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Why does Montessori put so much emphasis on a simple activity like pouring water? 🚰 When you look closer, you’ll see that pouring water is not that simple and has many benefits for the child. Pouring water
⭐Requires multiple steps which develops concentration
⭐Allows students to pour their own water which enables independence
⭐Develops the ability to pour without spilling which requires coordination
⭐Teaches students to estimate the amount of water to pour to fill the cup which develops the mathematical mind
⭐Develops small muscle control which will assist in writing
❓Why do you think Montessori’s water pouring activities are important?


Sitting still, listening to lectures and memorizing facts are not the natural ways in which children learn. 🥱 Maria Montessori discovered that children learn through working with solid objects that they can touch and feel. 👐 Hands-on learning has many benefits such as:
✅Enhancing memory
✅Stimulating curiosity and creativity
✅Building confidence
✅Engaging concentration
❓Why do think children benefit most from activities that are hands-on?


Practical life skills help children develop independence. 🌱 Through activities like sweeping children to strengthen and control their movements while also developing skills that are useful in other areas of the curriculum such as:
Montessori children are provided with ergonomic tools such as child-sized brooms and shown how to use them, which leads to confidence and self-reliance. 🧹 What do you like about Montessori practical life activities?

The Top Benefits of a Montessori Education - Indy's Child Magazine 17/02/2022

The Top Benefits of a Montessori Education - Indy's Child Magazine Known for its emphasis on independence, empathy, and lifelong learning, the Montessori method teaches lifelong skills that endure beyond the classroom. Here are just some of the reasons why choosing a Montessori school might be the best decision you can make for your family.   It encourages ind...


In the first six years of life children are absorbing information using all five senses. 👀 👂 👃 🤭 🤏 The Montessori sensorial curriculum works with the child’s own development to enhance their learning. 🌱 The sound cylinders are an example of a sensorial material that helps children develop the auditory sense, which is essential for language and music. 🎵 The benefits of the material are:
✅Develops the ability to discriminate aurally
✅Appeals to the child’s sense of order as she matches red and blue-topped cylinders based on sound
✅Provides control of error allowing the child to work independently
❓What are your favorite sensorial materials?

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When the staff read at night alongside their pets. We spend many hours outside of work researching and keeping up with current trends and practices in Early Childhood. We strive to be the best for you, your children and our staff


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Learning Curves Montessori Nursery A stand alone Infant and Toddler environment for 0-2 yrs. RIE/Montessori philosophy. Inquire today 🤍


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Treasure Stones
"How often is the soul of man, especially that of a child, deprived because one does not put him in touch with nature?"
Maria Montessori

So many children are drawn to collecting stones. Every outing in Nature is an opportunity to extend the Stone Family that resides in their bedroom, under the bed, in the wardrobe, on the dresser. Many Indigenous Nations refer to the stones and rocks as Grandmothers, Ancestors who were here before the plants and animals, Ancestors who hold an ancient wisdom. Maybe our children can still feel that wisdom in their soul.

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