BAA Training Aviation Academy

BAA Training Aviation Academy


We are hiring… An octopus! Ok, jokes aside. We are looking for a motivated and ambitious Office Administrator to join our international team of aviation professionals at BAA Training!

You will be working in contemporary and convenient office space in a new and growing AEROCITY area (yes, it’s the one where the aircraft has “landed “just inside the building!), coordinating daily office activities and operations.

We hope you like to be among people and make their life easier by inquiring, booking, organizing, calling and smiling (the verbs could go on and on).

Apart from the fixed salary, you’ll get a bunch of benefits and a clear career progression plan.
Apply here ->
We’re waiting for your resume (checking the inbox every minute! 😁)

Each airline seeks to hire the best and most experienced pilots, and it is not easy to stay competitive when you’re still a student. If you have not started your Type Rating yet, cooperation with BAA Training can play a vital role!

We are ready to schedule an actual interview with a real airline for you if your studying performance is satisfactory! Questions? We bet you have many, so we’ve prepared some of the answers for you right away!

One more Full Flight Simulator (FFS) upgraded with the recent Airbus Std. 2.0, Airbus A320ceo/neo, has passed final acceptance tests and Initial Evaluation and is now fully declared “Ready For Training” (RFT) at BAA Training Spain in Barcelona.

Two ceo engines of this full compartment replica were approved previously and two neo engine types have been given the green light now.

The simulator will support training for commercial airlines and individual self-sponsored pilots and keep them competitive in the market.

And 12 points go to... Ok, kidding. But the post is about the winners, indeed!!! Thank you to those for have taken the time to visit us at Pilot Expo 2022 in Berlin, and CONGRATS to those who were lucky enough to win BAA Training prizes! The lucky winners are:
> Boeing 737 full-flight simulator flight in Spain or Lithuania (worth over 200 euros) - Tzannetos Alexakos!
> Student Candidate Assessment at BAA Training (worth over 200 euros) - Joakim Karlsson!
> A backpack winner is Phillip Jakubowski!
> A jumper goes to Francesca Dalmaso!
If you haven't won a prize, don't get upset! Instead, we're ready to devote our time and energy to you if you find the pilot training topic interesting!
* Important note for the winners: we will contact you personally and agree on how you will get your prize.
Today is THE day! The Pilot Expo has started, and our BAA Training Aviation Academy team, with our student Pilot Jonathan, have already rolled up their sleeves and are looking forward to meeting information-hungry visitors!

Come to our booth number A16A today or tomorrow (or both days!), and we promise we'll tell you every single detail about why you should choose us for your pilot training! Need more arguments? You'll be able to win generous prizes there:

- Student Candidate Assessment at BAA Training (worth over 200 euros)
- Boeing 737 full flight simulator flight in Spain or Lithuania (worth over 200 euros)
- a backpack or
- a jumper!

See you there, guys! And happy Friday!

Suppose you have finished PPL and want to continue your aviation path by taking ATPL Integrated. In that case, you will get special conditions at BAA Training, such as a discount from the original package price and a reduction of the VFR training part.

We've got ATPL training sets for any taste and need:! You're welcome to check and text us if you have questions!

When you are a pilot and aviation has been accompanying you day-to-day since God knows when… You may find some of the questions about the pilot profession simply… Weird. But Abdelrahman Mowafi, a Flight Instructor at BAA Training Aviation Academy and First Officer at DAT, believes there are no „stupid“ questions! Read the questions and answers article below!

Countdown: 2 days left!

On 6-7 May, BAA Training is waiting for you at Pilot Expo in Berlin, Germany! If there is a place on earth where you can learn everything about aviation and the pilot profession, it's BAA Training! More precisely - booth number A16A! Students, pilots, future pilots, aviation enthusiasts and information seekers are welcome!

Click on this link to register ->!

P.s. Screenshot this message so that you don't lose it! :)))

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve hosted an Open Door Day at BAA Training Spain after a long break! We say a huge thank you to those who attended! Hopefully, the event was informative and helped you learn more about our training centre and studying options there!

The luckiest attendee won a full flight simulator fun flight and used the opportunity to enjoy it during the event!

We’ll be more than happy to meet and greet you at other events we plan for the future! in Germany is the soonest one where we encourage you to meet us face-to-face! BAA Training booth number is A16A, and you’re very welcome there on 6-7 of May. :)

Are First Officers allowed to disagree with Captains? Is turbulence nothing to worry about? Do pilots have enough rest? Find out the answers to these and more weird questions in the article below! Our Flight and Ground School Instructor Vladimir is happy to share his point of view. :)

On May 6-7, 2022, BAA Training takes part in Europe's largest annual event in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to flight crew recruitment and training – Pilot Expo. We invite young dreamers and aspiring future pilots to explore our numerous training opportunities. It's a great chance to meet in person, ask essential questions and get the latest updates on the aviation industry.

Click on the link below and fill our the registration form to book a time slot for your individual consultation!

