Nimba County District #8

Nimba County District #8


Thanks so much.
Hello Dear Brother`s And Sister`s I Want To Take This Time To Thank You People, For What You Have Done For This County.
Congratulations to district #8 for defeating district #2 in the on going district tournament of nimba county in both kickball and football.
So excited to join my district group
Dear Citizens of district # 8,Nimba County

Please accept our profound compliments! We take this time to acknowledge your priceless services to Nimba and Liberia at large. And we pray that God Almighty grant you wisdom and good health as you lead your people.

During the 2017 general and presidential elections, there were hate messages exchanged during said period which has brought split among our people and still creating tensions in our communities. Against this backdrop, UNICCO -LIBERIA is taking the initiative to bring together all stakeholders along with the citizenry of Electoral District Eight, Nimba County; to smoke peace pipe in Flumpa.

In lieu of the aforesaid, we write to invite you to this peace get-together to foster unity, peace and reconciliation among our people. This gathering is scheduled for June 9, 2018 at 9:30AM in Flumpa Town. We believe that your participation in this assembly will greatly help to promote oneness in your district and Nimba in totality.

Thank you for honoring our invitation and we hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Anthony Z. Weegon
Executive Director, UNICCO -LIBERIA
Honorable Larry P. Younquoi visited the district #8 students at the level of Nimba county community college on Monday, April 9, 2018.
During the meeting, Honorable Younquoi gives $1,000 USD as financial Aid to help students from the district to at least paid 50% of their fees also encouraging them to let go the political differences and come together as a unit.
Many thanks to you Honorable for your tireless contributions.
when we will be playing the final?
I want work with you
Show them
Hello people of Nimba County my Name is Malachi Dologbain Of Sehwee town gbanna clan Nimba county Dist.#8 I jest want to tell you people that let carry Hon.Larry P. Younquoi as the next representative of Dist.#8 Nimba

This platform will also nourish you with up to date information on Nimba County, its people and thei

Operating as usual

Photos from Nimba County District #8's post 18/08/2021

Day one of the Conference went well. Despite the numerous challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. Several African and Asian countries were represented in persons, while others followed and participated virtually.
The keynote address at the opening of the proceeding was given by the Deputy Speaker of UGANDA, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among, while the Organizers' Address was given by Hon. Yasuo Fakuda, Former Prime Minister of Japan and Current Chair of the Asian Population and Development Association. The President of the African Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, Hon. Marie Rose Nguini of Cameroon, give the opening remarks on behalf of the African delegates.
On Day two tomorrow, August 18, I will be among those presenting papers on various topical issues pertaining to the progress countries are making in keeping the commitments of the Nairobi Conference of 2020, which pledged to implement certain key provisions of the Cairo 1994 International Conference on Population and Development ( ICPD).
I will be speaking on the Role of the Legislature in Ensuring TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE ( TAGG) in governance.


Just about leaving now for an African-Asian Parliamentarians Conference in UGANDA.
Travel mercy, Lord!

Just about leaving now for an African-Asian Parliamentarians Conference in UGANDA.
Travel mercy, Lord!

Today, March 20, 2021, was the final day a conference on overcoming barriers to Justice in Liberia. 23/03/2021

Today, March 20, 2021, was the final day a conference on overcoming barriers to Justice in Liberia.

Today, March 20, 2021, was the final day a conference on overcoming barriers to Justice in Liberia.




Photos from Nimba County District #8's post 27/02/2021

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, stakeholders converged on the compound of the Kakata City Hall in Margibi County to officially launch the commencement of Geographic Planning/ Mapping exercise for the 2021 National Population and Housing Census of Liberia.

The launch, which was graced by relevant governmental agencies and donor partners, coincided with the training of hundreds of Mapping Assistants which had earlier in the week commenced at the same venue. The training, which began earlier this week, is expected to last till March 9, 2021.

