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Never give up
Nothing surpasses Health and Fitness in this world. Join the experts. July intake ending today.--Nairobi Zoezi Institute.
I want to join the institute. I need to know the fee
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May the occasion of Eid bring endless blessings, happiness and success to you and your family. Eid Mubarak from all of us at NZI
Am really interested in volleyball and am good in it...if I ask for apportunity to be trained wth you is it possible
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We train world class Fitness Professionals in all fields of Fitness.

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May intake is ON
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Call to book. Weekend plan. Date to be communicated soon👌🏾


We are Nairobi Zoezi Institute!


NZI in conjunction with have a BODYBUILDING unit. We guide our athletes on workout and meal plans, posing and all prepping required to get on stage and WIN! Whatsapp us for your FREE CONSULTATION 0722668230


Congratulations Schlenker!!! We're so proud of you our student!!


Happening now at City Stadium, Kamukunji Talent Search. NZI boys go! Go! Go! Bring the win home!


Be awesome, join us
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May is here baby!
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Our new March Semester is ON!


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Concentration 💯 Our students are the best!!


Look at beauty in its magnificence! This is @angelamatym who's completing school this March. We can't wait to see her blossom in the Fitness Industry!!


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It's never that serious!! Laugh as much as your ribs can allow 🤣🤣 Live life to the fullest!!


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March intake is ongoing
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Meet the bubbly @joygianonly the Queen of tiktok! Never a dull moment with Joygian, imagine being trained with such a Fitpro with so much energy and joy! Joygian is completing her studies this March and we wish her all the best in her Fitness career.


Meet Daisy @_daisyserem our youngest female student. When Daisy joined to NZI she was skeptical about Fitness, now she's fallen in love with Fitness and she can't wait to finish the course and be a certified FITPRO. Our course is NITA APPROVED.
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March intake ongoing
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Fitness Professionals Association of Kenya (FITPAK) officials led by Chairman Phillip Namasaka paid us a visit to mentor our students. Thank you so much FITPAK. We're so honored and proud to be associated and recognized by you.


Our students rock!
Ours is not a typical college, we provide our students a conducive environment to grow into the best version of themselves.
Come join us for the March 8th intake to experience this.
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These are not models, they are our students from NZI @g.i.b.u @clive_ivril @mike_physique99 and Schlenker. Also in the picture is @leslydan_official who is their mentor, life skills coach and teacher. Apart from the Fitness Science units, we teach our students a whole lot of issues concerning life. By the time they complete the 6 month course, our students are fired up and ready to face the world head ON!
Our March intake is ongoing. WhatsApp us to join. 0722668230


The boys have left already!!!


Look at the real definition of beauty. Meet Anne @anitametian and Pam from Uganda.
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Look at the real definition of beauty. Meet Anne @anitametian and Pam from Uganda.
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The March intake is on.
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As fitness professionals in Kenya, we work in an industry where currently there are no standardized national requirements for our certification. However, Fitness Professionals must maximize and optimize the opportunities that currently exist to set a higher bar for our fitness industry.
Most people who work in the Fitness Industry are not certified.
You must, as a Fitness Professional to set yourself apart and Stand Tall from the rest.
Building your brand based on education, certification, and experience will provide a solid base for your business and profession to grow and expand in a successful, professional manner.

Importance of Education
Formal education is extremely important when it comes to fitness professionals. As Fitness Professionals, we are expected to know and understand anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology.
Specializations in Fitness include Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Health and Sports Management and Exercise Science.
After the general Diploma or Degree in Fitness, you can stand taller still, shadowing as many fitness professionals as possible, and learn what area of “specialization” piques your interests before selecting a narrow path for your degree. After learning what inspires and motivates you, selecting 1 or 2 specializations can enhance your overall degree.
Importance of Identifying Specialization vs. Broad Training Methodology
As a fitness professional, there are many different types of specializations that can be achieved through courses and certifications. Personal Training, Group Fitness Instruction, Sports Performance, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Indoor Cycling, Clinical Training, Injury Prevention and Corrective Specialist are just a few. Most fitness professionals work in a few of these environments and need to have certifications and experience in all that apply.
It is important when building your brand to determine if you would like to be labelled as a specialist or a broad-spectrum generalist. The easiest way to understand this is by comparing our profession to doctors. A general practitioner would be a fitness expert with a broad training methodology and needs to know “a little bit of everything” to be able to apply it to their clients. Whereas a brain surgeon would be compared to a fitness specialist like a Personal Trainer that would work directly with clients on a one on one basis.
When it comes to deciding to become a specialist or a broad spectrum methodology fitness expert, it is essential to understand the importance of seeking out both education and certifications that will expose you to the knowledge base needs for that profession.

Importance of Application
No matter how much we learn and educate ourselves within the fitness industry, if we do not utilize this knowledge in a practical application environment then we truly will never reach our full potential. Take every opportunity to shadow others – the more you can put yourself in an environment to learn directly from a fitness professional in their work setting the more you will learn how to take on these same work challenges in your own profession. Find your idols of fitness and invest the time to shadow and learn from them. This experience is priceless and can almost never be learned in the classroom setting. By learning these skills you will broaden your abilities to work with different demographics and solve solutions in an efficient and effective way.
Creating the most solid fitness brand is an investment, however setting yourself apart as an educated, certified, and experienced fit pro will increase your influence and job security in this rapidly growing career field. Start by establishing a foundation of higher education in Exercise Science. Next, build your brand by selecting a nationally accredited certification. After that, expand your certification list by selecting courses and certifications that directly apply to where you want to grow as a fitness professional.
Finally, throughout this entire process shadow, intern, and practice your skills as much as possible to learn how to directly apply all of your knowledge. These steps will enhance your overall credentials and continue to develop the growth and standards within the fitness industry.

Lets all get paper.

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Moi Avenue Development House 11th Floor

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
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