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Chris came to NZGSE by way of the stage as a professional performer. Prior to this, he had attended musical theatre school and he then balanced performing with working in hospitality. As a performer, Chris toured around Australasia and beyond in shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Sister Act, Mary Poppins and Rocky Horror Picture Show. He even went to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to perform in a season of Shrek.
Why did Chris train to be a teacher? “It always played in the back of my mind because I’d always worked with children, so it made sense”. He treated it as a hiatus from acting, as something he could do to better himself either for later on in his career or to take on now. Rather than being a secondary drama teacher, he chose to train in primary as the day-to-day routine appealed more and he preferred to work with young children rather than teenagers. For him, NZGSE was “the best option” based on word-of-mouth recommendations, and the central city location suited him.
After doing some relief at different schools at the end of last year, Chris was offered a position at Pūtahi-Belfast School this year. He knew the school from a former placement and was familiar with staff, the school and some students. He has made a positive start, saying it is “going beautifully, very well so far”. Chris has definite views on the teacher he would like to be - “A teacher who is here for students, not for myself, having a classroom that is so comfortable and safe for children who don’t have those feelings in other spaces. I want to be an adult in their life who they feel safe with and feel okay with and who also teaches them things!”.


Congratulations to secondary intern Rachel Aitken who has been awarded a 2024 TeachNZ Te Huarau Scholarship. This generous scholarship covers course fees as well as a $10,000 allowance over the course of her study. Well done and we look forward to continuing to work with you as you.


The career of NZGSE graduate Chris Davey has shown that teaching can occur in some unusual places, even a historic Air force base. He was attracted to teaching while undertaking an Honours degree in Psychology when he conducted a case study on a primary school child. Through watching the teacher working, he became “hooked” on the idea of teaching, so much so that he abandoned his honours study to begin training. Exploring his options and on the recommendation of several friends, he enrolled at NZGSE which also provided the attraction of 7-week placements in schools. “There was no choice” in his mind.
After teaching at his local school in Amberley for 4 years, he applied for a position as Education Officer at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand when it came up, feeling a strong link through his grandfather who was a WWII fighter pilot. He was successful and has enjoyed 17 years there so far, revelling in the variety of the job. He teaches pre-schoolers through to adults, both in pre-determined programmes and in others that he has created. Chris loves to welcome school students to the Museum and share his knowledge with them. Given that the Museum’s education programmes are free, it’s a fantastic choice. No two days are the same. He can be conducting a tour of the base, teaching the theory of flight to primary school children or the ethics of strategic bombing to a History class. It is true cross-curricular teaching. For adults, his work entails tours for various groups such as people with dementia or history-based talks on rationing or the development of Wigram base. He has a fully functioning classroom with many interesting displays and exhibits which no doubt entice many children.
When he decides to eventually move on, he wants to move into working with students who have special learning needs.


We welcome Jodine Hardwicke to NZGSE as a Kaiarataki/Specialist Teacher Educator. Jodine began her successful and diverse career in 2007, working in NZ and Australia and taking on leadership roles. Her two most recent positions were in Haeata Community Campus and Te Aratai College, and last year she completed a Master of Secondary School Leadership through Victoria University.
Jodine was attracted to teaching because of the benefit to others - “I really enjoyed working with young people and I found that teaching gave purpose to my life . . I really enjoyed working with students to make a difference and give something back to society.” She originally started training as a primary teacher with another provider as part of a degree course but realised that she wanted to work with adolescents instead. She got her degree and then came to NZGSE, attracted by the practical nature of the programme. “I knew that it was about learning by doing, that I was going to get a lot more hands-on experience rather than just reading about teaching and then writing essays. I liked the fact that it seemed to be a higher calibre of teaching that I was going to get and that I would be given tools to actually learn how to teach.”
When considering highlights in her career, Jodine picked a Year 12 English class where she was teaching students how to use apostrophes. One student was laughing and when questioned, said “Miss, I hope that one day I find a job that makes me as happy as your job makes you.” She believes that all students deserve a quality education regardless of where they live and she loves working in schools in the east of the city.
In her new role, she is looking forward to watching teachers grow and still being able to make that difference.

