Russley School Performing Arts

Russley School Performing Arts


We had a massive turnout today from kids in Year 5-8, who were confirming their Drama Club 2022 audition spot!

They have all chosen a monologue from the recommend list and have been busy learning it, over the last few weeks, ready for the week 8 audition!

We can’t wait!
We are thrilled to announce the return of the Year 5-8 Drama Club for 2022!

We will be initially meeting interested children tomorrow, and a notice will be sent home. We will then be holding auditions in week 8 and 9 of this term with an announcement made of successful applicants in week 10.

Drama club will then commence at the beginning of Term 3!
In 2022, many of the incredible performing arts opportunities at Russley have been unable to go ahead, due to Covid. The latest event to be unfortunately canceled was 'The North West Music Festival.' This is always such a highlight for the tamariki and our kids always shine!

So today, we throw back. Here, singing a very relevant song for our current times, is the Russley School Choir singing 'Say Something' at the 2021 North West Music Festival.
What a year 2021 has been for the performing arts at Russley!

Against the odds, and in the face of lockdowns and restrictions, we still managed to pull off:

- The kapahaka rōpu performing at the Earthquake Memorial
- The Performance Hula Hoop Club's assembly performance
- Junior Choir's incredible performance of 'Shallow'
- The Ukelele Orchestra performing at Strike, Strum, Blow
- The Junior Jump Jam Team winning 2nd overall for Year 1-4
- The Senior Jump Jam Team winning 1st overall in Years 5-8
- The Performance Choir smashing it at the North West Festival
- Ava, Lowanna, Jasmine, & Amelia receiving 4 Year choir medals
- An incredible 'Russley's Got Talent' outside
- Coming second overall at the Tūhono Kapa Haka Festival
- The Russley School Christchurch Music Festival Choir
- Orchestra
- Ava and Amelia receiving Music and Performing Arts awards
- The Russley Brass Band performing at prize-giving
- Plus... over 50 Russley kids learning instruments!

As you can see, there has been a LOT going on this year in the performing art's space - even in the face of the lockdown and restrictions!

The question is... how can we top that for 2022? Well... stay tuned!

Today the Russley School Year 8 students finished up their time with us in what was a wonderful, live-streamed, final assembly.

During this event, a video tribute was played which featured many of our performing arts children. It was a fitting celebration in what has been a challenging but rewarding year for these tamariki!
The accolades keep coming for our incredible Russley School Performing Arts students!

Our very own Bryn has just been appointed the Christchurch Boys' Choir Head Chorister for 2022! This is a very prestigious position for him to undertake and we could not be more proud of him! Well down Bryn!
Russley is very unique for a primary school in that it has, under the expert tutelage of Mr Muschamp, its very own brass band!

At Friday's prizegiving, the Russley School Brass Band performed 'Seven Nations Army' by The White Stripes. This was their first official outing since covid lockdown so we were very excited to see them perform. We were not disappointed!
Yesterday, at the end of year prizegiving, two of our Year 8 leavers received the highest awards possible, in the arts, at Russley School.

Ava MacKay received the 'Te Taonga Puoro Music Award'. This award recognises a students commitment and services to music over the time they have been at Russley School. It is awarded to a student who participates and achieves mastery and absolute excellence to the highest of levels in choral, instrumental, groups and performance music.

Amelia Nicholls received the award for Excellence in Performing Arts. This is awarded to a student who has shown only the highest levels of skill across all three strands of the performing arts - Music, Dance, and Drama. It is an award that is not given every year and has only been awarded on two other occasions!

A massive congratulations to both of these incredibly talented students! We cannot wait to see where your performing lives will take you!

📸 Melanie Koster
Come rain, hail or Covid - the one thing that will never get canceled at Russley School is Christmas Choir!

While we were not able to have our practices or yearly Christmas PTA picnic, we defied the odds and yesterday held Christmas Choir for 'one-lunchtime-only!'

Accompanied by the indomitable team of Mrs Muschamp on keyboard, and Mr Muschamp on trombone, much festive fun was held by all!

📷 Mrs Koster

Here at Russley School, we have a wonderful music programme! Under the care of our HOD of music Mrs Muschamp, we are very fortunate to have incredibly talented music teachers come into our school to work with our students. Already we have 95 students booked in to learn an instrument at Russley School in 2022.

