Happyland higher secondary school

Mrs. Punnya Luxmi Sitaula, the founder of the school and Mr. Pushpa Sitaula, the founder Principal opened this school in 2036 Poush in Rajbiraj-4.

Gyani Ji

5-Minute Crafts Family

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Baba Artatrana

अगर आप को कोईकहे कि दुनिया में एक ऐसा व्यक्ति है कि जो आपके छू लेऩे से आपके शरीर की सारी बीमारियां दूर हो जाये सिर्फ इतना ही नही अगर वो आपको फोन पर ही कहदेकि आपकी बीमारी अच्छी होजाए तो वो जल्द ही अच्छी .9776302877 and9776918451 7978293387.9439825597.9178438787

Punjab Kesari Haryana

जब शेर के बाड़े में कूद गया एक शख्स, जाने क्या हुआ फिर...
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congratulations happyland family for acheiving such position!

[04/16/19]   Could anybody post our school morning and afternoon prayer?

[02/26/19]   We have open hostel in biratnagar so intereated person please call me @9807708686...booking going on for bridge course student...plz book ur seat as there limit sit available...hostel is available at birat nursing home.....we are pre
booking for +2 students too...

happy maghesnakranti to all happyland family!

[01/01/19]   happyland members please post your mobile number in comment box so that your school mates can contact you whereever you are...and mention where you are and what are you currrently doing....and soon we are going to create site for our school and we are creating watsapp group too so we all can be in touch with each other....we will mention you watsapp number in later post..

[01/01/19]   Happy new year 2019....wish u all happyland family a great year ahead and this year we will have blast in this page....we will be active whole year this time...comment to be active and please tell your best day during ur school time in hlhss..

[10/29/18]   How are you doing happyland members!Wish you happy diwali and chhath in advance!may god bless everybody

The Frustrated Engineer


Awesome ❤️❤️

Video Courtesy: bit.ly/2wXB195



A student of our happyland family Mr. Chandan Das and Ms. Binita Das going to get married on 8th of Mangsir...wishing them for beutiful and adventurous journey...

congrats to mr Raj Kumar Ram (raju chaila )batch of 2062 hlss for the goverment post of technical survey officer
P.court: Sanjeev Gupta

Here we are guys with your all happyland meroies....
By seeing this pictures you all will remember your all friends and school life..tag yourself and your friends too so that after seeing this you can find them in facebook..thanks to Min Amatya without whom such precious memory could not be shared.....
Pic courtesy by:Min amatya
Please dont forget to comment to be active here...thanks

[09/08/17]   Its mainly for those family member who have completed their studies frm HLHSS......

Aaj fir school jaane ko dil karta hai…… subah-subah
jaldi uth,

nahane ko dil karta hai,

school dress pahan
kr tie lagane ko dil karta hai,

Aaj firr…
Line me lagkar prayer karne ko dil karta hai,

Ek dusre ko dhakka de aage badhne ko dil karta hai,

Aaj firr… Class ke khali period me kagaj ke
aeroplane udane ko dil karta hai,

Lunch time me ek dusre ka tifin
khane ko dil karta hai,

Aaj firr…
Class me mam ke questions
puchne par chupchap khade hone ka dil karta hai,

Home work na karne per
dher sare bahane banane ka dil karta hai,

Aaj firr… Social science ke period me sone ka dil karta

Chutti ke intezar me bell bajne ka dil karta hai,

firr… Un dosto ke sath baate karne aur
ladne jhagdne ka dil karta hai,

Sab kuch bhulakar mast hone ka dil karta hai,

fir school jaane ka dil karta hai……

I miss my school

Our school guy Humayi Haque of 2064 B.s batch nominating for Mayer of Khadakpur Nagarpalika...serve people and be with people as you are today while seeking for vote......we are really proud of you!!!!

VOTE To Canidate HUMAYU HAQUE for MAYER in KHADAK Nagarpalika////

Guys whose ever batch is this please tag them all!!!how's that?

Will upload soon from class nursery to 10 of silver jublee time pics!!!!!

Happy frienship day,rakshabandhan and in advance happy krishna asthami to.my friends,seniours,juniours,teachers and all happyland families.......may god bless you all!!!!!!

Lets take a look of 2063 batch!!!! After loooking at this you will remeber most of the friends.....misssing u all

How you doing guys...plz mention your comment to be active here

Timeline Photos

[06/26/15]   Respected
Sub-Regarding admission.
M.s Ramaiah top university of the bangalore(Karnataka). Course-Mba,Pgdbm,b.tech,bbm,bca Etc. comment who all r interested

[06/26/15]   Anybody who wants to study abroad for cheap price also fee will be paid in 6 months installment nd the course will be 5 years and 6 years.interestedd candidate can comment below....

