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Today in 3 pictures....

Some of level 2 sign language trainees in SLID T shirts

Registration currently in progress for 2024



:-As they extend their sign language courses to 6 districts and online. Elevate your communication proficiency and contribute to a more inclusive society. Secure your spot for the upcoming semester starting in January, and embark on a learning journey that transcends boundaries.

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Ready to bridge communication Gap between the Deaf and hearing people in offering sign language course.

Enroll at Sign language inclusive for development (SLID). New sign language semester starts on 13th January 2024

Registration is currently in progress

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Today SLID accompanied by the secretary of the organization Mr. Hassan Dzinjoza went to meet madam *Edina Kamoto* who is learning sign language at SLID online

Madam Kamoto is a specialist teacher at Kaufulu Primary School,Lilongwe

Mr Dzinyoza encourages Mrs kamoto on sign language and enlighten the school on how they can help children with hearing disabilities.

Mrs. Kamoto was very happy and said that she is thinking of opening deaf clubs at the school and teach deaf children sign language so that the communication should be easy.

The headmistress of this school and a Japanese volunteer whose name is Miyama Nagomi who teaches together with Mrs. kamoto were happy because of the SLID visit.


It seems that this sign language interpreter has reached the stage of interpreting tongues.

This is Mercy Valle, one of the sign language trainees who finished Sign language course this year in July from SLID at Soche technical college
Now she is able to interpret sign language professionally at Living Waters church in Chimwakhunda in the city of Blantyre. At this church there are three interpreters who studied at SLID interpreting throughout the service. Mercy is one of them.

In this video Clip, it seems like Mercy is interpreting sign language even in tongues.

The SLID teachers commented that this girl born identical twins with her sister. They also added that because these Girls are so similar, it is possible that they all attended Sign language classes baring the same name.

Mercy proved this Statement wrong because its only her who knows sign language and her sister is completely blank with this SL language. And at SLID, we agreed that to differentiate them, we always started conversation in sign language when we meet one of these twins, when she responds back in sign language, we probably know that this is our mercy from SLID. Her sister will only smile failing to respond in SL, and we know that thus her twin sister.

Besides Sign language Mercy has Degree in Meteorology and Climate Science obtained at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Mercy Valle

years of interpreting tongues to Sign language

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 17/09/2023

Success story ya Madam Dalize Adam aku SLID

Mai Dalize Adam ndi modzi Ophuzira sign ku SLID omwe ali chidwi cha sign language chopatsa Chidwitso.
Dalize adam anayamba kuphunzira sign language ku SLID chaka cha 2022 ndipo amachokera ku Phalombe kumaphunzira sign language ku SLID pa soche.
Iwo umayenda ntunda wa 121.5 km kufika pa soche omwe transport ndipafupifupi K8,000 nduek*ti go and back ndi K16,000,

Chidwi cha mayiwa pa sign language komanso kwa anthu omwe ali ndi umali osanva ndichachikulu kwambir. Chidwichi chinaonekera nthawi imene anayamba kuphunzira sign language.

Iwo atayamba ku SLID anayamba kusakasaka anthu aulumali a ku chilinga k*ti azicheza nawo, ndik*ti luso lawo lachinenelo cha manja lizipita patsogolo….

Nde ataona k*ti a deaf ena saziwa sign language anasokhanitsa a deaf ku chilinga ndikuwalumikiza ku slid k*ti mwina slid apangepo kathu, Kudzera Mwa Dalize SLID inapita kuchilinga ndikukhazikitsa gulu la anthu adeaf k*t aziwaphuzitsa ma sign mwa ulele…

SLID inatenga asogoleri aguluwa kuwatuiza ku Blantyre k*ti akapatse training ya sign language k*ti aziwaphunzitsa anzao…

Komanso SLID inakwanitsa k*tenga modzi mwa adeaf akuphalombewa kumutumiza ku sukulu, kukaphunzira ntchizo ya manja Utelala ku Malindi boma la mangochi.

Kuphatikizira apo Madam Dalize anakwanitsa kumema azao ochuluka kuzaphunzira sign language ku SLID ndipo SLID inapereka T shirt kwa madama ngat njira imodzi yowathokozera.

Madam Dalize adam ndi ophunzira pa Catholic University omwe apanga special needs

Kuzera mwa iweo-

1. Branch ya anthu a ulumali osava okha okha ya SLID ku chilinga inasegulidwa
2. Rachel anatumizdwa ku Malindi kukaphunzira tailoring
3. Anthu a ulumali anapatsidwa office
4. Anthu aulumali osava anayamba ulimi wazakumunda chichithandizo chochokera ku SLId
5. Anthu opitilra 5 anayamba kuphunzira ku SLID

Mawu omwe makonda kulakhula madam Dalize ndi ak*ti "VIVA SLID…"

Nde SLID ik*tinso "VIVA madam Dalize Adam!!!

