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Any student who could not start courses for these papers in January can now seize this opportunity to join now for September Exams 2021.
More details, contact us on 58903016.
Kids Face Mask now available 3 ply in multiple designs. Easy to use and breathable suitable for kids whilst offering protection needed. Contact us today on 58000585 or 58802727. Brand New. Limited Stock.
It was a great pleasure working with you students and staff of FLSSS.Will miss you a lot.
I wish you a good health, lots off happiness and good luck for your future!

From Mr Zaheer Goburdhun
Physics Educator
You want to become an Accountant.
Start your Acca with Param Kumar.

More details: 57650973, 58903016(whatapp)
Subject DAY TIME
AB/F1 SATURDAY 08.45-10.45
MA/F2 SUNDAY 11.00-13.00
FA/F3 SATURDAY 15.30-17.30

Booking on: 57650973, 58903016 Email: [email protected]
Sports Day 2019
Women's Day celebration at Floreal SSS.
The beauty you see in yourself is a reflection of a woman that is your mother.
Grab your chance for a career in hotels and cruiselines now!

Contact us on 58221205


Want to join the hotel industry (hotels and cruise) for an adventurous career and life full of prospects?
Your chance is now!

We are offering the below courses (all MQA Approved):

1 - Basic Housekeeping
2 - Basic Food and Beverage Service
3 - Basic Front Office Operations
4 - Basic Food Production
5 - Basic Pastry

Plus we are offering a range of other courses in IT and Language.

Choosing us also give you an opportunity to get a local or international job after completion of course.

Contact us for more details on 58221205 (Whatsapp available).

Grab your chance for a career in hotels and cruiselines now!

Contact us on 58221205

Ou fini college et ou envi voyage le monde?
Ensam nu fer zot reve vin realiter!

Contactez nous sur le 58221205

Ou fini college et ou envi voyage le monde?
Ensam nu fer zot reve vin realiter!

Contactez nous sur le 58221205


Want to join the hotel industry (hotels and cruise) for an adventurous career and life full of prospects?
Your chance is now!

We are offering the below courses (all MQA Approved):

1 - Basic Housekeeping
2 - Basic Food and Beverage Service
3 - Basic Front Office Operations
4 - Basic Food Production
5 - Basic Pastry

Plus we are offering a range of other courses in IT and Language.

Choosing us also give you an opportunity to get a local or international job after completion of course.

Contact us for more details on 58221205 (Whatsapp available).


This is our official page where there will be all information about the school and the school activi Good administration , level of achievements and about 750 students.

Normally , floreal sss accepts students with grades 20 or higher at Cpe level.

Operating as usual

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 14/06/2021

New student....

It was indeed a great pleasure for us to welcome our new boys to the family of FLOREAL SSS today.

All sanitary precautions, likewise social distancing, wearing of masks, temperature check and hand sanitisers were observed.
Everything was done in a smooth and pleasant way.

In class, teachers explained them all the procedures regarding timetable, discipline, etc.

Big thanks to our prefects;
Sawar, Vice Head boy 2019
Chengadoo, Current Head Boy
Dhunputh, Present Vice Head Boy
Sawmy, Prefect

[06/10/21]   The price of success is hardwork.

“You have the creativity and determination to do whatever you can dream. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge.”

Warmest congratulations to the family of Floreal SSS, to our dear students who had promoted to Academy schools and to all who passed the National Certificate of Education(NCE) with flying colours.

Best wishes for your next adventure!”


Article dans le journal par notre très cher élève Collard Jefferson de grade 11.

Jefferson Yoyo

Article dans le journal par notre très cher élève Collard Jefferson de grade 11.

Jefferson Yoyo

[04/11/21]   A message to all G11 and G13 students who will be taking exams as from tomorrow.