Drums, piano, keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar are all full but we still have some vacancies in trumpet, trombone and violin for students from Years 3 - Year 8 in 2022.

We also have a few limited vacancies in our 'School of Flute' with our two wonderful itinerant teachers Susan and Anna. If your child is in Year 3 - 8 next year and you think they would be interested in learning this beautiful instrument, please contact Mrs Muschamp, through the office, for more info!

Applications close 1st December, so do not miss out!

Here is a video of our very own Amelia who has been learning the flute through Russley School.
The official Tūhono Kapa Haka Festival photos are out! How good does the Russley Tamariki look!
The draw has been made!

Under the supervision of Mrs Rush, Mrs Visser, and Mr Walker, Mr Lewis has drawn one lucky winner for the incredible gift basket Nawe!

We are thrilled to announce that Jo Fleming who tagged Heather James in her post, is our winner! Please ring the office to organise the collection of your prize!

A huge shout out to Nawe Gifts for your very generous sponsorship! If you need any gifts to give away this Christmas then we highly encourage you to check out their website!

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Operating as usual

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 22/09/2023

Last night was the ever-impressive annual Russley Music Night. We were treated to a fabulous line up, from our Ukulele Orchestra, to our brass and percussion groups, some incredible soloists and culminating with our senior rock band the Russley Rockers. What an amazing celebration of our music students and their talents and hard work. You were all superb!

A special thank you to all our music tutors who prepared our tamariki for the event, to the Russley staff who helped behind the scenes, and of course to the amazing Elizabeth Muschamp who puts endless hours into our music programme and makes events like this possible.

Thank you too to all who came along to support our tamariki! It was a great success!


A particular highlight was singing and playing E Tū Tāngata, a song which underpins so much of what we do at Russley! This will give you a wee taste of the awesome performances last night.
E Tū Tāngata Aotearoa

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 07/09/2023

What a fantastic time we had at Strum Strike Blow last night. A huge congratulations to all our performers. Russley played fantastically and were also a wonderful audience to the other acts throughout the night. It was obvious how much work and practice everyone had put in!
A huge thank you to Mrs Elizabeth Muschamp who put in so much work to get our ukulele players ready for the night, and had everything so well organised, and to all staff who supported on the night and in the lead up.
Well done Russley!


Our wonderful Ukulele Orchestra had a fantastic rehearsal at Wolfbrook Arena this morning, ready for the Strum Strike Blow festival tonight! We will be performing along with around 1200 students from across Canterbury. Door sales are available - at only $5 a ticket, come and join us for a fun night of music and watch our Russley strumming stars shine🌟 🎶

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 17/08/2023

Congratulations to some of our outstanding dancers who represented Russley School in the NZ Dance Made 2023 at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High School over the last two days. Harper Beckingham and Mia O’Halloran took first place in the Year 4 and the Year 5 competition. Their dances were choreographed by former student Amelia Nicholls. All three of these dancers were also selected to go to Nationals in Palmerston North later next month. Well done girls for making Russley proud! 🌟

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 14/08/2023

Our lead cast of Sara, Bethany, Megan, Therese, Gus, Ila, Willow, Zoe, Vivi, Logan, and Jimmy channelled a host of different characters including Sherbert Girl, Skaters, Trolley Boy, Checkout Chick, Cashier, multiple mums, rock siblings, Pink Ladies, lost children, shoppers, and Tarzan & Jane! They all bought creativity and commitment to their roles and rehearsed after school and in their holidays. They were a delight to work with and showed the whole school and community their shining talents!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 14/08/2023

Rm 3/10 collabed for the final scene of Shelf Life, with an homage to the past Russley shows. Miss Barr and Mr Walker orchestrated a complex piece involving orphans, broccoli, and a fight scene, all expertly narrated by Ila, and including a solo song from Zoe. A fitting final scene to the show.


And our fabulous seniors getting their scare on with their performance of “Ghostbusters” 👻👻

Well done again to both teams and Mrs McDuff! 👏👏

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 12/08/2023

A huge congratulations to the Russley Junior and Senior Jump Jam teams who both pulled off incredible performances at the Strictly Jump Jam competition at Cashmere High this morning.

