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A way for the students to be heard, one for one, all for one. Here you have it the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School Students

Operating as usual


'A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal'

A big thank you to all students who donated items.We appreciate your kind gesture.

#vfcss #gooddeeds #bethechange


Outstanding Student Recognition 🤩

My name is Edisa Eugene. I am 17 years old. I am currently studying Tourism, Sociology and Entrepreneurship at the A-level department at the Vieux -Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. I am a student of class lower 6A. I recently took part in the Idea Generation Competition for Global Entrepreneurship Week where I captured second place. You may ask, "What spiked my interest to participate in the entrepreneurship competition?" Well, Let's just say Nature inspired me. Going to the countryside every weekend and seeing so many bamboo plants I felt like I needed to make good use of them. Since I was unaware of what I wanted to do I asked God for guidance. A few minutes after my conversation with God a pictures of my product ( Hot &Cold Bamboo Bottles ) was painted in my brain. From that time I realised I was really interested in the comepetion since I would be producing something local, affordable, eco-friendly and beneficial to society since I aim to encourage persons to stay away from plastic bottles which is bad for our health especially storing our beverages for long periods. This competition meant so much to me. Although I was confident that my product would impress the judges, I was still afraid of the end results. As the saying goes "Hard work pays off", I am proud to say that my hard work really paid off. This was indeed a hallmark achievement for me. As a student with the aspirations to be a guidance counselor while I run my own business I saw this achievement as a boost to continue working towards my goals. As I continue to celebrate I would like to encourage every young unemployed soul in St.Lucia to think of ways to promote change in society. Be your own boss !
#studentrecognition #outstandingstudent #vfcss


Outstanding Student Recognition 💯

My name is Amy Antoine, a student of Lower 6 B at the A level department of the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. I am currently studying Tourism, Sociology and Entrepreneurship.
As soon as Miss Sinaise mentioned the 'Idea Generation Competition' for Global Entrepreneurship week to us as a class, I saw this as an opportunity to showcase my wooden curtain rods to potential customers. Out of fourteen presentations I managed to secure first place and my colleague Edisa Eugene came out second.
I was extremely confident with my product but somewhat surprised when I emerged the winner of the competition. I came up with the idea when my family moved into our new home ten years ago and we were looking for a way to have privacy through the use of curtains.
However, we did not want to use the old fashioned rope method of hanging our curtains and the curtain rods that were sold in stores were very expensive. Therefore, i experimented a little and came up with the 'wooden curtain rods' idea.
At first, I was not satisfied with how the competition was organized because both my Colleague and I were not able to finish our presentation; however, this was a very good experience for me because I got to see a lot of different ideas by presented various students.
This was indeed a great achievement for me and the experience will serve as a motivation for my future endeavours. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the young people of St Lucia to strive for more than just getting a good job. Be innovative and creative! Be your own boss!
#studentrecognition #outstandingstudents


Meet the VFCSS newly elected Students Council!!
From the left:
-Waylan Didier - President
- Trisha Flood - Vice President
- Dharla D Auguste- PRO
- Malika Vigier- Secretary
- April Dulis - Assistant Secretary
-Amy Antoine - Treasurer

Look out for this team!


March 31st 2015 NYC wants youth-oriented advisors JB

Just a little throwback 💫

The National Youth Council of Saint Lucia is urging the government’s Ministry of Education to make youth training as necessity when employing new staff. The ...


St. Lucia News Online

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive is the only school in the world this year to have had two finalists, one in each division that it entered.


St. Lucia News Online

PRESS RELEASE: The Queen to honour Ajani Lebourne from St Lucia
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What are your views on the explicit content of youth surfacing on social media ? How is it affecting you and yours peers ? Feel free to voice your opinions .

We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think that the legal implications suffice on this issue? Does it display a rip in the moral-social fabric of our society? How does this content affect the young people viewing it? #ChatWithNYC



Congratulations to ALL our candidates who vied for a position on the council! Your campaign was kept clean and classy, as is in keeping with the characteristics of a product of VFCSS.

Thank you to the student body for partaking in this process and letting your voice be heard!


