Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub

Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub

Aratupu provides high-quality affordable early childhood education for children 0 - 6 years. We have a strong emphasis on Māori culture and language.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whānau in our community and focuses on building effective and supportive relationships with children and their whānau. Our Preschool and Nursery offers:
Nurturing and caring interactions
Respect and recognition that all children are individuals within a wider whānau
Fostering children’s independence and children know they have a place

Operating as usual

Mātauranga Māori and neuroscience merge for new parenting show 18/06/2023

The teaching team is excited to check out this series starting tonight. You might find it interesting too. Let us know if you give it a watch 👍

Mātauranga Māori and neuroscience merge for new parenting show Mātauranga Māori and neuroscience merge for new parenting show 6:00am, Wednesday 7 June 2023. By Mare Haimona-Riki Facebook Twitter Email Link Share URL A new TV show, Kids Don't Come with a Manual, is using traditional Māori knowledge and neuroscience to deliver a parenting guide for whānau. Pr...


At Aratupu we pride ourselves on providing tasty and nutritious kai to fuel the growing bodies and minds of our tamariki. 🏃‍♂️🧠

We are fortunate to be supported to do this by KidsCan, receiving groceries each week so our cook can prepare fresh meals each day.

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One of the many special features at Aratupu is the 'free shopping experience' we offer to our centre whānau, with daily necessities such as bread and milk frequently available as well as good quality knick knacks, home wares and clothing. 🛒🍞🥫

Items change daily through the support of our many generous community groups and individuals, for whom we are so very grateful.


Did you know we provide nappies as part of our daily service?

At Aratupu we recognise the challenges of raising young families and the high costs of living, so this is one way we help our families save time and money.


Tomorrow is much anticipated Aratupu Christmas Market!

Due to the possibility of poor weather we've made the call early to hold the market inside, so come on into the centre and grab yourself some Christmas shopping and some bargains from the White Elephant stall. While you're there, grab a sausage from the sausage sizzle, or get your face painted! Please bring cash with you as we do not have eftpos facilities.

Check out the Market at Aratupu FB page to discover some of the awesome stalls you will find at the market.

Funds from White Elephant stall, Sausage sizzle and Face painting go to resources for the centre. We would love you to support us and come along!

A big thank you in advance to the Papanui Rotary Club and Girl Guides for their support as volunteers at the market.


Aratupu is proud to be supported by the Duffy Books in Homes initiative. The idea behind this foundation is that book ownership helps foster a love of reading, which fits naturally with our Aratupu learning priority of Literacy.

Twice a year all Aratupu tamariki receive two free books to enjoy in their homes. Books are selected from a wide range of titles and authors, based on the current interests and development of each tamaiti.

This week the second lot of books for the year went out to their new homes. A big thank you to Duffy Books in Homes and all their supporters that make this possible.


At Aratupu we are extremely fortunate to be supported by KidsCan. They supply us with weekly food deliveries our cook then turns into nutritious and tasty meals for our tamariki. They also provide fleece lined rain jackets, gumboots, socks and sturdy shoes for each child. They even make sure head lice treatments are available!

Thanks to KidsCan our tamariki can make the most of their days at Aratupu no matter the weather and always with a full puku! Thanks KidsCan.


This week we farewell one of our longest serving team members - our goldfish Fred. Fred started at Aratupu back in 2010. He was responsible for settling many babies during his 12 year career. He loved surfing in the bubbles from his filter and had worked out if he hang out in the top corner of his tank we'd hook him up with kai. We will miss you dear Fred xx

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This week at Aratupu we have celebrated te wiki o te reo Māori.

Although we strive to use te reo Māori and incorporate te ao Māori world views in our daily programme, this week was an opportunity to challenge ourselves and celebrate the precious taonga (treasure) that is te reo Māori.

Together we learnt new kupu and waiata and incorporated te reo Māori into the varied interests of our tamariki.