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We welcomed a new intake of interns last week. Great to see them getting right into their learning as we delve into the curriculum.


It's a great occasion to celebrate with your fellow comrades becoming fully registered! Congratulations Michael, Donan and Alana from P49. A pleasure celebrating this moment with you all at the NZEI's Registered and Retired Teachers' Function last night.


Sam’s journey began with a Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland in 2014, setting the foundation for his pursuit of knowledge. This single step into academia became an endurance run in his thirst for learning and a commitment to personal growth.

Through a change of direction in his learning, Sam completed a Bachelor of Communications at Ara Institute of Canterbury’s School of Broadcasting in 2017. Through this, a role supporting sports content quickly transformed into Sports Content Programmer for Sky TV. Sam worked with global partners, PGA Tour and FOX Sports.

In 2014, an experience coaching an Under 14s football team at Mt Albert Grammar School inspired Sam to participate in physical endeavours in the ensuing years. In 2020, he undertook several physical feats, conquering the Tarawera and Taupō Ultra Marathons and cycling from Cape Reinga to Bluff in just nine days to raise money for 'Medic to Medic' and 'Big Brother Big Sister'. His cycling endeavour accumulated over $16,000.

The power of language and expression through words soon followed as Sam completed a Graduate Diploma in English in 2022 through the University of Waikato. The power of writing is now widely shared through his teaching of English at Mairehau High School.

Why did he become a teacher? “There's a fair bit of teaching pedigree in my family from kindergarten to high school and I think looking at them I saw how fulfilled they were in their careers. I'd come through my early 20s pursuing roles where I didn't quite get the personal reward that I was seeking with my career path. During that time though I was able to figure out what gave me deep personal satisfaction. Learning that being part of a team, guiding others to an outcome that matters to them and lifting myself at the same time really struck a chord with me. I guess I looked at the classroom as a team where we could all work together. To succeed for ourselves and to succeed together. Although I hadn't really worked with children during that time, it appeared the role of a teacher would give that personal fulfilment, plus it would enrich the community at the same time. Seemed like a pretty good gig really.”

Why NZGSE?” A close friend of mine and my partner’s sister had both been there and passed on that it would be the best place to earn my stripes. They did say it was a pretty hard year but that once in your first year of teaching you are pretty confident driving the ship. There weren't any feelings of drowning. So, I think knowing you'd be ready to hit the ground running when you finished was a big reason of why I wanted to go there.”


Great to see many of our graduates at the Primary Schools' Music Festival last night, performing on stage, conducting, playing the organ and preparing their choirs for the wonderful event. Congratulations to all involved.


Enjoy reading Andrew's story below? Thinking of changing career to become a teacher? Applications now open for primary and secondary training for 2024. Apply now!

New Zealand Graduate School of Education 24/10/2023

A significant career pivot has seen Andrew down his tools on the building site and pick up his whiteboard pen, ready for action in the classroom.
After a brief stint at university, Andrew took up an apprenticeship in the building trade, entering the family firm and working as a carpenter. Seven years later, with some OE adventures under his belt, a change of circumstances forced him to re-think his career path as he realised that building “wasn’t where he wanted to be forever”. He moved into working as a teacher aide which sparked his interest in teaching and after a year, he realised he needed to make a definitive decision about his future. He went back to university and completed a BA in Psychology and Education. Working in after-school programmes was “fun” but ultimately, it didn’t satisfy his desire to impact children’s lives in a meaningful way. He was after the challenge and personal growth that he’d experienced in other areas of his life like building and rugby.
He knew of NZGSE through his partner who had trained here several years ago, exposing him to the style of training and challenge it involved. It was also more akin to the apprenticeship model he had enjoyed as a builder where he was learning onsite while actually doing the job. He did love studying for his degree but missed being in the class, around children.
With one term under his belt, Andrew has enjoyed the experience. He has “fallen in love” with the process of becoming a teacher as well as the application of the skills in the real world. He has dismissed the lurking imposter syndrome and has “got through it.”
Where would he like to end up as a teacher? “An environment that continues to enhance personal growth in me and ākonga, forever expanding the horizons of what we understand within society – not getting stuck in a time and place, and continuing to value compassion and knowledge.”

