture.

After a well deserved rest from being on the road, the hostel is a perfect stage to plan and launch various expeditions which can be custom tailored according to your preferences. The hostel is set just outside of the town which provides space and tranquility for a beautiful yard, giant fire pit, camping, hammocking in the shade, and a garden in the sun. Spanish by the River centers on comfort and atmosphere and provides the freedom to be yourself and make the most of your short time on Earth.

Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival

The lineup has been updated. We have added Jimmie Hunter and his MoTown sound. Can't get better than that!

Good morning Boquete ❤️

somos muy afortunados | we’re so lucky #freshbreadinthemorning #panfrescoenlamañana

Otro día más para aprender español y más, si las gallinas te ayudan 🐓
Another day to learn spanish, better if we have the chicken with us .

some magic at the end of the evening ✨

i think we did very well despite the rain #holaboquete #spanishschool #spanishbytheriverboquete

Love dogs? Want to volunteer? Do something for the local (canine) community? Stay longer in Boquete! This is your project!

Javier and Magaly, a couple from Peru, animal rescuers, vegetarians, and animal lovers, have established a large property as a no-kill shelter for the dogs of Boquete. They rescue abandoned and abused dogs, educate the local families about responsible pet care, and rehabilitate dogs to be ready for adoption into their “forever homes”. They average around 35-45 dogs at one time at the facility.


Rescuing abandoned and abused dogs
Rehabilitating dogs and puppies
Educating local families and schoolchildren
Adopting into ‘forever homes’

You can assist with the daily functions; including community outreach and adoption events, dog-human relationship and trust building as well as leash training and yard cleanup.

Or complete major projects; building shelters from rain and sun,
constructing an agility training course, strengthening fencing and the facility, creating training and socializing areas.

Write: [email protected]

New face in our school . 😄😄 saludos a todos y feliz domingo .

¡Estamos listos! 🎄🇵🇦 sólo faltas tú 😩

La escuela y sus colores :)

The school being present at the Dog Adoption Center, Boquete. Linda activity and giving a little love to them that every day smile. 😁

Semana de mujeres profesionales ( Maestras y estudiantes ) Girl Power en la escuela .

Week of professional women (Teachers and students) Girl Power in school.

New week, news students , in the school, beautiful day to learn Spanish 🙂

Nueva semana , nuevos estudiantes
En la escuela , hermoso día para aprender español 🙂

New week, news students, beautiful day to learn Spanish 🙂

Nueva semana , nuevos estudiantes , hermoso día para aprender español 🙂

New week, new student, beautiful day to learn Spanish 🙂

Nueva semana , nuevo estudiante , hermoso día para aprender español 🙂

Perro guardian nuevo después de Elsa y Damian 😀

Buenos días Boquete 🙂

El hostel en primavera 🐛🦋🌸🌻🌼💐🌿🌴🌲

Come and dance , paint and enjoy with us .
In the hostel you will enjoy the activities that we have for you . 👌🏼👌🏼

Come, dance , paint and enjoy with us .
In the hostel you will enjoy the activities that we have for you.👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

New week with new chances to learn Spanish!

Looking good👌🏼✨

Such a nice restaurant 100 meter from our School & Hostel! Fresh, healthy and inexpensive food, ready to be served to you so you can focus on your Study & Other activities!

Fresh and organic products from our garden; coffee, fruits and eggs!

Disfrutar de las montañas de Boquete y de fresas chiricanas, aprendiendo español :)

Enjoy the Boquete highlands, chiriqui strawberry and learn spanish .

Best breakfast ever with Tatiana!

Volunteer came by and made these lamps. Just awesome!

Spanish by the river - Boquete recibió su primer Premio "Guest Review Award" 2016. Gracias a todos nuestros clientes que nos han hecho merecedores a este premio con sus comentarios, y a la ves seguiremos trabajando para ofrecerles la mejor experiencia, calidad y atención, MIL GRACIAS ... #Booking #guestloveus #Premio #spanishbytheriverboquete

Dia hermoso at Spanish by the River -Boquete!

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