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Did you know a cacao tree never drops its fruit?

As you can see in this photo - any unharvested or uneaten by nature fruit, will compost on the tree.
This is so unusual and part of the wisdom on Cacao. For the tree knows how much nutrients it needs from the surrounding soil.
And if it were to drop its fruit it would have many trees growing close by.

This is its true wisdom. The same wisdom that creates so much medicine for our body mind and soul.
We have walked through wild cacao and you will never see cacao trees growing close to each other. Just natural wise spacing. But this does not mean that they don’t commune and connect. They absolutely do and of course work as one with their surrounding habitat.
Such unique powerful wisdom. Reminds us that nature has got this and cacao has got us. 🙏🤎🙏

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 15/01/2024

Do you feel that Cacao is apart of your Journey,

and want to honour and understand how to work with this Sacred, Ancient Plant Medicine?

Would you love all the gaps of knowledge to be closed, and to be empowered in a real way in finding your unique journey with Cacao?

Join us on our next Emissary training!! 1st and 2nd of February!

Book through our website 🤎

Home 12/01/2024

Dearest Cacao lovers and community. Many of you know of this project and today we celebrate this incredible whole bean couverture chocolate being live. The first of its kind, here for true impact on so many levels. The Weave website shares the more of this, the ground of this, the heart of this and the incredible team who have brought this into form. And in this a huge recognition to our farming communities of PNG that we work directly with and the team at Queen Emma chocolate factory, who right now are closed due to the troubles arising in Port Moresby. All of the team are safe and at home sadly in lockdown and our hearts are so with them. 🙏🙏🙏
We decided despite what is taking place in Port Moresby to move ahead in bringing this chocolate out into the world because that is how we support the most. Our two farming communities who supply the beans for this couverture chocolate live remotely and it’s important we stay true to our commitment to them.
This is truly extraordinary chocolate for making, baking, playing with, melting and diving into. For simply eating, and having in your pantry and close to your heart. If you have felt a sense of lack of fulfilment in chocolate then we promise you that sense will be forever removed with Weave Cacao Couverture chocolate. We would so so appreciate any support in sharing this with your communities, with culinary legends, with friends and family, so all chocolate lovers can join us in this extraordinary chocolate journey that is creating a new paradigm. Thankyou for all your love and support. Chocolate is a beautiful expression of cacao when created from the grass roots in country of origin and for the good of all on every level. Today with you we launch this as Weave Cacao Couverture Chocolate. 🙏🤎

Home Drop Shop Here’s where you can buy premium couverture chocolate drops and be part of a new paradigm in chocolate! Luscious & chocolatey - the perfect chocolate for chocolatiers, chefs & home bakers. Available in 1kg & 20kg packs. See the Range Sustainably Sourced & Packaged


Now that we have your attention 😃 a wee reminder that our last despatch for two weeks will be Tuesday 19th.

And this is Margaux one of our amazing team. And our talented in house French Chocolatier! Read more about Margaux in her bio and all she offers - link in our bio!

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 29/11/2023

As we were making a smoothie this morning and were reaching for our PNG cacao powder, we took a moment to reflect on how good it feels to know exactly where the cacao beans come for this cacao powder and where this cacao powder is made and how it’s made.
We wanted to share this with you and hopefully inspire you also into a healthy start each morning with a cacao smoothie.

Enjoy learning more about this cacao powder(it’s unique in its cacao butter content which allows the body to obsorb the health benefits in the powder), enjoy seeing the cacao farmers faces and enjoy a morning ritual of smoothie making.

Cacao in a myriad of ways all day long is not only possible but wise 😘😘😘


An inspirational sharing for Margaux, one of our amazing team, from her experience of the support of Cacao on the recent retreat she co-hosted.

“Cacao has be a significant part of my transformative experience during my last women’s retreat.

From the first sip, it was as if a warm wave of comfort and serenity washed over me, creating the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection and connection. The rich and velvety texture of cacao became a sensory delight, guiding me through moments of introspection and heartfelt conversations with the other women present at the retreat.

