Ristomama proposes to foreigners the opportunity to meet ltalian people in their own houses in order to learn to cook italian food in private classes

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We're really proud to announce you that Ristomama has been awarded with the 2018 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor! Thanks to all of you that made that possible, enjoyng so much our cooking classes and leaving such nice and satisfied reviews! Ristomama loves you all!



"Saltimbocca alla romana" (veal, prosciutto ham, sage from Raffaella's Garden) Picture taken by one of our beloved guests, Kile C

thelocal.it 07/12/2017

Unesco declares Naples' pizza spinning 'intangible heritage'

😀😀😀😀Unesco declares Naples pizza 'intangible heritage'😀😀😀😀

thelocal.it Naples' pizza twirling joined Unesco's list of intangible heritage on Thursday, securing the coveted status alongside a host of cultural treasures.

newsmax.com 04/09/2017

11 Italian Food Staples That Combat Cancer, Heart Disease

Italian food is always a good way to start again after holiday breaks.
Be healthy eat Italian :)

newsmax.com Italian food lovers, rejoice. A new study gives us yet another reason to your favorite cuisine. The research found that Italian tomatoes may not only help prevent stomach cancer but also may hold the secret in curing the dreaded disease.

crazyitalians.com 06/08/2017

Ten “Italian” Foods You Won’t Find in Italy

You will never find these ten foods in Italy! Did you know that? Some of those are really surprising!!!

crazyitalians.com Posted by Crazy Italians Blog, Food0 Comments Italian cuisine might just be the world’s favorite; adored from Tokyo to Chile. The Italians themselves are so attached to their national dishes that you’ll be hard-pressed to find an Italian who visits a foreign country and doesn’t long for a “fix” with...

telegraph.co.uk 06/07/2017

'An outrage to Italian cuisine': Nigella Lawson angers Italians with her controversial carbonara recipe

Would you eat this controversial carbonara? We have many doubts about the double cream.


telegraph.co.uk Beloved chef Nigella Lawson is known for her sumptuous, indulgent yet easy recipes and never shies away from luxuriantly pouring in cream.

weegypsygirl.com 03/07/2017

Ristomama: The Best Italian Cooking Class in Rome

Thank you Nicole (www.weegypsygirl.com) for this amazing article!
it was a great pleasure to host you. We are really happy you enjoyed your cooking class with Paola :) :)

weegypsygirl.com When we were looking through the recipes booklet for our cooking class in Rome, Veeran asked me if I had ever had tortellini before. “Oh yeah, that’s what a lot of students and single people buy from the supermarket at home when they want a quick meal…” Needless to say, I left the cooking class wit...

ristomama.com 28/06/2017

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thelocal.it 23/06/2017

Nine delicious Italian summer delicacies you have to taste

"Italians eat with the seasons"
Have a good tasty summer :)

thelocal.it Whenever you travel to Italy, you can be assured of good food. But in the stiflingly warm summer months, visitors may not be in the mood for heavy plates of pasta and pizza ... or at least not all the time.

independent.co.uk 06/06/2017

Worst mistakes to make when eating Italian food, according to top chefs

“And keep the ketchup for your French fries. I beg you.”
Silvia Baldini, 2015 winner of TV show Chopped on Food Network

independent.co.uk Carb-heavy and exploding with fresh flavours, Italian grub is often regarded as a comfort food lacking in strict conventions and etiquette. But if the advice of Italian chefs and experts is anything to go by, eating and preparing the southern European food is laden with as many rules as any other cu...

Photos taken by our guests 30/05/2017

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests


Tutti a chiedersi cosa farà da lunedì Francesco Totti…
Noi lo sappiamo e lo accogliamo a braccia aperte tra i nostri cooking teacher!
Daje de cucchiaio!

Benvenuto RistoCaptain ;)

Everyone is wondering what Francesco Totti will do the from next monday…
We actually know it and we are happy to welcome him to our team as a cooking teacher!

Welcome RistoCaptain ;)

:) :) :)


Some of our guests are having fun learning how to make home made pasta with Antonella in her house in Florence


Thank you Nicole Arnott of Weegypsygirl for this nice pictures and for your passion and enthusiasm!!!

Hope to see you soon again!!! :)

Have a whole new appreciation for pasta after learning how to make it by hand in Rome with Ristomama! 😂 Huge thanks to Paola for being so patient with us and showing us how it's done! This is an essential experience for the foodies to have 😍


Stop sharing kittens :)


Italian love stories :)


Italy is the perfect mix between food and culture!!!
Join our chef Paola in making handmade tagliatelle in front of Pantheon from her wonderful point of view


Antonella's house, just a few minutes by car from the centre of Florence

Photos taken by our guests 17/05/2017

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests


RISTOMAMA - A new way of travelling

A new way of travelling!!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover the very heart of Italian tradition/culture? Ristomama opens the doors of the most beautiful Italian houses to traveller...


Happy mother's day to all mothers and ristomamas!!!


A few pictures of yesterday's class with some friends of Peroni UK!



Thanks to Erik of Cookinwithgrandmas for this fantastic video!!!
Our beloved chef Antonella taught Eric and his friends how to make a delicious asparagus risotto.

Wouldn't you like to join Antonella in her villa in Florence too?

