International Test Solutions

International Test Solutions

Non-Destructive Testing and Quality Control, It’s our specialty and your safety. The company was formed in August 2013 by Rudy Wilhelm and Steef de Kievit.

ITS, International Test Solutions is a newly established player on the NDT Market. We offer a number of quality ensuring services such as Non Destructive Testing (NDT), QA/QC and Level 3 Services. Ambitious and hard working individuals well known and respected in the industry, with a vast amount of experience in the field of inspection. With excellent knowledge and very high standards ITS is the new ‘go to company’ for your inspection needs.

Werkend zoals gewoonlijk


May the upcoming year be full of achievements that will bring you success. Happy New Year 🎇


Happy holidays on behalf of the entire ITS team🎄


Photos from International Test Solutions's post 26/11/2021

At ITS we’re constantly improving our advanced ultrasonic inspection methods for example with Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) by acting to the needs of our clients. The PAUT method gives us the possibility to challenge the circumstances thanks to the commitment of our team!

For more info please contact us via 0031 78 204 90 38 or visit our website


ITS wenst u een voorspoedig nieuwjaar🍾

International Test Solutions 29/12/2020

Wij zijn op zoek naar een enthousiaste Vestigingsmanager.

Wil je werken in een groeiende, jonge organisatie waar technologie en innovatie samenkomen? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

Ben jij als vestigingsmanager toe aan een nieuwe uitdaging in je carrière? Dan kunnen wij die jou bieden.

Voor meer info:

International Test Solutions ITS: International Test Solutions is an established name in the NDT market. With excellent knowledge and very high standards ITS is the ‘go to company’ for your inspection needs.

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Even in this period with all the Covid-19 restrictions we will keep to stay your partner for all sorts of NDT inspections! In need of an NDT examination without an inspection facility at your own location? Everything is possible thanks to our specially equipped inspection containers!

Timeline photos 01/07/2020

BEAMERS on their way!
This measurement tool is a great succes lately and can be a great support for you NDT Inspection! Link in bio for our webshop!

Timeline photos 25/06/2020

Yes! Its Abroad Time again! After a couple of months with closed boarders we can finally provide our expertise on exotic steels like duplex outside our boarders again💪🏻 Intrested in all our specialties? Contact us via our info in the bio!


From challenge to idea to 3D model to prototype in 2 days, we love R&D!

This time a probe fixture for testing fiberglass components with a rough surface finish, contact us if you want to know more about analysis of composit assets.

International Test Solutions 08/01/2020

After a year of design and development we have created an ultrasonic phased array topdrive main shaft scanning tool that has recently been validated and approved by DNV-GL as first of its kind in the world.

The benefits of this shaft scanner are numerous. As the tool scans the complete shaft from the inside out it could be used to replace the 5 yearly maintenance requirements This saves downtime and labor related costs. It allows for preventive maintenance and risk-based inspections as it ensures a 100% scan of the shaft’s volume and load bearing area's.

Control Union Sonatest Ltd DNV GL

International Test Solutions

Timeline photos 01/01/2020

Best wishes from the ITS Team. Follow us for all the 2020 challenges ahead..


Semi automated ToFD examination solution on thin walled tubular products. One of the many Advanced techniques to replace X-Ray examinations.


It's always fun to see the thing you're passionate about being performed on live television, especially by technical enthousiasts such as RedBull. In this case they are testing Max's suspension while he's in the pitbox, very cool! NDT is a beautiful but often invisible occupation for the open public. Curious about what NDT can do? Feel free to contact us or check out

Timeline photos 17/09/2019

Cool stuff for cool employees 🖤

Timeline photos 28/08/2019

A “UV Inspection Container”, which includes a driptray floor, work bench, drip rails and fixed white/UV lighting. Ideal for bulky MT and PT works.

Can be seen in action at ITS - International Test Solutions and made possible by Marine Repair B.V.

Timeline photos 23/08/2019

News update: Finally! A reliable In-service PAUT Topdrive Shaft inspection method.