These times are difficult and risky.
But you are adult enough to understand that a lot depends on you
Take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe from any infection.
Observe all health precautions ...make sure you have an additional mask on you...sanitise your hands regularly and observe social distanciation

I wish you all the best for your exams
Keep in mind all that you have learnt will be assessed and nothing else.
May God protect you and your family

Looking forward to meet you soon
God bless you all

From Rector

[03/29/21]   Mes chers élèves de Floreal SSS

Les examens de la Grade 9 se tiendront à partir de demain

Quelques conseils pratiques
1. Dormez tôt pour vous reveiller de bonne heure.

2. Prenez un bon petit déjeuner.

3. Préparez vous en vérifiant que vous ayez tout pris....plumes, crayons, règles etc....

4. MASQUE 😷 (ayez toujours un en reserve)


6. De l'eau et votre déjeuner.

7. Portez bien l'uniforme de l'école et soyez en fier.

8. Soyez à l'heure à l'arrêt d'autobus.

9. Respecter la distanciation sociale.

Lisez bien les instructions et travaillez bien

Je prie pour vous et vous souhaite bonne chance pour ces examens.

Portez vous bien.

À très bientôt


Poem and song

Independence day poem in 3 languages on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.

Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly.

Yellow the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.

Green represent tranquility, good luck, health and comprehension.

ꫝꪖᩏᩏꪗ ỉ᭢ᦔꫀᩏꫀ᭢ᦔꫀ᭢ᨶꫀ ᦔꪖꪗ

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 08/03/2021

Women's day celebrated in 2019
2020: No school
2021: No school

🌹🌹Femme. 🌹🌹

Ce n’est pas la chanson de l’année, mais la chanson annuelle!

On n’est pas femme qu’un jour, que le 8 mars. La femme a été créée au Paradis pour le bien-être de l’homme. Elle n’est pas qu’épouse, que maman, que sœur, comme on le dit presque mécaniquement. Elle est un monument, une école, une institution, une protectrice inégalable. Elle est la mère de l’humanité! Elle est tout, en fait.

Sans la femme l’homme sera sans bonheur.

𝒥𝑜𝓎𝑒𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝒿𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓃é𝑒 𝒹𝑒 𝓁𝒶 𝒻𝑒𝓂𝓂𝑒

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 26/02/2021

Farewell Grade 13 (part 2)
Beautiful cards were given to teachers.

" This decade, we will be completing our studies, getting settled, getting married hopefully, but, the most heartbreaking out of all, we will be losing our favourite persons and friends.
This year will be our last year, here, at the paradise Floreal SSS. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you" Rizwaaan Chuttur

[02/26/21]   Speech,

Good morning to you all
The ineffability I experienced trying to put into words my gratitude towards Floreal SSS made me realise that, far from being no but a school, it meant so much more to my eyes. My vanilla imagination could howbeit derive of it nothing more explicit than a ship, its crew a family bounded by the matrimony between love and respect weaving its way with one accord through waves and storms to reach its goals. My first escapade being the relieving epiphany that I was what it takes to be part of this unequalled crew, the daring abandon of my past primary idiosyncrasies and the initial overarching struggle of adaptability, eventually stifled by Floreal SSS hospitality, wrapped up the trifecta and swayed me into this quixotic realm. Yet, here I was in the midst of this so-called ship, feeling lost in the middle of the ocean barren of any clue as to where it would take me. Still, I was not scared. Deep inside I knew that around me was an unparalleled crew ready to guide us through the waves ahead. Floreal SSS became my catharsis and although esoteric to the pococurante and humdrum geezer amongst others hold myriad stories; some of which fun, others not as much, but all of which sempiternally engraved in our hearts. Along the journey, bona fide friendships were made; friends who added lustre to the otherwise dark student life. Friends that I know for a fact will last a lifetime for they know way too much... We all embarked on this journey, timorous and scared but filled with zeal, and indeed we all eventually reached terra firma. After all, such is the Midas touch of Floreal SSS, that everyone it touches turns into “gold”. The inescapable aphorism, though, is that the inevitability of change is destined to be a universal constant. Today signifies the prelude of a new chapter in the Delphic book of life. The past chapters were thrilling, entertaining to say the least but the suspense cannot keep going for aye and whether we want it or not, we will all one day be the victim of the inexorable march of our stories compelled to finally unravel the mysteries that lie ahead. Let’s not however forget the chasm that sets us apart which is the inalienable honour of being a warrior and let’s fight with gusto and vehemence to keep our beloved ship going for eternity. To a happy ending; goodbye. To new beginnings; hello.