My friends and I had a great time learning to make asparagus risotto with our teacher, Antonella! I highly recommend taking a cooking class in Italy with https://www.ristomama.com/en/ Classes are offered in Napoli, Florence, and Rome! Soon they'll have instructors in Venice, too...

wantedinrome.com 21/04/2017

Rome celebrates 2,770th birthday on 21 April • Wanted in Rome

Happy Birthday Rome!!!!🍾🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂

wantedinrome.com Historical groups evoke ancient Roman tradtions with Natale di Roma. The capital celebrates its 2,770th birthday on Friday 21 April, with events lasting until Sunday 23 April. Known as Natale di Roma, the annual birthday celebration is based on the legendary foundation of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.…

thelocal.it 16/04/2017

12 Italian Easter foods you have to try at least once


thelocal.it After carefully avoiding overindulgence and tasty temptations throughout the Lent period, Easter is the time when Italian Catholics can fill their plates as they celebrate Jesus's resurrection.


Our favourite flower!

thelocal.it 21/03/2017

Six unmistakable signs that spring has arrived in Italy

Spring has arrived!!!

thelocal.it March 20th is officially the first day of spring - but what does the new season typically bring to Italy? Expect to see delicious food at your local market, foreigners shedding layers of clothing while Italians merely reach for their sunglasses, and a healthy dose of quirky local festivals. Here are


Nothing better than fresh made pasta🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝!

nypost.com 25/02/2017

Iceland's president wants to ban pineapple on pizza

We absolutely agree with the Iceland's president:
Pineapple on pizza should be banned! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

What do you think about it?

nypost.com Pineapple on pizza would be a forbidden fruit, if the president of Iceland had his way. President Gudni Johannesson hates the hotly debated topping so much, he wants to ban it, according to a repor…


Ever wondered what it takes to make wonderful Ravioli?Would you like to learn how to make it?

Photos taken by our guests 17/02/2017

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests

Here are some photos of our cooking classes around Italy taken by our beloved guests

keighleynews.co.uk 06/02/2017

Gnocchi proves that Italian cuisine can be healthy

To be healthy you have to eat gnocchi! :)

keighleynews.co.uk AFTER A December of eating, drinking and being merry, the New Year can feel like a great time to try and be a new you.


Arielle and his boyfriend had so much fun with paola's cooking class last week!

Thanks for this funny picture Arielle :)

pastemagazine.com 19/01/2017

10 Pastas Most Americans Have Never Heard Of

They bet you’ve never heard of these 10 italian pastas...
Are they right? Have you ever tried at least one?

pastemagazine.com Italians have perfected pasta in hundreds of variations. Here is a list of 10 pastas we bet you've never heard of.


Ristomama's cover photo

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Ristomama - Paola in Rome
Ristomama - Antonella in Florence
Ristomama - Raffaella in Rome
Ristomama - A new way of travelling





Via Di Torre Argentina 13
Altro Lezioni di cucina Rome (vedi tutte)
Cucina Borghese Cucina Borghese
Piazza Borghese 6
Rome, 00186

Città del gusto Roma - Gambero Rosso Città del gusto Roma - Gambero Rosso
Via Ottavio Gasparri, 13-17
Rome, 00152

Le Scuole del Gambero Rosso sono il punto di riferimento del mondo dell’enogastronomia e offrono corsi amatoriali, professionali e sul management.

Cooking Classes in Rome Cooking Classes in Rome
Via Dei Fienaroli, 5
Rome, 00153

A DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE AND AN APPETIZING TIME! Learn to cook great Italian dishes while in Rome. In addition to enjoying a meal you just learned to prepare, once you're back home you will be able to recreate a small piece of your Roman experience.

Accademia Italiana Chef Accademia Italiana Chef
Viale Gianluigi Bonelli 225
Rome, 00127

Corsi di Pasticceria, Cucina, Panificazione e Pizzeria, Master della Pasta. Corsi Professionali di Pasticcere, Cuoco e Pizzaiolo - ISO 9001 - 21001.

Scuola Di Cucina Due Cuochi per Amici Scuola Di Cucina Due Cuochi per Amici
Via Scirè 19
Rome, 00199

Pagina della scuola di cucina a Roma Due cuochi per amici

Sottocasa Sfizi Golosi Sottocasa Sfizi Golosi
Via Della Purificazione 70
Rome, 00187

Il Gusto sta dove sta il Cuore.

Cucina Trastevere Cucina Trastevere
Via Della Lungara 41
Rome, 00165

Cucina Trastevere is a cooking school that offers Roman, Italian and many more types of cooking lessons. Located in the historic center of Roma, Cucina Trastevere is a cooking school for both expats and for our own Roman clientele.

ChefLab ChefLab
Viale Shakespeare 69
Rome, 00144

ChefLab è un'associazione culturale. Proponiamo corsi di cucina e servizio di chef a domicilio.

Il negozio di Coquis Il negozio di Coquis
VIA FLAMINIA 575 Oppure CORSO FRANCIA 124 A Al Terzo Piano
Rome, 00191

Libreria e negozio specializzato con vendita al dettaglio e all'ingrosso. Utensili, pentolame e abbigliamento da cucina delle migliori marche

Cuochincasa Cuochincasa
Via Mario Savini 7
Rome, 00136

Noi di Cuochincasa siamo dei professionisti della ristorazione e del banqueting che hanno sviluppato il gusto di ascoltare le vostre richieste.

QuintoVizio QuintoVizio
Via Castel Sant'Elia, 26
Rome, 00191

Stai organizzando una cena e vuoi che qualcuno cucini per te? Contattaci e ti forniremo assistenza, professionalità e una cena che non dimenticherai

Tu Chef Tu Chef
Viale Battista Bardanzellu 8
Rome, 00155

Scuola di Cucina, Corsi amatoriali, professionali e di specializzazione. Corsi e feste per bambini e adulti, team building, eventi, catering