They danced their hearts out and all their amazing hard work shone through! Both teams walked away with merit awards in technical ex*****on and performance and we are so proud of them.

A huge thank you to Mrs McDuff for all the incredible work she has put into our teams - we are spoilt to have such talent on our staff!

Let’s go Russley! ✨🌟

Videos to follow ☺️

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 09/08/2023

Rm13 were so good during rehearsals they had to perform on both nights of Shelf Life! Mrs Robertson nailed the grease vibe with the costumes and choreography. The whole class performed at a high standard every time they were on stage, and a special shout out to a star turn from Sam.

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 08/08/2023

Team Moana flooded the stage with colour and sweet dance moves for the Flash Mob in the Deli! A great mash up choice from Mr Innes, Miss Duxfield, Miss West, and Miss Aitken.

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 07/08/2023

Welcome to the Jungle! A flashback to the late 80's from Rms 5/6, great attention to detail with their retro costumes and big hair made it a visual feast. What time is it? 1989!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 06/08/2023

Inspired by the rare Shakira Idol, Rms 11/12 brought the intensity to Waka Waka, especially those fierce faces! Fantastic costumes and creativity from Miss Reen and Miss Simmons.

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 03/08/2023

Rm7/8 brought the energy to Tarzan and Jane! Mr B and Mrs McDuff had them well polished early on, and they kept getting better as they built towards perfect performances on stage.

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 01/08/2023

Rooms 18/19 were the youngest performers in Shelf Life, they used the 'cute' factor to win over the adoring audience in the Teddy Bears Picnic scene. Mrs Ward and Mrs Cooley combined all the talents of their rooms together and their hard work showed on stage!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 31/07/2023

Attention staff and shoppers! Little Jimmy and Vivi had a great rapport on stage, and they transitioned into the fabulous Rm15 and their homage to Matilda, with 'Revolting Children', the costumes looked amazing and were perfect for a school show. Great work Miss Lennon!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 31/07/2023

Rm16/17 were the opening act in Shelf Life, with an energetic dance to 'Sk8r Boi'. With their hard work and the skills of Mrs De Wit, Mrs McFetridge, and Mrs Nicholls they smashed it on both nights! Remember there's no skateboarding in the car park!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 28/07/2023

2 epic nights of shows with fantastic audiences! Here's a sneak peek of some of the photos to come. Stay tuned for more photos and the official videos of each night in the next few weeks.


Lead cast of Shelf Life ready for another blockbuster performance tonight!


Today Russley School got together to farewell Mr Walker as he sets off on his new adventure at the end of this week. A huge part of Mr Walker’s contribution to Russley has been his involvement with the choir, so they secretly prepared a special one off performance in his honour!
Enjoy this fantastic rendition of a Russley original we call Don’t Stop, Be Leaving.

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 25/07/2023

What a night! Tuesday night's performance of "Shelf Life - Aisle Be Back" was performed to two full houses, and our Russley Kids did not disappoint! Over both shows, they sang, danced, and acted their hearts out to a wonderful audience of doting parents and community members. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our tamariki tonight - especially in what were, at times, stormy conditions!

We have a day off to recover before Thursday night's crew take on their two-show night!

A video and many more photos of both nights will be coming soon, but for now, here is a wee sneak peek of some of tonight's action!


Opening night of the stage show Shelf Life is only hours away!

Performers must be at school at 5.15pm and should report to their allocated 'dressing room' classroom.

For ticket holders, 'theatre' doors open at the following times...

If you have tickets to the 6.00pm show, hall doors open at 5:40pm. Please enter through the foyer. At the completion of the show, please exit through the side double-doors before the second show.

If you have tickets to the 7:30pm show, hall doors open at 7:15pm. Please enter through the foyer. At the completion of the show, please exit through the side double- doors.

At 8.45pm, children will be waiting in their allocated 'dressing room' for sign-out by a parent.

Tonight's timetable will be the same on Thursday evening for children performing on 'night two'.

Note - no car parking is available on the school grounds. Please park on the road and walk in.


The lighting rig is in, and we are one day closer to the premiere of the brand-new Russley Show, "Shelf Life," starring all of your children!