New Zealand Graduate School of Education The Graduate School taught me to become the teacher I wish I'd had. We teach you to teach Teacher Training For GraduatesNZGSE accepts people for teacher training who already have a degree. Graduates have already shown that they know how to take responsibility for their own learning. Our teacher inte...


Congratulations Abi and Jess who have completed their secondary training in 3 terms and are ready to get into the classroom. Both are securing positions for 2024 which is fabulous. Ngā mini.


The biologist who is now a secondary dance teacher. . . Monique graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Science, awarded with Honours, majoring in Biological and Environmental Sciences. Her papers included Conservation Biology, Geographic Information Systems, and a dissertation on habitat variables of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica using aerial imagery.

For six years Monique was a National Educator for Endometriosis New Zealand. This involved visiting schools throughout Canterbury, and at times to other New Zealand centres to deliver a Menstrual Health and Endometriosis programme. It provided her with experience in speaking in front of large groups, sometimes in challenging situations.

From 2018, she was contracted as a teacher at Convergence Dance Studios, and also at St Margaret’s Theatre Academy. She has choreographed items for a range of projects, including competition and performance, university musicals, and she has taught syllabi for examinations. She also holds registration and certification as a dance teacher with the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance.

Her love of dance and considerable experience in the performing arts has now become the focal point of Monique’s teaching. On why she chose teaching as a career: “Teaching is something I found myself naturally fall into with my love of dance and choreography. After many years as a self-employed dance teacher, school teaching was my next challenge and I love it!” She chose to train at NZGSE through word of mouth – “I had a couple of good friends that went through NZGSE and they recommended it due to the hands-on placement time and the one-on-one help you get so often from tutors.”
Monique is teaching at Riccarton High School, as a teacher of dance.


Contemplating a change of career?
Te Huawhiti Career Changer Scholarship may be able to financially help along the way.

A Te Huawhiti scholarship provides financial assistance so the loss of income you experience while studying is not a barrier to obtaining a teaching qualification. To find out more and if you are eligible, visit


Great to know that Science can be fun! Our Science grads at Avonside Girls' High School have been wonderful hosts to current intern Sean, preparing him for his job in Southland next year. Applications now open for January 2024 intake.

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Drumming to the Beat of Education: A Rhythmic Pathway into Teaching

In 2019, Judah embarked on a transformative journey at Jazz School, driven by Judah's deep-seated passion for music, with a particular focus on the rhythmic heartbeat of the ensemble—the drums. Judah is no stranger to the world of percussion, having honed his skills as a drummer over the past 12 years, and for 8 of those years, Judah had the privilege of sharing his expertise through teaching.

During Judah's time at Jazz School, a serendipitous phone call from some old school friends changed the course of Judah's musical path. The band Nomad invited Judah to take up the drumsticks and join their ranks. This opportunity opened doors Judah could never have imagined; it led Judah on a whirlwind tour across the landscapes of New Zealand, where Judah graced stages at various festivals and events, basking in the exhilaration of live performances.

Upon completing Judah's tenure at Jazz School, Judah offered itinerant music lessons to primary school students. Witnessing the budding flames of passion ignite within these young musicians brought Judah immense joy. I loved seeing new passions picked up by students and children exploring music and discovering that they really loved it. It was helping them to succeed in their journey with music.”. Judah found himself contributing to their musical journey and, in turn, aiding them in their pursuit of success in the world of melodies and rhythms.

Education had always held a special place in Judah's heart, and fate, in its own enigmatic way, orchestrated the perfect alignment of circumstances. Judah decided to take a leap of faith and apply for NZGSE. Hillview Christian School offered Judah the opportunity to teach a Year 9/10 music class, granting Judah invaluable insights into the world of education.

