A.I.S vavuniya old students Association

A.I.S vavuniya old students Association


Koi 1983-84 Bach Ka hi
Hi I am Shobha Panchwati from 1969 HSC batch. Iwould like to know if there is any such reunion this year I would like to participate
Iworo ajido high school
Old student association paying a condolences visit to our departed fellow in person of Father Eyo Eka....

In exactly 10months 3weeks and 1day from now (Saturday 16th February, 2019), Nigerians en-masse will once again go to the pooling booth to elect her leaders.


Are you one of our so called social media activists who will be monitoring the election updates at home, liking and sharing every comment about the election on social media? The only places you take your grievances to are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter; you whine all day about Buhari's administration, your state governor, the senators and so on. If all you can do to support your candidate is to go to Nairaland and Linda's blog to post comments such as "if you support buhari for 2019, click share if not click like" my brother I pity you and I pity your audience.

Are you one of those who says "I can't wake up early to queue for PVC registration" or one of those who use our street parlance of "who PVC help"? My brother, PVC will help you, don't just sit there and watch another four years of your limited life taken away from you by the ruling elite without protest. Have a say in who will be making policies on your behalf for the next four years.
Are you among those who registered for PVC just so to have it as a means of identification? Your sole reason for securing your PVC is to be able to tender it at bank halls or wherever a valid form of identification is required, my sister you need to wake up, I don't know the country you've been living in for the past four years, but if it is the same Nigeria as I've been staying, then you know a change is urgently needed. Your desired change can only come to fruition by using your PVC for the primary purpose it was given to you; which is to vote in and vote out your leaders as you deem right. Don't just keep it as a means of identification, let it speak for you.

Are you among those who believes everything has been decided somewhere by a few powerful individuals and you are not willing to challenge the decision, you see your coming out to vote as a waste of time or you believe your candidate is not in any of our ruling political parties so he doesn't stand a chance? Remember the saying that not trying at all is worse than trying and failing. Let posterity remember you for standing by what you believe in.

Finally to my brothers and sisters who proudly and openly at every opportunity given claim they are not interested in politics at all (like it is something to be proud of), let me call your attention to some things; do you know this same politics you claim not to be interested in will determine virtually every facet of your life? Let me go further by saying this same politics will determine :-

*How much you pay as tax.*
*The kind of security service you get.*
*The level of your health care service.*
*The level of education of your children.*
*The kind of road and infrastructure you have access to.*
*The price of commodities in the market.*
*The power (electricity) you use.*
*Job opportunities for you and your folks*

I wonder why any sane person will claim not to be interested in what has this colossal influence in his/her day-to-day life over the next four years.

Do you know when you elect your leader, you are trusting him to make the best decisions on your behalf regarding every sector of the economy.

My fellow Nigerians this is an appeal for us to go and get our PVCs. Upon getting it, the PVC is not just to be added to our collections of ID cards, the PVC is more than that, it is our weapon to achieving the desired change. We must wield it with confidence, pitch our tent with our candidates and make our vote count for them.

The Continuous Voter Registration is on going now, are you18 years and above? have you lost your PVC? Do you have error in your PVC and you wish to correct it? Have you changed your location and you wish to transfer your PVC to your new location? If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you need to visit the nearest continuous voters registration centre in your local government area. Get your PVC NOW...

The PVC is to a civilian what a Gun is to a military man.

Get your PVC today.
Kindly join me to Praise God
On behalf of ,'Egbon,,'
our former Maths Teacher ,in the 80s. /90,s
On his elevation to the post of
Amuwo Odofin Community JNR Sec Sch.
Mile 2.
God bless

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association, High School, No 21, 5th Lane, kathiresu Rd, vavuniya, Vavuniya Town.

Operating as usual


In God's Care, You rest above, In our hearts you rest with love, Days will pass but your memories will only become stronger, we will always keep you in our prayer. Sleep peacfully, You will live on forever in our Heart. RIP BROTHER 🙏




Hi everyone, How excited are you for the next AIS OSA reunion?😊😊😊.



Our deepest condolences to Anush Kanthan (Former Student 2011 batch) and to his family.
Rest in peace

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 12/08/2019

❤❤❤ REUNION 2019

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 12/08/2019

Chevaliers champions league 2019 #💕💕

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 12/08/2019

#2019 #💕💕💕💕


The First Batch of Alumnus Tshirts have been Sold out.

We are about to order the 2nd Batch of Alumnus T-Shirts because of the high demand for it. We appreciate your interest please message us to place your orders.

And Orders for team jerseys will open atleast a month prior to the next tournament.

