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Reigning Miss talented Teen 2018 -19 Avanya Richards health walk from Conaree to a Frigate Bay Beach. Thanks to the sponsor Dasani Water, principal of the cayon high school, 5th form year head and all students and participants of the walk we say a heartfelt thank you for making it a successful walk.DifferentCliff Richards
Thank you sms
Is there any update on school if not please can you all have school for the 5th formers in the community centre or at Cayon Primary or somewhere really believe the 5th formers need to be out to school.
Lots of options Chs Gazette..
CHS Prom 2017 Kericia Browne

The official page of the Cayon High School.

Operating as usual


Microsoft Forms

Good evening Parents,

Updated Covid-19 Protocols for 14th September - 24th September 2021

1) All students are to complete online health screening via the link below, prior to coming to school tomorrow. Please fill the form when student wake in the morning.

2) Students are to remain in their block bubbles throughout the school day. This means, if a child is in 1st form, they are to remain on the first form block, unless going to the bathroom.

3) Students are not allowed to leave the premises for neither lunch nor break. Students may bring lunch, join the school meals program or purchase lunch from the school.

4) Delivery services for lunch are allowed with students name and class recorded on the package and left at the security hut.

5) We are also implementing staggered breaks

• 1st-2nd Form 10:00- 10:15am
• 3rd-5th Form 10:15-1030am

6) We are also implementing staggered Lunch
• 1st -2nd Form 11:30-12:15pm
• 3rd Form 11:45-12:30pm
• 4th-5th Form 12:00-12:45pm

7) Form teachers will use class assembly time for devotions and to reinforce COVID 19 Protocols. There will be neither General nor Block Assembly.

8) Students that present Covid-19 symptoms while at school will be taken to the sick bay and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately.

I would like to thank all Parents/ Guardians for facing the realities of the Covid-19 situation and also for your continued support to ensure our children stay safe and healthy.

Have a good night's rest.

A James

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Microsoft Forms


Dear parents,

Due to the difficulties that we may have to face, during this Covid era, in relation to contact tracing, we have made the precautionary decision to ban students from leaving the school during their lunch break.

Parents have a few options to deal with the lunch issue:

1. Prepare lunch for your child to bring to school.
2. Bring or send lunch to the school and give to the security at the gate. Lunches must be labeled with child's name and class attached to the lunch container or lunch bag. The lunch will be delivered to your child.
3. Have your child join the school meal programme.
4. Give your child money to purchase lunch from the school. This will be done by pre-order during class registration at mornings.


Chicken lunch - $ 8
Hotdogs - $4
Hamburgers - $7
Cheese burgers- $8
Chicken and garlic bread - $6

We understand that this information is in short notice, but we would appreciated the support of our parents as we fight to lessen, or eradicate the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Please encourage your child to obey ALL school protocols.
1. Inform school via phone call or correctly fill the online data form if your child is ill or living in a home with a covid positive or quarantined individual. Remain home if any of these situation apply.
2. Wear mask correctly
3. Social distance
4. Sanitize and wash hands
5. Remain in their class or on their form blocks
6. Obey break and lunch bells
7. Use correct routes given to got to the bathroom and to enter and exit their blocks.

If you have any concerns relating to the above information, please feel free to contact the school via our landline (465-7204) or cellphone number (664-5603)

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We Celebrate 38 years of Independence by wearing national colours.

This weeks' shirt colours...

Monday we will wear Red.❤
Tuesday, we wear Green. 💚
Wednesday, we rocking yellow. 💛
Thursday, we rock the black.🖤 (Holiday, but rock it anyway)
Then on Friday we do it right with white.🤍

Decorate your hair, rock your socks
But remember again, your uniform bottoms and tunic remain the same.

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We Celebrate 38 years of Independence by wearing national colours.

This weeks' shirt colours...

Monday we will wear Red.❤
Tuesday, we wear Green. 💚
Wednesday, we rocking yellow. 💛
Thursday, we rock the black.🖤 (Holiday, but rock it anyway)
Then on Friday we do it right with white.🤍

Decorate your hair, rock your socks
But remember again, your uniform bottoms and tunic remain the same.

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Photos from CHS Gazette's post 08/09/2021


Today we welcomed our students back to school. It was an exciting time filled with anxiety, doubt and hope for a brighter future. Though the transition was not as smooth as we would have liked, and some of our day's plans had to be adjusted, we were still very happy to be face-to-face with all our students and staff members.

Today, students were greeted by Hon. Jonel Powell, Minister of Education, who came with encouraging words for the staff and students, and spoke briefly on the MOE's school reopening theme, "Safeguarding me, Safeguarding you: Together let's push through .

Additionally, our principal, Ms. James, welcomed our students to the new school year; our Deputy Principal, Mr. Esdaille, was offically introduced to the student body; Mr. Somersall, came to say his goodbyes to the students, and our new members of staff were introduced.

