Muslim Schools Student Placement, Kenya.

Muslim Schools Student Placement, Kenya.


Assalam aleykum... My name is Tr.Jamal. am a trained teacher atoi university and have experience in the field.have been working since 2015 when I joined university. Nevertheless, I didn't manage to complete my final semi due to financial challenges. Am good at I.r.e,and English and literature...high school and can teach all the subjects in primary. Kindly help me get a job.kindly. I did my teaching practice in light academy Karen. 2017.....0741105068/0707409359
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Placement of students in Muslim schools in Kenya is one of our major mandate....

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Assalam aleikum, I am looking for a chance in form two for my two daughters next year 2018. They are schooling in Kakamega County, however, as a family we have decided that we get a good Muslim school for their secular and religious upbringing. A friend recommended your school and after googling with my daughters they chose it too. I therefore would like to request for any formalities for joining your school and if possible send me your fee structure for next year. I hope that my request will be accepted, inshaallah. I can be contacted through +**************. Thanking you in advance. Yours faithfully, ************
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We offer consultation and student placement in Muslim schools in Kenya.Contact us for best Muslim schools; primary secondary, boarding, day, IGCSE, special

Are you a parent looking for your desired homeschooling or TUITION teacher for your child? Elimuhub Homeschooling and Tuition services has the answer.. We link parents to homeschooling and TUITION teachers. Teachers that meet the parents' academic, economic, moral and academic requirements of their children. We also follow up to monitor and evaluate the deployed teacher's performance to ensure qua

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Are you a Kenyan or East African? You might be eligible for this sponsorship to study at Maarifa College South C, Nairobi!

Humanitarian Aid and Development Organization is excited to announce the launch of the Pilot Sponsorship Program. One hundred Kenyan students will be awarded partial academic funding to study English or Arabic Language at Maarifa College

Application deadline: 2nd Feb

Application form can be collected at Maarifa College-South C. or can be filled online



ElimuHub Consultant is a registered educational consultant firm based in Komarock Nairobi bringing together teache experts in education and other associated sectors.

Our main objective is to contribute to education in Kenya in a unique and special way through career guidance, student placement, career guidance, facilitation of extra-curricular and students exchange programs.


Covid-19 restrictions and economic hurdles as a result of the same made most parents not to treat their children with outings and trips this year. The pandemic has also established that children are more vulnerable at home than under teachers' supervision. We understand the parents' busy schedules as they hustle to vend for their children. Therefore it's important for them to place their children under safe hands during holidays.

In this regard, every December holiday, after the students' busy school routine, we organize and facilitate extra-curriculum activities for both primary and secondary students in the event dubbed 'Culture Camp'. It's an exclusive opportunity for children to enjoy their holidays meaningfully while learning life-skills, values and culture.
They come together to socialise, meditate and re-energise for the following academic year.
It's also a chance for parents to reward their children while engaging them constructively, instead of otherwise learning vices from others.

The one-week long events include but not limited to;

• Learning culture
• Guiding and counselling
• Life-skills e.g baking, IT, Software Development, electricals etc
• Mentorship and career guidance
• Sensitisation on emerging issues like Covid-19 awareness and prevention measures etc.
• A 3-day recreational cm academic trip to Mombasa to several historical sites taught in schools.

We partner with Tendercare Academy, Komarock - Nairobi and Vipingo Secondary school in Mombasa, the hosts for the event.

Registration for this year's Culture Camp is currently ongoing.

We have pocket friendly packages keenly tailored to fit parents of all social status.

For more information, contact Mwalimu Hassan Kibiti on 0721922836/0731838387

[12/06/19]   Some of the Muslim secondary schools in Nairobi and environs, include though not limited to;

Wamy High School
Nairobi Muslim Academy
Almaktoum Girls Sec. School
Muslim Academy Park road
Star Sheikh Academy
Rabbani High School
Rasul Al-Akram High School
Light Academy
Ghanima Girls Sec. School
Imenti South Muslim Academy
Hamda Girls Muslim Academy
Kenya Muslim academy
Shauri Moyo Muslim Sec School
Highlands Academy
Donbosco Sec. School
Alim High school
Maragwa Muslim Girls
Temple Road Academy
Khalsa Girls
Visionary Academy
Amboseli International Schools
Karen Boys Secondary school
Alhuda Boys Secondary
Manarat International School
Fajir Secondary School
Al-Furqan Sec. School
Aisha Center - Limuru
Qubaa Academy
Kisra Academy

Contact us for #Form1Admission for any of the above or any other schoo.l Contact Hassan on 0721922836



One of Elimuhub Consultant's major roles is to promote and support Muslim education in Kenya..