We've also prepared something special for you! Randomly chosen attendees will receive some gifts from us! Win a Student Candidate Assessment at BAA Training, a Boeing 737 full flight simulator flight in Spain or Lithuania (both worth over 200 eur), a backpack or a jumper!

Take your chance to win, take your chance to start/scale up your aviation career!

Did you know pilots are trained to prevent upsets and recover from unexpected situations? Advanced UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) has been mandatory for all pilots starting their first Type Rating since the 20th of December 2019. It enhances their psychological readiness for the upset conditions.

Check the video below where our student Leonardo Bianchi undergoes this training! Well done, Leonardo!

More about UPRT here:
Our initial training offers:
Our Type Rating offers:

BAA Training is one of the leading independent aviation training providers in Europe expanding globally. We are here to help you to build your successful future in the aviation world!

BAA Training is one of the leading independent aviation training providers in Europe, expanding globally. BAA Training is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, a leading aerospace services group with almost 100 offices and production facilities worldwide. Headquartered in Lithuania, BAA Training also operates simulator training centres in Spain, Vietnam, China and will open a new training centr

Operating as usual


We are excited to welcome a new Private Pilot group to Virtual BAA Training classes! Studying online via a dedicated virtual classroom guarantees the same high quality you could otherwise get at our training center. After completing the theory online, pilots will learn to operate a single-engine aircraft in our flight base at Lleida-Alguaire airport in Spain. In addition, in November, a new ATPL Virtual group will start.

Interested to find out more about the virtual training possibility? Click here -> or text us directly!

Photos from BAA Training Aviation Academy's post 22/09/2022

We at BAA Training love live events where we can talk to our potential students in person since it is much easier to build a rapport with each other!

On September 17, 2022, we met many knowledge-hungry people at Pilot Careers Live Madrid who were wondering what it's like to study aviation at BAA Training, so we gladly shared our experience and insights with them!

We will keep you posted on the following events and exhibitions we plan to join so you can come and chat with us face-to-face! Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact us for any pilot training queries you may have.

Open Door Day at Pilot Training Centre BAA Training Lithuania 21/09/2022

Open Door Day at Pilot Training Centre BAA Training Lithuania

Being an airline pilot is probably one of the best jobs in the world. And no, we are not being subjective. Just imagine yourself flying passengers to destinations around the globe and having a breathtaking office above the clouds!

Attend an Open Door Day at our training center, BAA Training, in Vilnius, Lithuania and learn more about our airline cadet programs with a job guarantee (a guarantee is better than a promise, isn't it?)!

When? October 18, 2022
What time? 11 a.m. GMT+2
Where? BAA Training, Dariaus ir Gireno st. 21, Vilnius 02189, Lithuania

Registration link -> !

Open Door Day at Pilot Training Centre BAA Training Lithuania Airlines cadet programs with Job Guarantee.

Photos from BAA Training Aviation Academy's post 16/09/2022

We were excited to welcome aspiring pilots and their families during an Open Door Day at BAA Training Spain in Barcelona. Thanks for your participation.

During this event, participants were able to learn about the process of becoming a pilot, different programs, which are available, as well as get a glimpse of a pilot's life. Those in attendance got an exclusive tour around BAA Training Spain facilities, full flight simulators, virtual reality based training equipment and other state-of-art pilot training technologies.

If you have missed our latest event, do not worry, next one is coming soon. The earliest chance to meet BAA Training is at the in Madrid, Spain on 17th September. Looking forward to meeting all those interested in becoming an airline pilot!


Attention and pilot license holders! Plan your license proficiency check wisely. If you plan to keep your rating valid or wish to renew it we have an attractive offer for you.

Reserve your training up to 4 weeks in advance and get a hefty 30% discount. Planning in advance has its' perks.

Find more:


On September 17th, 2022, BAA Training takes part in Europe’s leading flight training event in Madrid, Spain – Pilot Careers Live. We invite young dreamers and aspiring future pilots to explore our numerous training opportunities.

Attending to this event you can:

* discover everything a career in aviation entails

* find out about training options, fees and requirements

* meet and get advice from former students and pro pilots

* enjoy engaging, essential seminars and talks

Come and meet us in person, ask essential questions and get the latest updates and offers for our training programs.


Who is teaching in BAA Training?

Let’s meet our instructors.

Instructor: José Dias (Portugal)
Subject: Meteorology

“Can’t even remember when my passion for aviation started. One event, though, I have vividly in my mind: my first solo flight in this beautiful Piper PA-18-150 in August 1980. I was nineteen years old.

The following year I joined the Portuguese Air Force as an operational meteorology forecaster. Since then, aeronautical meteorology has been my professional life and the link with many aspects of aviation (commercial and otherwise). Since 1987, I have been instructing a multiplicity of students: from pilots to air traffic controllers and meteorologists, in the Air Force and around, on the mysteries of weather.

Now that I am retired, what I like the most is to pass along my experience, help and motivate my students to achieve their dreams.”

