Youthful Malawian Writers

Youthful Malawian Writers



promising my heart i did
that giving into this nest called love my heart
i won't dare again
i mean the truth that my skull could be such intoxicated
due to my heart's drunkardness
from the drops of this juice of feelings
like a hidden treassure it remained
not at all did i dream that hard for me it will be
to let go of your image in my memory
i really felt like not again will i have a reason to smile
but your coming wrong has proved me
for just as i was about to give up
strong you made me to still stand up
yes!you've taught me what lies in that magical word
the word that has with it the power
the power that heals the wounds
wounds of a broken heart
not at all can i accept to live without you
for my everything you now are
with you complete i regard myself to be indeed for
you are all i surely need
©Poet Gilbert Tembo™
All rights reserved
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Works by Malawian youths We are here to publish literary works by the unrecognized young Malawian writer. We believe young writers are encouraged when their works are published and appreciated.

We believe that through help our blog will become a credible source of literary works

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Spoken Word Poetry Open Mic Sessions now back in Blantyre, Malawi from 31th August and it's at KwaHaraba Art Gallery located opposite Chibisa House( Nico/ Pep store) in Blantyre from 6pm-7pm.

Register with Paul Sezzie (0999797642) or Yankho Seunda (0999221298) to recite on da day. Hurry up as the place only accommodates 30 people at one go. You don't want to be left out, do you?

Like our page for more info, affordable coffee will also be available for sale.

Keep writing and let's support spoken word poetry!!

Come one, come all!


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You are officially being invited to a poetry show on the 13th December, 2014 (saturday) @ Capital City Baptist Church (Lilongwe, Area 14) in the afternoon (1:30-4:30pm). It will also be graced by music and a preaching. Entry is free. Your presence will be greatly appreciated #classtwenty6 06/11/2014

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#MayaAngelou (1928-2014) MHSRIP


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follow on twitter @YoungWriterMw 15/01/2014

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You can now inbox us your work and we will post it here formerly. Good morning.


Who will be attending Blantyre Arts Festival? We shall cover highlights here. Let's make it there to support our writers.


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Ancestral Voices

When a woman is pregnant, a hearing ritual is performed. In this ritual, elders will ask the unborn child, “Who are you? Why are you coming here? Why do you bother, this world is too messed up. What can we do to ease your journey?”
The baby takes over the mother’s voice and speaks back, “This is who I am. I am coming to help uphold the knowledge of the of the ancestors,” or, “I am coming to do this and this”. And based on that information, the elders will prepare an appropriate ritual space in which to receive the child and make sure that everything is ready here before the child is born.

After the birth, the elders make sure they surround the child with things that will help her remember and accomplish the purpose she has described. And when she reaches adolescence and goes through initiation, she has to go back to the time before she was born to remember what she said.

[Dagara, Burkina Faso West Africa]



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New poem...


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18-year old becomes youngest Malawian novelist 18-year old becomes youngest Malawian novelist





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