Kia kaha te reo Māori

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When you step into our backyard you know you've entered a truly magical space. Around every turn of the vast landscape is an invitation to explore. Tamariki enjoy the benefits and opportunities of being surrounded by nature and the numerous open ended possibilities that greet them. 🌳🦋🐝

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 12/08/2022

Another gem in our backyard is our trusty fire engine 🚒. Having stood the test of time and hundreds of tamariki, it continues to be as popular as ever.

A hub of imaginative play and adventures, when it's not busy as a fire engine it's a often a bus, taking tamariki to the 'shops' or the 'park,' or a truck making an important delivery.

At Aratupu we love our fire engine and that the only license you need for it is your imagination ❤️

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 05/08/2022

At Aratupu our backyard is a special place. Not only is it large, it offers a natural oasis, with real grass, native plants and a natural canopy from our trees.

Tamariki who have gone to school and come back to visit always want to know if the backyard is still the same. They share fond memories of time spent in this special space and are thrilled to find it as special as they remember.

The slide is one of the gems in our backyard. Large enough for tamariki and adults alike, it provides opportunities to engage with others and experiment with different materials to enhance risk and physical competence.


Learning Priority: Identity and Culture
The relationship focus we have at Aratupu allows us to really get to know our tamariki. When tamariki feel safe and secure here we see their individual personalities shine through. Our curriculum document aspires for all tamariki to be "competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society" (Te Whāriki, pg 5)
This aspiration rings true for us at Aratupu where we seek to uplift every child to reach their full potential and be proud of who they are.
(sorry no real photos today due to technical issues!)


Backyard day this Friday!
Want to spend a bit more time when you collect your tamariki and see them busy at play? We know dropping off and picking up tamariki at the front gate is a bit of a strange thing to do. So if you would like to, we invite whānau to arrive to collect tamariki from our back gate this Friday 18th Feb (Marblewood Reserve).
Parking can be tricky so we suggest parking in Harris Crescent and walking around to Marblewood Drive. Please leave our carpark clear for those still using the front entrance.

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Learning priority: Literacy and Numeracy.
This sounds like reading, writing and mathematics. But there is so much more to this learning priority. Tamariki learn through play and literacy and numeracy are weaved throughout play in so many ways. From painting to hide and seek, tamariki are learning early skills that will provide the foundation for when they are ready for formal learning.
At Aratupu we have many opportunities for tamariki to recognise their own name. Having a print rich environment allows tamariki to become familiar with words and stories. We follow a child's lead if they wish to delve into learning to write.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 24/01/2022

Learning priority: Emotional Intelligence
One really tricky thing that tamariki have to navigate is learning about their emotions and how to regulate these. At Aratupu one of our key focuses is on relationships. Through our strong relationships with tamariki and whānau we can provide a secure base for tamariki.

We are not born knowing how to take on the point of view of others or how to cope when something is frustrating. These things are learned and one of the best ways to learn these skills is through experience. Our kaiako support tamariki to understand all emotions by naming them and validating them. We provide tamariki with strategies to help them regulate their emotions and sometimes we help them through co-regulation. Often we see our tamariki support each other in this way as they gain experience. It is incredible hearing a 3 year old articulate they are sad because they miss their Mum, or a 4 year old say they need some space to themself to calm down.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 17/01/2022

So nice to be back in the building with our Aratupu whānau. Hope everyone enjoyed the summer break. We will be continuing to elaborate on our learning priorities so make sure you tune in next Monday!


Meri Kirihimete! This is our last week before the Christmas holidays so to all our whanau and friends we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for a safe and happy holiday. See you all again in the new year!

