Hofstra in Rome

“Every one soon or late comes round by Rome.” - Robert Browning Study one of two LHSC courses:

JRNL 180 - World Changers Rome

RTVF 65 - World Changers Rome

Spend a month with Larry Herbert School of Communication (LHSC) Professor Randy Hillebrand in the city of “la dolce vita”!

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Hofstra in Rome's cover photo


Hofstra in Rome's cover photo

lhscmediaarchaeology.org 18/08/2017

LHSC Italy Media Archaeology Project | SCOinRome 2017

Check out the media archaeology project of the 2017 SCOinRome trip. This project is a mapping project that archived the locations and stories in Frascati, Scampia, and L'Aquila. All the material is student produced!




Walk where the Emperors once ruled during Summer Session II SCO in Rome. Next interest meeting is tomorrow, March 25th, Common Hour, Room 306.


Today is the first day of spring! That means the warm, sunny, cloudless, days of summer in Italy are getting closer!


There will be a general interest meeting for the summer 2015 SCO in Rome trip this Wednesday at Common Hour.

"Going on the trip was the best decision I've ever made!" - Reba Putorti, 2014 Hofstra Roman

"Most fun month of my life!" - Emily Lenguadoro, 2014 Hofstra Roman

"The single most amazing experience of my life." - Pope Francis


What does graffiti, archaeology, and journalism have in common? They are all part of JRNL 180 in Rome this summer. Learn more on Wednesday, March 11th, during common hour.

[Super Pope by Mauro Pallotta near the Vatican in Rome]


There are two classes offered for SCO in Rome that cover a multitude of topics. RTVF 65: Roma Cinema Aperta and JRNL 180: International Journalism: Engaging Citizens Stateside.

Roma Cinema Aperta is an exploration of Italian cinema and film production. The course delves into the nuances of Italian culture and history through the lens of the filmmakers.

International Journalism allows students to experiment with site specific storytelling and mobile journalism. The course explores current Roman culture as compared to historical archaeology and character narrative.

SCO in Rome! 2014 10/02/2015

The 2014 adventure!


There is a general interest meeting about SCO in Rome! Be there and learn about this amazing trip!
Wednesday, February 4 – Common Hour from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Room 300 of the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication


Hofstra in Rome

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Feeling the cold weather? Well think warm thoughts about traveling to Rome this summer with SCO in Rome! (And of course, check out last year's pictures!)

flickr.com 2014 Study Abroad Session in Rome, Italy


The next general information session will be on Wednesday, Feb. 12th from 11:30-12:30 in Room 300, Herbert School

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SCO in Rome!

Cold weather got you down? You should think about warm air and Rome and check out the photos from the 2012 SCO in Rome trip. (And think about going on the 2014 trip!!!)

flickr.com 2012 School of Communication Study Abroad in Rome, Italy


Hofstra in Rome's cover photo


If you are interested in learning more about the School of Communications trip to Rome this summer come to the study abroad fair during common hour tomorrow! It will be in the Student Center Main Dining Room East (towards the back).


Dinner at Randy's
by Kayla Engeman
I remember in third grade when I used to believe teachers used to live at school. The moment I leave the building, Ms. McCoy would pull out a cot from the coat closet, take a nap, and start teaching again upon my...

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Hofstra Romans!

When in Doubt, Fight Like the Gladiators Did
By: Molly Sestak
The choice is yours. Fight to the death of your opponent and live, or die trying. For those men enslaved during the Roman Empire, this was their life. The name “gladiator” became the name...

scoinrome.tumblr.com When in Doubt, Fight Like the Gladiators Did By: Molly Sestak The choice is yours. Fight to the death of your opponent and live, or die trying. For those men enslaved during the Roman Empire, this was...


Some Travel Tips for the Hofstra Romans!
~Look into weekend excursions before hand. Do your research and know where you are staying and make sure it is near popular destinations and a safe area. ~ Know your stomach. If you know something is going to...


A Lifestyle of Wine - by Alexa Alvey I feel obligated to make an initial comment about this blog since it will be completely about alcohol. No, my favorite part about the trip was not the wine buzz, but instead the art of wine: how it’s made, what...


Where's the Beef?
by Audrie Marton
The food in Italy is enough of a reason to make the trip. It’s the freshest of the fresh and the best of the best. Every dish is created with delicate care and an attention to detail that is unmatched. From the...