Judah sought advice from friends who had traversed the path of Graduate School before him, and their unanimous praise and encouragement resonated deeply. They acknowledged the demanding workload of training to be a teacher, but assured Judah that it would equip Judah to become the teacher he wished he had in his schooling.

Now, having completed one term of the program, Judah has come to appreciate the profound impact a teacher can have on a child's world. Every day in the classroom is filled with excitement, the joy of witnessing students gain a sense of accomplishment and growing in confidence throughout their learning journey is an enduring reward.

New Zealand Graduate School of Education 13/09/2023

We train teachers to be confident and competent on Day 1. Teaching placements each term with ongoing feedback from NZGSE specialist tutors. Applications now open for our Postgraduate diploma programmes starting January 2024.

New Zealand Graduate School of Education The Graduate School taught me to become the teacher I wish I'd had. We teach you to teach Teacher Training For GraduatesNZGSE accepts people for teacher training who already have a degree. Graduates have already shown that they know how to take responsibility for their own learning. Our teacher inte...


What does land surveying have in common with teaching mathematics? Much more than you might expect as a recent graduate shows. Theresa made the career shift from experienced Surveyor to classroom teacher with ease, utilising her knowledge of applied mathematics and integration of calculus and statistics to inform her practice. “Professional, confident and dedicated to delivering excellent results” characterised her work in both fields.
Theresa gained her Bachelor of Science in Surveying with first-class honours at the University of Otago, followed by a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography, awarded with Distinction. She was employed as a tutor and demonstrator during her years in tertiary education, perhaps giving her a glimpse of her future career path. From 2011, she worked as a Surveyor, becoming a specialist in managing land development projects, of which there were plenty in the city post-quakes. Her love of the outdoors did not diminish while training at NZGSE, impressing us all with her reliance on cycling to get around the city.
For Theresa, teaching provided a career that will fit in around the needs of her family - “When I was younger I often found myself teaching friends when they struggled with something I was confident with, so I knew teaching was always a potential option for me. I wanted a career that is family-friendly, as I want to be with my kids during school holidays instead of them having to always do holiday programs. I wanted job security too, which my job as a Surveyor couldn't provide me with. I was delighted to find out that my work experience in an applied mathematics field meant that my salary when I started as a teacher was much higher than a normal starting teacher's as transitioning to a much lower paid job wouldn't have been financially viable for me.”
She chose to train at NZGSE because of its reputation for preparing interns thoroughly for the realities of the classroom – “I wanted to give myself the best set up to be able to be a good quality teacher. I heard that NZGSE provided the teaching training programme that best prepares you for teaching through numerous immersive placements and their continuous constructive feedback to help improve classroom management and teaching practices.”
Theresa is currently teaching Mathematics at Christchurch Boys’ High School.
Applications for January 2024 (primary and secondary) are now open.


Part of the first group of secondary interns at NZGSE then into a 20-year career in the classroom, Rachael’s return to Grad School as a staff member brings her full circle.
The decision to take a chance on the fledgling institution back in 1997 was not a difficult one for Rachael. “I could see that it offered challenge and intellectual stimulation while providing me with the very practical tools that I needed to manage a classroom of teenagers. The competency-based approach appealed to me as I had some experience in teaching at the tertiary level.” Completing the programme in three terms, she moved briefly down to Ashburton to take up a fixed-term position before securing a permanent role at St. Bede’s College as Head of Music and later, Head of the newly-established Arts Faculty.
The next 20 years were busy and rewarding, and the joy of teaching teenage boys was a real surprise to her. One of the greatest pleasures she has had over the years is keeping in touch with students and seeing many of them launch careers in music, both in New Zealand and abroad.
The opportunity to return to Grad School as a staff member in 2018 provided Rachael with the career sidestep that she was looking for. “Going back, I noticed how familiar so much of the programme was. It had been updated over the years, of course, but the main components were still the same. That’s what NZGSE offers - the essential practices needed to be effective in the classroom, delivered by people who believe in the dignity and worth of the profession.”
And ultimately, sending the next generation of teachers out into classrooms, knowing how fulfilling it can be, brings Rachael great satisfaction – “that’s my why.”
APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN for January 2023. See for further information.