Cacao, with its ancient healing properties, acted as a gentle facilitator during our activities, encouraging a deeper connection with my inner self. The subtle yet profound mood-enhancing effects of cacao opened my heart, fostering a sense of joy and unity within the retreat community.

Whether shared under the stars during our evening gatherings or savoured quietly during moments of personal reflection, cacao became an integral part of our collective journey. It was like a delicious bridge, linking us all together in a shared experience of joy, self-love, and mutual support.

As I reflect on the retreat, I’m filled with gratitude for the profound impact that cacao had on my overall well-being. It was more than just a beverage; it was a companion on my journey of self-love, adding an extra layer of sweetness to an already unforgettable experience. Here’s to the power of cacao and the transformative magic it brought to our retreat!”


Last two places left on our December Cacao Emissary training ✨
Has this been calling you?

Our next date Feb 2nd and 3rd.

For more information and inspiration - link in our bio for both trainings 🤎

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 17/10/2023

Happy Birthday beautiful Libby. 🤎🤎🤎
Truly there are no words to capture the grace and light of who you are. Today we want to sing out loud on your birth date in gratitude to your enormous heart and endless giving and profound support and place you hold in the vision of The Cacao Ambassador. For your heart, your laughter, your wisdom, your sisterhood, your constantly showing up and for the beauty of who you are. So many are touched daily by your essence and we at the Cacao Ambassador perhaps see it the most. So so so grateful for you our beautiful Libby. 🙏🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🙏

Photos from Lisa Lochhead - Artistry and Soul's post 09/10/2023

A huge Thankyou Lisa Lochhead - Artistry and Soul for hosting and making our first international Emissary training. Such a beautiful deep opening into Cacao. 🙏🤎

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 05/10/2023

Cacao is for you every day as a powerful support in your life on so many levels.

Sacred ancient modern magical mysterious and definitely the daily hug in a mug that we all need.

All our cacao celebrates Our most local source, the Pacific. 🤎


Meet amazing Debbie , one of the incredible woman of the Solomon’s islands that I have the honour of calling my friend and sister. This wahine is tirelessly serving change for the communities of the Solomon’s and yesterday we spent the day laughing, dreaming but more, in and moving the change. Debbie has also been the rock and ground for organising our epic upcoming Cacao Journey that begins next Week. 9 Emissaries/Ambassadors join us for a two week journey of returning to Cacao and to our hearts. Two weeks where we will Be fully with Cacao, amongst and communing with the trees, in all steps of the processing as is done here locally, We will begin the journey by staying with another amazing wahine Aunty Grace and then will journey remote and stay within two communities has not yet visited. Communities who have harvested Cacao for generations but never the experience of consuming it. Together hand in hand we will return the true balance. There will be much laughter, roasting, peeling, joy, pounding, drinking of Cacao and discovering the true Universal language of Cacao, which simply is the language of the heart. Cacao Lovers and Cacao farming communities truly coming together. 🙏
These Beings coming are profound Lovers of Cacao. They have stepped through and over many hurdles to take this journey. They have each in their own unique way, shown up so fully for Cacao since we started our journey together. This great adventure will be raw rich and healing on so many levels for ALL.
Thankyou@debzluk for the support and super logistic powers you have and Thankyou amazing Beings who are trusting leaping and following your Cacao filled hearts:

selflove Guilia

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 18/08/2023

Our upcoming courses 🤎

These courses are a great way to deepen your connection to mama cacao in all her forms.

Sometimes you can feel her call; She’s asking you to incorporate her into your journey, to work with her and be with her in a richer way.

If this feels like you, then perhaps one of the following courses would be the perfect way to take the next step on this path.

Our emissary trainings (online and in person) + our online masterclass, allow you to learn:

The way we work with (and how you can to), authentic, directly sourced cacao.

How we honour the farming community and crafters of cacao

How to share the magic of cacao, through multiple different ways (including how to create your very own workshops, activations and circles).

And of course, how to make your very own chocolate and cacao from the cacao bean and paste 🤎

She would love to gift you her wisdom, so step in and attend one of these beautiful workshops.

