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La Rummo. Since hitting the market, not very long ago, Rumml pasta has become every Italian homr cook's favourite.

Un formato di pasta napoletano si fonde armoniosamente con una ricetta anch'essa tipica della tradizione partenopea. Il risultato? Non un semplice piatto, un viaggio tra i sapori autentici e avvolgenti di questa terra.


Almond blossom vistas from Navelli, Abruzo’s saffron growing village. Lovely capture by Lyon Corso Photography

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Zuppa Inglese Bologna style, with a thin layer of sour cherry jam between the plain custard and the chocolate custard


Saw this beauty on and had to !


The spectacular 'Ndocciata festival of Agnone, in Abruzzo, a winter festival that takes place twice.m

Photos from Cook Italy's post 11/12/2023

My Danish guests Mette and Tom, making 3 kinds of pasta.:

Photos from inEmiliaRomagna's post 25/07/2023

The countryside of our region, little known and just beautiful.


Favourite home in Bologna, capital, made on a in


Summery egg for these horribly hot days!


for July - with cream , . Drizzled later with the


made by 13 year old Daniel. With a fresh sauce scented with .


Lemon tiramisù variation with fresh strawberries and lemon zest. Made by Laura and family on their class on June 6 2023


in their steaming basket. The is .


Made on a late May in with Finished with and fresh young and ribbons.


Braised thighs with fresh , the last of the season, new baby , , and curly . So , so . Made on a mid May Cook Italy in


Garganelli with and cured dice


Made on an in .

Lightly and scented braised in white with sliced



Zucchini and blossom. and in


from scratch with a of fresh beans, aged , and olive oil, topped with shelled beans and diced, new milk Pecorino .


Stupenda con due delle torri medievali, giunte sino a noi: le ben note Torre Garisenda e Torre degli Asinelli, alte rispettivamente 48 m. la prima e 98 m. la seconda, diventate il simbolo della città.

(📸 by Mirko Corsi)


Tagliatelle made by Megan and Louie on their class.


First time no-egg potato gnocchi made by Vero from Ecuador on her half day where she also made and .

Vuoi che la tua scuola/universitàa sia il Scuola/università più quotato a Bologna?

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Tasting the real thing!
Hope it lasts more than 10 minutes!
Almost all the decorations in place for the feast of Saint Lawrence on August 10 in Vittoriosa, Malta.
Polpette e Piselli alla Bolognese made by Joe and Lynn. Wish you could experience how good it smells! #bolognacookingcla...
Angela and Jimmy were on my class today. I asked if she could send me the videos and she did m, but I am told Meta - own...
Take a look!
The antipasto was my lunch! Delicious!
Caciocavallo Impiccato.At the Street Food Fair, Naples region stand.






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