We link Muslim parents and students looking for best Muslim schools in Nairobi or Kenya

We provide Muslim Schools in Kenya, cheap and exclusive marketing, publicity and PR opportunities. If you are a Muslim school looking forward to fill up vacancies in your school, look no further..

In partnership with Elimu TV , Muslim media; Horizon TV, Al-Huda TV, Muslim FM channels and other media outlets in Marketing of Muslim schools.



Call Hassan on 0731838387 for more information.


Muslim Schools Student Placement, Kenya.

[09/27/19]   Dated 27th Sept 2019

1. A Bachelors of Education degree or Diploma in Computer Studies and Geography
2. Proven knowledge and performance track record of both the national curriculum and IGCSE.
3. At least 3 years’ experience in a similar role.
4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
5. Must be proficient in computer software and programming skills
6. Must be of high personal integrity and ethics.
7. Must have accuracy and keen attention to detail
8. Proactive and self-motivated
9. A team player with the ability to establish understanding and rapport with colleagues.

Qualified candidates to send a copy of their CV including current and expected remuneration and contact details of 3 referees to [email protected]

Call 0722844678/0721922836

[03/15/19]   Assalaam aleykum warahatullahi wabarakatuhu,

I have an orphan boy that I took from the village, converted him to Islam and have been supporting since he was 11 (in class 4).

He sat for KCSE last year and performed well in IRE and Arabic (B plain)..

He is now looking for someone with a school especially primary that can offer him a chance to teach the subjects (IRE and Arabic) as he/she supports his basic needs that can enable him join college next year inshallah. Being hard working and passionate about teaching, he will be very helpful to any school.

Helping an orphan is not only zadakatul jaria but responsibility of all of us Muslims.

Any referral will be highly appreciated.

Shukran wa jazaakumAllah



As Salaam High School

Are you a parent looking for BEST MUSLIM SCHOOL for your child's FORM 1 placement or TRANSFER?

A Muslim secondary school offering 8.4.4 curriculum or International / IGCSE system with Islamic Studies?

We have the answer...

As Salaam High School, managed the As-Salaam Mosque Trust located on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of Masjid As-Salaam Muhoho Avenue in South C opposite Mugoya Estate...

offers all 8.4.4. subjects, IGCSE system and Madina-University-Islamic Studies curriculum.

The location of the school guarantees students participation in swalah and other ibaadat.

The Islamic environment growth of students' spiritual and moral growth while impacting positively on their academic performance and future life.

Scholarship available for bright and needy students (380 marks and above)

Transport available for mobility of students within Nairobi.

Contact us for more information...

Like our page..

As-Salaam High School is a well-established and equipped Muslim Boys Day School managed by As-Salaam Masjid Trust.
The schoolhool is uniquely located on the 2nd and 3rd Floors of the ultra-modern Assalam Mosque on Muhoho Avenue, South C, Nairobi.


Are you a PARENT wondering about the BEST MUSLIM SCHOOL IN KENYA for your child FORM1 PLACEMENT or TRANSFER❓

A school that matches your academic, moral, economic, community and religious requirements❓

A school or college that will enhance your child's academic performance and impact positively on his or her future❓

Muslim Private primary school or Muslim secondary school✔
Muslim Boarding or Day School ✔
Muslim International or IGCSE✔
Muslim Special School ✔
Muslim University or college✔


Whichever the expectations, ™ElimuHub Education Consultant has service for you.


Save yourself money and time for running to get a school.


Our long time experience and interactions within education sector has made us develop strong and wide network with the institutions in Kenya and beyond.

We shall provide you with exclusive information of your dream school within 3 days including;

🔹3 options to choose from

🔹Contacts of the principal or other contact person

🔹Admission letter and fee structure

🔹All other information in regard to admission.
Get in touch with the following requirements;

✔ Choice of school
✔Marks obtained or latest previous academic reports
✔Recommendation or transfer letter

ElimuHub Education Consultant
Jamia Plaza, Nairobi.


