Western Krahn Literacy Association

Western Krahn Literacy Association


Good morning my friend
good evening the family my name is ali Keita I am Guinean born in Liberia I am looking for my mother souzana nayou she is krahn
Krahn translators please inbox me for translation project.

Only serious translators

Western Krahn Literacy Association was founded in 1992 in Monrovia. It's key functions include: Bible translation, cultural preservation, interpretation

Operating as usual

[06/20/21]   Good afternoon to all Christians

[06/20/21]   Wishing all our page viewers a blessed Sunday

[09/27/18]   The Gbarzon Krahn New Testament was completed and dedicated back in 2000 in Jarwodee Gbarzon. Jarwodee Gbarzon is the birth town Krahn Literacy at the time Tchien, Gbarblee and mainland Gbarzon were one. After the dedication of the Gbarzon Krahn New Testament the Tchien Krahn New Testament was completed two by the Canadian Missionaries. LIBTRALO was the mother of all literacy associations in Liberia where i was serving as chief of Liberian Languages. THE LIBTRALO leadership slit the three krahn groups, making Tchien and Kaowlu (Gbarblee Krahn) independent and term Gbarzon Krahn Western Krahn. There the Western Krahn came about. However, there are plans underway to go vibrant with the Western Krahn program in Zwedru, Liberia. We still believe that the Tchien and Kaowlu Krahn are still our neighbors and we are going to work together to carry on the translation of the Old Testament.Once we get the contract, we will go about it.

[06/02/17]   True Reconciliation is the only wayforward

[06/02/17]   Thank God that we are now in the political season of our country and that the President Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf calls for peaceful and conducive environment for development as she said conducive and peaceful environment is the way forward to development. This implies that the call would bring about free and fair elections because when politicians and all Liberians alike should do away with divisive politics then there will be an enabling environment for peace and development. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf also says peace provides a conducive environment for development. She said if there is anything all Liberians agree on - it is the need to preserve the peace that enables us to be better reconcilers. This also implies that true reconciliation is necessary for Liberia at this junction. She commended participating political parties for honoring the forum organized by the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia.

Folks, this is an opportunity for all of us to see reason to conduct ourselves through these critical times of decision making to take us for the next six years and if possible 12 years plus.


LIBTRALO is generating fund through making and selling the below products. The products are used by ladies to beautify themselves, you call at LIBTRALO today to get your own. You can contact MS Watche Kelly and Cynthia Barpoe on Facebook to get the best products.


Western Krahn Literacy Association

[07/28/16]   We are trusting God that the Krahn New Testament will soon be on the net


The students u see are from Dale Fedewitz School


Today LBT Representative to Liberia, Alvina Elizabeth Federwitz says goodbye to Liberia Bible Translation and Literacy Organization LIBTRALO. Thousand of people testified that she made changes in their lives...brought them to Christ and met their needs. Liberia will miss you Ma Wata. EMMANUEL S. GOGBAR





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