Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired

Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired


Down syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra partial (or whole) copy of chromosome 21. It is not yet know why this syndrome occurs, but Down syndrome has always been a part of the human condition. It exists in all regions across the globe and commonly results in variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics and health.

World Down Syndrome Day may be a little different this year thanks to the pandemic, but there are still lots of fun ways to celebrate. Let's support the men and women who make a difference daily, we salute you!

Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired & Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired
No Limitations!
The newly constructed pre-primary division at the Autism Centre of the Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired caters for both boys and girls living with autism.
The Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired was once again announced as the winners of the 2019/2020 Schools Recycling Competition (SRC) hosted by the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF).
And our winners are... Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired. Seen here are Carl Smith - who is responsible for the recycling activities and sorting at the school, together with teacher Kopei Murangi
Good day. Do you perhaps have an email address. If so, may I please have it. It is regarding donations from Agra and Auas Valley.
I looking school my child i having 6 year old

The Môreson School caters for 150 intellectually impaired learners from all over Namibia. Most of our learners come from very poor families; some are orphans, abused and neglected children.

Our school is situated in Khomasdal and we accommodate learners with physical and mental impairments. We try to teach our learners to become independent and self-reliant.

Operating as usual


Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired

A Glimpse of the
Spectacular event ✨ Môreson Special School hosted for the Senior Learners, which was solely made possible from Donations and Sponsorships from our Community ❤
Thank you to Everyone who was part of this journey. May the Good Lord continue to Bless you ❤🙏🌻☀️

Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired Send a message to learn more.


Môreson Special School will have their annual Christmas Play next week Thursday on the 25th of Nov at school. You are all welcome to attend our highlight event of the year 💛🌲✨

Môreson Special School will have their annual Christmas Play next week Thursday on the 25th of Nov at school. You are all welcome to attend our highlight event of the year 💛🌲✨



Buy a ticket from Charitree and you could stand a chance to win this amazing holiday worth N$50 000 from Gondwana.
Moreson Special School is a beneficiary to this wonderful initiative and funds collected would be used to facilitate workshops for people with disabilities.
Thank you for your continous support.


ChariTree Fundraising

Please support this amazing project🙏
Môreson Special School is one of the charities that can benefit from your support.

Photos from Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired's post 18/03/2021

Today, the 18th of March is commemorated as ♻️Global Recycling Day♻️.
On the 17th of March 2021, Môreson Special School took Recycle Namibia Forum's challenge ON🤝.
The whole school participated in the Clean-Up day and collected recyclables and rubbish on the NISE campus and immediate outside of it. A BIG BIG THANK YOU goes out to #plasticpackaging Namibia for sponsoring the school with 400 plastic bags. This ofcourse would not have been possible without your generosity. Thank you so much for taking us by the hand and being committed to cleaning up the country. Môreson appreciates you #plasticpackaging
Môreson Special School takes great pride✊ in keeping the school, the community and the country clean.
We surely are #RecyclingHeroes ♻️
Well Done Môreson Special School🙌


A big big Thank You goes out to AGRA (Agriculture Namibia) for continously supporting Môreson Special School. Since 2015 Agra Namibia donates N$20 000 dollars in kind to Môreson annually. The school uses these funds specifically for Agricultural development at the school. Purchasing of gardening equipment such as shovels, racks, wheelbarrows and the likes. Also feed for our different animals (goats, chickens and rabbits) and feed crates as well as protective wear for our learners doing splinter skills.
We are incredibly grateful for AGRA's (Agriculture Namibia) generosity and continued support❤💙💚💛


Green Team
Moreson Special School

The Dream Team 🌻


Congratulations to Môreson Special School for winning the recycling competition for the second time. Alot of hard work and dedication went into the practice of recycling. Carl Smith you are the true star ⭐
Thank you so much for being passionate and dedicated towards your work, without you this would not have been possible. Thank you to our Recycling class (environmental science) you too have played an important role in this achievement and we are grateful for that. To Jakob, where would we be without you, thank you so much for all that you do. You are the backbone of our school.
To Mrs Kreft and Mr Makuwa, thank you for your guidance and constant commitment towards recycling, raising awareness and keeping our school and country clean. Your efforts are seen and appreciated.

~the human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away


Recycle Namibia Forum

And indeed - our true Namibian #RecyclingHeroes2020 are the winners of our annual Schools Recycling competition - with the Top Five receiving their prize monies and certificates last week.

