Little Star Daycare: Via Cassia 344 00191 Roma Italy Tel. (+39) 06.33429578 Little Star Daycare is an international school founded on the principles of providing supportive, nurturing and high quality educational care to all children from nursery through kindergarten (from 4 months to 6 years).

We invite you all to visit our beautiful school to discover our many wonderful learning activities that will enrich your children’s early development. Little Star: the first international nursery in Rome.

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Halloween is coming... with wonderful surprises! 🎃🎃🎃

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Today we celebrate International Day: different cultures and traditions mixing like colours and our emotions when we are together... happy International Day to everyone!!! 🌏🌈🏳️


Come annunciato, ecco l'estratto del corso "Io Sono" che partirà a novembre...posti limitati! Per aderire, scrivici in direct! Chiara Narracci

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What a wonderful time this morning at Little Star sharing experiences and a nice breakfast with our current and old families!
Thanks to LIPU and Chiara Narracci for helping to make this day so special!
Thank you all for coming, please share your pictures of the day with us!

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Did you miss us?! The Little Star staff would like to invite you for breakfast on Saturday the 15th of October at 10.00am! Come and catch up over a coffee! There will also be a fun lab for the children organised by the Associazione LIPU, and time to reflect with our family counsellor 💫


Settling in is sweeter with a coffee and slice of cake! This is how our school becomes a place of conversation and sharing ☕🍰

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Using our home-made fertilizer made with banana skins to take care of our vegetable patch!


Everyone at Little Star wishes all our old students a wonderful school year! We are so proud of you all and can't wait to see you again soon! 💐 Caterina Lepori
Lisa Blissett .d Priscilla Zerbini


It's nearly time to welcome back all our families, and we couldn't be happier!


We are working with care and love to welcome all our families back to school in September. Every detail matters in education...see you soon! 💐


School is now closed until the 1st of September...stay tuned for all the improvements! 🚧⏳ Please contact us for information on:
[email protected]
+39 06 334 29577


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Empathy, and the elegance of the human body's movement are powers. Everything is connected thanks to empathy. Movement creates harmony. Excellence educates


Direct contact with nature and animals strengthens the power of empathy in children. Our Linfea area educates to the value of Respect. Being close to a real chicken cannot be compared to seeing a picture in a book. Children need to express their feelings and emotions through real life, because this is how they gain knowledge and deep understanding 🐔🌿🌻

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At Little Star, our plants grow thanks to life's nutrients: water, earth, light and the love and care of the children. This is our vegetable patch. It is the respect for life and nature. It is the sense of self-esteem that stems from feeling important. Love is the key ingredient for growth 🌿🌻🌧️


is a beacon of and "Be Safe" is one of Little Star's mottos 💪🏼 Safety is based on our ability to move with in our surroundings, while ourselves and others. It is experimenting with skills, which allow children to put their innate powers into practice. Our and influence our of ourselves and our environment.


Fine motors skills: feeling, touching, manipulating, moving through space, connecting to the world and discovering our Self. Humans are born with innate powers. When we practise them, we find awareness of our Self and the world. Our identity is built through experience, and children explore and discover themselves and the world. What a magnificent adventure!

educational area

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Today Rigel class went on a field trip to the Oasi LIPU Castel di Guido to visit the bee hives! 🐝🍯💛


Children are because they have innate . , , a sense of , and . Educating is fascinating! We support our children as they gain of who they are, and of their human powers 💪🏼

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Spring time school trips! 🌿🌈🚌

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Happy 🌿🌍🌈
Chiara Narracci kuchcinska Ilaria Marocco The Dresscoder

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Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣


We are so happy to have supported the charitable initiative for people suffering from mental health issues promoted by Dott.ssa Priscilla Zerbini. Thank you for involving us, and thank you to all our families who bought the delicious Easter eggs!

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Enrollments are now open for the 2022-2023 school year! Contact us to come for a visit!

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plastic bottles and lovingly taking care of our in the ...the value of and for our 🌏💚

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Today we will enjoy Olivia's delicious home-made pasta al ragù! 🍝❤️🥣


is the fuel that drives the mind, body and soul to accomplish a goal through strategic reasoning

International School Rome - Little Star 18/03/2022

International School Rome - Little Star

Open Day at LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome
Contact us to make an appointment to come and have a look around the school! 🌟🏡

International School Rome - Little Star International School Rome. This International school is the innovative pilot project which has created the “Little Star Educational Format for Citizens of the Planet Earth” linked to the UN Human Rights. The English language represents a way for children to be able to enter a future world of wor...

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This morning we played with shapes using our and skills. We discovered different ways of building and made an obstacle course! 🤎🔢🧱

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Visit to the garden centre! We used our maths skills and learnt about the different kinds of plants 🌺🌳🌿

International School Rome - Little Star 07/03/2022

International School Rome - Little Star

Enrollments are now open for the 2022-2023 school year!

International School Rome - Little Star International School Rome. This International school is the innovative pilot project which has created the “Little Star Educational Format for Citizens of the Planet Earth” linked to the UN Human Rights. The English language represents a way for children to be able to enter a future world of wor...

Little Star Daycare Rome - International School

Little Star in an International English-speaking school that works with UN Human Rights and promotes self-esteem in children. We try to provide an environment full of ethical values like love, truth and respect.

Our vegetable patch, planetarium and wishing well give the children real examples of universal principles. We celebrate kindness and pro-activity in promoting justice and dignity for everyone.

We guide children to discover their World of emotions so they can acquire the building blocks of strength, confidence and self-awareness which will prepare them for their futures.

At Little Star we seek to give children the tools to become capable, honest and respectful people who are prepared to become citizens of Planet Earth. We strive to give them the foundations to be open-minded, lifelong leaners and leaders of tomorrow.

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Come annunciato, ecco l'estratto del corso "Io Sono" che partirà a novembre...posti limitati! Per aderire, scrivici in d...
Reading "The Gingerbread Man" and baking yummy gingerbread biscuits. We got dressed up like little bakers and had so muc...
Paints, colours, fun and sunshine! Exploring #Art as part of our #Dreams educational area and #Value 🌞🧑‍🎨🌈 #LittleArtist...
Welcome to #LittleStarInternationalSchool! Introducing Chiara, one of our #nursery #teachers specialised in the 2-3 year...
Sirius Class enjoying the sunshine while exploring Autumn colours and materials!#LittleStarInternationalSchool #Autumn #...
Our Mindfulness journey continues at #LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome with Rigel Group
Come and take a look inside #LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome !




Via Cassia 344

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Lunedì 08:00 - 16:30
Martedì 08:00 - 16:30
Mercoledì 08:00 - 16:30
Giovedì 08:00 - 16:30
Venerdì 08:00 - 16:30

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