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Research has shown that children in mixed-age classrooms have increased social and emotional understanding, engage in both collaborative and independent learning with greater ease, and have more positive peer interactions than their counterparts in single-grade classrooms.
One of the first things, you notice, when you walk into our Learning Tots Montessori school is, that the classrooms are not divided by age. Here in Learning Tots, you will see children of different ages working together and socializing happily.
In this video, let me invite you to see an older child showing a younger how to complete an activity, and the younger watching (and following and learning,) what his older classmate can accomplish with fascination.
Through this activity our Older student have the chance to become mentors to her younger classmate while learning and practicing important leadership skills and the Younger student naturally look up to and “graduate” from observer to leader. Older students also find great joy in being trusted to teach their younger peers.


She taught us about learning problems and how to handle and address them. I just stood there, stunned. After a moment, I just looked at her and said what an awesome insight.

Learning should be fun, when it’s fun, people want to learn. Fun Learning promotes lifelong learning as a lifestyle. It resonates the idea that we learn everyday throughout our lives from the day we are born. More important than acquiring knowledge about just one specific area, is to develop learning strategies that serve throughout one's life.
School is, of course, about learning. But learning should be fun. If learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective.


Reading stories stimulates a child’s imagination and helps a child learn about the world . And reading together creates a precious time for parent child bonding. Sharing stories, talking and singing every day helps a child’s development in many ways. To create a reading habit :
Help your child choose a book, then ask your child to hold the book and turn the pages.
Ask your child to fill in the words in stories they know, and name what they see in the pictures.
Ask your child to describe actions in the book. ...
Sing nursery rhymes and fun songs together
Try to read daily with your child. Kids like to do things on their own. Encourage this by putting out three or four books and asking your kid to choose one. Praise their selection, let them help you turn pages, and ask for help as you find things on a page. Your child will love to finish sentences in books with familiar or repetitive phrasing or rhymes. When you come to a familiar or repetitive phrase or rhyme in a book, pause and let your child finish.
When and How to Read to child :
Reading often at least once a day is a great goal. Regular reading (though you can read anytime your child seems in the mood) , specially bed time story reading helps kids learn to sit with a book and relax.

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Learning Tots Montessori
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Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication-- known as 'The Four C's. ' These skills can't be taught by teaching children to memorise and repeat. Children must develop these skills through rich learning experiences that inspire them to master these skills over time. Montessori education has been integrating these four c’s into early childhood education for more than 100 years. The concept of Montessori education believes that every child should be given the chance to learn at their own pace. This is the reason why children are given uninterrupted time for individualized learning where they can discover their passion and develop their natural curiosity.

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"every artist was first an amateur"...all the best kids 💕


"তুমি বিদ্যা তুমি ধর্ম্ম
তুমি হৃদি তুমি মর্ম্ম"


PechaKucha Technique: 💕

That being said, speaking out loud in front of other people can be nerve-wracking for anyone but using projected images helps to distract some attention away from the speaker and can be helpful for shy students. Kids can teach, to have a lot of fun and learn speaking while giving a presentation to the class. And that’s how it should be! At Learning Tots, we teach and use pechakucha technique to our students to teach public speaking and enhance demonstration skills. We have laptops for our kids to make our kids reasonably familiar with computers as well as with presentation software -such as PowerPoint.

Now what is PechaKucha Technique
*PechaKucha originated in Tokyo (in 2003). The name means “chitchat.”
Basically Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that calls for telling a story using images rather than reading text from slides during a PowerPoint presentation.
Pecha Kucha presentations use 20 slides and allow only 20 seconds of commentary per slide. That keeps a total presentation to just 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
Pecha Kucha helps the presenter to better engage the audience. The goal is to tell a story, rather than describe a slide.


One of the most discussed phrases in Montessori is “sensitive periods“. In short, a sensitive period is a phase or window in a child's development when they are most capable of and responsive to absorbing a certain skill. All children have the same Sensitive Periods all over the world at approximately the same time in life for the same developmental purpose
Montessori identified eleven different sensitive periods occurring from birth through the age of six: order, movement, small objects, grace and courtesy, refinement of the senses, writing, reading, language, spatial relationships, music, and mathematics. Each sensitive period lasts for as long as it is necessary for a child to complete a particular stage in their development. These periods of special sensitivity are only temporary and fade once the aim is accomplished.


“The hand is the instrument of intelligence. The child needs to manipulate objects and to gain experience by touching and handling. ”
Doctor Maria Montessori
The Montessori Curriculum offers children five key areas of study: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Culture. Each learning area is made up of a set of Montessori materials. Montessori materials are hands-on learning tools that are designed to provide children with opportunities to discover key learning outcomes through repetition and practice. Each material teaches one skill at a time and is intentionally designed to support independent learning and problem-solving.


"Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”– Bob Talbert
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2023/2024 school year at the Learning Tots Montessori School.


How did your child first learn to tie?

In Montessori classroom, children are free to choose their activities. Few activities like lacing ,buttoning, zipping, hooking, sewing, threading, pouring etc helps children to develop their fine motor skills which also enable children to hold pencil properly with three fingers. It gives strength to their fingers by improving their hand eye coordination. They also learn to become independent by lacing their shoes, zipping their school bags, buttoning their shirts etc.
Sounds easy enough right, well think again!! It has very precise directions, movements and components to the lesson that are necessary in the demonstration. The Dressing Frame is a key Montessori Practical Life material which helps children to develop independence and care of self as they learn to fasten different clothing implements..


Organized by Learning Tots Montessori School, Sakher bazar. Bhadrakali, supported by ASMI trust.
For registration please call 9836695031


Dear Parents,
Welcome to 2023-2024 school year at the Learning Tots Montessori School. Your child will attend the classes from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am-12:30pm.
This year will surely be like no other, as we adjust to our post “post covid” conditions. I do not have answers to how it will exactly look, yet, but I have learned through this whole experience that no matter how it looks, your child will learn and we will HAVE FUN doing it!
We look forward to speaking with you and working with you. If you have any questions in the meantime. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to a positive, exciting and rewarding school year with you and your child! Thank you

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