Past Pupils of Don Bosco

Past Pupils of Don Bosco


Afortunados por haber pasado y vivido las enseñanzas del Sistema Preventivo de Don Bosco, 150 años de recuerdos y vivencias, las cuales han sido forjadas en el desarrollo personal y familiar en todas las generaciones. Gracias a todos por compartir para esta fiesta, los videos y mensajes. Agradecemos a los paricipantes que con los avances de la era digital es un reto para un acercamiento entre los Exalumnos y la familia salesiana. ..Gracias. .. Padre Jhon jairo gomez (inspector san pedro claver Bogotá Colombia) Michal Hort (Presidende de la confederacion mundial) Eduardo Pessoa(Delegado región Americana) James Areiza(Ciudad don Bosco. Medellin)Mario Reyez (Presidente Exalumno en Guatemala mala) Willi Higeda (Presidente Exalumno en peru)Jairo bulla (prom 76 cdb escritor en España) Fernando Cortes(prom 71 leon XIII Sociólogo) Jaime Zuluaga (prom71 leon XIII Empresario) Rafael Zamudio (prom79 leon XIII empresario) Francisco cubides (prom 83 cdb.contralmirante Director de educacion de la Armada) Mauricio bautista (prom 76 leon XIII Director del Instituto pedagogico nal)Gigio Giraldo (prom87 leon XIII Actor y Docente) Cristian Villamil(prom 2003 leon XIII actor de teatro y tv)Luis Montenegro (prom 73 cdb escritor) Alejandro Latorre (prom71 leon XIII Médico y conferencista) Jairo Falla prom 76 leon XIII (investigador toxicologo en Francia) Ricardo Roa Barragan (prom79 cdb en Honduras presidente de energía de Honduras) Daniel Medina (prom 98 cdb empresario Digital del futuro en colombia) Pedro Uribe (prom77 eloy valenzuela Director de Microsoft para America l y caribe) Oscar Leon(prom 89 cdb encargado de las Tic en la OEA primer colombiano en llegar a este cargo) Javier Cote Sierra(prom79 eloy Valenzuela Científico colombiano en Boston y galardonado por el gobierno colombiano) Angel Gudiño (España secretario ejecutivo en la Union Europea)Gracias a todos por estos mensajes para mas de 3000 Exalumnos. Atte Alfonso Garcia servicio al Exalumno Aexsdb
Past Pupil 1976 - Bogot´t (Colombia) Electrónica
Un saludo salesiano
Un saludo salesiano atte Alfonso garcia servicio al Exalumno Aexsdb cel 3132161689
Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco,

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Un saludo salesiano, les informo a la comunidad salesiana de Honduras que el Exalumno salesiano ing Ricardo roa barragan prom 79 centro don Bosco de bogota Colombia ha sido nombrado como gerente de la energía de Honduras y desea tener contscto con la casa provincial con algun salesiano. Atte Alfonso Garcia servicio al Exalumno salesiano AEXSDB. Cel 3132161689
This week we commemorate all the events of Holy Week, the holiest period in our Catholic calendar. To aid in our observance of this period, Audio Divina by Fr Francis Moloney SDB, will also follow the key moments of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Episodes will be released as depicted in this image at 8am AEST, so that they follow the thematic and spiritual structures of the week. We recommend that you endeavor to listen to each episode in the correct order, on the correct day to get the most out of the reflections as you prepare for Easter Sunday.
(The Holy Thursday episode will be released on the Wednesday, keeping in line with our regular posting schedule)
Un saludo salesiano para todos los exalumnos salesianos que siempre dejan huellas en los caminos de don bosco. Desde Colombia atte Alfonso Garcia exalumnos salesianos [email protected]

We are World Nonprofit Organization which associates Past Pupils of don Bosco.

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Don Bosco alumni address a less-known pandemic issue: The threat to the girl child’s education 29/07/2021

Don Bosco alumni address a less-known pandemic issue: The threat to the girl child’s education

WOW. Look at this wonderful initiative of Indian Past Pupils of Don Bosco. let us be inspired not to forget those who are in need. Well done. 👏

Don Bosco alumni address a less-known pandemic issue: The threat to the girl child’s education As part of its initiative Min Siragugal, the school’s 1997 batch provides laptops to 50 underprivileged Class X girl students from two Adi-Dravidar schools on the outskirts of Chennai. It has plans to scale up the initiative

Mobile Uploads 20/05/2021

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. Here we share a great and motivational info with you all from Mexico and Latin America region. See the ongoing program of the formation for GEX - Young Past Pupils od Don Bosco. If you speak spanish feel free to register and join. If not, contact us to see what we can prepare in other languages. 🧐👩‍🎓‍🎓👩‍🏫


Someone interested in interesting position with Past Pupils at Malta? Do not hesitate and apply today!

Closing Date: 19th April 2021 at noon
More information:



Merry Christmas dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. See the video greeting of the president of Past Pupils - Michal Hort 🎁

CHRISTMAS GREETING 2020 FOR PAST PUPILS OF DON BOSCO - ENG Christmas greeting from President of World Confederation of Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco - Michal Hort - in English.


