VENIT - Viticulture & Enology - OneYear Specializing Master

a.y. 2021-2022
Place: Piacenza
Application deadline: August 30th, 2021 First level specializing master Viticulture & Enology: Innovation meets tradition.

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The face behind the account! I little update to what life is like for some after VENIT. Many of you may be thinking, but what doors will it open, where can I go with this master after I’m finished? The answer is, many many doors and everywhere!!


Good Afternoon VENITS!

We are well underway with enrolment and with only 3 more months left before admissions close this is a reminder to get those applications in!

Here at VENIT we pride ourselves on providing the most interactive and developmental modules and education. We like to put all theory into practice as this gives the students a chance to gain vital experience prior to their internship and careers after VENIT.

The experimental winery at the university is just one of the many ways we do this.
Students will put into practice several winemaking techniques and get to put their studies into action! While we ensure students have a solid level of knowledge about the ins and outs of the winery and production process, to be able to be hands-on and make wine themselves alongside their studies is an invaluable opportunity!
The course itself is named ‘stepping inside the teaching winery’ and is conducted by our Enology team.
We cannot wait for you all to be involved.


Good Afternoon VENITS!
Today I’d like to introduce the course of “Disease and pest management towards sustainable viticulture”, a perfect reflection of VENIT’s philosophy “innovation meets tradition”.

In fact, the module dedicated to Plant pathology starts from the “usual” phytosanitary problems that must be addressed (and solved) in order to bring healthy and quality grapes to the cellar, the basis for the creation of a great wine!

How does downy mildew overwinter? Which infection pathways can be exploited by grey mould? How does powdery mildew spread in the vineyard?
However, in a changing climate more and more characterized by extreme events, modern and sustainable viticulture can no longer be based on the traditional “we have always done it this way” attitude.
The lessons unfold among new technologies, useful for monitoring the vineyard, interpreting the variation of the climate and rationalizing disease control. And then we will be able to discover, for example, how powdery mildew can be tackled with sanitation treatments immediately after the harvest or how a few well-positioned treatments can lead to complete control of downy mildew!
Here is the link at the course program:


After an introduction with special focus on physiology of senses, qualified sommeliers will take the students through a journey across main Italian and French wine regions.
Information on history, cultures, climates, soils, wine making practices, varieties (with a special focus on autochthonous), legislation as well as wine types will be provided. For each lesson, several representative wine will be tasted.
Details on regions:
➡ North-East Italy: Trentino - Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia
➡ North-West Italy: Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna
➡ Centre Italy: Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise
➡ South Italy: Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia
Italian Islands: Sicilia e Sardegna
➡ France – first part : Champagne, Bourgogne, Alsace, Savoie and Jura
➡ France – second part: Loire, Rhone Valley, Bordeaux and South
Come and join us!

Photos from VENIT - Viticulture & Enology - OneYear Specializing Master's post 08/04/2022
Photos from VENIT - Viticulture & Enology - OneYear Specializing Master's post 08/04/2022

Good morning VENITS,

This week current students of venit began the Field course with Tommaso Frioni! Students were able to begin putting into practice the theory they have learnt in the class room outside. In the fabulous photos below you can see the students learning all about bud break and assessing phenological status of vines

Campus Life | Offerta Formativa 30/03/2022

Good afternoon VENITS, long time no speak!

In the next coming month, April, students of VENIT will begin with the field course!
In a previous post, you will see a brilliant video of Tommy a current student of the VENIT master in which he is standing in the fabulous experimental vineyards we have here at the University. VENIT strongly believes the best way to learn practical skills is to get stuck in and do it!
This is why our vineyard management practical course is so vital and beneficial in the learning process. Dr Tommaso Frioni will be walking students through the process of winter pruning, summer pruning and much more. Each student will tag their vines and be able to monitor growth too.
The meshing together of what you will learn in the classroom to then being able to put that into practice in the vineyard is something very special and a fantastic way to boost your knowledge.

Campus Life | Offerta Formativa


Good Afternoon Everyone,

So you all know applications are open… We are sure there maybe some of you who are thinking ‘I don’t have a background in Viticulture, enology or anything of the sort, can I still apply? Will I struggle?’
So we would like to address this today! Absolutely anyone can apply, you do need a 3-year degree or equivalent, however.
Venit has been created for those with a background in viticulture and enology and for those who don’t and perhaps have just a passion for all things wine.
No, you will not struggle. This is because we have set up a 3-week pre-course starting in September. The pre-course covers Viticulture, Enology and Pest management basics to make sure you have a certain level of knowledge of these areas prior to the Master start date.