Rungiah Tirouvalen
Floreal SSS 2013-2021

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 25/02/2021

Une initiative qui a été prise par les élèves de Grade 13 pour, premièrement, se réunir, les très chers élèves et les merveilleux profs, pour lever nos verres en papier avec des amuse-gueules et pour dire un au revoir/ adieu à Floreal SSS.

On a appris à connaître des personnes extraordinaires dans cette école. Une pensée speciale à Mme Sitana, Mme Appadoo et Mme Pitheea que nous connaissons depuis la grade 7. Comme Mme Sitanna a dit lors de son discours à l'occasion de la"Célébration de l'amour" 《Floreal SSS is the temple of love》 Nous préservons cet amour en gardant de bons liens surtout le respect que nous avons pour nos professeurs.

Certainement, les profs sont des lumières qui brillent sur le chemin des élèves. On doit préserver et respecter cette luminosité.

Joli discours par Mme la rectrice, Mme Bakurally, Mme Lajoie et Mons Rajiv Boodhoo.

Dresser la table et décoration: Ms Burgaloo

Nos élèves, plus précisement, Chuttur, Goinden, Chengadoo, Bhuttoo et Halooman ont exprimé leur sentiment avec des mots qui soient gravés en lettres d'or.

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 23/02/2021

Sweet weather, Why not a football match?

Staff vs Students (Grade 9)

#11 Players, 1 Heartbeat.

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 19/02/2021

Another premier at Floreal SSS,

We are trying to be more eco-friendly, trying to reduce amount of papers and promote the use of online platforms in a more sensible way.

Whatsapp groups for Grade 7, 8, 10 and 12 had been created to share exams time table and other important messages.

"Dear students
This is something new to FLSSS
Let's work towards saving the planet
Let's have..as far as possible...a paper free school
Welcome on board.

Your time table has been sent to you
Let me wish you all all the best in your revision and work well for the exams" [Message from Rector, Mrs Jhummun]

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 16/02/2021

Farewell Match
Staff vs Students (Grade 13)
Score: 3-2

Weather: Cloudy and drizzle

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 11/02/2021

" Floreal SSS is the Temple of Love" Mrs Sitanna.
Celebrating Love and Respect
We captured exquisite moments today.
A great success.

Program of the day:
National Anthem
School Prayer
Rector's sweet, beautiful, full of compassion and kindness message
Mrs Ramsoondur's golden talk
Chief Guest, Mrs Sitanna, exceptional, extraordinary speech
Sega by our lovely singer Miss Robette

Poem and Singing Final round on theme LOVE.
(Poem was an original piece from each participant)

Song, Flute recital, tamil song/dance and many more by our talentend boys and the Music department.

What an amazing day of informal learning!!!!

Photos from Floreal State Secondary School's post 02/02/2021

Ducere Foundation African Children's Stories.
The writing of our student, SAWAR.N, published in it.
"Education is an enlightening experience"



Some achievements at school.
Mural paintings and many more...

Special Thanks to the Rector &
Ms Narsiah and her students(Art department)


What an amazing day!!!

Our students got the chance to show their hidden talents. Those activities certainly help the students in many ways.
Program of the day:
Reading competition
Essay competition
Drawing competition
Singing competition
Poem/Slam competition
Cleaning competition

At last Prize Giving

》Thanks a bunch to the rector.
》A huge thanks to the Jury panel for their incredible job.


"La reine de Floreal SSS, non non,
La maman de Floreal SSS..."


2nd edition Senior Citizens Program

Benevolent club Floreal SSS.