[06/22/15]   any news about slc resuls of our school HLHSS?


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Timeline Photos

[05/03/15]   China lai dar "Katai India le Nepal lai bihar ta banaune haina?" confused_rev emoticon

India lai dar "Katai China le Nepal lai tibet ta banaune haina?"

Hamra neta lai dar
"Katai tyo partyko Netale donation ma aayeko paisa ma vanda badi ta paune haina?" upset emoticon

Vukampa pidit lai dar
"Katai bhare ek chhak khana napayera
Mera chhora chori marne ta haina?" unsure emoticon

Ani hami yuva lai k ko dar?
Facebook ma
"Falaano dhiskano le yeso yeso po garecha ta?
Kaat saley lai....jiudai gaadi dey mu*ilai... Jay gorkhali!
Jay nepal!" pacman emoticon

[04/28/15]   Hope evrybdy is fine here...if there is any damage to our school member then let us knw...

OUR SCHOOL STUDENT BIJAY MANDAL at bhuwan kc (sathi ma timro ) movie shooting!!!

[02/27/15]   hey guys how is your life going!!

[01/24/15]   It was the month of July when I got the confirmation about my selection in medicine. Naive and alone that I was, I was happy and confident too. I was excited enough that I packed all my bags a day before leaving. Left alone in the wind, I traveled to the college with just a single thought – Be an Doctor. Little did I know that these were going to be the best days of my life.
And then, there I was. New place, new guys and a new start but what I feared, was being alone. Fear of ragging went through my nerves. Those late night calls from the seniors really took our breath away. However, it only lasted for few days and then we were seniors and juniors enjoying together. Meanwhile, I started making new friends. This is where all the fun started. New faces introduced each other and soon enough they started getting familiar. In the blink of an eye, my pack of wolves was ready. Everyone exceptional in his own way.
Free from the restrictions of home, this was a new experience. I started adapting to my new life. Movies, sleepless nights, NFS, CS and FIFA found their way in my life and in the life of other future engineers. But the most important part was having a party. But, do you actually know what partying is? Different people might have different perception to this question.
Innocent and lazy ones: Order pizza and coke
Innocent ones: Walk in a decent restaurant and have a decent food.
Cool dudes: Hukkah, smoke, weed, charas, diluter, alcohol, LSD…. You name it and bang, you get it.
Where did I fit in this group?
Innocent and lazy: Definitely not.
Innocent: Nope.
Cool dudes: Well, that’s the only category left. (Not my fault)
My pack had a saying “Party should be crazier and ofcourse, harder every next time” and so did we follow. Never did we bias between weekdays or weekend. Oh man, we were never out of stock (usually). Theory papers or practical exams, whatever be it, we were never sober.
It was the time of practical exams when I and my friends were doing a group study. Suddenly, there burst a conversation out of context.
Pankaj shah: Ever wondered how it feels giving practical exams being stoned?
Me : No, and I am not up for this sh*t.
Dipesh: shah What are we waiting for?
Rishav gupta: (Lights up a joint) You can never ever experience this in your life, if not now.
Me(Bijay Mandal): Damn it, pass me the joint.
And guess what, that was the best viva I ever gave in my life. Confident and clear in all my answers, I aced it (atleast, according to me).
After 5 days, during theory papers (again doing a group study), 2 hours before exams:
Dipesh shah: Let’s have a round of shots.
Rishav gupta: I’m in.
Pankaj shah: (Opening a bottle of Blenders Pride) Let's have our elixir.
Eventually, a round of shot turns into six rounds. After an hour,
Dipesh shah: What do we do of the smell?
Me: What of it? For now, focus on drinking. That will be taken care of when the time comes.
However, this time it was different from the practical exams. We all screwed up our paper, but who cared as long as we managed to pass.
Got a new phone? Aced the exams? Screwed the exams? Got in a relationship? Had a breakup? Whatever be the reason, we just needed a reason to get high. And if there was none, we drank to our boring lives.
Free of responsibilities and unaware of the outer world, I did make the most of my time in college. I wish the time had stopped then and there. But, eventually, time passed by and so did everyone else.
Disclaimer : All the characters in this story are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any community or person. Any resemblance, if any, is unintentional and purely coincidental

Happyland higher secondary school's cover photo

2063 batch:::: missing u all guys

[10/28/14]   Happy chhath pooja to all haapyland higher secondary school!!!!

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