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ABC Company 𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐤 Guarantee _28 𝐀𝐮𝐠𝐮𝐬𝐭_

دا چه د 𝐀𝐁𝐂 کمپنۍ خپل فعالیت په 28 د اګست بیا پيلوي.
نو د ABC کمپنۍ بانک ګرنټي د ترلاسه کولو لپاره موږ ستاسو په چوپړ کې یو.

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Italian Bank Guarantee .بانک ګرنټي زمونږ سره ترلاسه کړۍ


# Pre-Acceptance letter

Congratulations to Mr. Ziaurahman Rasooli.
ورور محترم ته دې ډير ډير مبارک وي. .


SAPIENZA University deadline expanded till 28 April.
د سپنزیه پوهنتون د ثبت نام نيټه تر 28 اپریل پورې وغځيده. .
هغه ورونه چې د نمرو فيصدي يې لوړه وي دا چانس دې له لاسه نه ورکوي. .


# Acceptance letter

Congratulations to Engr. Samad Adel.

انجينر صیب ته دې ډير ډير مبارک وي. .


# Acceptance letter

Congratulations to Mr. Sher Mirza.
ښاغلي ته دې ډير ډير مبارک وي. .


کيټ د تحصيلي خدمتونو مشورتي شرکت

وړيا زده کړې په ايټالیا 🇮🇹 کې
اړين اسناد:
1_ شهادتنامه
2_ دیپلوم او ترانسکریپت
3_ پاسپورت
4_ دوه ریکمنډیشن لیټرې
5_ سي وي ( CV )


شرکت خدمات تحصیلي و مشورتی کيت

تحصيلات کاملا رایگان در ایتالیا 🇮🇹
اسناد مورد نیاز:
1_ شهادتنامه
2_ دیپلوم و ترانسکریپت
3_ پاسپورت
4_ دو سفارش نامه (ریکمندیشن لیتر)
5_ سی وی ( CV)

With and without TOEFL , IELTS or Duolingo.


Hello Engineers!
I welcome u all sweets.
The page is specially for those who are really interested in Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machine. Everyone who want to enjoy the page should participate otherwise will be omitted from the page. We all start from zero so don’t hisatate give detail or to show your own idea.

Vuoi che la tua scuola/universitàa sia il Scuola/università più quotato a Rome?

Clicca qui per richiedere la tua inserzione sponsorizzata.



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Altro Consulenti scolastici Rome (vedi tutte)
Rome, 00192

Your trusted European study partner. We are here with a positive ideology. Higher Education for all doesn't matter anyone poor or rich. We are offering very affordable cost & Scholarship If u have potential for EU higher study we are always with you.

Up close Up close
Rome, 00132

Our product is financial education that leads Filipino to become a better life.

Study in Italy for Bangladeshi Students -SIBS Study in Italy for Bangladeshi Students -SIBS

Study in Italy for Bangladeshi Students @SIBS

Yalla Study Yalla Study
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لأننا نؤمن أن الأحلام لا تعترف بالحدود، قمنا بإنشاء هذ?

ScienceTech ScienceTech
Via Dei Furi 29
Rome, 00174

An educational page and channel to educate the students to get their desired and dream scores.

Library of Rome Library of Rome
Via Di San Giovanni In Laterano, 132, Roma RM
Rome, 00184

Don’t forget what happened in 1031 ad. The Berbers burned down the library of Rome!

Punto Pedagogico - Dott.ssa Carla Basiricò Punto Pedagogico - Dott.ssa Carla Basiricò

Punto Pedagogico nasce per essere punto di ascolto, di dialogo, di accoglienza, di incontro, di conf

Italysch4ethstud Italysch4ethstud
Piazzale Aldo Moro
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We provide our expertise and experience to get Ethiopian students fully funded scholarships in Italy

Open Wings Open Wings

We help extra-EU students come and study in Rome, Italy.

Apply Italy Apply Italy
Via Val Seriana 4
Rome, 00141

▫️Education consultant ▫️Offical representative of universities ▫️10 years experience

Monica Rhodes Monica Rhodes
American Academy In Rome

#50yearsahead | Internationally Acclaimed Historic & Culture Preservationist | Harvard #LoebFellow

Erasmus Rehberim Erasmus Rehberim

Erasmus Rehberim İle Erasmus Öğrenim Hareketliliği ve Staj Hareketliliği Çok Kolay! Web Site