So please don’t hesitate, don’t second guess yourself as we have you covered!

Content of such pre-courses is available at:


Good Afternoon Venits!

In any good Master's program, there is a role that is usually even more important than coordination or direction….and this role is the tutorship!
The tutor is the one who really cares about students and looks after them, a lot of responsibility!
Well….VENIT does not have just one tutor……VENIT has two tutors!
Celine Caffot, is a wonderful former VENIT graduate, from France and is the tutor for any indoor, teaching and practical activities.

Ekaterina Klescheva, from Russia, is in charge of everything is related to the very delicate issue of internships (she is also quite well known for being “the queen of internships”!)

For any other general enquiries about the VENIT master you can also contact me, Alice with the Venit email account [email protected]

Pictures and contact information of these two lovely ladies are found at the link below!

Admissions | Offerta Formativa 17/02/2022

Good afternoon VENITS,
We are well underway with our enrollment campaign for 2022-2023 (the ultimate deadline for application is 30 August 2022), with 20 spots awaiting potential students so get those applications in!
VENIT also likes to be a “melting pot” of nationalities, from past years we have had students from the USA, UK, Denmark, India, Mexico, Greece, Serbia and of course Italy but the list goes on! So nice entering a room where you have young students from so many different countries sharing ideas, cultures, attitudes and last but not least wine and food experiences!
Overall, thank you for your trust in VENIT and we can’t wait to meet you and begin teaching.
By the way, there are 4 fee discounts available! The discounts consist of a 30% reduction of the total tuition for overseas students!

To enrol click the following link:

Admissions | Offerta Formativa Basic knowlegde in viticulture and enology is required. As an alternative, a 3-week intensive course, “Basics in Viticulture and Enology” is offered prior to the beginning of the Master. 


Good Afternoon VENITS,

We are back to talk about another internship possibility for students here studying with us!

This time let's take a trip to Franciacorta, the home of bubbles...
Berlucchi has been a partnering company with us here at VENIT for a number of years and we have had nothing but success stories from our students who have worked alongside them.

The Berlucchi estate has been certified organic since 2016 but long before this Franco Ziliani and Guido Berlucchi changed the destiny of the Franciacorta territory, making it renowned for the sparkling wines that we know and love today.

Embracing the relationship between quality and sustainability using new technologies such as infrared ariel mapping to determine the different fertility levels of the vineyards, allowing a staggered harvest and selective uses of fertilizers. Berlucchi have truly mastered the meaning of 'innovation meets tradition.

We have no doubt upcoming students will thrive here.



SUSTAINABILITY REPORT We take the best that Franciacorta has to offer.But we also commit to giving back!

La Storia di Riserva Ducale - Sub ENG 05/02/2022

Good Afternoon VENITS,

We hope you've all been sending your applications in...

Today let's talk about yet another fabulous internship host, a long-standing partner company with us that provides our students with an incredible experience.

Ruffino, with 100 years of experience is a winery that symbolises Tuscany. Sustainability is at the heart of this winery and shows in the great Tuscan wines they produce.
"For some years we have felt the need to measure ourselves on a higher level of responsibility and so we have created Ruffino Cares: the program that combines all the environmental sustainability initiatives and the projects we dedicate to corporate social responsibility (CSR)"

Below is the link to Ruffinos website, our admissions and a fabulous video by Ruffino


La Storia di Riserva Ducale - Sub ENG Riserva Ducale has a long history. Have you ever wondered how the historic wine got its name?

Abacela - The Abacela Story 24/01/2022

Good Afternoon VENITS,

We have yet another great announcement to make! We have another new internship host available for students.

Abacela Winery is situated in Roseburg Oregon in the United States! This is an incredible new addition to our partner companies and we are so excited for students.

They are offering two types of internships
1) 5 month internship focused on both Viticulture and Enology
2) 2.5 month internship focused on Enology

Abacela has been hosting interns for 20 years now and really aim at providing experience and knowledge to those seeking an international experience.

