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Throughout his academic journey at Westhill Institute, which began in the fifth grade, Santiago has consistently demonstrated outstanding academic performance, earning excellent grades and garnering the admiration of his teachers. He is recognized for his dedication, focus, determination, and remarkable decision-making skills.

In the 10th grade, Santiago was inducted into the National Honor Society, highlighting his exceptional academic achievements and leadership qualities.

Santiago chose to pursue a degree in Architectural Engineering, and at Westhill, he discovered an environment that offered him exceptional stimulation and growth. This nurturing environment significantly contributed to his development and readiness for university.

Congratulations, Santiago! We are incredibly proud of your achievements and wish you a future filled with continued success, exciting challenges, and numerous accomplishments.

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Our amazing students, guided by Ms. Rian, Ms. Velia, and Ms. Tania explored two crucial lines of inquiry: the interaction between economic activities and the community, and the products and services that fulfill our needs.

Step 1️⃣: Our creative minds brainstormed business ideas, crafted plans, and calculated initial costs. 💡📈

Step 2️⃣: They turned those ideas into action with a fundraiser, raising an incredible 8,000 pesos! 🎉💰

With the funds, they bought essential school supplies like notebooks, pencils, scissors, and erasers. These supplies were donated to 90 first graders at Vicente Guerrero Elementary School. 📚✏️✂️

During our visit, we had a blast joining a Grade 3 PE class and enjoying brunch with the Grade 1 students. 🏃‍♂️🥪

Huge thanks to everyone involved for making a difference in our community! 🌟❤️


After 21 wonderful years, we are saddened to announce that our beloved Ms. Susana Ramirez will be retiring at the end of this school year. Since 2003, Ms. Susana has been a cherished member of the Carpatos campus, dedicating herself to teaching Spanish to our upper elementary students.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Susana for her countless contributions to our school community and wish her all the best in her retirement.

Please share your wishes or favorite memories with Ms. Susana in the comments below.


🌟 Together, we made a difference! 🌟

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Westhill Institute community, we raised more than 25,000 Mexican Pesos to support the ONGs Patinhas da Esperança and Manas House Monte Negro in Rio Grande do Sul.

Your donations are helping those affected by the devastating floods, bringing hope and relief where needed most.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families who participated and to the PTA who helped organize the donations. We stand up for Rio Grande do Sul, united in compassion and solidarity. 💙🙏


Lluvia spent all her school years at Westhill Institute, always demonstrating dedication to her goals. She stands out in projects and activities, with well-developed public speaking skills and plenty of creativity.

Regarding her career choice, Lluvia opted to pursue Business, as she has long shown a passion for the field and excelled in the subject studied in the IB Diploma Program. She has been accepted into several prestigious universities in the United States. At Westhill, she found an environment that provided her with great stimulation in her field, which significantly contributed to her journey towards university.

For Lluvia, Westhill has facilitated her entrance to all the universities abroad due to the high level of learning and diplomas.

Congratulations, Lluvia! We wish you that your new path be filled with achievements and much success!

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From the enchanted castle to our elementary school stage, the talented 3rd graders of Carpatos brought the magic of Beauty and the Beast to life! 🌹✨
Special thanks to Ms. Mariasun for putting together such a great play!

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🌲 Bravo to the Westhill Stage Company for their incredible performance of *Into the Woods*! ✨

🌟 The hard work and dedication of our drama club truly paid off, leaving both parents and students in awe.

Our talented stars shone brightly on stage and made us proud.
Here's to many more standing ovations! 👏🎭

Photos from Westhill Institute's post 18/06/2024

Stepping behind the scenes of our magical journey into 'Into the Woods' with the incredible Ms. Liz at the helm!

Watch as Westhill Stage Company transforms the stage, bringing fairy tales to life.


Doheon entered Westhill in 10th grade and has consistently demonstrated dedication and tenacity in completing his assigned tasks. Despite the challenges posed by the rigorous IB Diploma Program, he persevered until he was on the right track and successfully submitted all assignments to a satisfactory standard.

Doheon is known for his talent in sports, his capacity for being a balanced and creative student. He chose to take Computer Game Design and go back to Korea to pursue his dream in a field he’s very passionate about. In Westhill, he found support and the environment to develop his attributes to achieve these goals.

Congratulations, Doheon! We are incredibly proud of your achievements and wish you a future filled with continued success, exciting challenges, and numerous accomplishments.


And that’s a wrap for our seniors!
🎓Class of 2024🎊


Hang joined Westhill Institute in the tenth grade and has consistently demonstrated dedication and responsibility in her activities throughout her years with us. Hang stands out in projects and presentations, with well-developed public speaking skills.

Regarding her career choice, Hang decided to explore her options in different countries. With one of the highest GPAs in her class and numerous extracurricular activities, she was accepted into three universities.

At Westhill, she found an environment that greatly stimulated her interest in her field, significantly contributing to her journey towards university.

Congratulations, Hang! We wish you a path filled with achievements and great success!

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Under the Sea Adventure!
The curious little explorers from our Kindergartens in Carpatos and Santa Fe had a splashing good time at the aquarium yesterday!