Our appreciation goes to our sponsors in the project - Ohlthaver & List (first prize of N$10 000), Collect-a-Can (second prize of N$5 000), Plastic Packaging (third prize of N$2 500), and Rent-A-Drum for the 4th and 5th prizes (N$2000 and N$1000) as well as handling the logistical arrangements of the competition. We are also grateful to BEE Biofuel Namibia for their sponsorship of hampers with sanitising products for the Top Five Schools

Read more on the achievements of our schools in this media release:

In celebration of the annual Global Recycling Day on 18 March 2020, with the theme #Recycling Heroes 2020 for this year, the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF) decided to highlight and award its top performing schools in the annual Schools Recycling Competition (SRC) with the same accolade – namely that of being Namibia’s own recycling heroes.

The results of the 2019/20 SRC indeed give good reason for celebration – with a total of 179 632 tons collected by the participating schools this year, compared to 132 tons last year. It comes as no surprise that paper made up the majority of the volume – given the nature of school work - followed by glass, cans and then plastic. RNF Coordinator, Anita Witt: “The past year also saw some interesting and newsworthy developments, notably the addition of schools outside of Windhoek and the coast – these being two schools in Oranjemund and one in Rundu, which brings the total participating schools to 47. Also, Dagbreek School in Windhoek opened a 24-hour drive through/drop off facility at their premises, which makes it easily accessible to the residents in the area after hours and over weekends.”

The sizes of the schools, according to Witt seem to play a small role in their success, as the number of learners range from 1200 (David Bezuidenhout Secondary School) down to only 37 leaners at the Child Intervention and Disability Support (CIDS) centre – and still they manage to collect and divert a considerable volume from being sent to landfill. Witt: “It is clear that the enthusiasm and input of a teacher or principal to drive and keep recycling active contributes greatly to a school’s success. It is also evident that amongst the winning schools, involvement and interaction with the learners’ families and the surrounding communities, play a significant role”.

With the RNF’s annual SRC now in its 10th year, the ongoing commitment and support from RNF members that sponsor and support the SRC has contributed greatly to its continued growth and success. Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - remains the sponsor of the N$10 000 cash prize for the winning school, followed by prize monies of N$5 000 sponsored by Collect-a-Can for the runner up, N$2 500 sponsored by Plastic Packaging for 3rd place and with the 4th and 5th places receiving N$2 000 and N$1 000 respectively, courtesy of RNF partner, Rent-A-Drum. RNF member BEE Biofuel has sponsored hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap to each of the winning schools, which will be most welcome to ensure that the schools adhere to the sanitation requirements upon return of the learners in August.

Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired walked away as winners for the second consecutive year, increasing their volume from 30 to 38 tons in the current year.
In second place is Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired with 32 tons, followed by Dawid Bezuidenhout High School in third place with 13 tons. In 4th and 5th place with 12 and 7 tons respectively are Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek - DHPS and CIDS CENTRE (Child Intervention and Disability Support).


Green Planet Gardening

The compost has been coming along well. Our worms are doing a fantastic job!


Well done Môreson Green Team

Welcome to our newest team members. Glad to have you on board! #Moreson_Special_School


Good morning Môreson friends and family. Today we are Celebrating Valentine's day at school. Metro World Child/ Fatherhood foundation who visits the school every friday to do Bible teaching, presented a beautiful lesson on love today.
We at Môreson would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's day filled with love ❤


Windhoek International School

Grade 6 students and their teachers discussed inclusiveness in the classroom. Ms Kathleen and Namasiku talked about empathy, be open-minded & creating an inclusive, equal opportunities society. #LearningAtWIS #Windhoek #InclusiveLearning


Thank You NadEEt team for welcoming and hosting our learners. They cant express enough the amount of fun they had and knowledge they gained. This was truly a memorable learning experience for them.
Thank you thank you 🙌🙏👏

A well deserved prize winner of the Recycle Namibia Forum school competition on waste collection Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired enjoyed a fruitful week of fun and excitement at the Centre. Using some of the prize money from #UNESCOJapanPrizeonESD we were able to sponsor the winners to visit NaDEET. Unesco Esd


Please come by and support this initiative.
Our kids will also be modeling.
Recycling is the future and it is our moral responsibility as humans to keep on earth clean and minimize waste.
We look forward to seeing you all there ❤🇳🇦


We are praying for the children, parents and staff of Windhoek Gymnasium.
May the Lord strengthen you all 🙏
Our deepest condolences for your loss ❤


Môreson's Green Team with Jacob and Tate Gideon sifting and packaging worm compost.


Super Proud of you Uapiona👏
Many Blessings to you Levien for taking in Special Needs Children and giving them the opportunity to get employed and love what they do ❤🙌

We have a Passion for what we do at @blikbekernam!
This is Uapiona, a graduate from @Moreson School for the Cognitive Impaired.
She is one of our lovely and talented kitchen assistants.
Working with passion whilst gaining experience.
A beautiful young woman, full of ambition & joy!