Take a look for yourselves how truly beautiful this place is

Abacela - The Abacela Story Abacela History Tempranillo Albarino

Viticulture and Enology: innovation meets tradition [VENIT] | Offerta Formativa 21/01/2022


Yes, more great news! International admissions are now open! So get applying! We can’t wait to see who will apply this year. One of the many great things about VENIT is how diverse our student base is. It truly wonderful to see and be part of.

Good luck, and get applying

Viticulture and Enology: innovation meets tradition [VENIT] | Offerta Formativa Viticulture and Enology: innovation meets tradition [VENIT]


Good Morning VENITS!


Yes, we have some brilliant news. Pieve di Campoli has become one of our new hosts for the Venit Internship program. Very important to note they have included accommodation and meals within their offer.

Situated in San Casciano val di Pesa, in the Tuscan Hills, famous for its Chianti, it is utterly stunning. We shall let the website and photos do the talking...!1s0x132a370836b8689d%3A0xb3b85bf15f821cc!3m1!7e115!!5sle%20cortine%20azienda%20clero%20firenze%20-%20Cerca%20con%20Google!15sCgIgAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOlgNXLpukinf-380NgODGtaz54eQowRRscEHZK&hl=it&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi9ra2Uj7v1AhVWR_EDHYhhBV4Qoip6BAg1EAM


Good Afternoon VENITS,

Applications for 2022-2023 are officially open for those with an Italian degree! This is very exciting news as we cannot wait to see all of your applications.

Lets run through what you will need to upload to the portal:
1) Proof of identity
2) Degree certification (3 year degree with exams taken)
3) English language certification

As always do not hesitate to reach out with any questions to Stefano Poni, myself Alice Richards and the venit email [email protected]
(Admissions closes on the 30th of August at Midnight)

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 04/01/2022

Good Afternoon VENITS,

What a year 2021 has been! We are so looking forward to welcoming our next year of VENIT students for the academic year of 2022/2023.

At VENIT we pride ourselves on our extensive list of partner companies available for students for their internships. All of which are available to look at on our website. However, for ease, we have created a quick look map so you can see exactly where these companies are and can maybe get thinking ahead...

We look forward to seeing those applications!

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Università Cattolica: solida preparazione culturale e professionale. Offerta formativa articolata, pluridisciplinare e apertura internazionale


Hi VENITS! Just a reminder that enrolment starts very soon! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating the new year!

Admissions | Offerta Formativa 22/12/2021

Please don’t panic! They will open in the second week of January which means you can all enjoy the festivities to the fullest. Merry Christmas from us here at VENIT

Admissions | Offerta Formativa Basic knowlegde in viticulture and enology is required. As an alternative, a 3-week intensive course, “Basics in Viticulture and Enology” is offered prior to the beginning of the Master.

Admissions | Offerta Formativa 20/12/2021

Good afternoon!

This is an announcement for those who wish to apply for the VENIT master program 2022-2023! Applications will open in January! We look forward to hearing from you all, and as always any questions please email [email protected]

Admissions | Offerta Formativa Basic knowlegde in viticulture and enology is required. As an alternative, a 3-week intensive course, “Basics in Viticulture and Enology” is offered prior to the beginning of the Master.


Follow us on Instagram @ mastervenit


Don't forget, if you have any questions about the up and coming application process or the course in general please email us at [email protected] we will get back to you ASAP

Who We Are | La Torre alle Tolfe 14/12/2021

Good Afternoon Venits!

As you know applications for VENIT 2022-2023 are even closer now!

So today we wanted to talk about a past student and her time at her internship. Sarah Gately, from the USA, was a student of the academic year of 2019 to 2020 and conducted her internship at La Torre alle Tolfe which is now one of our partnering wineries. For Sarah this was ' A magical experience that I will never forget, I have grown so much personally and professionally from it'.

La Torre alle Tolfe is situated just 3km away from the city of Siena and is just stunning. With a huge drive and focus around sustainability they aim to create an oasis for visitors. With vines, olive groves and arable fields this place is truly spectacular.

Who We Are | La Torre alle Tolfe La Torre alle Tolfe is a third-generation, family-run estate close to the medieval city of Siena. The entire estate is managed by the Castelli family.