8 December 1841 is a date that marked the official birth of our charism, the "Hail Mary" with Bartholomew that began the prophetic catechism lesson. Let's us celebrate this Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary with joy and with renewal commitment in our mission.
Happy feast to all of you! 06/11/2020

Alberto Marvelli as Honest CItizen and Good Christian

Dear Friends, check the YouTube video about Alberto Marvelli and book about this inspiring Past Pupil of Don Bosco. Few ideas and words about Alberto Marvelli from world president of Past Pupils of Don Bosco Michal Hort.


Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. Today we celebrate the feast of blessed Alberto Marvelli, tha Italian Past Pupil od Don Bosco, who gave us a great example of how to be Good Christian and Honest Citizen. For more info see the InfoANS article and search for new book about Alberto.


GEX Asia-Oceania

Do not miss a new video greeting of the world president of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco related to 150th anniversary, Jubilee year, and one of the most important activity Questionaire 2020.

The World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco launched the Questionnaire 2020.

We would like to hear from you, young Past Pupils of Asia and Oceania!

Help us serve you better by answering the questionnaire here:


Check out the news about the recent ONLINE GALA meeting of Past Pupils from Haiti in the USA.


Check out this beautiful picture. Rector Major of Salesian Family - DOn Angel Fernandez Artime SDB has received the gift of coffee cups and coffee of Past Pupils DI BOSCo as Don Bosco has received his gift 150 years ago from Carlo Gastini and first Past Pupils.

ANGEL Fernández-Rector MAYOR
Di Bosco Coffee
DI BOSCo Slovensko


150th anniversary of Past Pupils of Don Bosco - br. Dominic - delegate

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. Check short message from our new world delegate for Past Pupils of Don Bosco - br. Dominic for 150th years anniversary 🥳🥳🥳

New delegate of Past Pupils of Don Bosco br Dominic from Vietnam is inviting all of us to rejoice and to pray the prayer and promise of Past Pupils at the 24... 24/04/2020

Exallievi | Newsflash

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. You are invited to read Easter volume of Exallevi Newsflash on our website:

Don´t miss any of the interesting news and inspirative articles!


Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. Happy feast of Don Bosco to all of you!


Past Pupils of Don Bosco's cover photo


Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco - one last Christmas gift for all of us - Christmas volume of Exallievi Newsflash!


Syria REFUGEE Past Pupils.mp4

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco,

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Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco!
Check this - the very new volume of Exallievi Newsflash!!!


Happy feast of Marvelli, a wonderful example of being a son of Don Bosco. A wonderful model of the faith, social and political commitment and salesian joy, for us not just to admire but to follow.


Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. Check the latest news from the African continent🐘🦓🦍🐊🦒🐃
In 5 languages on our website


Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco. If you need something inspirational to read during summer and holidays, don´t forget for our last Newsflash


Dear Friends. Check out the latest news about Past Pupils of Don Bosco from Haiti and their Gala meeting in Boston - USA


Dear Past Pupils and friends of Don Bosco.
Do not forget to go through last Exallievi Newsflash on our website -


🥳🥳🥳 Dominic Savio Feast today 🥳🥳🥳
What a great son of Don Bosco and saint of Church!


Do you speak German? 🇩🇪Do you want to help to make dreams of don Bosco real? Click on the link and see more about our new call for translator


Past Pupils of Don Bosco's cover photo


We would like to share a wonderfull news with you. Salesian Family is growing. At 19th of January, rector major – don Angel Artime SDB approved fundation of new group of Salesian Family – Istituto Religioso Irmás Mediadeiras de la Paz ( RIMP ) Congratulations!


Happy feast of don Bosco! 🥳Today all past pupils and friends of don Bosco, celebrate with Salesian Family feast of our beloved father. Join and enjoy. 👏🥳🕺🍾


Today we remember the patron of the Salesian family - saint Francis de Sales, who was inspiration to don Bosco. What a great saint.

May he pray for all of us🙏 17/01/2019

Vatican – Venerable Mother Anna Kaworek, Co-foundress and first Superior General of the Congregation of Sisters of St Michael the Archangel

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of don Bosco. What a great news from Vatican. New salesian venerable - Mother Anna Kaworek. Click ➡️ read ➡️ celebrate. 🥳 (ANS – Vatican City) – On Tuesday 15 September, upon receiving Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of... 12/01/2019

SalesianFamilyDays – Giornate di Spiritualità della Famiglia Salesiana

Dear Past Pupils and friends of don Bosco. Check this link for actual news from Salesian Family Days in Torino - Italy. These days most important meeting for whole Salesian Family. La santità come missione 1848 2768 admin6584 admin65842019-01-12 12:12:182019-01-12 12:35:06La santità come missione


Dear Past Pupils and friends of don Bosco. All the best in the 2019. One more Christmas gift for you. Check our fresh Newslfash. Lot of blessings, lot of motivation and lot of work. Enjoy!


