Hinduism Class - Mauritius

Hinduism Class - Mauritius


Life can be fast or slow, happy or sad, exciting or dull but the safety of life and your sense of dignity must not be compromised. Only a warrior spirit can keep up its dignity and can safeguard himself/herself and the others.
With the grace of His Holiness, Mahasiddha Ishaputra, the team of International Kaulantak Siddha Vidya Peeth is grateful to announce the 2-days, online Kartikeya Sadhna Camp.
Get the seed of the Sadhna of the greatest warrior, of the Deva- Senapati (Commander of army of the Devatas), Shri Kartikeya
Dates: 29th Sep and 30th Sep, 2021
Contact - 8080745742
Om Shri Priya- Ramapati Ishaputraya Namah!
Om Sam Siddhaya Namah!
Om Shri Gurumandalaya Namah!
Namo Adesh!
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Every teacher and student of history should know that

Indian epics (Itihasa and Puranas) mainly describe the events of times before Kaliyuga, i.e before historic time period. But a significant part describes the events of Kaliyuga, i.e. historic time period.

In fact the founders of Indology determined the dates of the events of ancient Indian history from the scriptures.

To know what is really written, but not to write in any examination;

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Key Model Essays for SC and HSC Candidates.

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Tuition for Hinduism
By Dr Arty Rambharush/Experienced Educator

for Grade 10
SC/Advanced A level
Subsidiary level
HSC level
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Be the best teacher

Don't try to be perfect, just be you.



"There's no one way to be a great teacher. You are enough."

[07/18/18]   Time is a special deity who rewards everyone who makes her proper use!To all students pls make a proper use of ur time.

[06/09/18]   Respect!

[01/18/18]   This guide is available at Babylon, frienship and Nalanda bookshop _ Model essays for SC & HSC


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[06/07/17]   However hard life may be but never give up. In every pain there is a lesson which is unremarkable in moment of joy . Be a fighter by surrendering to the path of dharma.

[04/06/17]   A belief which has ethics, moral n virtues must be accepted but reject all which consist of inhuman act through thougth, words n action

[03/29/17]   Happy ugadi everyone. If everyone cares for his family the world will have the best families . Just be humane!

[03/06/17]   Ignorant people misuse technology but the wise respect it as a great mind of God . However, those who make a wrong use of it certainly got a terrible lost in life.

[01/17/17]   Am really proud of all my students who brilliantly pass their hinduism paper. But don't forget at the end of your examination your examination of life start and your ways of living will reflect ur result!

[12/23/16]   Christmas is a message to all that love is the strongest key to open the world of happiness for u! To be happy we need to give happiness to others- our parents, our friends, our teachers and to the vulnerable . Wish u all a happy Christmas!

[12/20/16]   Hi everyone my books and CD will be available at Water front 'salon des artists' on Thursday please visit for any queries. U r all welcome

[06/12/16]   ' A wise person is self- satisfied of what he is and what he has. He respects the quota that God has left for him and more craving does not form part of his life'- Isa upanishad-

[04/26/16]   Love is the highest principle of living and the solution of all problems!

[03/24/16]   wish u all a happy holi and do learn from this festival how to bright ur life n the life of others through ur colorful personality.

[02/27/16]   life is wonderful and we have solution for all our problems but we need to share them with those who will listen to us! So be brave!


[01/19/16]   Hard work has brought happiness in your life. But don't forget at the end of your examination, your examination of life start and your way of living will reflect your academic excellence.

[01/18/16]   To all students- Please be brave to face this life and ur existence.Best of luck to everyone but remember failure in examination does not mean failure in life. U can do marvelous thing just find it out!

[01/10/16]   Man has learn to fly like a bird, man has learn to swim like a fish but man has not yet learn to walk like a man! Please ponder on this great thought!

[01/03/16]   Please apply 'vasudevam kutumbakam'- The world is one family! If every one cares for his family then the world will really become a family . So love God and His creation by loving all. New year is the moment where we need to bring new resolution in ur life n a change in ur way of doings thing to contribute happiness for all.


Hinduism Class - Mauritius





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