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Faimo christian Academy is a government approved high that strives to deliver sound and quality education

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Public Service Announcement!

To all Teachers, Students, Parents and others of the Faimo Christian Academy, please be informed that the Ministry of Health (MOH) through the Ministry of Education (MOE) has finally extended the closure of school until further notice or for time indefinite. This is the release that came up late Tuesday Evening, March 31, 2020 on ELBC (State Radio) news @ 10:00 pm.

So, as we all stay home awaiting that wonderful time school will open not knowing exactly when will that be (but something tells me that, the time is when Liberia is declare Corona Virus FREE, or when this deadly COVID 19 Pendemic leaves Mama Liberia, this could be a week or two (2) from now, a month or two (2) from now and so on), let all of us please make sure to follow all of the Preventive Health Measures outline, setup and put in place by Health Ministry and World Health Organization.

Please let us continue to pray at our various homes or where ever necessary calling on God Almighty so that this Pendemic can leave our country sooner.

This is a Global crisis not Liberia alone and it is real; so let all of us help fight it together as we stay and remain save because our life counts and it's matter most in time like these.

Please help forward this communication via Facebook, Messanger, On Line Calls, Off Line Calls, SMS or whatever means necessary you think you can help to transmit and disseminate this information to your friends and others.

Stay Safe and help safe Liberia.

Signed: Administration


Liberian Youth Foundation

Liberian Youth Foundation Academies #ExcellenceAward August 8, 2019
We extend thanks to our two noble Guest Speakers for honoring our invitation.
The Excellent award was very successful.
Mr. James Koryor who served as the first speaker said durind his deliberations that Leadership is not always about being at the front, but a leader can be at the back while doing the job. He also encouraged students to think beyond their present condition positively and asked parents to stop the Eat and worry in order to pay their children school fees. Mr. Koryor also share his life story with us during the event which inspired everybody.

Mr. Ayouba D. Swary was the second speaker. During his speech he acknowledged the audience that no body is responsible for your failure. He said that young people need to know theirselves. ie Know who you are, if you are poor know that u are; where you come from and where you are heading to. Mr. Swary also encouraged the audience to appreciate who they are and this will make things easy for them. He added that leaders and successful individuals should know that the position they are occupying someone occupied that before so they should be humble and respect others.
The two speakers appreciated the Liberian Youth Foundation for the Initiative and encouraged them to continue.


Stop waiting - Join others at the Liberian Youth Foundation to gain professional computer skills for that life changing job.

Is evaluation time
Providing affordable Computer Training/Skills for young people.
Preparing children and young people for the demanding job market


On June 8, 2019, the Four square Gospel Church was a scene of celebration. We saw smart kids walked out of Kindergarten. The guest speaker was our own proud product Emmanuel Trokon Johnson. He spoke on the topic: Education lights the future. Faimo remains a hope for education in Liberian.
Activities for 2019/2020 are underway. Keep tuned!


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Faimo christian Academy


On Wednesday, April 17, the 10th Student council leadership was inducted into office. The campus of Faimo Christian Academy was a scene of joy. Many thanks to Mr. Emmanuel Trokon Johnson for inducting these breed of leaders as well delivering a very inspiring keynote address. We lead while others follow.


Student Council election Work sheet tells it all. Thanks to our partner: Youth Alliance for Life Skills for the conduct of the debate and election.


Liberian Youth Foundation

Meet Honorable #Barclay.
F. Kamena Barclay is one of our up coming graduates of the Children and Youth Capacity Building Section. She will earn a Professional Certificate in Information Communication Technology. She graduated from the Faimo Christian Academy 2018 and Currently in Barshell University College reading Biology. Miss. Barclay is the Secretary General of the student Union Government of the Liberian Youth Foundation. Miss. Barclay is also a scholar of LIYOUFU-Liberia.
We say Congratulation Miss. Barclay
You can Go and Impact society after here.