Email: [email protected]

Call/WhatsApp/SMS: +254 0721922836 or 0731838387


Get desired school for your child: Muslim school, special needs, IGCSE, private or public school, boarding or primary, all educational service: marketing, tours etc SMS 0721922836

[12/22/18]   KCSE 2018: Number of As increase, fewer candidates qualify to join varsity

The number of KCSE candidates with A (plain) have increased to 315 compared to 2017 when only 142 attained the top mark.

However, the number of candidates with direct entry to university remains low as only 90,377 scored C+ and above in the just released results.

This translates to 13.77 per cent of the 660,204 candidates who sat the examination and can be interpreted that 567,827 candidates - an equivalent of 86.23 per cent, will have to seek admission in other tertiary colleges and vocational schools.

The results, unveiled by Education CS Amina Mohamed, indicate that some 201 boys scored A plain compared to 114 girls.

At least 2,179 boys scored A- while 5,157 others scored B+ compared to 1,238 girls who scored A- and 3,111 that attained the B+ grade.

Overall, 315 candidates scored A plain, 3,417 (A-), 8,268 (B+), 16, 403 (B plain), 26,156 (B-) while 20,131 scored C+ (plus).

In 2017 KCSE examination, out of the 611,952 candidates who sat the exam, only 70,073 qualified to join university.

Education CS Amina Mohamed while releasing the results said though boys had performed well in some 20 subjects, girls had done extraordinarily well in English, Swahili, C.R.E, Home Science, Art and Design and Metal Works.

Unfortunately some 100 candidates will miss their results due to suspected malpractice.

Amina, however, said no one will be punished unfairly.

She said investigations have been launched and the report will be out before end of January 2019.

[11/28/18]   A female Primary School teacher needed in Somaliland. If interested and have a valid passport, be pleased to contact me. Thinks


ElimuHub School Markerting Projects

Due to the heavily burdened office workloads, some school managements tend to forget or ignore the most important business element, marketing.
Like any other business, to grow an model educational institution requires strategic thinking with marketing consultancy and support. ElimuHub seeks to partner with you and ease your burdened office and make your school a model business school using practically used and proven tactics.

To enable the school access cheaper, effective, viable and very responsive marketing, promotion and awareness projects at cheaper and discounted rates exclusively offered to us by our partners and subcontractors and would otherwise be expensive when when approached individually.


To enhance school profile, PR and awareness with target of reaching more than 10,000 people whilst reaching out to the future parents.


To capture at least 500 parents seeking 2019 Form 1 admissions and/or transfers in private schools for their children while admitting students on site and sending them direct to school.

Elnjoy our free and continued online marketing support and promotion through active blogging, creating school events and linking them to online searches, our education based social media platforms, recommendetions and referrals.

[10/09/18]   Message from my WhatsApp
"Assalam aleykum mwalimu, u have always been of help to me. I kindly need your advice on this. Since I reverted to Islam, all my family members including parents have had no problem except one my sisters, who fortunately Allah has blessed with money. She hates Islam.

As you know I'm currently jobless, I requested her to help me admit my son in Form 1 after trying all avenues without success. She accepted but with serious conditions. That I must accept her to convert the boy to Christianity and allow him to stay with her during holidays so as to go to Church with her children.

I acceped heartlessly bcs the boy was missing a lot with hopes that Allah will open up rizk for me soon so that I can take up my responsibility. She's now even making weird allegations that the sch doesn't like admitting Muslims because other students are afraid of them, so she is suggesting I change his names but I refused, I don't it's outcome. Though I advised the boy to just accept church but stick to his religion as he has studied Quran, he young and I'm afraid this might change him. It's really disturbing and tormenting me. If feel betrayed him.

What do I do? Do you know any Muslim well wisher or Islamic organization who can sponsor the boy?. Shukran wa jazakaAllah."
Tafadhali na Mimi naomba nasaha zenu, limekuwa zito kwangu..