Group picture of world presidency and representatives of past pupils of don Bosco from both Colombian privinces ( Bogota and Medellin ) during recent annual presidency meeting in Medellin-Colombia 31/10/2018

Exallievi | Newsflash

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of don Bosco. Good news, there is brand new Exallievi Newsflash on the website of past pupils. Don´t wait to read it!!!


With great sadness in the heart we would like to share with all of you information about recent death of dearest emeritus World Delegate Fr. Jeronimo Da Rocha Monteiro SDB. Remembering the great work let´s pray for his soul. Rest in peace dear father and friend! Amen 07/08/2018

Exallievi | News from 2nd Round Trip to Asia-Oceania (GEX)

Dear Past pupils and friends of Don Bosco. Check out the report of our GEX councilors from their recent Asia formation trip. Articles News from 2nd Round Trip to Asia-Oceania (GEX) From July, 21 to August, 1 2018 – the two world councilors: Mr. Angel Gudiña (Vice-President of GEX) and Mr. Alberto Piedade (Councilor of GEX Asia-Oceania) visited four (4) provinces in East-Asia Oceania region. These provinces were: CIN, F...

Video (vedi tutte)

India - national meeting of past pupils of Don Bosco
Dear driends. Short video from recent meeting of czech past pupils. Enjoy🎻🎸🎼
World delegate of past pupils Fr. Raphael Jayapalan on presidency meeting, Madrid - Spain
Presidency members for specific topics, Madrid - Spain
GEX vicepresident of past pupils and GEX councilors for America and Asia
World president and regional councilors on presidency meeting in Madrid, Spain
Debate with policy makers about the youth with youth. Malta, Europe
Hello from Malta, Europe. Maltese national president Bryan Magro is introducing project of Youth Inclusion.





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The Past Pupils of don Bosco are persons who attended an oratory, a school or another Salesian Presence, and received a preparation for life, based on the principles of Don Bosco´s Preventive System: reason, religion and loving-kindness. Enriched by the Christian formation and Charisma of Don Bosco, we are witnesses in our daily life through our apostolic engagement based on the „education received“.
Altro Scuole superiori Rome (vedi tutte)
Marianum Marianum
Rome, 00153

Scuola Paritaria Cavanis Scuola Paritaria Cavanis
Via Casilina 600
Rome, 00177


ProntoScuola - Superiori ProntoScuola - Superiori
Via Dell'Olmata, 33
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L'Offerta Formativa ProntoScuola per le Scuole Superiori

Cine Tv Roberto Rossellini Cine Tv Roberto Rossellini
Via Della Vasca Navale, 58
Rome, 00146

L’Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Cine Tv Roberto Rossellini” – più generalmente conosciuto come Cine-Tv – da più di 50 anni costituisce il Polo formativo per quanto riguarda i quadri tecnici del settore dell’audiovisivo e della comunicazi

Cfp Ernesto Nathan Cfp Ernesto Nathan
Via Vincenzo Ugo Taby, 30
Rome, 00144

Pagina del cfp Ernesto Nathan: codice meccanografico per iscrizioni RMCF01100D

Istituto Cartesio Istituto Cartesio
Via Carlo Emilio Gadda 156
Rome, 00143

Benvenuti nella pagina Facebook di ISTITUTO CARTESIO, di seguito i nostri contatti: [email protected] - tel. 06 45665348 Cellulare 380 599 6212 - Formazione tel. 329 542 9594 - [email protected]

Le Strade per il TUO Futuro Le Strade per il TUO Futuro
Via Del Fiume Giallo
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Competere nel mondo globalizzato richiede nuove competenze, fondamentali per affrontare l’università e il mondo del lavoro

Istituto Marquez Istituto Marquez
Via Capo Peloro, 30
Rome, 00141

L'istituto Marquez è una scuola di recupero a Montesacro, Città Giardino. Svolge corsi regolari e di recupero per tutti gli indirizzi. Offre ripetizioni tutto l'anno anche luglio ed agosto, per tutte le materie anche universitarie.

Liceo Eugenio Montale RM Liceo Eugenio Montale RM
Via Di Bravetta, 545 - 00164 Roma
Rome, 00164

Il liceo Eugenio Montale offre 3 indirizzi di studio: Linguistco, Classico e Scienze Umane divise in tre sedi: Buon Pastore, sede centrale e a Paladini.

Questo è il San Gabriele Questo è il San Gabriele
Via Cassia, Km16 (La Storta)
Rome, 00123

Noi del San Gabriele!!! Per chi c'è stato, per chi ci va ancora...per chi lo odia, per chi lo ama... Per chi, insomma, ogni mattina percorre o ha percorso quel vialetto, chiedendosi: "Ma chi me l'ha fatto fare??" xD

Questo è il Peano Questo è il Peano
Via Francesco Morandini, 38
Rome, 00142 ROMA


I.T.I.S. "Giovanni XXIII" Roma I.T.I.S. "Giovanni XXIII" Roma
Via Di Tor Sapienza 160
Rome, 00155

L’Istituto Tecnico Industriale di Stato “GIOVANNI XXIII” è una struttura scolastica pubblica.