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 21/08/2023


Today's story is About Mr Sky Fakalaza a primary teacher.

Sky Fakalaza is one of the Level 3 Sign Language student at Soche Technical College in Blantyre, who started last year 2022 in January. He come from Chikwawa to learn Sign language at SLID, at the soche technical collage in Blantyre
he works as a primary teacher at Kalima Primary, Bereu Zone in district of Chikwawa.

Mr. Sky decided to start sign language course at SLID in order to deepen his skills in sign language. that time he was just a graduate of the special needs education at Montfort college..

Sign language capacity of Mr fakalaza began to improve while he was in level 2. Just because he is a primary teacher SKY fakalaza managed to open sign language clubs at Kalima and Bwabwali primary school ,bereu zone.

The interesting part is that, all schools where these sign language clubs are, more especially those students who fully participating in these clubs passed during exams with good grades and hearing students are also helping deaf students through sign language.

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 12/08/2023

Ma T shirts aja agawidwa ndipo atsala ena oti yemwe angakwanitsebe kuitana anzaono 4 akhala akulandilabe....
# malire kumayambiro kwa mwezi wa mawa kugawa ma T shirt wa


🔉 *Special announcement

Tomorrow SLID will distribute t-shirts and some gifts to those students who managed to invite up to 5 friends to learn sign language from SLID Based on what we promised

And SLID also promise to distribute various gifts until the end of this month depending on those who will manage to invite up to 5 friends to learn sign from SLID at all our centers including online,

This ceremony will be at soche technical college

*SLID-bridging communication gap between the deaf and hearing people*


OLD MUTUAL trusted us to train their staff on sign language so that they could be able to communicate with deaf people when they want to deliver their services

You can also call us as a company or organization to train you at your workplace....


Mr Isaac Msuku

The executive Director of SLID


It's not Too late

Join your friends to bridge communication gap between the deaf and hearing people by learning sign language from SLID

Picture showing level 1 students at lunchenza And three SLID officials


Mamie aja awulura komwe amaphunzura sign language...
Follow the details on that poster and join your friends....


Sign language everywhere


The anticipated day of sign language is today

New semester will start at exactly 1:00pm

Blantyre at soche technical college
Lilongwe at Mwenyekondo primary
Zomba at zomba CCAP primary
Thyolo at Lunchenza primary
Phalombe at Nazombe primary


Muzaese kupanga interpret kunja kukuzila chonchi, pamenepo pomwe muzaziwe k*t ma course ndi onse koma sign language ndi bwenzi losaona nyengo

Learn sign language from SLID and thank me later
New semester, 15th July


The Flames ikapitiza khalidwe lomawinali
Tizatumiza ma interpreter athu k*ti azapanga interpret sign language amekanenela pomenya mpira...

Ma graduate a sign language pa SLID get ready tikaonetso kumeneku

Congratulations Malawi football national team the flames


Congratulations to flames....


Onetsan love pa sign language pophunzira ku SLID semester ikuyamba pa 15 July pa

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 08/07/2023

A day like today and tomorrow from 1pm to 4pm every week people agreed to meet in Blantyre, Lilongwe and zomba to learn sign language as a course from SLID while others are waiting to start gathering in Phalombe and thyolo from 15 July as the new semester commence

if your issue is concerning sign language, then SLID is the your profound solution. Enroll with us


Watch this documentary


Happy Independence day

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 27/06/2023

Apart from the fact that SLID is producing more sign language interpreters in Malawi, it has also decided to open another school that teaches sign language to children with hearing disabilities, as well as parents who have children with hearing disabilities. At this place sign language is free of charge, because we believe that those students cannot afford to pay us, hence the school is located in rural area and people are having challenges when it comes to communicating with Deaf people so We decided to bridge the gap.

The school is located in the city of Blantyre in Manja, T/A Nsomba at Mpapa primary. The school operates on weekends. on top of that student from this school receives free meal.
SLID, Bridging communication Gap between the deaf and hearing people…


Tione k*ti bundle ulendo uno akuwina ndani, tiyen nazoni ndi imenei video ija


Tomorrow morning we will post a sign language video... So get ready to interpret and win weekly bundle


List five signs that start with finger spell letter "p"

Photos from Sign Language Inclusive for Development - SLID's post 08/06/2023

Anthu omwe awina ma bundle ku SLID ndi amuna okhaokha wa..

Atsikana tilipati, tikubisala pati?

Kapena tizifunsa bwanji k*ti anthu aakazi nso aziwina nao..


Our winner this time is siwinda Emmanuel, inbox us to get your bundle


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