Jen Jn. Pierre - 567 votes
Greg Albert - 242 votes

-Vice President
Dalia Combie - 260 votes
Noah Antoine - 247 votes
Ajani Rac - 222 votes
Luvette Edgar - 57 votes

-General Secretary
Shermicah Ambrose - 405 votes
Mellina Daher - 387 votes

- Public Relations Officer
Claudian Edward - 332 votes
Shane Medouze - 276 votes
Thomasa Auguste- 150 votes
Christie Charles - 36 votes

- Treasurer
Jainashel Gabriel - 314 votes
Anna- Kaye Boodho - 178 votes
Alna Cherubin - 134 votes
Yoann WIlliam - 86 votes
Kayshia Camille - 67 votes

Also, thanks are due to the persons who did the count; Former National Student Council President - Ajani Lebourne , former NSC Vice President ( Districts 5-8) + former VFCSS Council rep - Niomi Saltibus,current NSC Vice President (Districts 5-8) + former VFCSS council rep Verneige Joseph, and A level student - Bernelle St.Helen


Student Council Election Season is in progress! Election Day is slated for February 3rd.

If you have not gotten a chance to hear from the candidates for the various positions; please look out for them in the week leading up to election day.

An invitation is also extended to ALL students to come out to ask your questions and hear from all your candidates on WEDNESDAY, February 1st, 2017, in the area of the Music room, during lunch time!

This is your chance to choose quality representation for yourself as a student.

SHARE.SHARE. SHARE with your schoolmates!


Just a gentle reminder to attend the Mental Health Panel discussion slated for tomorrow 10 October, 2016 from 5PM to 7PM at the Beanfield Comprehensive Secondary School. Please spread the word and invite your friends to attend. Let's all participate in advancing the cause of social work in St. Lucia. ~K.Elva


Saint Lucia National Students' Council

Beautiful reminder of our value, and that we define greatness, by Vide Bouteille Secondary's biggest advocate, Joshua Harrow.

Wake up to hope & grace. Wake up to favor and abundance. Wake up to peace and victory. Do not waste the little time you have on trying to make others happy but spend it make yourself happy for perfection is not the process of never doing wrong. But it's by doing wrong and becoming better. For you are great and I believe in you. You would not exist if you were not important for you are a gift made from the dust of stars . Let them know God created you. Speak to the nations and do be blessed.
Happy Saturday. For one smile a day makes the week great

Joshua Harrow
Greatness is defined by you.

[06/17/16]   In light of the 'Miss VFCSS 2016' Pageant happening tomorrow, on behalf of the VFCSS Prom Committee and the Planning committee for tomorrow's event, we'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to a few individuals and organizations who have assisted in this endeavor; our sponsors:

- Beauty Feet
- Kez Nails
- Larry's Scrap Metals
- The Social Club
- IBIX Barbershop
- Audrey's Boutique
- DAVIBE and The Daily Buzz with Oneka McCoy
- Debbie's Restaurant
- Cost U Less
- The Hair Shop
- Molly's Big and Tall
- Crissie's Boutique
- Place Nous
- Syanna's Salon
- Dr. Marshall
- Dr. Lesfloris
- Bros Bakery
- YO! Magazine
- Mirror Images
- Coconut Bay Resort and Spa
- Lushee's restaurant and bar
- The National Skills Development Center (NSDC)
- Mrs. Duplessis

"Define Yourself, Make a Difference" .. You all sure are doing your part, so Thank you!


Yes folks, ONE MORE DAY!!!
VFCSS Presents this year's 'Miss VFCSS' Pageant happening TOMORROW, June 18th, at the Phoenix Night Club. I hope you guys have already purchased your tickets and tickets for like 10 of your friends because this is bound to be one of the biggest and most amazing events yet! DON'T MISS THIS!


The countdown continues you guys...
TWO MORE DAYS until the five 'Miss VFCSS 2016' contestants take the stage at the Phoenix Night Club in Vieux Fort!
Don't forget to purchase your tickets: $20/$25
It all goes down this Saturday, June 18th. Feel free to bring a friend or five, just DON'T MISS THIS!!!

[06/15/16]   Hey you guys. Hasn't this weekend been just crazy ?!

I think that everyone who showed up at this year's 'CXC Stress Relief' can testify about how fun and satisfying the night was. The organizers and prom committee worked really hard to put the night together and are thrilled that it was such a success.
It was all for you guys. You form 5s really deserved that break. BUT GET THIS !

A WHOLE LOT MORE IS IN STORE... stay tuned folks :D


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Saint Lucia National Students' Council

The NSC Leadership Symposium (Phase 2) is underway at the NSDC. Student Leaders from nine (9) schools are currently learning about effective leadership styles and team building.


Last night was a truly amazing experience at the National Youth Awards. It was an honor to, once again, be nominated for the 'Most Outstanding Student Council' Award along with the Anse Ger Seconay School's council. Although we were not "victorious" again this year, we would just like to extend sincerest congratulations to the team from Anse Get Secondary. Nordia, Nelma and the balance of the council, you guys have worked really really hard and this was well deserved. Let this achievement serve as a boost of confidence and motivation for the way forward in your pursuits as young leaders influencing your peers in every environment you find yourselves in. Nevertheless, we are all victorious and champions in this conquest to inspire change.
Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep up the good work!


