Cooking Classes Rome

Cooking classes for everyone wants to learn how to realize italian pizza and hand-made pasta. We can also cook a special dinner for you! Cooking Classes in Rome.

Mixing together simple ingredients and creating something special is a huge satisfaction, and if you learn how to do it, you can repeat it any time you want! Learn to make the famous and traditional homemade pasta or prepare a tasty pizza to replicate at home whenever you want! Pasta, pizza, bread ... realize them it's much easier than you think! We will make the dough for pizza and understand som

Normali funzionamento 19/01/2016

Roman Food Facts: What Did the Romans Eat? | KidsKonnect

Meals in Ancient Rome The ancient Romans did not eat large meals. However, the rich Romans did enjoy expensive, varied meals with foods from all over the Roman Empire. This was... 15/01/2016

Sweet Tomato from Mt. Vesuvius: Pomodorino del Piennolo

Great tomatoes! Love them! The Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomato is a tomato variety grown around Mount Vesuvius.



From 28 years, on january 1st, Mr Ok jumps into the Tiber

Il video del tuffo di questa mattina



Videomapping on Trevi Fountain, until december, 20
The show was made for the nomination at the Olympics 2014

Video Mapping assurdo realizzato per la candidatura alle olimpiadi di Roma nel 2024!


Archaeology in Rome

Ancient Cooking in Rome... :-D

Food in Ancient Rome.
Antique roman dishes:mussels


Archaeology in Rome

If you're in Italy, bruschetta is a must!

How do you pronounce Bruschetta? :-) 12/12/2015

Best Irish pubs in Rome, our top 10 - Puntarella Rossa

Best Irish pubs in Rome? Best Irish pubs in Rome Rome probably has more Irish pubs than many cities in the Emerald Isle itself these days but which ones are not to be missed? Despite the ...


Italy Magazine

Eight facts about our favorite gold-green liquid that you may not already know (plus, one bonus fact for our male readers): 04/12/2015

Guide to international restaurants in Rome • Wanted in Rome

Not only local tastes, in the Eternal City... Rome is famed for its local cuisine but it is also home to many foreign restaurants which add an international dimension, and taste, to the Eternal City. 20/11/2015

A Roma la Fiera Nazionale del Panettone e del Pandoro / Panettone and Pandoro National Fair...

Christmas time: on november 21 and 22, in Rome, the National Panettone and Pandoro Fair!

Natale si avvicina: il 21 e 22 novembre, a Roma, la Fiera Nazionale del Panettone e del Pandoro 11/11/2015

Remigio Champagne e Vino • Wanted in Rome

Craving for Champagne while you're in Rome? Remigio is the answer! Remigio is a good spot for an aperitivo and specialises in French champagnes. You can also find Italian wines in this intimate wine bar, as well as a decent-sized food menu. 11/11/2015

On 15 november, in #Rome, appointment with the Jewish gastronomy 08/11/2015

When in Rome: Eat At The Restaurants the Tourists Don't Know About

Don't eat as a tourist...! Rome may be overflowing with restaurants, but many are mediocre, overpriced, and cater to tourists. So where should you really eat when in Rome? Here are five trusted Roman ristorantes that the tourist books don’t tell you about. 05/11/2015

Rome restores Fontana del Babuino • Wanted in Rome

Restores of the "Babuino", one of the Talking Statues of Rome! Fountain restoration sponsored by Brioni. The Fontana del Babuino on the central Via del Babuino is undergoing a €25,000 restoration, sponsored by Rome-based clothing company Brioni and overseen by the city. The renovation works on the fountain, currently in poor repair, will take 50 days. Located b… 30/10/2015

Ten things to do in Italy in November - The Local

Who said November isn't a good time to visit Italy? If you're short of ideas for what to do in Italy in November, we've gathered a list of ten events that are well worth checking out, especially if you like wine, jazz, films...and nougat. 29/10/2015

Tiramisu World Festival in Rome | Wanted in Rome

This weekend, in Rome, Circus Maximus hosts Tiramisu World Festival. Stands, cooking shows and even a race for tiramisù eaters! From 9 am to to 10 pm
#Rome #Weekend #tiramisù 31 Oct-1 Nov. Rome’s Circus Maximus hosts the Tiramisu World Festival from 31 October until 1 November. The two-festival celebrates one of Italy’s best-loved desserts, with stand from all over Italy offering tasting areas and live cooking shows. There are also forums and workshops examining the hist… 27/10/2015

Expo, è "pizza" la parola più amata: nel gusto vince l'Italia dei primi e degli ultimi

Beloved Pizza...! La più conosciuta al mondo, con il caffè espresso al secondo posto: i risultati del sondaggio della Società Dante Alighieri sui vocaboli del cibo che premia anche la lasagna, la carbonara e l'amatriciana, il gelato e il risotto 22/10/2015