Our newly elected Student Government Association (SGA) helped to coordinate this morning's assembly, and President, Shamika Gordon, thanked Mr. Somersall for his years of commitment to his duties as an educator.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the planned Diagnostic Tests for the afternoon sessions were postponed, so during that time, students got to know and catch up with each other and were orientated with their new and returning form and subject teachers. Other students spent their afternoon preparing for their upcoming tests and awaited their new test schedules.

Our SGA, with the assistance of SGA Coordinator, Ms. Clarissa Violenus, worked assiduously to prepare decorations for our 50th Anniversary Celebration.🥳🎉✨ This year, CHS turns 50❗ Celebrate with us as we give thanks for this milestone in our school's history.

50 Years of Service, 50 Years of Excellence; Cayon High School continues to show its Resilience.

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality

Photos from CHS Gazette's post 07/09/2021

Meet Mr. Dalton N. Esdaille; our new Deputy Principal.

As we bid farewell to Mr. Somersall, we gladly WELCOME our new and extremely capable Deputy Principal, Mr. Dalton N. Esdaille.

Who is Mr. Dalton Esdaille?

Mr. Esdaille is a career teacher with 24 years of service under his wings. His passion for teaching began when he first heard the quote, "Teachers Make a Difference!"

As a teacher of Geopgraphy at the start of his career, he realized that he needed to make a greater impact and reach as much students as possible, so he transitioned from Geography to MATHEMATICS. In that new and most challenging area for many students, Mr. Esdaille got the opportunity to touch more lives, to change perceptions that "Maths is too hard", and for himself, transformed and grow as an Educator.

Mr. Esdaille's 24 years of qualifications in education was gained from his active roll on different schools' staff. He has taught at all Forms levels, and held a plethora of positions such as:

•Homeroom Teacher, •Year Head •Department Head •Mgmt Team Member •Sports Coordinator •Basketball Coach •House Master •Choir Director •Musicial Director •Assembly Coordinator.

Additionally, Mr. Esdaille is not only a highly qualified and adroit educator, but he is also a husband of 22 years, a father of 5 children, and a man of God.

As our new Deputy Principal, Mr. Edsdaille intends to not only lead by example, but to:

• work with the staff to fulfill its mandate
• advocate for student development
• support staff advancement
• aid in the continued and consistent improvement in academics and sports
• build spirituality within our school population
• boost school spirit at CHS.

We are very grateful that Mr. Esdaille has joined our school's Administration team, and we look forward to working and growing with him as he functions as part of the helm of this great institution.

Parents, students and members of our feeder school communities, let us welcome, with a loud FALCON CRY🗣, our New Deputy Principal, Mr. Dalton N. Esdaille!👏🏽

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality


Wear your mask😷, then wash your mask and your hand🤚🧼,
For we never know where viruses and bacteria land.

Even though you're only talking with your friends and they'll think it's rude🤨,
Pull your mask over your face to ensure the virus does not intrude🪓.

Wearing your mask on your chin is equal to no mask at all🚫,
Because the virus will go back and forth like a game of volleyball.

Remember the person you're talking to doesn't have to be sick🤧,
They can spread the virus and don't even know it🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️.

When your friends and colleagues are being reckless, with maskless laughing😄, talking🗣, playing 🤼🏽‍♂️and no social distancing👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏾👬🏾,
Remind them that following protocol is the only way to stop the spreading‼

So, go through your day, remembering we are still in the midst of a pandemic
For this is the only way to prevent you and others from getting sick.

Do your part, stand your ground❗
For none of us wants another lockdown‼

Photos from CHS Gazette's post 06/09/2021

Farewell Mr. Somersall 😒

As we welcome all our teachers back, we bid farewell to Mr. Jaycee Somersall😪. Mr. Somersall joined our staff 17 years ago and has helped in building school culture and transforming this institution.

Mr. Somersall believed in no child left behind, and as a teacher of Electricity, he ensured that no matter the economic or intellectual status of a student, he gave him/her a chance followed by the support the student needed to succeed.

Mr. Somersall, as a classroom teacher, Year Head and Deputy Principal, ensured that discipline was still a priority at our institution. As Deputy, he headed the development of the schools' Disciplinary Matrix. He did not do this with a joy to punish students, but to teach that actions have consequences. Growing up without a father, he understands that children need guidance and compassion. With his contribution, we are now better able to discipline students without hurting their personal and academic development.

Mr. Somersall, was our 'saving grace' during this pandemic. His expertise in MSTeams and a plethora of other online platforms, gave us an upper hand, as he trained our teachers and students for virtual learning. With his hard work and support, our institution was able to conduct virtual classes so that our students were gainfully occupied and engaged during the lockdown.

Mr. Somersall, your exit will hurt😪, but we know we can depend on you, and you will be ready to assist whenever we need you. May your future endeavors bring you as much joy and fulfillment as teaching did, and we are certain that you will impact others as much as you have impacted us.

