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Little Star Daycare: Via Cassia 344 00191 Roma Italy Tel. (+39) 06.33429578 Little Star: the first international nursery in Rome.

Little Star Daycare is an international school founded on the principles of providing supportive, nurturing and high quality educational care to all children from nursery through kindergarten (from 4 months to 6 years). We invite you all to visit our beautiful school to discover our many wonderful learning activities that will enrich your children’s early development.

Normali funzionamento

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Celebrating different cultures, but sharing the same values... Happy International Day 2023


Our code of ethics:


Our code of ethics:
💛 LOVE 💛


Our code of ethics:
🧚‍♀️ DREAM 🧚‍♀️


Our code of ethics:
💪🏻 proactivity 💪🏻


Our cod of ethics:
💪🏻 self esteem 💪🏻


Our code of ethics:


Our code of ethics:


Our code of ethics:

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What a wonderful moment to discover that the Mad Hatter wrote a magical letter to Sirius group . Let’s experiment different prospectives with him! Values: open-mindedness and dream Beacons:
stay tuned!

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Our Mad Hatter does not give answers but encourage questions as the key to staying curious and growing up with personal ideas 💡 so we can become pioneers of knowledge

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Good morning everyone! Kindness, love and respect: the best ingredients to start a good day!

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Improvements in our educational home!!! Welcome to our old and new families, let this journey begin!!!


Enrolled families are welcome at 16:00 to meet the teachers and enjoy a snack together!
New families interested in visiting the school can take an appointment starting from 13:00.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome Little Star Daycare: Via Cassia 344 00191 Roma Italy Tel. (+39) 06.33429578


A smile a day keeps the doctor away... this is Michelle, whose smile greets you every morning as you arrive at Little Star ⭐️


Food is a very important part of preschool education: it communicates love, care and a sense of belonging. Thanks Veronica for taking such good care of us! 🍝♥️🍝


Summer is just the perfect time to get to know our staff, while waiting to meet us in person in September!!!

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Benefits of an International education. Thanks to all the families who have believed in us!
We are always happy to welcome back our ex-students during the summer camp!


Little star wishes you all a happy summer! See you all in September! For info and enquirers please contact +39 3423229379 or [email protected]

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Happy birthday sweet Carolina!


One of our most experienced teachers specialized in the Montessori method and an example of our values LOVE and KINDNESS

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💙 OUR JOURNEY ACTIVITIES 💙 Developing self-esteem, respect, dreams and open-mindedness


Our staff ⭐️ we believe in the importance of Ethical values and Lisa is a great example!

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Today we are eating fresh tomatoes from our vegetable patch! 😋🍅

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L’educazione 0-6 anni ai valori e con i valori etici universali! Al di là delle culture e delle religioni. Accompagnare i bambini nella costruzione della loro identità è la nostra specialità e di questo ne andiamo fieri.
Educating children from 0 to 6 years with universal values, above any culture or religion. We encourage children to acquire an individual identity and we are very proud of it! ⭐️

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☀️Summer activities at Little Star!!!☀️

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Our vegetable market!!! Today we are selling the products of our vegetable patch 🥬🍆🥔🌶🥕

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Infinite week alla scuola Little Star: i bambini 0-6 anni coltivano il potere della curiosità ed il valore dell’apertura mentale! Infinite week at Little Star, where children from 0 to 6 develop their curiosity and open-mindedness!

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Little Star International School: da noi il divertimento è conoscenza! Per bambini da 0 a 6 anni - scuola paritaria in lingua inglese a Roma Nord.
Learning is fun at Little Star International School! For children 0/6 years old situated in the north of Rome!

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We’re going on a field trip!!!
Our preschool trip to the natural reserve!
A special thanks to for their wonderful tour and voluntary work 💚💚💚

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Proud of our little dancers!!! End of the year ballet show 2023


Our staff ⭐️


⭐️ Our staff ⭐️

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Celebrating Turkish national day with our Turkish community!!! Thanks to for sharing their traditions with us!

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Celebrating love for books at Little star!!!
Thanks to for participating.

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Children of Vega and Mira class worked together in a project that aimed for children to understand the structure of their body and celebrate their differences!

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Little Star Daycare Rome - International School

Little Star in an International English-speaking school that works with UN Human Rights and promotes self-esteem in children. We try to provide an environment full of ethical values like love, truth and respect.

Our vegetable patch, planetarium and wishing well give the children real examples of universal principles. We celebrate kindness and pro-activity in promoting justice and dignity for everyone.

We guide children to discover their World of emotions so they can acquire the building blocks of strength, confidence and self-awareness which will prepare them for their futures.

At Little Star we seek to give children the tools to become capable, honest and respectful people who are prepared to become citizens of Planet Earth. We strive to give them the foundations to be open-minded, lifelong leaners and leaders of tomorrow.

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Come annunciato, ecco l'estratto del corso "Io Sono" che partirà a novembre...posti limitati! Per aderire, scrivici in d...
Reading "The Gingerbread Man" and baking yummy gingerbread biscuits. We got dressed up like little bakers and had so muc...
Paints, colours, fun and sunshine! Exploring #Art as part of our #Dreams educational area and #Value 🌞🧑‍🎨🌈 #LittleArtist...
Welcome to #LittleStarInternationalSchool! Introducing Chiara, one of our #nursery #teachers specialised in the 2-3 year...
Sirius Class enjoying the sunshine while exploring Autumn colours and materials!#LittleStarInternationalSchool #Autumn #...
Our Mindfulness journey continues at #LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome with Rigel Group
Come and take a look inside #LittleStarInternationalSchoolRome !




Via Cassia 344

Orario di apertura

Lunedì 08:00 - 16:30
Martedì 08:00 - 16:30
Mercoledì 08:00 - 16:30
Giovedì 08:00 - 16:30
Venerdì 08:00 - 16:30
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