[11/21/20]   Amazing Sketch "Grand dimune ti p dir" by Kaushal Vencanah, Jowaheer Taresh, Girish Dindyal, Alfred Joshua(papa), Rawoteea Ryan(dada) under the supervision and guidance of the awesome Mrs Appadoo. Director and Producer was Sawar the former VHB.

Outstanding performance by our student Ramdoo.




1st Edition SeniorCitizens program.

Benevolent Club Floreal SSS in collaboration with Floreal Women Centre.



"Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are:
Darkness, Light, Solidity and Colour,
Form and Position,
Distance and Propinquity(proximity),
Motion and Rest." Leonardo da Vinci

"Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso




Career Forum.

We had the great pleasure to organise such a forum for our students of Grade 9.

They got to explore more about different subjects in order to get a better idea what's awaiting in SC.

The program was conducted by senior students and teachers.

Biology - Collard (G11)
Chemistry - Soyfoo (G13)
Physics - Basenoo, Dabee (G12)
Economics - Mootoocarpen, Hurnarain, Khedoo, Chadee (G12)
Accounts - Jaulim, Bonomally, Dhunoo (G12)
Business - Buljhoo, Ponnapa Naiken (G12)
Sociology - Dhunputh (G12) and Ms Nuchadee
Literature - Sawar(G13), Ms Ramputty, Mrs Bankur, Ms Bhugaloo
Design and Tech/ Design and Comm - Amasee, Teeluck, Sk Heerah, Khodabux (G12)
Computer Science - Ramnauth, Neermul (G12)
Travel and Tourism - Poorcelan, Jughroo, Beehary (G12)


The Parliamentarians.

[10/18/20]   A glimpse of the FL SSS Youth Parliament.


FL SSS YOUTH PARLIAMEMT organised on the 2nd of October 2020 where our students were in the shoes of PM, Speaker, Leader of Opposition and other members of the Parliament.

Different stages of the Progam:
3. PNQ

Last part a celebration to honour our gurus. Teachers day.


Retirement parties for our most amazing, awesome, awe-inspiring person.
The outstanding, elegant, energetic, amiable, understanding, generous, kind and the best we've ever met. And she is our Senior Educator Mrs Sitanna.

No one can say goodbye to someone like you, because you'll forever be in our hearts.

Thank you for your wisdom and kindness over all these years.

May your life in retirement be filled with joy and happiness.
Happy Retirement!!!


Our paradise Island is on the brink of an environmental catastrophe.
To prevent the slick of black oil that is also visible from space, our sudents, teachers, rector, all of us have joined hands to make absorbent barriers of straw stuffed into fabric sacks in an attempt to contain and absord the oil.

We've got a total of 4 barriers of straw.

May our briny water be back diamond-like.
Awe-inspiring waves, breath-taking beauty, foamy waters and the deep blues in particular the southeast coast, we're eager to see you.

Hats off to you boys and Bravo to all those who are helping in this alarming ecological crisis.

Cheers to our Floreal Family: students, staff and our amazing rector.

5plus.mu 22/07/2020

Son fils Rahul, 19 ans, meurt en plein match de foot - Hema Ramluckhun : «Notre famille est en état de choc» | 5-Plus Dimanche

Late Rahul Ramluckhun
Our dear student.
Rest in peace

5plus.mu Il était un fils attentionné. Un enfant soucieux des autres membres de sa famille.


De nouvelles infrastructures à l'école.


Shocking news.
Our sincere condolences to Ramlukhun Family.
A very nice, amazing, talented boy of Grade 13 passed away today.You will always be remembered and missed...a real tragedy.
Rest in peace.



Category Benjamin
3rd place: Neveu William (Grade 7)

1st place(Winner): Motee Emmanuel (Grade 7)



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Floreal boys...


Floréal SSS Boys: quand les élèves de Grade 7 découvrent leur nouvelle école


Ce lundi 13 janvier, plusieurs élèves ont découvert leur nouvelles classes en Grade 7. En ce premier jour d’école, ils découvrent leurs responsables pour l’a...

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Poem and song





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