Together with our partner Control Union we have developed a specialized scanner to aid our costumers in having their Topdrive Shafts inspected while still in-service, thus without the conventional need to disassemble them for MPI testing.

The in-house developed ScalaShaft®️ inspection tool allows for a full volume and outer surface in-service inspection of Topdrive shafts with an internal diameter between 2,75” – 4,5” and a length of up to 5 meters vertically. The scanner is setup in such a way that with a single circumferential scan 5 separate inspection setups can be conducted simultaneously for accurate flaw detection and corrosion mapping.

For more information or a competitive quote, please feel free to contact us.


Wij zijn op zoek naar een nieuwe collega.

Wegens toenemende drukte zijn wij zoekende naar een ervaren Niet-Destructief Onderzoeker met een gezonde werkethiek die zowel zelfstandig als binnen teamverband kan werken in binnen maar ook zeker het buitenland.

Binnen je taken pakket zal het gehele onderzoekstraject vallen. Van het ontvangen van de opdrachtbon en het contact leggen met de klant, tot het uitvoeren van het onderzoek en het eventueel begeleiden van reparaties, tot en met het gedetailleerd rapporteren van je bevindingen. Je zal komen te werken binnen een professionele sfeer waarbij directheid en collegialiteit hoog in het vaandel staan.

– MBO/HBO denkniveau.
– VT, MT en UT niveau 2 volgens de ISO 9712 (bijv. PCN of SKO)
– Minimaal 2 jaar ervaring als NDO-er
– Technisch inzicht.
– Stressbestendig.
– Zelfstanding, structureel en nauwkeurig kunnen werken.
– Goede communicatieve eigenschappen.
– Flexibiliteit qua werkuren.
- Bereid tot overwerk in binnen en buitenland.
– Beheersing van Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en schrift.
– Behendig in de omgang met computers (Word, Excel)
– In het bezit van rijbewijs B.

Ben je geïnteresseerd in deze uitdagende baan en wil je weten wat we allemaal te bieden hebben stuur ons dan een mailtje via [email protected]

Timeline photos 21/06/2019

Our colleague Michael testing the possible implementation of phased array on a circular surface!

Timeline photos 04/06/2019

Jochem Ajendouz and his fellow students presented their innovative boltload monitoring tool at the Student Company Of The Year contest.

We at ITS are proud to be part of this wonderful group of ambitious young people. Forever onwards and upwards!


Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is a Non-Destructive Testing method through which the examiner can locate surface-breaking and sub-surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. A magnetic field is applied, creating a flux leakage at the location of any defects. Iron oxide particles are then applied to the inspection surface, either in dry form or in a wet suspension. The flux leakage field will attract the iron particles, forming an indication on top of the material surface. This indication is then evaluated in accordance with required standards.

This test can be performed in daylight or in a darkened room. For daylight testing white paint is used to contrast the black particles, resulting in clearer indications. Alternatively, a dark room with UV lighting can be used in combination with fluorescent particles for increased inspection sensitivity.

For more information visit our website at:

(And yes, the test was done at sufficiently darkened conditions. The photos were taken afterwards :-)


Determining the preload in a bolt or stud while in-service can be done with the help of our ultrasonic measuring technique SonicDSC®.

Utilizing a unique combination of mechanical measurements, ultrasonic time of flight determination and a custom computing method the bolt preload tension can be calculated without having to remove the bolt or establishing a zero-load baseline.

For more information contact [email protected] or visit our website:

Timeline photos 28/03/2019

Dye Penetrant testing (PT) is a Non-Destructive Testing technique in which the examiner uses a penetrating fluid to locate any defects which have an open connection to the surface.

This can be done in daylight conditions with red penetrant or in a darkened room under ultraviolet light with fluorescent penetrant for a higher sensitivity.

Photos from International Test Solutions's post 15/03/2019

NDT presentation at Holland Yachting Group

International Test Solutions has had the oppurtunity to close a succesfull Hiswa meeting Thanks to Michael Steenhoff

Bas Verhoef Steef De Kievit

Timeline photos 04/03/2019

Jochem our Hogeschool Rotterdam AD intern, being busy calculating the attenuation factor of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) using ultrasonics and a custom fabricated testpiece. The additional information will allow us to further develop a more reliable ndt method for flaw detection and remaining strenght determination of aging FRP assets.

