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Informazioni di contatto, mappa e indicazioni stradali, modulo di contatto, orari di apertura, servizi, valutazioni, foto, video e annunci di Networks for Quality Adult Learning, Sito relativo al settore dell'istruzione, RIDAP, c/o CPIA Metropolitano di Bologna, Viale Vicini 19, Bologna.

The ONE project intends to reinforce the quality of Adult Education (AE) and its relevance in terms of social inclusion in Europe, by providing capacity building support to existing national networks of AE providers in Italy, Portugal and Slovakia.

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Only 2 weeks for our final conference 🔔
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focuses on practices and initiatives to Opening adult education Networks to European cooperation (ONE) in and !

December 12 in Italy 🇮🇹🇪🇺

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conference in Bologna, Italy 🇮🇹

December 12 will be full of participants, partner representatives, peers and stakeholders who participated in this innovative project since the very beginning!
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Activity contributing to the European Year of Skills 2023 🇪🇺


📢 2023 Report on the state of the Digital Decade

The first State of the Digital Decade report has been published, taking stock of the EU’s progress towards a successful digital transformation as set out in the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030. The report highlights the need to accelerate Member States' efforts, including through policy measures and investment in digital technologies, skills, and infrastructures.

Increasing digital skills in the population is one of the biggest challenges of the EU. According to a Eurobarometer survey, Almost one third of Europeans do not feel appropriately equipped for the Digital Decade and think that supporting more education and training in digital skills should be among the top five digital priorities in their country.

Our project ONE has collected good practices in developing transversal skills, including digital skills, in adults in Italy, Portugal and Slovakia and in the Nordic countries. Learn more at:



📖Do you wish to gain a deeper understanding of adult education in Europe?
The European Association for Adult Education (EAEA) has recently launched an online course dedicated to this subject. Through four Moodle modules, you will explore the concept of non-formal adult learning and gain insight into the practice of adult education across the continent.

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September was quite busy in the ONE partnership. Apart from piloting national activities in each country, project partners and peers met in Bratislava, Slovakia for the second Peer Learning Activity. They visited two adult learning organisations The Bridge - English Language Centre and Národné osvetové centrum, learnt about the Slovak experience with the Peer Review methodology from Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania and in lively discussions they expressed their views on how the project contributed so far to quality assurance in their home institutions and countries.
As a side event the project team participated in the opening conference of the Lifelong Learning Week in Slovakia organised by the Slovak partner AIVD and supported the Finnish partner Anni Karttunen in presenting the ONE project to the Slovak audience.

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And we're back!💥

During the summer, APEFA Aprendências and KERIGMA - Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social join forces and organised yet another workshop on teaching and learning Basic and Transversal competences, with innovative methodologies! We thank to all the participants from MP Academia ( and people involved.

Stay tuned, September will bring a lot of new surprises and activities from ONE! 🤝

Good Practices – Adult-Learning | Project ONE 19/07/2023

💥 We're looking for more good practices on outreach, guidance, validation and basic skills and transversal competences! 💥

👇 If you work in a ALE provider, please share your practice by filling out the form in the website. If the practice meets the criteria included in the form, it will then be included in the project’s map of good practices.

Good Practices – Adult-Learning | Project ONE good practices The ONE partnership promotes a mapping of best practices regarding the project’s core themes: – outreach and involvement of adults in education and training – guidance – teaching and learning of basic skills and transversal competences – Validation of Non Formal and informal...


On the occasion of the fourth activity of the Action Plan for the Capacity Building, RIDAP network had the chance to investigate tools and methodologies for guidance in the beginning of July. After the summer break, RIDAP Network will finalize the Action Plan with other interesting activities. So far all the activities have been actively joined by a wide audience of teachers and professionals.

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In May and in June, the third activity of the Action Plan for the Capacity Building of the RIDAP Network has been devoted to the devolpment and testing of communicative materials and methods in order to promote the training offer.


The Action Plan for the Capacity Building of the RIDAP Network started in April.
Within this framework, the second activity, which was carried out in May, has been dedicated to the value of diversities in order to involve target groups. In particular, the two webinars have
been focused on the use of inclusive language.

European guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning 08/06/2023

Third edition of the European Guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning are out!