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 06/12/2021

Social Competence:
We believe that one of the most important skills in life is being able to interact with other people. The skills required for navigating relationships are taught through role modeling. Kaiako demonstrate care, kindness, respect, and conversation skills with each other and with tamariki. When tamariki experience these relationships they naturally start to try out these skills themselves. Kaiako are present to guide tamariki as they learn to navigate their own social situations. Social competence is a skill for life and at Aratupu we aim to lay a solid foundation for tamariki to build on in years to come. We love seeing our tamariki peacefully resolve a conflict, invite each other to join a game or give their best friend a hug.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 29/11/2021

Physical confidence:
One of our learning priorities is about tamariki gaining confidence in their physical skills. Our outdoor environment allows tamariki to experience a variety of physical challenges. Running, sliding, climbing, swinging, balancing and more all help tamariki to learn how their body works and builds their strength and confidence.
Our freedom of movement philosophy sits alongside this as we make sure that tamariki are gaining skills at their own pace. Infants, toddlers and young children are only placed in positions they can get into and out of themselves. For example, this means that our youngest tamariki spend time lying on the floor on their backs to allow them time and space to practice all the moves they need for rolling.
We support preschool tamariki to figure out their own ways of achieving goals, such as moving an object to stand on to help them get higher.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 22/11/2021

One of our learning priorities here at Aratupu is Creativity. Tamariki having opportunities to be creative allows them to express themselves and their ideas. I'm going to give some examples but really the opportunities are endless...
Art activities like drawing, painting, collage, provide tamariki with an outlet for emotions or a scientific discovery such as mixing colours.
Music and dancing are great opportunities for tamariki to express their individuality and/or culture.
Creative play can also look like pretend play such as "family play" or pretend cooking in the sandpit. When tamariki engage in this type of play they re-enact everyday situations and role-play which each other moments they might have with their whānau. This helps them to make sense of their world and build connections between people, places and things.
At Aratupu we try to provide open-ended resources so that tamariki can use them creatively and come up with their own ideas and solutions to problems.


What's better than being able to sit outside and read a book?

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 15/11/2021

As well as our curriculum document, Te Whāriki, Aratupu has 7 learning priorities that guide our practice with tamariki. Over the next few weeks we will introduce them here. Stay tuned for next week's post about Creativity!


Emotions can be really tricky for our tamariki to navigate. Here's some great ways to support them respectfully.

And that's really all they need as they are being allowed to express their feelings until they pass. Thanks Susan David!


Be kind to yourself whaanau. Arohanui.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 18/10/2021

We've reached the fifth and final strand in our series on Te Whāriki. We hope you've enjoyed finding out how the Early Childhood Curriculum relates to the everyday here at Aratupu.

Te Whāriki - Strand 5 Exploration | Mana aotūroa
"The child learns through active exploration of the environment." (pg. 46)
At Aratupu we value play as the work of the child - te mahi o te tamaiti. We allow tamariki time and space to play. Having fun, following interests taking the lead and open ended resources are fundamental aspects of the work of the child. We support tamariki to take risks, challenge themselves, pursue an interest and generate and modify working theories. One of our key learning priorities is that tamariki grow their physical confidence. Our environment allows opportunities to develop control over their bodies through running, sliding, swinging, balancing, jumping, dancing, climbing...

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 11/10/2021

Te Whāriki - Strand 4 Communication | Mana reo
"The languages and symbols of children's own and other cultures are promoted." (pg. 41)

How does this look at Aratupu?
Oral language skills are a big focus for us at Aratupu. Tamariki are encouraged to express their needs, feelings, and emotions. Tamariki are provided with opportunities for sustained conversations to develop their ideas and to know that their thinking is valued. The opportunity for oral language development is present in many areas of the curriculum - stories, waiata, art, dramatic play, sensory play, kai times etc. Kaiako incorporate te reo Māori as a natural part of the programme. Te reo Māori is just one of a handful of languages spoken at home by our tamariki. All first/home languages are valued, respected and encouraged here at Aratupu.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 04/10/2021

Te Whāriki - Strand 3 Contribution | Mana tangata
"Opportunities for learning are equitable, and each child's contribution is valued." (pg. 36)