Cantina Toblino tra i Master mondiali della sostenibilità - VVQ - Vigne, Vini & Qualità 09/12/2021

Just to remind everyone that Cantina Toblino is almost a fixed host for the VENIT internships!!
Think about it!

Cantina Toblino tra i Master mondiali della sostenibilità - VVQ - Vigne, Vini & Qualità Alla realtà diretta da Carlo De Biasi la Gran Menzione nei Green awards di Londra e il premio per la solvibilità dei bilanci. «Riconoscimenti che evidenziano la gestione attenta all’ambiente e allo sviluppo sociale del territorio»

Poderi dal Nespoli: una storia lunga 90 anni 01/12/2021

Good Afternoon Venits,

Last week we heard from students at their graduation about their internships. One student Joelle did hers at Poderi dal Nespoli 1929 one of our partnering wineries. From working in the laboratory to conducting inoculations and pump-overs Joelle really loved her time at Nespoli and gained so much from her experience. To quote 'The area is stunning and I must confess I love the place as much as the mosquitoes in the area have loved me this summer. That is to say a lot'. Poderi dal Nespoli is located in the hills of Forli and is just utterly stunning. Please watch the video below, it speaks for itself... Scipione Giuliani

Poderi dal Nespoli: una storia lunga 90 anni È una storia fatta di persone, di passione, di colline e di balere, di terra e di frutti, di capacità e di coraggio: 90 anni di Poderi dal Nespoli, una stori...



As Professor Poni mentioned yesterday we are gearing up to open application for the new year of the VENIT master. With that being said we would like to introduce one of the modules taught in the first semester.

Wine Marketing Enotourism! The course will teach you how to deal with the management of a wine firm. Strategic planning, marketing process, market analysis and consumer behaviour.

Don’t forget a wine firm is part of an integrated wine system, where enotourism plays a very important role for local development. People are looking for experiences more than products, for human and cultural relationships more than consumption. This is why a wine firm can become the key element in a regional place branding strategy!
Have a look at the course program here:


Dear VENITs,
We would like to introduce a founding course of VENIT named “Vineyard variability: traditional and precision approaches”. The course will be given by Prof. Matteo Gatti and, among several “hot” topics, will try to address an extremely challenging issue. Vineyard “variability”, either spatial and/or temporal, has been traditionally considered as a negative feature for vineyard efficiency. Now, the advent of precision viticulture is posing the luring perspective that the same “variability” can turn itself into an expected resource to save money,
maintain yield and increase quality. The course will unravel this fascinating outlook.
To know more about content of Prof. Gatti’s course, here is the link:

Visiting Professors and invited lecturers | Offerta Formativa 18/10/2021

Good afternoon VENITS,

Today we would like to talk about our Invited lecturer for our second semester this academic year. We would like to introduce Giuliano Boni, who has already conducted the Berry sensory analysis seminar for the students of this year.

Giuliano Boni has a degree in Food Scienze and Tecnology from the University of Milan.
Since February 2003, he has been a partner in Vinidea S.r.l. where he is in charge of the coordination of professional training

Before joining Vinidea he was Winemaking Assistant to the Technical Manager and later Sales Support Manager worldwide in Esseco (6 years.)

He has also been Consultant Winemaker at Rossi Contini, Ovada (Italy) during 4 years, Assistant Winemaker, then Production Manager and Quality Assurance Manager in Az. Agr. Doria, Montalto Pavese (Italy) (3years).
During his studies he participated to the Erasmus program at Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Porto (Portugal).
He can speak fluently French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Welcome Giuliano Boni!

Visiting Professors and invited lecturers | Offerta Formativa Since February 2003, he has been a partner in Vinidea S.r.l. where he is in charge of the coordination of professional training (organization of courses, meetings, seminars, educational and field trips) and lecturer (courses "Sensory analysis of grapes", "Sensory evaluation of wine faults", "The mol...

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The face behind the account! I little update to what life is like for some after VENIT. Many of you may be thinking, but...
Buongiorno VENITS,We have an update from one of our current students Katie! If you’re still in doubt or on the fence abo...
Berry Sensory Analysis
Current student update!
Good afternoon Venits,Here is a video of one of our current students Tommy, here to tell you all about his wonderful exp...
Dear VENITs,post for today is definitely original and you cannot miss it!Have a look at this video that Alice Richards ,...




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BeviSicuro. Uso e gestione consapevole dell'acqua.

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