In my capacity as Chairman of the House Committee on Governance and Government Reform, I was present to grace the occasion. I admonished the trainees to take their task seriously as, since the war, Liberia has changed infrastructurally and it requires adequate mapping process to derive at the appropriate outlook of the country. I further admonish them to put in time as it is through their work that the number of Enumeration Areas and Enumerator will be determined.

Before leaving Kakata, I spoke with the press.


On Saturday, September 26, 2020, the District Sitting for Leewehpea and Meipea-Mah Administrative Districts in Electoral District 8, Nimba County, was held in Kpain Township. Present for the sitting were Arcelor Mittal's Edmond SayeGbar; the two Commissioners as well as their chiefs and a carefully selected batch of delegates from the AFFECTED COMMUNUITIES within the operational areas of Arcelor Mittal in the two districts. Also present was a representative of Saclepea Statutory District Superintendent, who co-chaired the proceeding with me.

The objective of the meeting was to enable the two districts decide on priority projects on which they intend to utilize the more than $90,000.00 provided them as Affected Community funds from Arcelor Mittal annual contribution to the county as Social Development Funds. This amount, representing their portion of the 12% of Social Development Funds (SDF) now being withheld by the company to be directly applied in the affected districts as part of the new paradigm shift in the application of the SDF.

at the completion, Meinpea-Mah prioritized the construction of a High School at Bunadin Headquarters with its $50,800.00 USD, while Lewehpea District agreed to use it's $40,300.00 USD to prioritize the construction of a BRIDGE over the WEHYEE CREEK between Dian and Gipo within Gipo Township. The road on which the bridge is being constructed also passes through Dian to Garr Whynor and connects with the Sanniquellie high way after Dingamon Town in Garr.

Similar sittings were simultaneously held for the other affected areas which include Bain-Garr, Sehyi-Gboa, and Yahmen Administrative Districts.


Hon. Younquoi wants Gender issues be practical.
Nimba county electoral DISTRICT 8 Representative Hon Larry P Younquoi has challenged implementing partners of Gender sensitive programs in Liberia to be more practical if they would desire a successful implementation. Speaking on a one day Gender Responsive Budgeting forum organized by the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) in Monrovia on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, the Nimba lawmaker who is chairing the House's Standing Committee on Good Governance and Government Reforms, indicated that the true implementation of Gender sensitive issue would be possible in the country if the partners involved with the crusade would be physically seem engaging relevant Agencies and Ministries of Government to transcript their theory into practical. According to the lawmaker, the prioritization of women participation in national decision-making would be possible if the partners Concerned can put the Government feet to the fire to ensure the successful passage and the full implementation of the Aframative Action law currently languishing before the Legislature that is calling for the representation of women and other less fortunate citizens in society at the level of the national decision body of the country otherwise known as the national Legislature. He said, another issue would be the allocation of funding for less fortunate women who may have difficulties in getting funds to survey their properties.

[09/17/20]   We're here with a renew vigor. Keep us posted as always. District8 is indeed an education center. We will not rest until our citizens are on top of the games.

[04/29/20]   Invitation to tune in to Focus on Liberia, an online Video Platform here in the US. Read the attachment for link and time. Tube in at 2 PM Minnesota time or 5 PM. I will be discussing the role of the Legislature in enhancing Good Governance.


Panelist for Mid-Week Special

Compatriots, I have been invited by FOCUS ON LIBERIA, an online radio platform, to address a number of Liberian issues as seen in the invitation below.