Some really exciting things are happening here you guys! Stay tuned !
#drivetothrive #youthmovement #nsc


We are pleased to announce that after months of constant dialogue with students and administration officials of the Sir Arthur Lewis community college southern extension, an Election Day for their student council has been set. On the 20th of April, students of the institution will head to the polls to elect their student council.
NYC P.R.O - Kina Nicholas, Youth Leader - Wilton Jeremie and members of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive School students' council ( Verneige Joseph , Autran Octave, Niomi Saltibus and Sophie Klein ) have played a pivotal role in rallying the student population at the southern extension and ensuring that our youth are empowered.


the leading role

Great work guys !

The National Students’ Council held a Student Leadership Symposium on Wednesday as part of Youth Month Activities. In keeping with the theme for Youth Month ...


Saint Lucia National Students' Council

Stay tuned guys !

It's youth month and we're back at it again! The journey continues...


Turn up ! It's Miss Albert's birthday. We love you ❤️
You are an absolute phenomenal, talented, intelligent, loving and supportive individual.
You have supported our students council immensely and we appreciate you.
We pray that God continues to bless you extra and increase on your talents.
Enjoy your day , turn up 😂


If any of you guys are interested feel free to shoot us a message via the page. You can also reach out to myself Sophie Klien Mc. Allister Mac Hunt or Autran Octave for more information.

Here is a Youth Opportunity !


Saint Lucia National Youth Council

Yesterday, we had so much fun touring secondary schools as we launched the #FullPotential programme.

The Programme was launched in collaboration with JetBlue Airway's Pilot- Neil Justin, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and the "Aviation Lovers" group from Saint Lucia.

The initial phase of the programme will work to inspire and empower youth of Saint Lucia through a series of presentations and other activities targeting secondary and primary school students. Presentations will focus on career choices and on the journey of outstanding youth in the diaspora working in different sectors.

Neil Justin, Pilot with JetBlue Airways has committed to working towards a career mentoring programme in collaboration with the NYC for young Saint Lucians looking to work in the aviation industry.

The team visited the Entrepot Secondary School, the Saint Mary's College and the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School.

[03/08/16]   Happy international women's day to every single woman out there . Hope you enjoy your day . You are marvelous individuals specially designed by our creator GOD.
The world, our communities, our society need women and for that we appreciate you !!!!❤️


A legend was born years ago today - counselor, teacher, mentor, motivator, friend - the most spectacular principal to ever grace the grounds of our school and our lives with her splendor - a Queen. And today, we, your princes and princesses, thank you for the inputs you have made into pur lives everyday.
We hope you're enjoying your little get away, and we pray God's continual grace and prosperity on your life, always. We pray that you find peace and love and success where ever you go, that you find happiness all of your days, because God knows you radiate these things to everyone you meet. You deserve all of the happiness in the world Mrs Eugene. We love you .


We're back at it ! #WednesdayLinkUp

Today we visited the southern branch of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to speak with the class representatives about their role as reps and the relevance and necessity of a student council at any academic institution.
It was truly incredible to have been able to encourage them based on our own experiences as a council, and give tips and suggestions for the way forward.
We will be looking forward to hearing greet things from them as they move into electing their very own student council executive, as well as working along side such great minds in the future.
Big things going on down on the south side; stay tuned folks! 20/02/2016

PM addresses students for Independence 37

Leaving our mark once again; we're proud to represent .
"My school..." ~ Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony The service took place at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Vieux Fort, in commemoration of Saint Lucia’s 37th Independence...


These kids are incredible, go go go!

Here's our #ThrowBack!

The executive of the Augier Combined School Students' Council on the move! They were presenting at a public event.

Photo credit:



Mere words cannot express how much we love and admire you, and cherish your inputs into our lives as, not only students but young people. We thank you for your service at our school, into the lives of the students herein, and your efforts in community and youth development. Today, please take it easy lol and enjoy every last bit of your birthday. May God's richest blessings follow you all the days of your life. We love and miss you, Sir. Enjoy it ! Turn it up !!


Thank you so much for you service on the National Student Council executive, and we wish you all the happiness in the world. Do enjoy today and may God's blessings be upon you in years to come !


We pray that God's riches blessings be upon you today and years to come, and that you may find peace, prosperity and an abundance of Joy and life satisfaction in all of your endeavors.
Enjoy your day madam PRO, We love you!.💕

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Keyana Marcellin representing proudly the pride of VFCSS at poetry session held in honour of Hon Derek Walcott.




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