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NZ earthquakes from Leapfrog
Another good idea for NZ from the Greens

I just signed the petition "We request the Government urgently take all appropriate measures to ensure full access to public and commercial buildings for disabled people especially for new buildings in the Christchurch rebuild." on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:
Please support this to aid efforts against further devastation of the planet we all call home.

Boutique English language learning

‘Boutique Language Learning’ uses Dialogue Education which ‘directly links what people do in a learning event to desired changes on the job and across organisations'.

‘More than 3,500 graduates in 60 countries have used Dialogue Education™ to transform their teaching, training, and public education work in the voluntary, government, private and academic sectors.’

Operating as usual

Christmas Box 28/11/2022

Please help if you can - spread the love

Christmas Box Meeting an ever-increasing need in our communities, Christmas Box provides more than just food in a time of need, it also brings a reminder that there is a community of people who care. We believe by alleviating some of the pressure that families feel at Christmastime through our food parcels, it wi...


Please support if you can.

Since opening our shelter doors nine months ago, we've helped 124 pets and provided 8,310 Safe Beds Nights. Crucially 75 pets have been able to go home to start a new life. That's thanks to you.

With your support, we're able to be here to meet the increasing demand, and to care for more vulnerable pets while their families escape an abusive home.

Can you spare a minute to help Gabrielle McKee? 27/03/2022

I spent over 14 years fighting similar closures in the UK. Prior to arriving in NZ, we would look to this country as being inspirational in its maternity care. Now similar closures are curtailing choices for future mothers and babies. Once lost, these precious units will ever be replaced. Please support this petition to make the future brighter for NZ mothers and babies.

Can you spare a minute to help Gabrielle McKee? 7,159 signatures are still needed! Save St. George's Birthing Unit!


No one probably going to, but.... November is mens mental health awareness month. Sadly, we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late. 😥 May I please have even 1 friend or family member to copy and re-post? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just one. Any one.


ACC should be Automatic Comprehensive Care

Earlier today Jan Logie MP launched an open letter calling on Minister for ACC Carmel Sepuloni to change the law so all parents can get support from ACC for any injuries caused during birth. Over 3000 people have already added their names in support of our open letter, in just a few hours.

We know that Minister Sepuloni listens when our people speak up together. Help us keep up the momentum by adding your name too.

Bring people in Afghanistan to safety in Aotearoa 28/08/2021

Please support

Bring people in Afghanistan to safety in Aotearoa The people who worked hardest to build human rights, equality, and democracy for their communities are at the greatest risk right now in Afghanistan. We can and must help these people.


So good to see International postgrads will return to NZ. We would love to welcome you to our homestay if you plan to study in Christchurch.


Sadly, we don’t always know the depths of someone’s depression until it is too late.
May I please get 2 friends or family members to copy and re-post? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.
it’s ok to not be ok
Just two. Any two.
Say Done


Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

Now here’s an idea worth spreading

Timeline photos 04/07/2020


"I'm 20 years old and I'm a first-year Health Science student at the UoPeople. I'm from the Democratic Republic of Congo but I grew up in South Africa. I grew up in a loving and comfortable household, my mother was a single mom and made sure she provided for her 5 children in every way possible. My family has hardships and we overcome it and are still overcoming it.

Before the outbreak, I was working but now I’m currently studying full time and giving all my attention and focus on my studies. I wasn't able to attend any traditional universities in the past due to financial issues, but since I started at the university of the people I was able to get the education I dreamt about and not only that but I was awarded with a scholarship in my first year I would love to spread the world about UoPeople and how they came to my rescue when i was at my lowest point.


Stay positive

Healthy Positive Energy❤️


Genius is all around


Huggy Bears

Mobile uploads 03/07/2020

If we could talk to the animals - what a conversation we could have.


We all need friends


Take care of these little ones

Be careful not to crush me in the evening, from nightfall 🌚🌙 on the roads 🚘 🛣️, my little 🐾🐾 paws don't allow me to run fast....

If you see me in your garden 🏡🌳🌲 put me down chicken flavoured cat food and fresh water only water 💧🚰💧 never milk....

Don't put pesticides on your lawn and when you mow the lawn on the sunny days ☀️🌞 inspect 👀 👓 small corners, foliage 🍀🌿🍂🍁, shrubs in order not to cut me in pieces with your mower.....

Anyway, I'm harmless and a chance for your garden to flourish, as I eat the snails that will destroy plants in your garden 🍓🍅🥔🥕.

Thank you for your attention, my species is endangered, help us stay alive.



Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness

Sad day today. Thoughts are with the families and friends involved and love and thanks to all Police who everyday do their best to keep us safe here in NZ.


Since border closures have resulted in students being unable to learn English in New Zealand, I am working on ways to work online to avoid delays in student learning.
Please reply if interested.
Watch this space.
Keep safe and stay strong everyone.
All the best

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Simply stunning

Here in New Zealand, we've always been proud of our beautiful environment, and as a Government we’ve taken significant steps to protect it. On top of passing the Zero Carbon Act, stopping new offshore exploration permits and banning single use plastic bags, we’re committed to cleaning up our rivers and working with communities to restore at-risk catchments.

World Environment Day is a chance to celebrate all of the great work that has already been done, and reflect on what is still left to do. In the face of COVID-19, we’re taking action by creating almost 11,000 new environmental jobs, to help rebuild the economy, while also protecting our environment so Kiwis can enjoy our beautiful country for generations to come.

Of course I’m racist 05/06/2020

Such a good article to inspire Dialogue

Of course I’m racist It’s okay to realize you might be, too


A great man - sadly missed

Love is non-violence. Love is fairness and kindness, not power and control. Love is sharing. Love is listening without defensiveness. Love is choosing our words carefully. Love is owning our mistakes, learning from them and doing better. Love is making people feel safe. Love is healthy for everyone involved. Love is action. Love is long overdue.


A few good men become many

Past few days I’ve been stunned trying make sense of George Floyd’s death.
The video.
The plea for breath.
The callous response.
The racism.
The killing.
This is our ongoing disease.
I’ve had cops in my family.
Good men.
And there’s a cop code, granting you the authority to use force if your life is in danger.
But when a man is handcuffed, on the ground, no longer a threat, with your brothers in arms standing around watching and he says “please I can’t breathe” when your knee is on his neck.. not his back, but his neck - cutting off his air.
Cop code must become moral code.
Ethics code.
Knowing that if you don’t ease up, then that man is going to die.
So when you decide to not ease up, your intention is to kill.
And that’s what this was.
George Floyd, said “officer I can’t breathe” as he struggled for air.
He said these words a total of 15 times. Not once. Not twice.
15 times.
These officers will be charged, I’m positive of that.
Held accountable.
But then where’s the greater accountability?
The leadership to healing.
More importantly, the leadership to EQUALITY.
We ultimately win when we can normalize equality.
I’m so sorry to the Floyd family. My heart breaks for you.
Let the process begin now.


Share the kindness

Reimagining our communities with James Shaw and Marama Davidson 22/04/2020

We’ll be there - will you?

Reimagining our communities with James Shaw and Marama Davidson This pandemic has shown what we can achieve when we work together. We’re now at a critical moment where we have an opportunity to rewrite the rules to ensure cleaner, greener communities where everyone is supported to thrive.


Something to remind us what is truly valuable in life.

THE TRAIN - At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. Others will step down over time and leave a permanent vacuum. Some, however, will go so unnoticed that we don't realize they vacated their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves.

The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

I wish you all a joyful journey ~

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