Visit, send us a message or click the link in our bio to learn more

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 13/08/2023


~ Raspberry Cacao Chia Bites ~

The most delicious little treat to create this week 🤤 using cacao and cacao butter for an extra boost of happiness!

We know you’ll adore these bites & we’d love to see your creations! 🤎

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 11/08/2023

The story telling gift of Manaaki media

will join us on our first every group expedition to the Solomon Islands. 7 incredible Wāhine are journeying alongside Oonagh deep into the heart of our extraordinary Cacao communities to be together as one.
If you are inspired by this mahi please join the give a little page to support the awesome work of Dane and Jordi in their gift of story telling and capturing this journey.
For is a new story of cacao that we wish to share. One of vastness, possibility, the true meeting of Cacao Lover and Cacao farmer and the returning to our Cacao communities what is rightfully theirs. Their own Cacao.
To make it a reality we need your love and support.

Thank you 💕

Photos from Mamamuti Cacao's post 31/07/2023
Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 27/07/2023

Cacao Tokorangi is 100% Cacao Paste like no other!

It has been activated over 7 months from the summer solistice of 2021, and released on the 2nd of August 2022.

The paste is potent as it is the re-merging of Rongoā Māori and Cacao together as one. It honours these ancients medicines and the wisdom held in the waters of Aotearoa. It is crafted with modern techniques in micro batches for the ultimate inner cacao hug!

This Cacao Paste holds a matrix of Divine support to amplify your hearts true call, your next, your intuition and taking you into the true essence and spirt of Life.

It is imbued with the Mauri of Tītoki, Kawakawa, Horopito and Tōtara, and crafted from hand made cacao nibs by the women of the Solomon Islands.

It is truly activated with aroha for daily ceremony to deepen your life in an extraodinary way!

Chelita Zainey .zainey and Oonagh Browne are the visionaries behind the manifestation of Cacao Tokorangi with the support of many hearts and arms of love.

Cacao Tokorangi has literally travelled to the corners of Aotearoa and all Rongoā is foraged from all over the land. This Cacao Paste is now for you and your journey into your next!

Visit to get your own magical block 🤎


These words speak for themselves. A transmission from the heart 🤎

| The Cacao Emissary Training |

Join us on our next training in August 4th & 5th, held in Christchurch.

For more details, about our upcoming training - visit our website ✨ (we also have a few more trainings coming up in Christchurch and the UK)

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 20/07/2023

Exciting news! We have a few Cacao Emissary Training coming up in a few weeks time, plus we’ve just launched a UK Training (which only has 4 spaces left!!)

- August 4th & 5th, held in Christchurch
- 7th & 8th October in England (details on our website)
- 27th & 28th October, Christchurch

We only have a few spots left available for these wonderful trainings. A weekend filled with love, joy, potency, learning and embodiment of the truth and power of cacao.

If you feel the call to work with cacao (maybe that’s for yourself, family, one on one, workshops etc), then come along to this training!

Learn how cacao goes from tree to chocolate, how to make 100% cacao paste, the ancient history of cacao, how to enjoy chocolate all day long without guilt...pair that with mindfulness practices, ritual, intentions, yummy food, knowledge shared by Oonagh, and so much more!

Deepen the relationship you have with this medicine, we’d love to have you there 🤎

Send us a message to book in, or ask any questions you may have! Or visit (link in bio)

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 18/07/2023


~ Plant Based Beetroot Chocolate Cake ~

Always my favourite chocolate cake, and recently I set off on a mission to create a vegan version, using 100% Cacao Paste.

The verdict: Imagine a decadent brownie, soft and moist on the inside, with a slight crunch on the outside, a hint of beetroot, but mainly deep dark wonderful chocolate at its best.

Matched with vanilla coconut yogurt and its cacao heaven Orbit and its healthy. It has it vegetables, protein, fats and well it simply is good for the soul, so what else matters!

With 100% Cacao Paste and cacao powder. Gluten free and refined sugar free!