Thank you💕

Contact 0770811624

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 29/07/2019

💕💕💕 we will upload the official photos ASAP thank you so much💕💕


Finally we take great pride in Thanking all the old boys and Girls who came to the event and made it a special day.
This may not have been possible without your supports.
Thank you for all your efforts
The hard work has paid off With the successful completion of the events held yesterday.Keep supporting us.This is just the beginning ,There is more to come.

See you Guys Soon Again. 💛💛💛💛🔥🔥🔥


Congratulations to Warrior wolves The Champions of The Les Chevaliers Champions League 2019.

Congrats to the Runners up Bad Squad.
Thanks to Chola Tigers, Black Mambas and Mad bulls for the tough competition.

We Thank our sponsors and Special guests of The les chevaliers Champions league
It was Honor having them inaugurate the Event.

Mr . T. K. Rajalingam. Jp member of urban council vavuniya and president of lions club vavuniya district

Mr. S.Sabanathan Jp tax fare society secretary vavuniya town

Mr. G.Sriskandarajah. President of traders welfare association vavuniya

Mr.M .Kathirkamarajah JP secretary traders welfare association and treasurer of lions club vavuniya

Mr S. chandrakumar president of Tamil viricham organization vavuniya

Mr. N.Kabilnath journalist

Mr. k. Kirubakaran proprietor kalaimagal printers

We sincerely Appreciate your support Thank you.

Thank you to Madam Geethanjali Naguleswaran for present the Medals and Trophy to the Champion Team.💕💕💕


Thank you our former Principal Mrs.Geethanjali Madam , The Alumnus of A.I.S vavuniya, Teachers , The Current Principal and staffs of Adventist International School Vavuniya.For supporting us to successfully conduct the Reunion event.


Official OSA Alumni Tshirt 🔥🔥🔥🔥
REUNION 2019 💛


4 more days to go 💕💕💕 how excited are you 🔥🔥


Hey Guys,
There was a minor mistake in the Invite
Its 2006 - 2018.
We invite all senior brothers and sisters with love and respect.
Thank you 😊


SEARCH ( aisosa) to add this frame to your profile 🔥🔥🔥


Sending you all the official invite with lots of love. The old student’s will be Celebrating the school’s 25th anniversary on the same day as-well 🙂!
Come revive your memories and make more memories - AIS OSA 🙌🏽.

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 01/07/2019

The official jerseys and Tshirts are being designed by leading clothing designers in colombo to make sure the end product is high quality.
Meanwhile we are releasing the concept designs of the jerseys and the alumni t shirt to give you all a idea of how its going to shape up.

Thank you 🔥🔥🔥🔥












Tomorrow we will be officially Releasing the Team Names and Logos of the Five Competing Teams in A.I.S O.S.A Summer Series.
Keep supporting its getting huge every
Passing Day.
The First step Towards the Battle of
AIS O.S.A ‘s Five Clans begins tomorrow.


The Tournament Update will be posted by the end of this week. All the former students who are interested in joining the playing teams please contact ( 0770811624 [email protected])
The rest please make sure to join , cheer and have fun 🙂!


Dear Old Students ,
The old student association has decided to hold a Cricket Tri-series in the end of July this year.

The old student association has been quiet all this while and we think its time for us to come together and celebrate our school days memories together.

Building a strong alumnus organization for AIS will be helpful in many ways for all who are involved and also to the future students passing out from our school to approach a place for guidance which would already have members who have achieved well in their respective fields.
As super seniors and seniors we are interested in making this happens for real this time.

And the old students association will be a active organization from now on.
The first step towards it will be this tournament to bring us all together for a new beginning .


Hi everyone. How excited are you for the next meet up😊😊😊.

Photos from A.I.S vavuniya old students Association's post 30/04/2017



We are glad to inform you all regarding the reunion meeting, which is organised by the school on 30th of april. As per request we need to know the exact number of people attending the meeting. So please be kind enough to inform us if ur attending the meeting. Excited to see each one of u. 👈👍👍👍👍
Date- 30/04/2017
Venue- School auditorium
Time- 9AM
Please contact us if ur coming THANK YOU😊😊😊


Good news to you all. School administration has requested to do a reunion programme as soon as possible. We have made all the plans and waiting for the reunion meeting to be take place in the coming month so that we can appoint the board members of the association. We want you all to take part in the meeting.

Timeline photos 19/03/2017

Junior sports meet 2017$$$$current staffs👈


u a happy birthday #
Kugarathan Kugan KR
With all the blessing stay blessed forever.

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