[05/16/18]   urgent! urgent! Urgent!
the following names plz take note and drop your contacts: Folley Andrewveikalism Zoedua S Francis Nyumahdestineforgreatness Sellu, George Tulay, Sekou Donzo, Sampson P. Browne, Dixon M. Kpannah and Isaac Daniel Watson.
We are to meet on Sunday to discuss issues healthy to the reawaken of the alumni association. The sooner you inbox me or provide your contacts in this chat the quicker i Will meet administration to permit us use the campus.
*As for Dixon M. Kpannah, he's not coming as administrator, he's only coming to give this canny advice on the way forward.
plz act swiftly to save us more time for successful Start.if anybody knows or has the contacts of the individuals listed above, Please inbox them to this Page or Emmanuel Emmanuel Trokon Johnson. Additional names: Christian Greatness Yakeh Vampelt, Christian Yakeh Vampelt, Stephen Diggs and Abdurahman I. A Fofana.


Liberian Youth Foundation

Listen to Amie talking about the significant of girls education

The love for one country keep us molding the mind of young people. Here the financial secretary of LYF Student Union Government speaking on the importance of girls education. Obviously we are beyond technology training.

[09/24/17]   welcome back to school!

[12/15/16]   Today has been busy. Student council Election went well. Section of liberian students and civil servant organizations headed the entire process. Transparency and peace were the order of the process. The administration's neutral role speaks it all. STP accumulated 37% (108 votes) and SUP accumulated 55%(163 votes) invalid 8% (24 votes). The students have expressed their political wills. Peace always!

[08/31/16]   Subject: class reunion

From: Emmanuel Trokon Johnson.
To: All 2010 Graduates of the faimo Christian Academy
Body: This is to inform the the general public and all 2010 graduates of the faimo Christian academy that base on our long time of being apart ,so many things that we could solve together have happened and destroyed the fabric of us all. In an effort to correct these errors,I Trokon,do see it necessary to send this SOS call to us all to reunite our class that was more than a family. If you graduated from the great walls of Faimo,especially with the 2010 class please drop your phone number or inbox me your details or if you know any of us ( 2010 graduates) fill me in with their details.

Contacts:0777385744/0770461150/0886908933/[email protected]
Together we can achieve greatness.
Let's keep enjoying the great memories of the past.


Timeline Photos


Involving in national legacy
Putting out nation builders
making Liberia a better place to live

[01/15/16]   The Faimo family wish you a happy born day.Mr Abduraman Fofana,is a hero, a good global citizen,a man with good morals.We are proud to produce him.Great people are not always from great buildings,but from great orientation.Looking for good orientation here we are.FOF keep the Dove of Faimo flying high


Photos from Faimo christian Academy's post


2015/2016 Teachers' workshop took another line,our staff were certificated.Making progress in enhancing and promoting quality plus sound education.

[09/06/15]   Activities surrounding academic 2015/2016 are in full gear .Visit the school's campus Monday to Saturday 8:00Am-4:00Pm or call these numbers:0777385744/0777260004/0777447207.we're provider of quality education,come let's beat the disease of illiteracy together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Refresher workshop


Timeline Photos


Faimo christian Academy

[10/03/14]   lets do away with tribal and traditional sentiment in the fight against EBOLA.it kills,it demolishes an entire family,community,and a country at large.please leave the state of denial and disbelieve.WASH YOUR HANDS AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE,AVOID BODY CONTACTS, DON'T EAT BUSH MEATS,STAY AWAY FROM FRUITS EATEN BY BATS NOTE:BATS DO NOT ONLY EAT PLUM.


Join Us in the fight of Ebola.. Share if you Love Liberia.

Ebola Is Real Please Belief it.. Young Boys and Girls we need to take the lead to spread the prevention method of this Deadly Disease Ebola.. In order to Save the Life of our People and ourselves. We Need to Join together to Battle this Deadly Disease.

[07/08/14]   Its all happening at the faimo Christian academy.as part of the government plans to bring free n complusory primary education to Liberians,faimo thought it right to run its elementary division free. parents /students are ask to take advantage of such opportunity so as to grow an educated population.contact d school's campus Monday through Friday 8am -1pm or on these 0777385744/0886908933


Liberian Youth Foundation

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Liberian Youth Foundation

Meeting The Challenge..
(What can you do to Improve Society?) Youth First.. Even tough we don't have money, but we are strong and hard working..


Faimo closing program 2014




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