St.Mary Children School Montessori

St. Mary Children School is a preschool catering to infants, toddlers and preschoolers while using a Montessori program. Here at St. Mary Children School we offer a prepared environment which provides the space required, the materials and activities to ensure the total development of our children.

Such an environment will stimulate our children to be the best that they can be. They will have opportunities to be sociable, responsible, self-discipline, obedient and enthusiastic. They will develop their independence, sense of order, self-confidence, knowledge, self -improvement and personality. The result will be enthusiastic children, a new generation for a new world, an advanced St. Kitts. W

Operating as usual 22/12/2014

Maria Montessori and the History of Montessori Education - Many of us would take the A, B, Cs we learned in Montessori for granted – but there’s far more to them and the woman behind the movement, Dr. Maria Montessori. A, is for Adversary; which Maria Montessori … Continue reading →


Work Time


Matching - a pre reading skill.


Children learn best when engaged in hands on activities.


Children absorb knowledge through their senses


Math activities


Language activities - building words and writing


Sensorial activity to enhance perception of dimension


Crafts time

[09/19/14]   The child’s first year is the year that the child is really open to all possibilities. Their mind is open to millions of connections, called dendrites, which a child is born with. A dendrite is a connection in the brain that the synapse goes through which gives an electrical impulse. We are born with millions of these, but, as we grow, they kind of syphon off (which is called pruning). The less you use, the more you lose. So the first years of life are so important to lay a foundation for the kind of learner the child would become and, ultimately, the adult the child would be. These first years are critical. Are they going to be dependent as an adult? Would they feel empowered? Would they be able to meet their own needs? These are things that are so important and the first years of life lay this foundation.


Spanish class

[09/10/14]   St. Mary Children School Montessori, is dedicated to providing an inspiring learning environment based on the Montessori principles which will foster independence, confidence and respect while guiding and nurturing each child's individual development.

Independence: We will create a prepared environment where children can freely explore their natural sense of wonder and choose their own work with enthusiasm and interest.

Confidence: We will empower the children with opportunities to discover their own pace and method of learning which best suits their individual needs.

Respect: We will provide an environment and guidance which will encourage the children's development of kindness, courtesy and self-discipline.


Language activity


Learning about the animals of the world


Alphabet activity


Counting activity




Photos from St.Mary Children School Montessori's post


Water pouring




Matching picture to background




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