"The European guidelines for validation of non-formal and informal learning seek to clarify the conditions for developing and implementing validation. The guidelines are written for everybody involved in initiating, developing and implementing validation and are meant as a source of inspiration and reflection." #:~:text=The%20European%20guidelines,inspiration%20and%20reflection.

European guidelines for validating non-formal and informal learning The development and implementation of validation relies on several interconnected elements that, when combined, can strengthen the role of validation at national and European levels. The guidelines put the individual at the heart of the process, responding to needs and objectives. They provide insig...

Capacity Building – Adult-Learning | Project ONE 22/05/2023

ONE Capacity Building

A common Capacity Building Strategy was developed by the ONE Partnership and 3 Action Plans are currently guiding the implementation of the strategy at country level, by defining the precise steps/ activities to be implemented as part of the piloting.

To learn more, download our booklet at

Capacity Building – Adult-Learning | Project ONE Capacity Building The Capacity Building Strategy represents a prototype including objective, key principles and actions to be taken in order to make the existing national network of ALE providers in Italy, Portugal and Slovakia, more effective in putting into practice the European policies in ALE, f...

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Coming back home from Porto, after a great partnership meeting where we shared the first results of the Capacity Building activities in RIDAP, APEFA Aprendências and AIVD .
Thanks to the Peers' participation and feedback, it emerged as main networks' priorities the ones of sharing practices and finding common solution to challenges, as well as systematising mutual learning and quality assurance methodologies in ALE. And more has to come until the end of the year...stay tuned!

Peer Review – Adult-Learning | Project ONE 24/04/2023

European Peer Review Methodology for Adult Education

To learn more about the Peer Review Methodology and the some of the results of the ONE project, check the information below or have a look at our reference booklet and available documents at

Peer Review – Adult-Learning | Project ONE Peer Review ONE involved professionals and experts working in the field of Adult Education in training activities and Peer Review visits, with the aim to support the elaboration of a strategy for the Capacity Building of Adult Education networks.To learn more about the European Peer Review methodolo...


The Capacity Building Action in Italy continues: managers and teachers belonging to the RIDAP network were involved, yesterday, in an online Study Circle to explore the opportunities of cooperating with Public Employment Services in outreach and guidance, and to work together for creating networks at local level.
Thanks to Giulio Iannis from Pluriversum who facilitated the Study Circles as expert and to all the attendees who actively participated and contributed in the discussion.


The Action Plan for the Capacity Building of the RIDAP network will start tomorrow.
The first activity allow teachers and professionals working in the network to participate in 3 webinars dedicated to the value of lifelong learning for employabiity, and to strategies and methods for promoting the participation of adults in education and training.
Questa prima attività offre l'opportunità di partecipare a 3 webinar dedicati all'apprendimento permanente per il lavoro, e alle strategie e metodi per promuovere la partecipazione delle persone adulte nei percorsi di istruzione e formazione.
Domani partirà la prima attività di Capacity Building della rete RIDAP, dedicata al rafforzamento delle competenze in riferimento al tema della promozione della partecipazione e del coinvolgimento delle persone adulte nelle opportunità di apprendimento e validazione delle competenze.
Questa prima attività offre l'opportunità di partecipare a 3 webinar dedicati all'apprendimento permanente per il lavoro, e alle strategie e metodi per promuovere la partecipazione delle persone adulte nei percorsi di istruzione e formazione.

FORMA.Azione Giove In Formatica APEFA Aprendências AIVD Štátny inštitút odborného vzdelávania Kerigma - Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social

Photos from Networks for Quality Adult Learning's post 03/04/2023

At , the National fair of Adult Learning and Education in Treviso - Italy, RIDAP and FORMA.Azione srl presented the next project capacity building activities and shared with providers and stakeholders how to concretely exercise the right of lifelong learning to empower individuals, communities and support democracy.

A Spring Edition di Treviso, giornate intense e ricche di spunti significativi e utili anche per procedere nelle attività del progetto Networks for Quality Adult Learning. L'Apprendimento permanente delle persone adulte non solo come occupabilitá, ma soprattutto come tema di democrazia, inclusione sociale e cittadinanza attiva.