This week's rehearsals have been demanding, but our tamariki have risen to the challenge and have knocked it out of the park! We're immensely proud of them, and we can't wait for you to see it!

If you are among the very few who haven't yet purchased tickets, you need to act fast. We've already surpassed the 1000-ticket mark, so be sure to secure yours soon!

Purchase them using the link below:


Today, we celebrated the end of term two with an impromptu 'back of the ute' disco!

Below is a video showcasing just how much fun we had. Was the song the kids were dancing to from our upcoming show? Well, you'll just have to wait and see! If you haven't purchased tickets yet, don't miss out. Purchase them using the link below:


Last night, the Russley School North West Festival Choir performed two stunning songs at a packed Aurora Centre: 'Carry the Light' and 'Feeling Good.' They were simply stunning!

A huge congratulations to our tamariki who spent many cold mornings getting up early for 8am rehearsals at school, and worked so hard to learn and then perfect these (actually quite tricky) songs. You made us so proud!

A special shout-out to Mrs. Muschamp, our incredible pianist, Mr. Muschamp and Mr. Randall on brass, and Isaac Paul on drums. They all gave up their personal time to practice and raise our kids to the incredible performance standard we witnessed last night!

If you were there, enjoy another look. If you were unable to attend, you're in for a treat. Enjoy!


Russley School North West Choir absolutely hit it out of the park! If you were there tonight, you know what we mean! We could NOT BE MORE PROUD! Russley School represent!

Video to come soon!


T-minus 2 hours…


Today is the day! The Russley School Choir are currently at our morning rehearsal in readiness for tonight’s performance at The North West Festival! We can’t wait!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 11/06/2023

We at the Russley School North West Choir consider ourselves exceptionally privileged this week, having been visited by the world-renowned choral conductor, Dr. Andrew Withington. Dr. Withington, who started his esteemed career as the Music Director of the Christchurch Boys’ Choir at the tender age of 18, is a real powerhouse in the world of choral music​.

His distinguished career encompasses a multitude of achievements, including the prestigious Vernon Griffith’s Prize for Outstanding Musical Leadership, and notable roles such as the Artistic Director of the New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir (NZSSC). The NZSSC even won 'The People's Choice Award' under his guidance, testament to his remarkable ability to lead choirs to new heights​.

Dr. Withington is not just a conductor, but a scholar and educator. With a PhD in Music, he has developed an innovative method to enhance choral intonation, enabling choirs to sing more consistently in tune and has taught this system around the world.

The significance of having such an acclaimed conductor working with us is immense, especially for a primary school choir. Dr. Withington’s expertise and dedication are inspiring, creating an incredible learning environment for our young singers. It was amazing to watch him workshop our two pieces, and his delight in the focus and development of our tamariki was awesome to see!

We are profoundly grateful to Dr. Withington for his invaluable contribution. His willingness to donate his precious time to our choir is truly appreciated. It's been an unforgettable week for our choir, and the experience has undoubtedly enriched our musical journey​. See you at the North West Festival!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 24/05/2023

We are thrilled to announce the involvement of numerous Russley School alumni in Riccarton High School's production of "Oliver!"

Leading the way is our very own Albie Moore, taking centre stage as Oliver! Albie fine-tuned his talents in two Russley shows and is now ready to captivate the audience with his remarkable performance. Manisha Munro, Elizabeth Baird, and Jay Poole, each of them ex-Russley students, will be shining brightly in supporting lead roles. Additionally, a significant number of ex-Russley pupils will be part of the supporting ensemble, proudly representing our school and their shared passion for performing arts.

This extraordinary achievement is a vivid illustration of our students' progression - from their early performances at Russley to bigger stages and brighter spotlights. It serves as a poignant reminder of the wonderful opportunities our tamariki can experience, as a pupil at Russley School!

Mark your calendars to witness this spectacular showcase:

Wed 21st Jun 2023, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm NZST
Thu 22nd Jun 2023, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Fri 23rd Jun 2023, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Sat 24th Jun 2023, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sat 24th Jun 2023, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The performances will be held at the Riccarton High School Hall, located at 31 Vicki Street, Sockburn, Christchurch 8042, New Zeala​nd.