Hi there! We're currently updating our alumni list contact details. If your email address has changed in the past few months, please let us know! We'd love to keep in touch with you. New contact details can be sent to [email protected].


A nomadic teaching career to date

Josh, a dedicated educator, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by the power of teacher training. The odyssey commenced at Hagley College, where Josh's teaching vocation took root. Immersed in various teaching practices, one pivotal experience stood out, kindling a desire for innovative education.

Venturing forward, Josh's journey led them to Burnside High, renowned for its emphasis on computing. Here, he seized the opportunity to establish the College of Computing, a testament to his commitment to pushing educational boundaries at the time. The next chapter at Egressive Limited, collaborating with a former student in web development for earthquake recovery, contributing to critical projects like the CERA website.

Amidst change and growth, Josh's narrative unfolded within the dynamic landscape in education. The transition to Linwood College during the dawn of STEM education showcased his adaptability. As a Digital Tech teacher, Josh embraced his role wholeheartedly, later rising to TiC. Teaching at the MindLab was a turning point, delving into the realm of educational technology and innovative pedagogies. His subsequent time at Burnside High saw the emergence of project-based learning. Rolleston College offered a canvas for autonomy in technology teaching, yet the invitation from South Library arrived, embracing the opportunity to shape a cross-level educational hub that would bridge primary, secondary, and adult education.

In the tapestry of Josh’s journey, challenging students served as touchstones, reminding Josh of the core purpose of teaching: transformation. Josh’s rich and diverse experience in the educational field has been fuelled by his teacher training through NZGSE. “NZGSE provided me with the fundamentals of teacher practice. Knowing the basics of teaching to lead me on this nomadic journey.”

The search to transform learning continues as Josh now teaches Digital technology at Te Aratai College.


A special moment at graduation last week with two generations of graduates in one family alongside NZGSE founder-directors Lois Chick and Kevin Knight. Lydia-Mae graduated as a secondary teacher of English, inspired by her father Greg who was part of the first primary teacher intake back in 1996. Good to know that he is still going strong as a teacher up in Marlborough.

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A children's book opened a new chapter into the world of teaching.

A career change was on the horizon for Phil after the Christchurch earthquakes erupted in September 2010. Engineering gave Phil a sense of purpose and direction beyond the scope of repairing infrastructure to sharing the engineering world with children. “I wanted to simplify the complexities of engineering so as to educate and inspire young inquisitive minds about the amazing world around us, and right beneath our feet. The myriad of interwoven water and wastewater pipes which are essential for everyday life which we so easily take for granted.” The amalgamation of the Christchurch earthquakes, the unprecedented infrastructure repairs, combined with Phil's passion for engineering and love for education, provided an opportune moment to uncover our hidden city. He successfully did this through the creation of a vibrant, interactive lift the flap award winning children's book titled Christchurch – Our Underground Story.

While his career in engineering was fulfilling, Phil had felt a constant underlying calling to use his experience and knowledge gained to better help our communities and future generations. “Life is too short not to follow your passions. I wanted to know that I have made a difference, leaving a legacy behind, and I knew I could do this through teaching. To think that just one learning moment or interaction with a student, may be monumental in that child's life and potentially in the years to follow.”

Along with understanding and meeting individual students' needs, Phil believes that finding that hook to cause learning for students is fundamental to his teaching. He seeks to integrate moments that engage and activate students' curiosity to learn more. “Effective teaching means knowing your students and finding their currency to engage and sustain their learning.”

Grad school provided the essential skills as Phil stepped into the learning space after his training to start teaching in Term 2 of the school year. “Grad School gave me a robust foundation in the basic teaching skills which I could build from. The program's intensity set me up to face any challenges head-on when I started teaching in my first term.”