Thank you for all you have done for us; we give you all the 🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘💐 that you so rightfully deserve. You will surely be missed. Happy Retirement!!!

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality

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Photos from CHS Gazette's post 31/08/2021

Message from the Ministry of Health...

[08/30/21]   Reminder: Come and take your School Identification (ID) Card Photos

Students of form ONE and those of form TWO, who do not have a school's ID, are kindly asked to visit the school on September 2nd from 9am - 11am to take photos for their new school IDs.

Students of forms 3, 4 and 5, who do not have a school ID card or wish to get a new one, should visit the school on September 3rd from 9am - 11am to take their school's ID photo.

ID photos must are taken in school uniform and adhere to school dress code with respect to hair and grooming.

Please remember that the school's ID card is a part of our official school's uniform; therefore, without an ID, your child will not be fully uniformed for school. Additionally, IDs must be presented to the school's security before allowed entry to the school campus.

To prevent any conflicts at the start of the school year, always remember your Identification card.

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality

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Photos from CHS Gazette's post 30/08/2021


To begin the school year, we will be conducting diagnostic tests to students so that we can gain a full understanding of our students' academic capabilities which will better prepared teachers and administration to deal with differing learning needs.

In the past, this data would have been evaluated from the standardized Promotion Exams; however, for the past 2 years, students have not been able to sit promotion exams due to Covid-19 related school shut downs, and students were moved up a grade/form level without being assessed for the work they did during the school year.

To better prepare teachers and students for the stringent academic year that is ahead of us, we will be assessing students in different subject area during the first couple weeks of the new school year. Below is the time tables for each form, that would be used during the diagnostic testing period.

We would like ALL our parents to encourage their children to begin reviewing for these assessment, so that an accurate diagnostic can be made which will guide them through the rest of the school year.

The schedules below reflect the forms classes from last school year. So,

Form one is the incoming form 2
Form two is the incoming form 3
Form three is the incoming form 4
Form four is the incoming form five

Our new First Form will not be tested...

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality...

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Congrats Mr. Francil A. Morris - Chief Education Officer Your time with us has been great. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to make Education something to desire.

Congratulations Mr. Morris!

Today we officially congratulate our former school principal, Mr. Francil A. Morris, as he has been named the new Acting Chief Education Officer, in the Ministry of education.

Mr. Morris has been an educator his entire life. He started as a Primary School Teacher, then moved on to becoming a Secondary School Teacher. He advanced to Secondary School Year Head, then to the important post as a Secondary School Principal. Mr. Morris was then promoted to Deputy Chief Education Officer, and now, the new Chief Education Officer! Wow!🤯

Mr. Morris' upward mobility within the Education Ministry was not by accident. It is because of his hard work and dedication to his duties. As our Principal, Mr. Morris continuously encouraged his staff to never settle. He encouraged the need to keep learning, keep growing and keep striving for excellence.

Mr. Morris, congratulations on your new post as CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICER, and we are honoured to have been part of your successful journey!

In your new post, remember why you dedicated so many of your years to this Ministry, and continue to do the job diligently, confidently, and with purpose. May God continue to guide and bless you as the new school year begins.

As we say...

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality

Ministry of Education Opening Ceremony for Summer Workshop for Teachers - August 30, 2021 30/08/2021

Ministry of Education Opening Ceremony for Summer Workshop for Teachers - August 30, 2021

Welcome to the start of the new school year 2021-2022.

Opening Ceremony.

Ministry of Education Opening Ceremony for Summer Workshop for Teachers - August 30, 2021 Subscribe to ZIZOnline: ZIZOnline on Facebook: ...

Photos from CHS Gazette's post 27/08/2021

Ready for battle!!!

Take another good look at our students athletes who are representing our country at the CFU Challenge Series in the Dominican Republic...

Tag their parents!

Non Multa Sed Multum - Not Quantity but Quality!

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Congrats boys!!!


Boys’ U14 Challenge Series

St Kitts & Nevis 🇰🇳 2 - 0 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico #sknfa #stkittsandnevis #football #CFU #youthdevelopment

Photos from CHS Gazette's post 23/08/2021


Six of our students, 5 boys and 1 girl, were selected as part of the U15 male and U14 female, SKN National Football team. They travelled to Dominican Republic on Friday, 20th August to participate in CFU Challenge Series.

Our boys, TENRON HENRY, RONVYL WILLIAMS, KEJORN WATTLEY, KAI TROTMAN and RONDELL WILLIAMS and lone girl, SHADIMON ROBERTS have done up proud, and we wish them all the best as they produce quality performances during the series.

We also thank the Cayon Football Club and our parents for the work they have put in to cater to the holistic development of our youths.


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Congrats Mr. Francil A. Morris - Chief Education Officer   Your time with us has been great. Thank you for all you have ...
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