You are welcome to tune in at 2:00 PM Minnesota or 5:00 PM Liberian time


Nimba County district #8 lawmaker Hon Larry P Younquoi has joined the fight against the dearly Corona virus in Liberia

"Nimba County district #8 lawmaker Hon Larry P Younquoi has joined the fight against the dearly Corona virus in Liberia, over the weekend the lawmaker through his chief of office staff mr. Fester Quoi Donated hand washing materials to his citizens, according to the COS '' it is about Time to put all political tools aside to join hand to fight this deadly Corona virus, it is not time for polities''


Opening of the Inter-Regional Parliamentary Conference

The Inter-Regional conference of African -Arab Parliamentarian's Forum on Population and Development started to today, February 23, 2020, in the Red Sea port city of Djibouti in East Africa. Giving the opening address, the Speaker of the Djibouti Parliament, Hon. Mohammed All Houmed, expressed satisfaction that the two regional bodies would select their young and small country to host such an important gathering. He cautioned participants to take the population issues highlighted in Nairobi Declaration on the global population serous.

Others personalities from whom came who opening remarks were Ms. Federika Meijar (Deputy UNFPA Regional Director based in Cairo); Former Prime Minister of Japan and Secretary General of the Asian Population and Development Association ( H. E. Yasuo Fukuda) and myself ( on behalf of the President of the African Forum who was unable to attend).

Following the opening ceremony, participants posed for a group photo with dignitaries who graced the occasion.


Liberia’s 2021 Population and Housing Census on Course

The holding of the long awaited Population and Housing Census of Liberia has now become a certainty. The guarantee was given by the government and its partners, led by UNFPA, on October 8, 2019, signed the Census Project Document at the headquarters of the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) on the Capitol Hill in Monrovia. Signing for the Liberian Government was Mr. Samuel Tweah in his capacity as the Chairman of the Board of LISGIS and the Census Commission. The Resident Representative of UNFPA Liberia, Dr. Bennet Ndyanabangi, signed on behalf of the international partners, most of whom were available at the program.

Presenting a synopsis of the project document to the gathering, LISGIS Director General, Prof. Francis F. Wreh, stated that the project would cost the minimum of US $19 Million dollars out of which the Government has already provided $1 Million out of the $3 Millions it has decided to provide as her share of the counterpart funding. He paid special tribute to the Swedish Embassy which has contributed €7 Million Euros to the project, while recognizing the tremendous contributions of others partners like the WHO, Irish Aid, World Bank, the larger UN Community in Liberia.

In a brief statement as Chairman of the House’s Committee on Governance and Government Reform, I urged the Liberian managers of the census to learn from previous experiences in the area to produce a much reliable stock of data to inform the Planning and implementation of our development initiatives. Also speaking as an Executive Committee Member of Africa Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, I reminded them to take cognizance of the indispensability of quality data to international comparability. I concluded by thanking our partners for their decision to provide over 2/3 of the cost of the census.


More on the SDGs Impact Summit in Gompa

Following the program, during which I served as the Keynote Speaker, the Country Director, Albert Olivia, presented Certificates of Participation to the nearly two hundred participants at the Ganta United Methodist Gymnasium. Participants were encouraged organize similar conferences at their respective localities in order to promote the intents and benefits of achieving the SDGs.


Hon. Younquoi Lectures Nimbaians on Electoral Law Reform

On Saturday, January 18, 2020, the Election Coordination Committee ( EEC) a consortium of over twenty-five Liberian Civil Society Organizations, held a day-long interactive forum with a cross-section of Nimbaians in Gompa City. The forum dubbed, Legislative Engagement on Electoral Reform, featured me as the Legislator available to provide a Legislative perspective of the on-going Reform in our Electoral sector. Following the presentation by the Coordinator of EEC, Mr. Oscar Bloh, in which he outlined the various areas in our laws and constitution that are being considered for amendment, I expressed my support for the efforts being mounted to make such amendments.

Some of the key provisions of the Electoral Law being considered for amendment include Chapter 2, subsection 2.1; 2.2; 2.4, relating to the appointment of Commissioners; the tenure and Quorum of the National Elections Commission. Also up for amendment are Chapter 3 relating to Voting Voters Registration and Voter roll; Chapter 4 on Nomination of Candidates, etc. Provisions of the constitution


Sunday, January 12, 2020, will go into history as s memorable day for the youth of Nimba as the county played host to the Impact Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Gompa City during which I served as the Keynote Speaker. Following the conference, the head of the IMPACT SDGs SUMMIT, a Czec -basef International NGO, Mr. Albert Olivia, and others of his team shared a photo moment with me and my staff as well platform guests.