Phil’s commitment extends beyond the classroom, regularly coaching the local hockey team and as a scout leader throughout the week, which has been a longstanding commitment over several years.

Phil currently teaches Year 7 & 8 students at West Rolleston Primary School.

Photos from New Zealand Graduate School of Education's post 14/08/2023

It's graduation time! Enjoying celebrating with interns before we head down to Turanga for the ceremony

Photos from New Zealand Graduate School of Education's post 14/08/2023

It's graduation time! Enjoying celebrating with interns before we head down to Turanga for the ceremony.


A career pivot into teaching

For some people, moving into teaching mid-career is a logical step, a pivot rather than a complete change of direction. This is true for Alice. After completing her Physical Education degree in her 20s, she worked in sport and recreation programme management in Hawkes Bay. She then moved to careers education, working for a government organisation, and found that she was always “flitting in and out” of schools. The experience of working with teenagers was one that she greatly enjoyed. Following a period of raising a family at home, she returned to careers education in a secondary school but started considering other options that provided more opportunities to utilise her skill set. Teaching was the logical choice and rather than pursue PE, she decided to train as a food technology teacher to utilize her “massive interest in food, gardening and growing food”. Teaching also ticked boxes in terms of school holidays and working within school hours. Alice chose to train at NZGSE because it is a competency-based programme, allowing interns to complete their training when they are ready. Drawing on her previous experience working with teenagers, Alice did complete the programme in three terms. She also wanted to spend a lot of time working in a school rather than learning about theory and pedagogy. Alice now works within a large secondary school in Christchurch and enjoys being part of a supportive team. She enjoys the students and the topics being taught – in short, “it works”.
Did she make the right choice? “I would always regret it if I hadn’t done it - I would always wonder ‘What sort of teacher would I have been and would I have been a good teacher?’”.

July intake open for applications.
For more information, go to

Revealed: Top NZ schools for getting into the world's best universities 04/06/2023

Congratulations to NZGSE graduate, Damian Watson, principal of ACG Parnell College which has just been judged NZ's top ranking school for student achievement. “Our model is to put teaching and learning at the heart of all we do - that sounds like a simple focus and in a way it is."

Revealed: Top NZ schools for getting into the world's best universities Six private, two state and two state-integrated schools have topped the rankings, and nine of the 10 best are in Auckland.

New Zealand Graduate School of Education 01/06/2023

Postgraduate diploma in Teaching (Primary and Secondary) now available.

New Zealand Graduate School of Education The Graduate School taught me to become the teacher I wish I'd had. We teach you to teach Teacher Training For GraduatesNZGSE accepts people for teacher training who already have a degree. Graduates have already shown that they know how to take responsibility for their own learning. Our teacher inte...


Trained to be effective in the classroom
Anna’s journey to primary teacher training has taken her through several countries over two decades. She gained her degree in Psychology in Manila and worked as a Special Education teacher in the Philippines for 7 years. She got the opportunity to work as a preschool and ESOL teacher in Japan and it is here that she met her husband, a secondary teacher. Moving to Christchurch with the family, she furthered her studies through a Masters in Education, specialising in Special Education. A teaching position in Vietnam then provided her with an opportunity to work with pre-school and special needs students at an international school for four years.
On returning to New Zealand in 2021, Anna realised that she needed to gain her teaching qualifications in order to expand her job prospects here. Given all the experience she already had, she knew she had to find a programme that built on her existing skills and knowledge. “For me, the only way to do that was to go through Grad School because of the number of placements and the number of times that I’m observed in the classroom.” Alongside the improvement in her teaching skills, she has appreciated learning to develop her reflective practice “as a teacher and as a person”. Having recently completed her training, Anna is very excited to make a difference in the lives of her students and help them maximize their full potential. “With my training at NZGSE I feel that I can do more . . . I’m confident that I will be able to help with my strong background, my knowledge of the curriculum and all the strategies I’ve learned. I feel like I’ll be very effective in the classroom.”

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