Tickets are available for purchase, priced between $20 – $30 + BF. Don't miss this opportunity to support our ex-Russley pupils and celebrate their success! For ticket details, please visit:

Join us as we revel in the achievements of our alumni, applaud their journey and look forward to their future successes. Break a leg to all the performers!


Earlier today, a select ensemble from our senior choir put on a final practice session in preparation for an out-of-school audition for the Christchurch School's Music Festival. Part of their performance involved delivering a beautiful rendition of our national anthem. Here's a snapshot of them serenading our teachers with God of Nations. Isn't their vowel pronunciation simply divine!

A colossal round of applause for the exceptional Mrs Muschamp, who has dedicated countless hours to ensuring our young ones are thoroughly prepared for this audition!


This morning, the Russley School Senior Choir had their first massed choir rehearsal, with over 300 other children, at the Aurora Centre. We are all building up to the North West Festival at the end of the term, and we just can’t wait!

The Russley kids were all super attentive, focused and, as usual, had absolutely standout behavior!


About last night...

A massive thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to the Russley School PTA disco for our awesome tamariki last night! It's safe to say that both the junior and senior events were absolutely bangers, with dance moves that could rival any global dance floor!

A big shout-out to the amazing PTA parents and their helpers for putting on such a fantastic event - we couldn't do it without you! Thanks also to our phenomenal kids, their supportive parents (who either dropped them off or secretly danced along in the shadows), the teachers, and everyone else who played a part in turning last night into an unforgettable experience. A special shout-out goes to Matt Meek and Riccarton Youth Community for providing and setting up the stunning lighting! You all rock!


The Russley Persussion Group had their final performance of the year and went out, with a literal bang!

Under the steady baton of Mrs Muschamp, the band, comprising 17 Team Moana students, were an absolute hit at our final assembly.

Check them out below!

Russley Year 8 Leaver's Tribute - 2022 17/12/2022

Every year at the Russley Leaver's Assembly, a video tribute is played, just before the Year 8s walk out of the school hall for the last time.

While not designed to make you cry (it is full of super happy memories) it is the time, that 'quite a few' of the Year 8 children and parents, do! This year was no different! Check it out below.

Russley Year 8 Leaver's Tribute - 2022


Yesterday, at the Leavers Assembly, a group of Team Moana students performed the Jason Mraz hit 'Have it All.'

Consisting of nearly 40 senior students, this performance choir have been rehearsing furiously over the past few months, under the tutelage of Mrs Muschamp and Isaac Paul, for this great occasion.

We always look forward to this end-of-year performance. Yet again, the 2022 crew, knocked it out of the park!

Check them out in the video below!


On Friday, ‘The Russley School Brass Band’ entertained us, at the Awards Assembly, with their very own cool version of the ‘Mission Impossible Theme!’

Under the expert tutelage of Mr Muschamp, this amazing group of performers have being going from strength to strength! We were so looking forward to their performance - we were not disappointed!

Photos from Russley School Performing Arts's post 03/12/2022

The great ‘Russley School Christmas Choir’ performed last night at The PTA Picnic and what a wonderful celebration of Christmas cheer we had!

A big thanks to the PTA for another highly successful event and for Mrs Muschamp and the team for leading our wonderful choir!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!


The draw has been made, by Mr Lewis, and incredibly we have been given a THIRD double pass to give away! So, the three lucky recipients of the double pass to TOMORROW night's show of Beauty and the Beast at The Isaac Theatre Royal are:

Jodi Wilson
Deb Hawke
Christy Joy

Your tickets can be picked up from the office tomorrow! Congratulations to you all!

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Our Performing Arts Programme

Russley School has a strong performing arts programme. Each year our students are involved in choirs, orchestras, drama clubs, dance competitions, kapa haka competitions, music lessons and various performances both at school and around the city.

Some of the recent highlights have been:

  • North West Music Festival at The Aurora Centre

  • Tūhono Kapa Haka Festival
  • Videos (show all)

    The amazing Year 5-8 Jump Jam Team’s Performance! Being awarded Excellence for both Technical and Presentation, and comi...
    The incredible, award winning Junior Russley School Jump Jam Team’s performance!
    Say Something - Russley School Choir
    Russley is very unique for a primary school in that it has, under the expert tutelage of Mr Muschamp, its very own brass...





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