Our wide-eyed adventurers came face-to-fin with all sorts of amazing underwater creatures, from dazzling fish and playful penguins to majestic sharks and gentle sea turtles.

It was a day filled with wonder, discovery, and lots of learning about the fascinating world beneath the waves.

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Our 10th graders had an amazing field trip to Boxque Teva with Ms. Joss, their art teacher! The day was filled with mindfulness meditation, a delicious breakfast surrounded by nature, and an inspiring art jam session. ✨

Students explored the wonders of Boxque Teva, connecting with their inner selves and expressing their unique perspectives through art. Their final masterpieces were a true reflection of the beauty they experienced. ️

This trip was a perfect blend of exploration, mindfulness, creativity, and appreciation for the environment.

We can't wait to see what these talented artists create next!

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🌿🔬 Exciting times in Chapultepec! Our Collaborative Sciences Project brought together DP and CP students from physics, chemistry, biology, and ESS to tackle real-world problems through interdisciplinary research.

10th graders conducted fieldwork, collected samples, and analyzed data to answer their research questions.

This hands-on experience prepares them for the rigorous science projects in the Diploma Program. Special thanks to Ms. Yael and all our amazing DP science teachers for making this possible!

Photos from Westhill Institute's post 31/05/2024

Middle school science fair was a blast! 🌟🔬

So proud of all the amazing projects and creativity on display.
We proved that science is not just a subject, but a passion!


Christian joined Westhill Institute during the tenth grade, and throughout his years with us, he consistently demonstrated dedication and responsibility in his activities.

In his final year of High School, he achieved one of the highest GPAs in his class.
Regarding his career choice, Christian always had a clear interest, which led him to apply to Hult University after a visit from the institution to Westhill. He chose to pursue the Business Management program.

At Westhill, he found an environment that provided him with great stimulation in this area, significantly contributing to his journey towards university. He showcased remarkable abilities by completing incredible projects in the IB Business class. 👏

Congratulations, Christian Karim! 🎊🎓
We wish you a journey filled with achievements and great success!

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Celebrating the progress of our 6th to 10th-grade students in Ms. Liliana's SSL class! 🌍👗👕

In phases 1 and 2, they learned clothing vocabulary and researched traditional attire from their own country or a country of interest. Additionally, they gave oral presentations about their culture and explored the characteristics, similarities, and differences between countries, continents, history, and even beliefs in Spanish. 🌏✨

So proud to see them enrich themselves with each lesson and share their knowledge with enthusiasm!


💦 26 swimmers, 20 medals!

Our students shone bright at the "Circuito de Natación Prins" with 2 gold, 14 silver, and 4 bronze.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Exploring the rich history of Mexico City with Ms. Grissel! 🌎🇲🇽 From ancient ruins to vibrant culture, our Mexican and World History class got an unforgettable tour of the downtown area.

Gracias, Ms. Grissel!

Photos from Westhill Institute's post 24/05/2024

🚑❤️ Our PK students had an amazing opportunity to learn from the incredible Red Cross team about their vital role as Community Helpers!

In our "How We Organize Ourselves" unit, we explored how the Red Cross aids communities in times of need, providing support, safety, and hope.

Thank you for inspiring our young learners and showing them the power of compassion and organization! 🌟👐

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A huge congratulations to our amazing 10th graders who presented their Personal Projects to the community earlier today!

Your hard work, creativity, and dedication truly shone through.
We are so proud of each and every one of you! Keep reaching for the stars!

Here are some of the projects from our shining students.🚀🎉

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🎉📚 Hats off to all the amazing elementary students participating in the Math Bowl this Friday! Your hard work, dedication, and love for learning are truly inspiring. You’re all winners in our book! 🏆✨

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Our community shines brighter because of you. 🌟

Grateful for the incredible support from the PTA of Carpatos, Santa Fe, and Middle and High School on Teachers Day!


Grateful for the incredible educators shaping minds and futures every day.

Happy Teachers' Day! 📚✏️


Today, we celebrate the strength, love, and unwavering support of all mothers.
Happy Mother's Day from Westhill Institute! 💐❤

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🎉 Happy Children's Day! 🎈 Westhill Institute celebrated with a day full of joy, laughter, and special activities just for our amazing students. From fun games to creative crafts, it was a day to remember!

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Grandparents and special guests brought the magic of storytelling to our Lower School during Book Fair Week! 📚✨


Congratulations to our PK student from the Carpatos Campus for being nominated for embodying the trait of reflection! 🌟 She makes great reflections when talking about feelings and friendships.


Our Lower School Director, Ms. Sarah, and Academic Director, Mr. Ktyall, honored to attend the Republic of Bangladesh Independence and National Day. 🇧🇩

Westhill embraces diversity and celebrates unity! 🌍

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🌍 Our first WESTMUN was a global gathering of young minds, debating real-world issues and showcasing their citizenship of the world!

Huge thanks to all the participating schools for making this event a success. Here's to fostering global awareness and collaboration! 🌟

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