Rome's Ottobrata Monticiana festival | Wanted in Rome

From 23 to 25 oct. join #Rome ’s Ottobrata Monticiana festival, in Monti district!
Music,exhibitions, food, wine and fun!
Wanted in Rome #Monti Rione Monti Joy of Rome 23-25 Oct. Rome’s Monti district is the scene of the 30th edition of Ottobrata Monticiana, the annual festival in celebration of the trendy city-centre neighbourhood, from 23-25 October. The three-day programme includes live musical performances, dj sets and exhibitions, with a strong emphasis on fo… 22/10/2015

When in Rome, Learn to Cook Italian

And even better if you learn how to ralize pasta by yourself! :-D
Contact us for a special Cooking Class! If you go to Rome to dine, you’re getting only a taste of Italian culture. For a full immersion, you’ve got to make some pasta and traditional sauces yourself. 17/10/2015

How To Eat Like An Italian

Something to know about eating like italians! Learning to eat like an Italian means learning the difference between antipasti and primo, and how to order your caffè. 15/10/2015

20 small wonders of Rome

20 hidden gems you shouldn't miss when in Rome! Rome may dazzle with its grandeur, but its true character lies in the hidden details. Here are 20 unusual things you absolutely must not miss 12/10/2015

Pork tenderloin with beer / Filetto di maiale alla birra

Today's lunch :-D Cooking classes for everyone wants to learn how to realize italian pizza and hand-made pasta. We can also cook a special dinner for you or with you! 11/10/2015

10 Things We Wish We Could Do Like The Italians

Italians do it better? We thought we'd offer up our own little tribute to Italy's genius, half love letter and half #travelenvy log. Here are ten things our Italian friends do like no one else.




Altro Lezioni di cucina Rome (vedi tutte)
Cook with us in Rome Cook with us in Rome
Vicolo Di Sant Onofrio, 22
Rome, 00165

Join Gianni & Cesare, two local Romans, long time best friends, and lovers of all things food & wine related, for a fun cooking class in Rome.

Tu Chef Tu Chef
Viale Battista Bardanzellu 8
Rome, 00155

Scuola di Cucina, Corsi amatoriali, professionali e di specializzazione. Corsi e feste per bambini e adulti, team building, eventi, catering

Mind cibo per la mente Mind cibo per la mente
Via Federico Nansen 62
Rome, 00154

Mind/CiboperlaMente è una Scuola di cucina e uno spazio dedicato alla cultura del mangiare e del bere.

Pepe Verde Pepe Verde
Via Quattro Novembre, 157
Rome, 00187

In questi 30 anni abbiamo contribuito con passione alla formazione di cuochi e gourmet

Casa Santo Spirito - Luxury Rentals Casa Santo Spirito - Luxury Rentals
Via Del Banco Di S. Spirito 21
Rome, 00186

A breathtaking, one-of-a-kind designer vacation rental featuring architecture and history of old Rome blended with all the modern conveniences. Situated in Rome's historical centre in a 17th century building with large outdoor terrace and stunning views.

QuintoVizio QuintoVizio
Via Castel Sant'Elia, 26
Rome, 00191

Stai organizzando una cena e vuoi che qualcuno cucini per te? Contattaci e ti forniremo assistenza, professionalità e una cena che non dimenticherai

Sweet'n Smoke BBQ Academy & Supply Store Sweet'n Smoke BBQ Academy & Supply Store
Via Teocrito 15
Rome, 00100

BBQ, corsi e catering, Store, Vendita BBQ, salse, Rub e Carbone

InRome Cooking InRome Cooking
Corso Del Rinascimento, 65
Rome, 00186

Italian Cookery School in the center of Rome. Learn, taste & cook fresh pasta, pizza, gelato & more in a historical setting. Scuola di cucina italiana, con lezioni per amatori e corsi di approfondimento per chef con esperti del settore.

Eataly Eataly
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Rome, 00154

Eataly Roma, il più grande luogo al mondo dedicato alle eccellenze agroalimentari italiane. Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 8 alle 22.

Spaghetti in the Family - Spaghetti in the Family -
Via Dei Giovi 35
Rome, 00141

Our mission: teaching you the secrets of Roman and Italian culinary traditions entrusting you to the care of our family, of our children and grandchildren

Cooking Lessons in Rome Cooking Lessons in Rome
Via Volsinio, 19
Rome, 00199

Cooking Lessons in Rome, your friendly Italian Cuisine experience.

Monia Colnago - Cooking Class Monia Colnago - Cooking Class
Viale Giulio Cesare
Rome, 00100

'La pasticceria è una scienza esatta'