Mother Tongue English

MTE (Mother Tongue English) Tutoring is a private tutoring service aimed to teach children and adults interested in improving their English for academic success.

Those interested in IELTS lessons should have an objective of achieving a minimum of “5” on the exam. For further information, email [email protected] or visit How? You will receive a preliminary survey to help determine your objectives. Test materials can be provided for additional costs. You are encouraged to buy your own book or study guide. Particularly recommended is

[02/20/17]   It's not too soon to think about summer! Accepting tutoring clients for the last week of June and first week of July! Fun and light "extended school year" tutoring sessions focusing on your child's specific needs.

[01/22/17]   Parents and teachers of children learning English or learning how to read: if you don't know about Raz-Kids, it is a fantastic resource for teachers and students. It is an app and website, so children can read on a phone, iPad, or computer. Books can also be printed out. I assign leveled books to my students and they listen to the book and then read it themselves. At the end of each book, there is a comprehension quiz. There are so many different kinds of books including: decodable books (students with dyslexia), high frequency word books, poetry, and more. They can even record themselves reading and I can listen to them so I can carefully analyze their mistakes and progress. It is so nice as a teacher to listen to children reading when you are at home in quiet, rather than in the classroom with all the other students. It isn't even so expensive! Encourage your teachers to invest in it. I do not work for Raz-Kids, but as a passionate educator, I highly suggest you invest your time/money to get to know it! KIDS A-Z! RAZ-KIDS! READING A-Z! Look it up! 17/12/2016

M.T.E. Tutoring Preliminary Survey

Interested in expanding your professional opportunities? Study for the IELTS test in private or group sessions to enhance your CV and/or improve your ability to communicate internationally. In order to begin this course, you are recommended to already have a proficient level of English. I will help you achieve your target score and goals in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

If interested, fill out this preliminary survey:

For more information about IELTS tutoring sessions, email [email protected] or visit my website I am a mother tongue English speaker, with a Bachelors in English literature and a Masters in Education. I love helping motivated people like you achieve your goals. Tell me a little bit about how you want to improve your English. We can work out details of location and time following your completio...

[11/23/16]   Now accepting more afternoon clients for specialized tutoring. Please pass my information to those who may be interested! 05/11/2016


Taking the IELTS exam and looking for a tutor? Check out my page:
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Learning Ally

❤️for all the parents of special needs children

It’s not easy to parent a child who is struggling. You become a mom who is struggling. You envy the kids who are “thriving.” You start to resent the other moms. You close down and protect and build walls. I did all of that.

But you know what else I did? I fought for you. I fought with you. We stood together and reckoned with the future. Sometimes our fists were up, and sometimes our hearts were open, but we were in it. We were strong and courageous. Together. 15/06/2016

Summer Fun * The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity Like all children, dyslexics breathe a sigh of relief when summer begins: no more schoolwork, homework, or assigned books. They celebrate summer because it offers a break from the daily tensions inherent in school that leave them feeling as if they never have enough time to do the things that they… 20/05/2016

Understanding Dyslexia

Incredible resource! Have you asked yourself what is dyslexia? Learn about the signs of dyslexia in children as well as dyslexia treatment options. 22/04/2016

10 Smart Responses for When the School Cuts or Denies Services

One of the best U.S. laws, in my opinion! Excellent resource for parents and teachers. Schools might cite various reasons to reduce or deny special education services for your child. Here are some tips on how to respond.


Summer Weeks
Time to think about summer sessions!

Tutoring weeks available:

Week 1: June 20-24

Week 2: June 28-31

Week 3: July 4- 8 Tutoring is available for individuals or groups of 3-6 students. Specific subjects taught are Writing, Reading, and Math. Sessions are 1-2 hours and can be a combination of all three subjects, or focused on one area. The focus is improving English through content areas! Of course, lessons will be… 07/04/2016


A specialty of mine is tutoring students with learning disabilities, particularly helping them with reading and writing skills. I'm in the process of creating an Italian version of the Wilson Reading System...coming soon! 13/01/2016

Blog Coaching Young Readers and Writers: Fun, Discipline, or Both? January 13, 2016 Maria Mascia Coaching Young Readers and Writers: Fun, Discipline, or Both? By: Maria Mascia Through my 5+ years working in elementary schools, I’ve had ample opportunities to reflect on the various trending curriculums fo…


Tutoring Services

Need a IELTS tutor? Consider private tutoring with MTE! 04/01/2016


Visit or send an email to [email protected] to get information about private tutoring for you or your child!




Altro Istruzione Rome (vedi tutte)
Associazione Italiana Consulenti Igiene Alimentare - AiciA Associazione Italiana Consulenti Igiene Alimentare - AiciA
Via Portuense 796 C
Rome, 00148

AiciA (Associazione Italiana Consulenti Igiene Alimentare) è un'associazione tecnico scientifica senza fini di lucro:

Investigazioni forensi Investigazioni forensi
Rome, 00137

Agenzia investigativa che organizza corsi altamente specializzati e tecnici per appartenenti al settore, avvocati con rilascio crediti formativi e studenti

Sinopoli Podcast Sinopoli Podcast
Rome, 00199

Istituto Winnicott Istituto Winnicott
Via Ghirza 9
Rome, 00198

iW- Istituto Winnicott Corso di Psicoterapia Psicoanalitica del Bambino, dell'Adolescente e della Coppia

L'ipercubo L'ipercubo

Laboratori di Scienza per i bambini!

No Cage Aps No Cage Aps

Ci occupiamo di svolgere attività di utilità sociale attraverso eventi, incontri e percorsi formativi sull'Etologia Applicata, l'Interazione Eterospecifica e la Relazione Empatica per promuovere la cultura della convivenza Uomo-Animale

Master in Progettazione del Paesaggio Master in Progettazione del Paesaggio
Via Ravenna

l Master nasce per formare esperti di alta qualificazione pluridisciplinare in ambito paesaggistico.

ScuolaTao Roma ScuolaTao Roma
Via Beltrami, 25
Rome, 00154

Pagina ufficiale della sede di Roma di ScuolaTao scuola di medicina cinese diretta dal Dott. Massimo Muccioli

I Ching Roma I Ching Roma

Corsi ed eventi sul Libro dei Mutamenti a cura del Centro TAO Network

Visual Team Italy Visual Team Italy
Vicolo Anagnino, 25
Rome, 0018

VTI è un' Associazione di Vetrinisti che intende creare una sinergia tra professionisti del settore ed aziende

Master sulla Sordita' Master sulla Sordita'
Via Lima 28 Scala A, 2° Piano
Rome, 00198


Piazza Dell'Ateneo Salesiano 1
Rome, 00139

IFREP-93 è un Istituto di formazione e ricerca per educatori e psicoterapeuti.