Students’ feedback about the instructor:

Roberto Gallorini: “Jose was one of the best (if not the best) instructors our group had during our ground school. He has a lot of passion for meteorology, and he proves that while teaching, he has a lot of experience and makes you feel comfortable while explaining. He was always available for us for every kind of question we had and always provided material to study. Ultimately, I would say he is a model for the perfect instructor!”

Christopher Nagel: “I’d say Jose was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. His vast knowledge, experience and desire to help us excel elevated the lectures far above any expectations. No matter how complex a question or topic, Jose could answer with the needed mix of detail and simplicity. Even at night, he would answer our e-mails. If I wrote him today, I would still get a response within hours. Simply put, a perfect instructor! “

Would you like to become a Flight Instructor? Contact us and we’ll help you accomplish it:


Who is studying at BAA Training?
Let’s meet our students!

Leonid Aslanyan (Armenia)

1. Why have you decided to become a pilot?
I want to start with a fascinating story of my life. The first time when I entered a plane to fly abroad, I was very interested in how airplanes work. So, I asked my mother to tell me about the aircraft. I was looking at the airplane’s wings, flaps, spoilers and ailerons, and at that moment, I was amazed how science could reach that level. Since then, I have decided to be a part of that science. While I was growing, my dream was growing with me. I was determined to combine my pleasure with a job, so I chose to become a pilot.

2. Are you the first pilot in your family?
Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am the first future pilot in my family. Being the first pilot in the family is not easy because no one can give me good advice and guide me in the right direction. But I think it also has good sides. For instance, I will be the first aviator in my family, and I hope my next generations will continue pilot’s career.

3. What has been your most memorable experience in Ground School?
I had many memorable experiences. The most emotional experience was when I practiced on the A320 simulator at BAA Training for the first time. At that moment, I felt the physic of the aircraft and how it feels when flying. My following cool experiences were excursion to the ATS center, FL Technics, communication with instructors and the entire learning process.

4. What does success look like in a pilot’s job for you?
For me, success in this career is to become a professional pilot and work in a good company with friendly colleagues and have the opportunity to serve people who need to fly from one place to another safely.

5. Your goal flight as a pilot from/to?
My goal flight is from my hometown Yerevan (where my dream was born) to Vilnius, where I did my initial steps as a future pilot.


Do you have a dream to become a pilot? Are you looking for a rewarding career with a leading airlines? Grab an opportunity to learn more about airline cadet programs with a job interview guarantee. Attend an Open Door Day at our training center, BAA Training Spain, in Barcelona and check if you like the available training programs and the overall environment!

When? September 15, 2022
What time? 6 p.m. GMT+2

Where? BAA Training Spain, Carrer de Barcelona, 5, Gavà (Barcelona)
Registration link ->


Every time our former student makes their way to the airline, we feel incredibly proud and happy! Bogdan Zanni Medynskyy began his aviation path at BAA Training and now started his professional career at Ryanair Airlines. We bet all the efforts during the training were worth the final result! Congratulations, Bogdan, and keep your head up because now you officially deserve it!

Want to train as a pilot with us? Check your options here:

• Cadet programs with Spanish airlines:
• BAA Training cadet program with job guarantee:
• SmartLynx cadet program:
• ATPL Integrated:
• CPL Modular:
• ATPL Integrated in cooperation with ENAC:

Do contact us to find out more!

5 Best Pilot Jobs 02/09/2022

5 Best Pilot Jobs

A pilot is not necessarily the person who operates corporate jets to take passengers from point A to point B. It’s a much broader term.

In addition to airline pilots, there is a diversity of other high-paying pilot careers, such as military pilot, flight instructor, private pilot, agricultural pilot, cargo pilot, rescue operations, and more.

Read the article below to discover how your pilot licence can serve you!

5 Best Pilot Jobs The article talks about our top 5 favorite pilot jobs aspiring pilots can consider before joining the aviation college.


Our sincerest congratulations to Christopher Nagel, who has finished all his CAA exams and is now ready to start the flight training soon!

Chris, we hope the next chapter brings many unforgettable moments, and you keep achieving success in this very important endeavor of yours!

FAQs about Cadet Programs with Spanish Airlines 25/08/2022

FAQs about Cadet Programs with Spanish Airlines

Cadet pilot programs are a craze for many, and that is for a reason. Instead of training as a pilot first and then looking for a job, a cadet program allows you to do it the other way round.

We have recently launched two tailor-made cadet programs with Spanish airlines and encourage you to learn more through the FAQs below!

FAQs about Cadet Programs with Spanish Airlines Have you heard the latest news? BAA Training has launched two cadet programs with two Spanish airlines. Read the FAQs to find out more.


The delegation of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has visited Avia Solutions Group and BAA Training Aviation Academy. We were glad to have this opportunity to discuss the current and future cooperation between Kazakhstan's Civil Aviation Academy and BAA Training on pilot training and other projects.

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Advanced UPRT flight
Happy World Pilots' Day!
Flight Training in Spain




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* Type Rating Training
* Cabin Crew Training
* Ground Handling Training



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