In my charge to the participants, I urged the nearly two hundred participants to be careful in selecting who represents them at the Legislature as it is there that decision are made that protect their resources which, can, in turn, be directed towards the achievement of the SDGs with their attendant positive impact on the generality of the population, including themselves. I urged them to disabuse their minds of voting people because of the resources they pour out in them during the campaign. They were rather encouraged to follow the message of contestants. 14/12/2019

Lawmakers Want CBL Officials Appear for Questioning

Lawmakers Want CBL Officials Appear for Questioning

Two members of the Independent Legislative Caucus, Representatives Larry Younquoi and Thomas Goshua, are asking the plenary of the House of Representatives to invite authorities of the Central Bank of Liberia to explain the source of US and Liberian currencies it infused in the market recently.

In a communication to the plenary through House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers, the lawmakers said contrary to government’s pronouncement of a scarcity of Liberian dollars banknotes on the market, they have observed over the last two days that commercial banks have begun giving new banknotes to depositors.

The unusual flow of new Liberian banknotes, the lawmakers said, is happening at a time when there is speculation about the illegal printing of additional money awaiting legislative approval for infusion into the market.

Controversies over the alleged introduction of new banknotes on the Liberian market are overshadowing the ongoing special sessions of the House of Representatives.

The lawmakers argued that they singed a resolution to change the family of banknotes on the market, not to print additional money of the kind already in circulation.

The latest debate is about the infusion of additional pieces of 500 banknotes at commercial banks that is allegedly being served to only lawmakers; something the lawmakers said is unusual and needs investigation.

“The unusual flow of new Liberian dollar banknotes on the market, amidst government’s pronouncement of scarcity, which has caused inconveniences for depositors [and] literarily made it possible for them to withdraw monies from their savings accounts from commercial banks, has been seen with keen interest. Contrary to said scarcity of Liberian dollars banknotes, we have observed over the last two days that commercial banks have begun [dispensing] new banknotes to depositors,” the lawmakers wrote their colleagues.

What seems to be of grave concern, they added, is the five hundred Liberian dollars notes being given to lawmakers during withdrawals as other depositors continue to receive mutilated money.

This current trend of events, according to the lawmakers, places a dark cloud over their integrity, especially given the Executive’s request for printing of new banknotes and the speculation that the Legislators have approved the CBL for a new printing.

Meanwhile, the communication sparked a huge debate on the floor and was deferred to Friday’s sitting by plenary.

Some of the lawmakers had earlier called for the communication to be sent to the relevant committees for further investigation, while others called for the appearance and testimonies of the CBL authorities to be held in open session.

Before plenary’s decision, Rep. Dixon W. Seboe, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency, suggested that the CBL officials be queried in open session.

However, the debate took a twisted turn when several lawmakers, including Rep. Seboe, alleged that Rep. Goshua, before his joint communication, had accused top government officials, including some members of the House, of being in the habit importing counterfeit Liberian banknotes into the country.

Rep. Seboe claimed he has a recording of Rep. Goshua’s press conference and urged his colleagues to investigate the ‘grave’ allegations by one of their colleagues to ascertain the truth.

Immediately, Speaker Chambers ordered the recording to be played in open plenary, but this annoyed several lawmakers, including Representatives Larry Younquoi and Yekeh Kolubah, on grounds that the joint communication under discussion was not centered on the recording.

This led to a commotion on the floor and Speaker Chambers soon called for the adjournment of session for lawmakers to attend the arrival of the casket bearing the late former senator, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, to the Capitol.

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This a scene from my recent visit to Zahn Chiefdom in District Eight. It was all fun and recaliberation of priorities.
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