Beyond the Tiber
by Erin Starke
As a New Yorker, The Village is one of my favorite areas of New York City.
Once we walked into Trastevere for one of our group dinners, I new I was in love.
The narrow streets lined with warm colored buildings covered...


Becoming A Local
by Erin Starke
As our final days of Rome are upon us all I can do is look around at all the
things I’m going to miss about this beautiful place. Rome has become our home.
From the security men that sit at the front desk to the...

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Hofstra Romans!

scoinrome.tumblr.com The Hofstra Romans have a good time taking pictures at the beach! Making memories! :)


We all had such a wonderful experience in Italy this past month. Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey!


My Favorite Day
by Ashley Melfi
When you go on a trip like this, you can’t really have a favorite moment; you have multiple. The amount of time spent in a city like this, there is too much we’ve done to specify one moment that was the best. So as...


Pick Pocketing
by Kellianne Levick
Pick pocketing is a major issue for travelers that come to Italy. The people that pick pocket travelers are trained to do this. They are so good at what they do that you won’t even notice it is being done to you. I...

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Hofstra Romans!

scoinrome.tumblr.com Hofstra Romans visit the Globe Theater to see some Shakespeare!


The Beauty of Positano
by Becca Meyer
This is my second time coming to this wonderful country of Italy. Last time, I spent less than a week here and stayed in a different hotel every night. I was so excited to come back and to also have a “home base”...

Hofstra in Rome

Explore all that Rome has to offer while learning skills that only this trip can offer. Hofstra in Rome teams up with several ground-breaking NGOs and non-profits to teach students the cultural politics, history, and extraordinary beauty of the the eternal city.

Students will learn to do digital media and mobile production as well as learn to investigate how the present and the past connect. There’s really no better place on earth to learn these skills!

Not only do students see literally every famous site, the trip is accentuated with weekend trips to the Amalfi Coast (Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Naples) and Tuscany (Florence, Venice, San Gimignano). Also, students will go deep into learning about the shifting culture of Italy in extra site visits and make amazing projects.






Altro Istruzione Rome (vedi tutte)
Obiettivo Psicologia Obiettivo Psicologia
Via Albano 11
Rome, 00179

La prima Web Community italiana degli psicologi, psicoterapeuti e studenti di psicologia.

Running Academy Running Academy
Via Degli Scialoja, 18
Rome, 00196

A febbraio torna il corso Comunicazione, Lobby e Politica

Viale Gorizia 17
Rome, 00198

To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, to promote social responsibility o

Ingegneria energetica Ingegneria energetica
Via Del Boschetto 65
Rome, 00184

Energia Energetica per un futuro sostenibile.

Scuola Marziale Ho Sin Sul - Taekwondo Scuola Marziale Ho Sin Sul - Taekwondo
Largo S. Giorgio 4/Acilia (Roma)
Rome, 00125

A partire da Settembre 2016, si iniziano i nuovi Corsi di HoSinSul - Difesa Personale Saremo presso

CIBELE Edizioni CIBELE Edizioni
Rome, 00185

Cibele è una casa editrice, nata in Piemonte, per raccontare – attraverso la fotografia, il cibo,

Diritto & Salute Mentale Diritto & Salute Mentale

Le belve, se un giorno dovranno giudicare gli uomini, porteranno come atto di accusa contro di noi l

Museo storico della Liberazione Museo storico della Liberazione
Via Tasso 145
Rome, 00185

Uno dei luoghi più importanti della memoria dell'oppressione nazista in Europa (Moni Ovadia). Reali

PNL & Sanità, Programmazione Neuro Linguistica e Sanita. Medico paziente PNL & Sanità, Programmazione Neuro Linguistica e Sanita. Medico paziente
Rome, 00100

PNL e medicina, PNL e formazione in sanità, relazione sanitario-paziente, rimuovere blocchi psichic

Tuttoasroma.it Tuttoasroma.it
Stadio Olimpico
Rome, 00196

IL SITO: http://tuttoasroma.it ASCOLTA LA RADIO: http://www.tuttoasromaradio.it/ LA TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/CUCSLEGENDTV

MisSafe - Antiaggressione Femminile MisSafe - Antiaggressione Femminile
Rome, 00159

Your Next Safety Level..

Grafica & Lettering Grafica & Lettering
Rome, 00165

Lettering e calligrafia per comunicazione, brand identity e cinema. Clienti: 007 James Bond - EON P