Timeline photos 12/02/2019

The Ultrasonic Phased Array probe consists of many small ultrasonic
transducers, each of which can be pulsed independently. By varying
the timing, for instance by pulsing the elements one by one in
sequence along a row, a pattern of constructive interference is set up
that results in a beam at a set angle. In other words, the beam can be
steered electronically. The beam is swept like a search-light through
the object being examined, and the data from multiple beams are put
together to make a visual image showing a slice through the object.

Timeline photos 07/02/2019

New challenges, new ideas

Timeline photos 14/01/2019

Scanning keel bolts on consumer sailing vessels. Another tailormade PAUT inspection solution by

Timeline photos 03/01/2019

Plotting ultrasonic indications is a valuable exercise.

Timeline photos 01/01/2019

365 days completed, 365 to go. May you have a wonderful New Year!


Wij zijn op zoek naar een nieuwe collega.

Wegens de groei van ons bedrijf zijn wij op zoek naar een full-time “Trainee Niet-Destructief Onderzoeker” met een gezonde werkethiek. Je zal als trainee binnen bestaande teams ingezet gaan worden om zo in korte tijd zoveel mogelijk ervaring op te gaan doen. Je zal diverse cursussen gaan volgen op het gebied van NDO. Deze varieren van 1 tot 4 weken in de schoolbanken. Het vereiste kennis niveau om de theoretische en praktijkgerichte trainingen goed te kunnen voltooien is MBO niveau 4. Je zal komen te werken binnen een professionele sfeer waarbij directheid en collegialiteit hoog in het vaandel staan.


– MBO-4 denkniveau.
– Technisch inzicht.
– Stressbestendig.
– Zelfstanding, structureel en nauwkeurig kunnen werken.
– Goede communicatieve eigenschappen.
– Flexibiliteit qua werkuren, bereid tot overwerk.
– Beheersing van Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en schrift.
– Behendig in de omgang met computers (Word, Excel)
– In het bezit van rijbewijs B.

Ben je geïnteresseerd in deze uitdagende baan en wil je weten wat we allemaal te bieden hebben stuur ons dan een berichtje.


May this Christmas be bright and merry. Happy Holidays!


We at International Test Solutions (ITS) are delighted to announce our recent merger with Control Union Industrial Inspection group.

This will allow us to not only strengthen our combined portfolio’s but also to boost our innovative advanced NDT-Techniques on a global scale. The merger was initialized by our mutual enthusiasm, commitment and strive to deliver efficient quality services.

Combining the global footprint and the experience of Control Union with our innovative advanced NDT-Techniques & QC activities we can offer a worldwide "one stop shop" of high quality inspection solutions in various industries such as shipbuilding & repair, oil & gas, renewables, commodity plants, mfg plants, and more.

For any further details or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Timeline photos 18/09/2018

Stay humble, work hard, be kind.


Een nieuwe week vol met nieuwe uitdagingen is begonnen! Onze collega’s werken over de hele wereld aan verschillende projecten!
Op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging als NDO en/ of Qc inspecteur? Neem contact met ons op!

A new week has started full of new adventures! Our colleagues are all over the world working on various projects!
Looking for a new challenge as NDT or/ and Qc inspector? Contact us


Let us introduce, a nifty way of visually presenting a simple principle to our NDT students, colleagues and business partners.


Allready a week ago we got to celebrate our five year anniversary! Thanks again for everyone who was there to celebrate with us and has support us the last five years! Off to more of these successful celebrations!

Rudy Wilhelm Steef De Kievit

Timeline photos 26/07/2018

Phased Array Weld examination; practical, quick and suitable for wall thicknessess of 6mm and up.


This is how we at ITS love to start of our weekend🌞

Timeline photos 09/07/2018

Our Operational Director Steef De Kievit doing a NDT Inspection on a couple of Lifting eyes👀

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