Yum!! Enjoy 😘


It is with deep sadness we share that beautiful Maria has passed. We first met Maria in January when we travelled to meet our three farming communities in East Sepik who provide the beans for our Cacao Powder and Cacao Butter. This is when this photo was taken. Last night I was able to personally attend Maria’s wake with Karina of Queen Emma Chocolate and express our heart break and sorry to her husband Felix and her family and gift Pounamu in her honour.
Maria you are a shining light. How you spoke of the vision for your community and your family burns strong in our hearts. We know you will continue alongside us from where you now rest to change the history of Cacao in PNG. You are a bright eternal flame in our mahi. Thankyou with all our hearts as we are forever changed through your light. And to your family. We commit to continue to walk alongside you in every possible way so your mother’s love and vision fully manifests. This is our promise. 🙏Please send love to Felix his children and grand children. Maria was taken suddenly and unexpectedly. We are so so sorry for your loss of such a radiant beautiful mother, grandmother and wife. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
We share this post to honour your mother beyond the borders of PNG and bring strength from so many who love cacao to protect you and look over you. 🙏🤎

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 08/07/2023

It was world chocolate day yesterday, and to celebrate it even more, here’s the many faces behind the cacao that you drink 🙌🏼🤎

A nice ritual to do before you taste your cacao, is to visualise the journey that it took to get into your hands.

The people that grew, watered, picked the plant

The sun, rain, soil and wind that nourished the bean

The people that packaged, and the journey it took to get from the islands, to the store, to your hands.

A way to sink into gratitude, and appreciation for this beautiful medicine.

Thank you to all that gift us cacao 🤎

Keep an eye out on our page and stories, as we have been sharing oonaghs journey in Papua New Guinea. Telling the story of these farmers and the journey from bean to your hands!

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 06/07/2023

It’s world chocolate day!

And today we are celebrating the incredible people who carried this medicine through thousands of years and because of them, we now hold this knowledge in our hands.

We think it’s so important to honour where our knowledge and chocolate came from, so here’s something you may find interesting…‌ Swipe for some history of where chocolate came from!

appreciation for this beautiful medicine.

Thank you to all that gift us cacao 🤎

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 03/07/2023


~ Smoothlate (hot chocolate smoothie)

Here is the latest way I have discovered how to enjoy a smoothie, given its winter here in NZ. I have become so very fond of my daily Smoothlate and drinking a warm smoothie increases the power of the Cacao, She enters our brain faster and enjoying her in this way, also does something magically to my heart!

Packed with lots of natural & healthy fats & cacao goodness.

Good for the heart, good for the soul, good for the body. Enjoy 🤎

Photos from Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand's post 29/06/2023

A wonderful weekend connecting

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 28/06/2023

Recipe of the week 🙌🏼
Kumara and Cacao Soup!

This recipe is one of my favourites for making for a Cacao Workshop and it’s super simple!

Kumara & Cacao go so amazingly together, they are after all from the same origin and know & get each other and together create a blow your socks off culinary experience!

Ideally create the day before serving so the flavours can evolve!


Our recipes are all about creative play and full enjoyment of Cacao.

Pedantic perfection of quantities are not a given (smiling), but permission to adjust & play with is!

Make this yours. trust yourself and your creativity!

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 23/06/2023

I love with all of these photos from our latest cacao Emissary Training 🤎

A group of wonderful humans joining together to learn more about the power of mama cacao. Deepening their relationship with this medicine, to share to the wider community.

2 days of joy, love, depth, and cacao.

Can you feel the love shared in these photos? ✨

Photos from The Cacao Ambassador's post 19/06/2023


~ Cacao Mexican Bean Mix ~

We will be sharing a few delicious recipes using our 100% Solomon pure Cacao paste over the next few weeks.

These recipes are the perfect warming WINTER meals, that we know you will love!

🤎 A reminder that cacao doesn't have to be used just in drink form, but is so versatile and can be used in many different ways!🤎

If you create your own mix, we’d love to see it. Send us a message or tag us on instagram with your own creations!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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