How does this look at Aratupu?
At Aratupu we have a huge emphasis on social competence. We role model positive, reciprocal relationships for our tamariki. Throughout our day, we have opportunities for tamariki to learn and practice their skills for engaging in friendships and helping one another. Tamariki are made aware of ways in which they can be responsible for the wellbeing of the group and for caring for our environment. Tamariki and kaiako have worked to form a treaty which guides our actions during the day.
Our learning journey books allow tamariki to see and reflect on their experiences. Kaiako engage tamariki in their learning to help them build their learner identity. We recognise and value the contribution of all tamariki to our centre life.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 27/09/2021

Te Whāriki - Strand 2 Belonging | Mana whenua
"Children and their families feel a sense of belonging." (pg. 31)

How does this look at Aratupu?
We are all about relationships at Aratupu. We endeavour to make sure that everyone who comes through our doors feel welcome. Staff build strong relationships with tamariki and whānau because we recognise that it is through belonging that tamariki are able to participate and learn. Our tamariki experience a safe environment where they know they have a place. We value the diversity of individual tamariki, and strive for a culture of respect and inclusion. Our nursery and preschool spaces are separate and yet connected allowing us to operate as one big whānau. All of our tamariki have their photo proudly displayed on our walls so that they can see themselves as belonging in our whare.

We have regular whānau events to involve the wider whānau in happenings at the centre, such as discos, shared breakfasts and our annual colour run. Whānau are able to have input into centre life through big things like policy review, parent satisfaction surveys and little things like "what day should we have the Christmas party?" We also discuss with whānau what their aspirations are for their tamariki so that we can best support them at Aratupu.


This week we will be joining Aotearoa in celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Māori! It's a time to encourage each other to give it go. Kia kaha te Reo Māori!


Kia Ora whānau
After careful consideration we have decided that Aratupu will remain closed for the rest of the week. We are mindful that it is best practice to stay home and stay safe. We will review our decision before the weekend and let you know what we're thinking for next We'd also like to know what you're thinking! If we were to open next week would you send your tamariki to Aratupu? Your response will help us to make a decision, so please message if you can.


Hope everyone in our Aratupu whānau is safe and well. Looking for ways to entertain your tamariki? Here's the ingredients for the playdough we use at preschool:

4 cups flour
1 cup salt
5 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 tablespoon of oil
4 cups boiled water from the jug
Food colouring


Need a boredom buster??
LOOPY TUNES Preschool Music and Music with Michal have some great videos and at home live sessions for the kids during lockdown. Check them out!


Kia ora e te whānau! We find ourselves in alert level 4 again. Hope everyone is safe in their bubble. Please get in touch if you need us.

Photos from Aratupu Preschool & Whānau Hub's post 16/08/2021

Te Whāriki - Strand 1 Wellbeing | Mana atua
"The health and wellbeing of the child are protected and nurtured." (pg. 26)

How does this look at Aratupu?
We understand that tamariki will learn at their best when their needs are met first and foremost. With the support of Kidscan we provide healthy kai in our preschool. We have conversations with tamariki and whānau about nutritious kai options. Tamariki have opportunities to be involved in kai preparation including picking fruit and vegetables from our garden. A favourite activity is to watch and chat to our fabulous cook, Kirsty as she prepares our lunches!
Tamariki have access to a large, natural outdoor space which allows plenty of opportunities for physical activity. Tamariki learn how to take risks safely and challenged themselves physically. Kaiako encourage tamariki to care for themselves, building their independence with tasks such as toileting, washing and dressing.
Emotional intelligence is one of our key learning priorities at Aratupu and is an important aspect of wellbeing. Our strong relationships mean tamariki can express their emotions and trust that kaiako will meet their needs. We help tamariki to label their emotions and support them as they learn to self-regulate. We often see our tamariki role modelling kindness and caring for one another (and our dolls too!).

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