Your help or advice is welcome.
Shukran. 09/08/2018

Catholic Digest Magazine - Catholic Digest

Jesus in Islam

(part 1 of 4)

By Hassan Kibiti
This article creates understanding about the high position of Jesus Christ in Islam while demystifying misconceptions by some Christians who think Muslims don't believe in his Messiahship. From the Christian website below, the author, a Catholic priest, agrees with the Muslim author in another website below that Jesus is not God he writes ''and Islam provides a powerful reminder to Christians about the Oneness of God ''. He was not God, nor was he the ‘Son of God’, but was the Messiah, an illustrious prophet of God. Jesus did not invite people to worship himself; rather, he called them to worship God, Whom he himself worshipped.
What does Islam believe about Jesus and his death?
By Fr. David Endres on October 11, 2017
For Christians, the cross and the crucifix are familiar symbols that point to one of the great truths of our faith. The sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross is cherished as an act of God’s great love for humanity. His death makes possible the salvation of all who are saved, both Christian and non-Christian. Yet for Christians the death of Jesus is not an isolated event; it is connected with the Good News of the Resurrection, that, though Jesus was crucified, the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive! Good Friday leads to the joy of Easter.

What does Islam believe about Jesus and his death? Islam, far from denying Jesus’ existence, references him in its teachings. The Quran mentions the “prophet” Jesus dozens of times, providing accounts of his birth, miracles, and death. The revelation about Jesus contained in the Quran, however, does not always match the Christian Bible. Jesus is presented only as a prophet, for the Quran asks, “How could He [Allah] have a son?” (6:101). Instead the relationship of Jesus to God is portrayed not as a son but as a messenger. Jesus’ death, too, is described in a different way: God heard the prayer of Jesus and prevented him from being put to death.

The Quran relates the words of God to Jesus:

“O Jesus, indeed I will take you and raise you to Myself and purify you from those who disbelieve and make those who follow you [in submission to Allah alone] superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection” (Quran 3:55).

Muslims believe that Jesus died a natural death in accordance with the will of God. The cross was thought to be a curse and therefore not fitting for a prophet such as Jesus.

The Quran asserts elsewhere that Jesus only appeared to die, resulting in some claims that another (perhaps even Judas Iscariot) took his place on the cross. It is written:

And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain. Rather, Allah raised him to Himself (Quran 4:157–158).

Muslims believe that when Jesus died — not on Cal­vary, but naturally at some later time — he was taken into God’s presence as was fitting for a holy man.

Islam, in its teachings on Jesus, affirms some points of Christian revelation but not others. These early connections between Islam and Christianity and Islam’s assertion of Jesus’ prophetic role are not surprising. Before Christianity was prominent in most of Europe, it could be found in North Africa and the Middle East. The beginnings of Islam in the seventh century coincide with the influence of Christian belief and practice. The world Islam entered had been impacted by the key Christian belief that Jesus’ death on the cross brought about mankind’s salvation.

Islam’s teaching on Jesus and his death is consistent with its belief in the oneness of God. The Christian belief in the divinity of Jesus and God as a trinity of persons matches neither what Islam believes about Jesus nor what it believes about God. For Islam, belief in Jesus as other than a prophet takes away from the greatness of Allah. Jesus is not consubstantial with God; he was a man created in time.

Despite the differences, the Muslim understanding of Jesus provides a point of common ground: that Jesus had a special relationship with God and a privileged role. Though Jesus’ divinity is a core belief that Islam cannot accept and Christians cannot relinquish, Islam provides a powerful reminder to Christians of the majesty and oneness of God.

We should not be surprised that the death of Jesus has been difficult to believe. In Jesus’ own day, even for some of his believers, the cross was a scandal, a repudiation of who Jesus said he was. And for non-Christians, Christ crucified is “a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles” (1 Corinthians 1:23). But for those who believe, Jesus’ death and resurrection is the crux of faith, to be acknowledged and celebrated. Because Jesus died and was raised, we too can hope for eternal life.


To be continued..
(Next: Jesus in Islam part 2 of 4)

By Hassan Lukosi Kibiti Bookshelf When the clergy abuse scandal hits close to home Daria Sockey Aug 7, 2018 0 From the Catechism Symbols of the Spirit Pat Gohn Aug 6, 2018 0 Sunday Gospel Reflections Sunday Gospel reflections: Be nourished by the bread of life Living with Christ Aug 3, 2018 0 Videos Catholic Arts in the Di...



8-4-4 curriculum integrated with Islamic studies



South C, Popo Road Opposite Green Valley Supermarket
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