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The APEFA team had another great encounter with the adult learners at Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore - Centro Qualifica in Porto to broader the knowledge on how adult learners see the communication on the ALE offer in their city. Thank you for all the cooperation and for a very productive session!

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The ONE project is a collaborative project which aims to involve diverse stakeholders, including the adult learners. For the pilot-activities, APEFA reached the adult learners at 'Percursos de Cidadania' to discuss communication materials and gather knowledge on effective communication!

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More news from Portugal 🇵🇹

The Outreach activity continues and PsiPorto-Soluções de Consultoria e Formação also accepted our call to participate on this reflection on communicating strategy, including the digital space.

Thank you to PsiPorto for the cooperation and the productive session!

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The first pilot activity is on in Portugal 🇵🇹

The main area is Outreach, and the focus of this initiative is to improve the communication strategy and digital marketing, reflect on the work already developed by the institution and development of new communication materials.

Thank you to Profisousa for accepting our challenges and for all the cooperation!


The European Commission has launched a public consultation running until 22 March 2023, which will contribute to the evaluation of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in the period 2017-2022 and aims to gather the views of workers, learners, employers, as well as stakeholders in education and training, employment and civil society. The responses will help to describe developments, understand how the EQF is implemented and identify possible improvements.
More information at:


Centro Qualifica Árvore is a Portuguese Adult Education entity that participated in the training and application of the European Peer Review Methodology developed under the ONE project. In this post on their page, they share their certificate of participation and show their interest and willingness to continue in the following activities.

Numa lógica de melhoria contínua da sua atividade, o Centro Qualifica Árvore participou na formação e aplicação da metodologia europeia de Revisão por Pares, no âmbito do projeto ONE - Opening Adult Education Networks to European Cooperation, com organização, em Portugal, das instituições APEFA Aprendências e KERIGMA - Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social .
Para o ano de 2023, pretende-se dar continuidade ao trabalho desenvolvido 🎉

International Day of Education 24/01/2023

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development.

UNESCO would like to dedicate the fifth edition of this International Day to all the girls and women in Afghanistan, who have been denied their right to learn, study and teach. The Organization condemns this serious attack on human dignity and on the fundamental right to education.

International Day of Education Based on human rights and fundamental freedoms, the 2005 Convention ultimately provides a new framework for informed, transparent and parti


Many countries are falling short when it comes to investing in public education.
Quality education is not a luxury - it is a human right.

The call for inclusive, quality education for all.

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Adult learners enrolled in different Italian CPIAs of Ridap Network speak out about their needs.
Here we share some of the results emerging from the first open day.
- Their main reasons for enrolling in a CPIA are: to have a good degree and get a good job, to learn or improve Italian language.
- Their needs are: Italian language, to get a good education, to socialize and get to know other people.
- Their ideal school is a school that supports and empowers learners, that helps them achieve their dreams, it is a starting point for their future.
Many thanks to all the students and teachers who took part in our open day.

Building the European Education Area: Progress report published 18/11/2022

Fresh out of the EU commission on quality in the European Education Area:

Building the European Education Area: Progress report published The European Commission adopted on 18 November the report on progress to achieve the European Education Area by 2025 – an area where barriers to learning are gone and everyone has better access to quality education. The report looks at the ongoing work and progress towards EU-level targets.

Photos from Networks for Quality Adult Learning's post 17/11/2022

Ridap Network has just launched the first day in Italy.
During the last weeks students of the CPIA of Bologna have reflected together on their educational needs and expectations as Adult Learners.
As a result they created a Google Form on the 8 competences for LLL (LifeLong Learning), and needs and proposals concerning ALE (Adult Learning and Education).
At this stage all the CPIA students of RIDAP Network have been invited to share their own opinion by filling in this questionnaire:

Microcredentials for labour market education and training 29/10/2022

Cedefop has published its first study on Micro-Credentials. What is the relationship between Micro-Credentials, guidance and validation? Will they make outreach easier?

Read more:

Microcredentials for labour market education and training While the topic has gained in importance in the context of higher education, focusing on vocational education and training does justice to the complexity of microcredentials in education, training and learning for the European labour market. Results show that microcredentials have only recently beco...

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