Facial features of children who have FAS

Foetal alcohol syndrome is a condition in a child that results from alcohol exposure during the mother's pregnancy or during breast feeding. It causes brain damage and growth problems and varies from child to child, but defects caused by foetal alcohol syndrome are not reversible.


Yesterday we had our annual sports/funday at school. The children all took part in this. Photos will be uploaded during the course of the week ahead but here is a preview of how we formed inclusion


Our First Market day for the year was so much fun.. Can you see it too? 😁


Independence Celebrations at Môreson 🇳🇦


Saturday Update on the Namibian Special Olympics team:
1. The Namibian team won 14-11 to Iraq last night
2. Ruben recieved Gold in his category. Even though he fell and had to recieve medical treatment due to another athlete bumping him, he managed to Win!!!
Well Done Ruben, you have done us Proud here in Namibia
P.s. he recieved a silver medal for participation


Namibia Delegation an der German International School Abu Dhabi - World Special Olympics


Zum Anlass der World Special Olympics welche hier in Abu Dhabi stattfinden, hatte unsere Schule die Ehre das Basketball Team aus Namibia willkommen zu heißen...


Apologises for the late update, we have been experiencing difficulties with the page.
On a lighter note, this is when the Namibian Special Olympics Team landed in Abu Dhabi


This is the National Special Olympics team of Namibia who flew to Abu Dabi for the summer games yesterday.
The team consists of 8 players, five of those players are Môreson Special School learners, one is a former learner of Môreson who had been to the winter games in Austria two years back and two of the players are from the DHPS. One of the basketball coaches who went along is also a teacher at Môreson, Mr James Makuwa.
We are so proud of the effort and passion our learners and coach have put into every practice session. Their talents and hardwork were seen and now they have plucked the fruits thereof.
We wish the Namibian team all the best in their games in Abu Dabi. May the Lord protect you all and keep you. May he strengthen you and give you peace and calmness when you play. And we sincerely hope that you all enjoy this trip.


Today was an extremely exciting day for the learners of Môreson. Revenue Solutions once again gave us a generous sponsorship to the Cinema. We watched Two Tails and had popcorn, a slushie and a chocolate 😊 and afterwards a kfc lunchpack. This was truly a special surprise for our learners which they will hold with them forever. Thank you Revenue Solutions for always thinking of the learners of Môreson and ending off their school year with a Christmas party.
As Kathy Calvin quotes; 'Giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference', and you most certainly make a difference in the hearts of each learner and teacher every year. May your company be blessed with success!


The whole school, on our way to Maerua Mall


Driving on the Municipal Move Bus


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing on of our beloved Aunty Poppie.
She was truly a remarkable woman! Her memory will live on at Môreson and in the hearts of the children.
We will miss you ❤ May your soul rest in peace.


Please visit the Recycle Namibia Forum stall at the Old Breweries Market this Saturday and support them!
#recycle #reuse #upcycle

In partnership with Recycle Namibia Forum, we want to inspire the nation to join hands today for a cleaner Namibia tomorrow at the Old Breweries Christmas Market on Saturday, 3 November from 09h00 - 16h00.

As part of this initiative the following businesses will be present as ambassadors of reuse, recycle and reduce:

- Mammadu Trust (bags/placemats woven from plastic bags)
- Katia's creations (upcycling old banners into bags/furniture)
- Green Earth Creations (making décor and other items from waste material)
- and the upcycled files/paper clips done by the Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired learners (in conjunction with The Document Warehouse Namibia)

Kleentek Waste Management will supply wheelie bins for all your recyclable waste, whilst Green Earth Creations will make some of their small waste bins available for the public (and for sale) in which to place the recyclables.


The first group of MDS (Môreson Diversified Service) learners had the opportunity to pay a visit to Document Warehouse today. Here they got to see where the products they work on come from as well as how it all works and looks like. You are changing lives Document Warehouse 👐😊❤



This is the start of Môreson Diversified Services. Thank you Document Warehouse for trusting us with this new venture that you are taking. This opens a whole new world for us. We are forever gratefull Mr Wouter Van Zyl

KYK: Skoliere leer deur herwinning

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ChariTree Fundraising
Yesterday we had our annual sports/funday at school. The children all took part in this. Photos will be uploaded during ...
Independence Celebrations at Môreson 🇳🇦
This is the National Special Olympics team of Namibia who flew to Abu Dabi for the summer games yesterday. The team cons...
The whole school, on our way to Maerua Mall
Driving on the Municipal Move Bus
This is one of our learners, his name is Dankie.His wish is to dance for one of the Namibian Celebrities. He is a Intell...
Thank You Retirement Fund Solutions for your generous hearts. May you be forever blessed. Our children loved your surpri...
Môreson Special School will be taking on EES' challenge by celebrating Independence with our Recycling project. EES, if ...
Special Olympic last practice session before heading to Austria #austria2017





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